Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet Review

In this Triple Eight SweatSaver Liner skateboarding helmet review, I’ll help you view the deal up close so you can decide if it’s what you need. Designed in the classic skate style, the Triple Eight SweatSaver Liner skateboarding helmet provides enough protection for beginner-level and recreational stakeboarding, rollerblading, and longboarding heads. But don’t use this lid for cycling or any sort of outdoor activity associated with high speeds. Read on to find out why.

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Triple Eight SweatSaver Liner skateboarding helmet
Looks nice, offers enough comfort, and features durable, well-fitting adjustable chinstraps. However, it's not certified to either CPSC or ASTM. And, it's available at a great price point.

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Note: The opinions expressed here are fully mine, and no brand ever pays me to sing their tune. I’m just some gal that loves having fun outdoors, and whenever I interact with a product, I’ll always come here and tell my fan base what using that gear felt like.

Design and Style of the Sweatsaver Liner

This helmet comes in the classic skate style. Its round half-shell design makes you look really cool as you leisurely skate around. No matter what type of fun activity you spend your free time on, you want a helmet that looks stylish, and this is it.

I’ve also read that being round and without projections helps helmets slide off a little better in the event of a crash. But there’s no express evidence demonstrating that any kind of helmet shape helps keep concussions at bay.

Helmet Dimensions and Weight

The product measures just 4.33L” x 3.54W” x 2.76H”. With a height of just 2.76″, it’s a low-profile option that should look amazing on most heads.

How heavy is the Triple 8 SweatSaver helmet? It weighs in at 1 just lbs, and that’s most certainly lightweight. I’d expected it to be lighter than either the Triple Eight Gotham dual certified or its MIPS version given that its dimensions are smaller.

Now, Triple 8 really went to town when designing the lid’s SweatSaver liner. It seems pretty thick, and I believe it contributes to a large portion of the item’s overall weight.

Helmet Sizes and Color Options

The lid is available in 6 sizes. These sizes include XS (Extra-Small) for 20.1 to 20.5″ heads, S(Small) for heads in the 20.6″-21.30″ circumference range, M (medium) fitting 21.4″ -22″ , L(Large) for 22.1″ to 22.9″ noggins, XL for 23″-24″ melons, and XXL meant for some of the largest heads around (24″ to 25″).

But the helmet sizing chart of the Sweatsaver Skateboarding helmet seems to be a little off. I measured a friend’s head recently, and according to Triple 8’s sizing chart, this beginner skateboarding dude has his head in the Medium circumference range.

Size Suggested head circumference
XS (Extra Small) 20.10″-20.50″
S (Small) 20.60″-21.30″
M (Medium) 21.40″-22″
L (Large) 22.10″-22.90″
XL (Extra Large) 23″-24″

So, they ordered the medium size, and guess what? The guy couldn’t cram their head into the lid. He returned it, of course, incurring $6 in the process.

What did my friend do? He sized up, ordering size Large instead. Good news! The helmet fit him extremely well. Remember, this helmet doesn’t fit as described in the Amazon description. It runs small, that’s why it makes sense to buy the next size up.

Color options? The lid is available in at least 10 color options, the majority of which are easy-to-spot light colors so other riders and drivers can spot you. These colors include all-black rubber, baja teal rubber, glossy black with green, neon zest, black rubber with red, pink, yellow, glossy neon fuchsia, blue fade rubber, royal blue rubber, carbon rubber, white rubber, and more.

The Outer Shell

The outer shell for this helmet doesn’t feel as tough as most even though it’s made of strong ABS plastic. Actually, it feels too plasticky, and it flexes quite a bit. It’s bendy, too — I even managed to wear the helmet sideways!

I tried pushing the shell with my index finger, and it sunk right in. I’m not sure this is the kind of brain protector you want to wear for any kind of speedy riding.

