Learn How to Skate on One Foot. Not easy for beginners. Keep practicing

Shift Weight Right: Place most of your weight on your  back foot/supporting foot

Keep Your Sliding Foot Super Light If there's too much weight on this foot, you won't slide

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Do the  Slide: Push the heel out and the toe in to slide

Roll Diagonally As You Slide Forward That's what the motion looks like

Keep the Sliding Foot In Front of the Back Foot This is where you should be to complete the slide

Maintain a Reasonable Distance Between the Back Foot and Front Foot 'That's how you avoid falling!

Stay low, butt close to the ground and hip joint flexible; hip may hurt  a little after skating

Roll Your Ankles In or Out When Sliding Failure to do this will lead to a failed slide

Practice Until You Perfect the Soul Slide You likely won't learn the soul slide on day #1, keep practicing Happy rollerblading!