Triple Eight Helmet Reviews

So you’ve been reading protective gear reviews. And you’ve heard a bunch of good things about Triple Eight helmets. But are Triple Eight skateboard helmets good? I’ve put together these Triple Eight helmet reviews to help you navigate the many options this skate brand offers skaters and other outdoorsy folks.

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There are over 20 T8 helmets on my list.  If you have no time to read every line, click on the relevant link in the table of contents and jump to the product you’re interested in.

But before we get on to the reviews, here are a few important things and facts you may want to learn about Triple Eight and its slew of head protection gear.

Triple Eight Helmets: the Brand

Founded in 1996 in New York, Triple Eight is an American skate brand that’s since grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the best-known skate brands today. It makes all kinds of snow, bike, water, skate, and derby gear so that users can “get back up” after spills.

I didn’t find any information on company ownership anywhere. But the greatest skateboarder ever, Tony Hawk, is/has been associated with this business.

It sells its protective gear in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The brand’s European office is based out in the Netherlands. And pretty much anyone on Earth can order these helmets on Amazon.

Many thrill seekers in outdoor communities such as skateboarding, longboarding, downhill biking, hoverboarding, scootering, and e-skateboarding communities love T8 helmets and pads.

And that’s because the company’s protective equipment including helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads, gloves, bum pads, and other accessories work.

But where are Triple Eight’s helmets made? I believe T8 designs its outdoor protective gear in the U.S., but chances are that they do the actual manufacturing elsewhere.

Let’s dive in and examine each Triple 8 helmet to decide whether it’s worth the money.

Triple Eight Helmet Reviews (ALL Triple 8 Helmets Reviewed)

The typical Triple Eight helmet is a sturdy, round, nice-looking, dual-certified, affordable helmet with great construction to boot. Each helmet results from tons of tech-packed engineering and meets the helmet safety standards applicable for the intended use. The lids are available in a variety of colors, shapes, prices, and designs.

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1. Triple 8 Dual-Certified Bike and Skate Helmet (Dual-certified Brainsaver)

Triple 8 Dual Certified Bike and Skate Helmet
A low-profile half-shell design with a great rubber finish and available in multiple color options. Two sets of removable fit pads to create the perfect fit. The chinstraps won't chafe your soft cheeks. It fits true to size. ASTM1492 and U.S. CPSC-certified: Ideal for riding a bike, roller skating, BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading, scootering, and even e-skating. Attractive price point, too.

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ASTMF1492: This safety certification is evidence that the helmet has met the applicable skate safety standards. CPSC is the bike safety standard for riders aged 5 and older. It’s dual-certified, so no need to buy two helmets if you skate and ride a bike.

Since it’s a half-shell, you’ll likely get a few scrapes on your face if you ever dive face-first into hard pavement or concrete. Being bike-certified means the helmet covers more of your forehead compared to ASTM1492-only options. And being skate-certified means it goes farther down the back of the head compared to CPSC-only helmets. But it doesn’t restrict head movement.

The chinstraps are adjustable and are operated via a side-release buckle. These helmet fasteners fit snugly without chafing your cheeks.

A sturdy but lightweight ABS outer shell with a rubber finish works with an EPS liner to reduce and disperse crash energies. The foam liner comes covered with sweat-absorbing padding so that less sweat trickles down to your eyes.

You get two sets of removable and cleanable Sweatsaver pads that also help with fit adjustment. Remove or add back a fit pad and easily tweak the fit to your liking.

There are 8 ventilation holes mostly on the top of the brain bucket, but skate helmets generally aren’t super breathy. You’ll sweat on warmer days and when you push your limits too hard.

Fit? This low-profile helmet fits true to size. Simply measure your head along its widest circumference and order a suitable size. It fits heads as small as 18.9″ and as large as 24″. If your dome is large and can’t seem to find a helmet that’s roomy enough, try T8 helmets. I wrote about large-head skateboard helmets here.

At under $50, it’s a budget Triple 8 helmet. That’s a good deal IMO. I’ve seen many $70+ options that don’t fit and work as beautifully as this one.

Colors: Available in different color options including white matte, green matte, gun matte, blue matte, black matte, and black glossy. Here’s the full Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet review. 