The Removable SweatSaver Liner, the Comfort Foam

Similar to most helmets from Triple Eight, this helmet comes with a comfy comfort liner that extends throughout the inside of the lid. This liner attaches to the ABS outer shell via some loop-and-hook tape. Now, the padding feels thick enough and absorbs perspiration well. You won’t grapple with smelly helmet issues.

You can remove the liner and wash it, too. Additionally, Triple 8 offers SweatSaver liner replacements so you can use your lid forever.

The SweatSaver liner absorbs sweat and boasts some serious moisture-wicking powers. But you won’t even sweat all that much considering you shouldn’t be using this bucket for BMX cycling or fast skateboarding, rollerblading, roller derby, or longboarding. More on this later.

But How Well Does the Helmet Protect Heads?

Now, let’s discuss protection, the principal reason anyone ever wears a helmet. Most helmets have a Styrofoam-like layer sandwiched between the comfort liner and the outer shell.

Brace for what’s coming! I examined this helmet and even removed the removable SweatSaver liner described above. And what did I find? Nothing! Seriously. Nothing. Zilch. Nada where the protective layer should be.

Remember, the ability of any kind of headgear to protect your noggin emanates from its EPS foam liner. When you get involved in a crash the EPS foam jumps into action, absorbing tons of the crash energy from the impact. Every helmet counts on this feature to do the head protection job. I’d rather have a lid without the outer shell than one without this protective liner.

Small wonder Triple Eight says users shouldn’t use this helmet for cycling. I mean, if you’re flying down some dirt road and bail, you want all the help your lid can muster. And the manufacturer understands this helmet lacks the protection chops the finest options out there have.

The SweatSaver Liner skateboarding helmet is unfit for bike riding, says Triple Eight. 

sweatsaver liner helmet triple 8

Air Circulation

Just like most Triple 8 helmets, this choice offers just-enough rather than impressive air circulation. But that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for a helmet not meant for tough, all-the-time riding.

Also, the anti-odor liner sure kicks into action during use, helping keep the micro-environment inside the rider’s melon cool and fresh…to some extent.

But while the helmet is ventilated, it’s definitely not the best-ventilated helmet available.

Always Choose a Fitting Helmet

No matter how protective a helmet may be, it’ll never ever help the rider if it’s the wrong size. A poorly fitting lid not only feels uncomfortable but is also likely to come off when it shouldn’t — during a wipeout!

Wearing a Badly Fitting Helmet is Dangerous

Did you know that wearing a badly fitting helmet can considerably increase the likelihood of a head injury? According to one study conducted by Seattle-based Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center, 4% of helmets came off during a crash. Further, fully 13% of helmets tilted backward.

The number of participants in the study was 1,700 by the way, and that looks like a large enough sample size. The researchers concluded that wearing poorly fitting protective headgear could increase the chances of an injury to the rider’s head twofold. Let that sink in..a scary thought, huh? You must take helmet sizing seriously.

How Well Does the SweatSaver Helmet Fit?

So, how well does this brain bucket fit the heads it’s designed to protect? Overall, the helmet fits well, assuming you choose the right size. I did mention above that this brain bucket fits extremely tight and that you should order the next size up to sidestep sizing issues.

This helmet banks on its adjustable chinstraps for fitment. The chinstraps are strong nylon or polypropylene, and they feel sturdy enough. Fastening the buckle isn’t something you can do with one hand as you ride, though. If the strap loosens and needs some adjustment, you’ll have to dismount and handle that.

But this buckle system allows enough adjustability unlike, say, a micrometric buckle system that typically offers no more than an inch of adjustment room.

Overall, it takes a little effort to tie up these chinstraps, but the fit you achieve feels snug enough. I’ve never taken a fall with this lid, but it feels like the straps would hold up in a real-life test.  If you favor options offering more convenience and ease of use such as the dial system, pick something else.

Certifications of the Sweatsaver Liner Helmet (No Safety Credentials!)

The Triple Eight SweatSaver skateboarding helmet neither has the U.S. CPSC certification, nor is it certified to the ASTM International safety standards. Well, that’s full-blown scary.

