Triple Eight Kneesavers vs. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

You’ve decided skating is for you, but what pads will you use to protect your knees from bruises, cuts, and fractures? Will it be Triple Eight Kneesaver Knee Pads or Protec Street Knee Pads for you? My Triple Eight Kneesavers vs. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads comparison helps you decide if either would be a good choice for you.

I also created a video review of Triple 8 Kneesavers vs. Protec Street to make your decision even easier.’s comparison video of Protec Street Knee Pads vs Saver Series Kneesaver knee pads

If you’re interested in learning more about these knee protectors, here’s a Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set review. And here’s a Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads review for you. Both are good pads for different people and reasons. Even if I say so myself, my reviews reveal details you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else on the web.

Comparison PointProtec Street Knee PadsTriple Eight Saver Series Kneesavers
DesignButterfly design; you can wear your skates before padding up. They look bigger, and the slide plates look flatter.Butterfly design
Build QualityGreatOK, the interior fabric is flimsy
Size and FitLarge and XL fit most adults; fit larger knees betterLarge works for most mediums; fits shorter or smaller riders better
BreathabilityReasonably breathable; you’ll get a tad damp around the knees Reasonably breathable; you’ll get a tad damp around the knees
PricePlease view the current price on AmazonPlease view the current price on Amazon
View Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads on Amazon View Triple 8 Kneesavers on Amazon
Protec Street Knee Pads vs Triple Eight Kneesavers Comparison Table

What My Comparison Post Covers

Love short and sweet comparisons and reviews? This is it. And here’s exactly what my comparison of the Triple Eight Kneesavers Knee Pads vs. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads will cover:

  • Construction quality and design: Material and fabric quality and performance
  • Size and Fit: How each pad fits my 43.5cm/21.26” knee circumference
  • Comfort and Coverage: Padding thickness and performance during falls
  • Breathability: How well does the interior fabric on each pad breathe?
  • Price and value: How much do these competitors cost, and what exactly do you get out of each deal?

Construction Quality and Kee Pad Design

Both are available in the so-called butterfly-style design. Want to wear your knee pads first and then your skates? Fine! Want to wear the skates first and then the pads? That’s fine, too. The back comes in an open design, allowing you to wear the pads over your jeans or other pants. Love that!

The Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads are, on the whole, better constructed, and the materials do seem and feel like better quality. The longer nylon straps, the shorter neoprene straps, the plastic slide plates and screws that attach them to the ballistic nylon backing, the velcro, and the stretchy lycra interior fabric that drapes over the knees—everything on the Pro-Tec knee pads feels like better quality.

The Interior Fabric on the Triple Kneesavers isn’t of Great Quality

The interior material on my Triple Eight Kneesavers Knee Pads has an opening that allows me access to the EVA foam inside. I’ve not seen replacement padding being sold online or anywhere else, not that I’ve actively searched for it. The lycra on the back of the Pro-Tec pads is thicker and of better quality, so far as I can see.

After skating 2-3 times with my Triple 8 Kneesavers, I’m seeing fibers coming off of the fabric. This makes me believe I won’t have these pads for too long with constant use.

Well, I don’t put my XL Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads to the test as often, but they have held up beautifully so far. I have taken one small fall at this point, and without exaggeration, it was like falling onto fine feathers. The slide plates, the straps, and the interior lycra fabric are more or less the same as they were when I first wore these pads.

I hope Triple Eight improves the quality of the interior fabric. I’d say the same about the net-like fabric on the wrist guards, the faux leather on the splints of the wrist guards, and the interior fabric on the elbow pads.

A Tip That Could Prolong the Fabric’s Longevity

If you want the interior fabric on the Kneesavers to last a tad longer, make sure it doesn’t come into contact with the rough part of the velcro fastening system. I don’t know how you could do this without forgetting, though.

I’m not more careful when using the Pro-Tec Street knee pads than I am when using the Triple 8 Kneesavers. I’m pretty sure the roughness of the velcro touches the nice, velvety lycra fabric sometimes. But I see no evidence of fibers ripping out of the fabric. It surely must be a quality difference.

Size and Fit: The Kneesavers Fit Me Slightly Better

My knees have a circumference of 43.5 cm, or 17.13” when measured around the center. And measured at 4” above the knees, my thighs have a circumference of 54 cm/17.26.” Calf diameter, when measured at 4” below the knee, is 43.4 cm or 17.09 cm, for me.

The Kneesavers are a size Large (L) vs size Extra Large (XL) for the Pro-Tec Street knee pads. You’d expect the Pro-Tec Pads to fit me better, but that isn’t my experience. The L size T8 Saver Series Kneesavers fit me slightly better. Maybe that’s because the plastic is more curved vs. a-tad-flatter plates on the Pro-Tec pads.

Neither knee pad restricts movement. However, it does feel I get a slightly better range of movement with the Kneesave Knee Pads.

I’m 5’3”, and the Pro-Tec pads look too big on me. If you’re anywhere below 5’5”, I bet you’d love the Kneesaver Knee Pads better. If you’re a bigger guy with really massive knees, definitely get the Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads.

Coverage and Comfort

Both were comfortable throughout my skating session. And that’s because the interior fabric breathes pretty well. But when I skate on a warm day and the session is pretty intense, I wind up with two nice rings of dampness around my jeans’ knees after removing the pads.

This isn’t a big deal for me. And I doubt there are any pads out there that’d absorb every ounce of moisture from a skater’s knees.

Pro-Tec Street wins in terms of coverage and padding thickness. I get tons of thickness around my kneecaps and the sides of my knees. These pads are certified for impact resistance, BTW. And I can assure you your knees won’t be touched after a typical skate crash. I get more than enough side impact protection, too.

Since the Kneesavers Knee Pads look smaller in size and have thinner padding, I feared for my thrill-seeking knees every time I went out rollerblading.

But my fears were soon allayed by how well the pads protected my knees after I fell skating downhill one morning. I simply got up and skated on, because nothing had actually happened.

I bet my last dollar that the Pro-Tec Street would have protected me even better, not that I needed any more protection.

Price and Value

I parted with $36 to get both pads, but you’re definitely getting more value with the Triple 8 pad set. For $36, you get the Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set, a 3-pack option that contains knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. While you get knee pads ONLY with the Pro-Tec for $36.

If you’re just getting into skateboarding, rollerblading, roller skating, or whatever and are wondering what pad set to choose, the Saver Series pads would be an OK choice. Just don’t expect them to last forever.

But if you’re a confirmed skate park rat with big knees or a determined roller derby player who values long-lasting, heavy-duty knee pads, the Pro-Tec Street knee protectors would be the better deal.

Triple Eight Kneesavers vs Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads Showdown: Winner?

As far as knee protection and durability, the winner is definitely the Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads. Not only do the pads offer more extensive coverage for all knee sizes and thicker padding, but the overall construction quality is better. Also, expect the pads to outlast the Triple Eight Kneesavers.

For smaller skaters and anyone looking to spend a budget-friendly amount on entry-level protective gear, the Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set wins.

Now what? Take your pick and go skate! Your knees will love you regardless of what option you choose.

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