I can’t believe Triple 8 didn’t bother to secure even one national certification, not even CPSC. I mean, there’s a sea of considerably cheaper skateboarding helmets that offer CPSC and even ASTM certifications.

I have issues with any helmet that doesn’t meet at least the U.S. CPSC bike safety standards for persons aged 5 years and above. I care about the safety of my readers, and I refuse to recommend this helmet to anyone who does any level of serious riding.

Don’t Use the SweatSaver Skateboarding Helmet for Cycling

Can you use the Triple 8 SweatSaver liner helmet for BMX (Bicycle Motorcross) cycling? No, you shouldn’t. Why? The manufacturer says you shouldn’t! And that’s because the helmet isn’t CPSC certified.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the right helmet for bicycling should have the following certifications: CPSC, ASTM F2032. And if you do downhill mountain bike racing, make sure to select a choice with both the CPSC and ASTM F1952. So, for cycling or any kind of fast ridding, you’re going to need a helmet designed to handle the rigors of the discipline or sport in question.


One attractive thing about this helmet is its pocketbook-friendly price point. It costs under $60 as of this writing, and that looks like a great price for a helmet that looks that nice and feels that comfortable. Honestly, though, you can clinch better skating helmet deals in that price range.

Consider the Giro ISODE MIPS adult road cycling helmet, for example. The Giro ISODE MIPS helmet offers enhanced head protection and pain-free fitting from its operable-using-one-hand Roc Loc Sport System.

Triple Eight SweatSaver Liner Skateboarding review alternativeWhat’s more, this Triple Eight SweatSaver helmet’s alternative cools the rider’s head better than many pricier options thanks to its 22 airflow vents.

It turns out the price point of the SweatSaver skateboarding helmet isn’t that great after all. And you know what? This Giro option costs more or less than the SweatSaver helmet.

Warranty information

There’s a workmanship warranty spanning 180 days. Warranty information isn’t something I pay much attention to when it comes to helmets, though. Because I can usually return a poor-fitting helmet (even if the return process has me paying a few bucks) or a badly engineered one within the allowed return window period.

For me, all that matters is that there’s warranty, and that I can send an item I’m unhappy with within the usual 30-day money-back period. You have  30 days to love this lid or ship it back.

What this Helmet Isn’t

This is a good enough product that should keep your dome protected adequately when you’re doing beginner-level stuff or when you’re more into recreational and leisurely fun.

But if you’re going to throw tons of stunning stunts and endless mischief at it, find something else. This guy isn’t tough enough for that. Yea, it comes in at an irresistible price, but if you’re not sure about whether it’ll do its job in a terrible crash, spend your hard-earned money on something better.

Triple Eight offers a whole array of fantastic brain buckets that not only look amazing but also provide lots of protection. Some of the better options from this skateboarding brand cost more than the Sweatsaver lid, though. But what good would savings do for you if you can’t even count it..because you bought a cheapo helmet and ended up with permanent brain damage?

Reasons to buy

  • Attractive pricing
  • Stylish
  • Round, slick shape that slides off well
  • Multiple color options (over 10)
  • Sold in several sizes
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Reasonably ventilated

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Non MIPS
  • No fit adjustment dial
  • Not the most inexpensive
  • No safety features: No CPSC certification and not ASTM certified
  • Runs small

So, is this Triple 8 product worth the money? Should you really sink any amount of money into its acquisition? Here’s the final word…

Triple Eight SweatSaver Skateboarding Helmet Review

Let’s face it: the Triple 8 SweatSaver skateboarding helmet isn’t the most protective you’ll find. I’m concerned that the lid offers zero certifications. ONLY use this product for slow, recreational-type outdoor activities.

For high-adrenaline stunts and when you want to be Tony Hawks, go for a better quality helmet. Choose something better such as the Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified or Triple Eight Gotham MIPS helmet.

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