2. Dual Certified MIPS Triple 8 Helmet (Dual Certified Brainsaver with MIPS)

Dual-certified MIPS Triple Eight Helmet
A low-profile, open-face helmet with the ASTM1492 and CPSC1203 safety certifications. Also boasts the increasingly popular MIPS helmet technology, but it's pricier than its non-MIPS sibling (see above). Looks good, too, plus it offers more color options.

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This is the MIPS version of the Dual-certified skate and bike helmet reviewed above. Just like its non-MIPS sibling, this helmet has passed all the tests the U.S. CPSC bike safety standard and the ASTMF1492 skate safety standard.

The main difference between the dual-certified MIPS helmet and the non-MIPS version is that the MIPS-equipped option offers an additional layer of head protection. Plus, it costs about $9 more. Theoretically, this extra protection helps absorb and disperse rotational impacts or angular impacts.

I don’t know if MIPS really makes a difference, but I know this helmet is a safe bet because it’s dual-certified.

Well, there’s no unanimous agreement within scientific circles on whether the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS technology) protects more. But overwhelming anecdotal evidence from the skating and cycling scenes seems to confirm this assertion.

Sizes:  Available in four sizes namely

  • X-Small/Small for 20″-21.5″ heads
  • Small/Medium for 21.0″ to 22.50″ heads
  • Large/X-Large for 22.50″ to 23.50″
  • XXL for extra-large heads measuring between 23.50″ – 24.50.”
  • By the way, the helmet you see in the pic above is size Large/X-Large.

Note: The Brainsaver with MIPS helmet runs small. Medium size in other helmets fits like Large size in this helmet. If you’re a size Large in other helmets, choose XL in this helmet.

And if you’re XL in other helmets, buy XXL in this helmet. The largest size is 24.5″; it should fit large heads. A 24″-head skater who rides with my husband said they managed to cram their head into this helmet but they experienced pressure points every second afterward. It’s possible this person got pressure points because they had a weird head shape. Read the full Triple Eight Brainsaver MIPS helmet review here.

3. Dual+certified (Celebrity-Inspired) Sweatsaver Helmet Series

The Sweatsaver helmet line offers a wide range of affordable options that give riders adequate noggin protection. The company seems to have thought of everyone’s budget when creating this line of lids. Thanks to this series, pretty much everyone can afford quality T8 protection.

At least three of the helmets in this series resulted from Triple’s Eight’s collaboration with charity organizations and famous skateboarders.

For example, the Elliot Sloan Edition dual-certified helmet was developed as a way to support cancer sufferers through Elliot Sloan x Grind for Life, a skater-founded charity organization.

Then there’s the Tony Hawk Signature Edition and Lizzie Armanto Edition helmets. These lids are associated with celebrity skaters Tony Hawk and American-Finnish pro skateboarder, Elizabeth Marika Armanto respectively.

In this series, you also get the Moxi Edition helmet, a product designed partly to support The Skatepark Project. The Skatepark Project was launched mainly to empower young people in low-income communities by building public skate parks in those areas. This cause is associated with the legend himself, Tony Hawk. Actually, its name was initially the Tony Hawk Foundation.

No-Frills Helmets that Offer Dual-certified Protection

Well, there’s nothing special about any of these SweatSaver helmets. All are low-profile helmets without a visor. Also, they’re certified to both the U.S. CPSC safety standard for biking for persons aged 5 and older and the ASTMF1492 skate safety standard.

Additionally, each helmet relies on adjustable nylon chin straps plus two sets of removable Sweatsaver fit pads for customizing the fit. And with the exception of the Moxi Edition, these celebrity-inspired helmets are available at more or less the same price.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Moxi Edition costs more. Yes, it comes with the name Moxi printed above the ears with three (*) stars above the name. But the graphics aren’t as sick as those on the Lizzie Armanto or Elliot Sloan editions.

Well, it looks like creating Lizzie Armanto’s graphics took minimal imagination. It looks like abstract art, but hey, that’s just my opinion. Still, it’s somewhat sicker than the Armanto’s one.

I like the skull-and-bonesstyle graphics on the Elliot Sloan Edition most. This artwork makes the lid look really badass. I bet you’d be willing to pay a little more just to have the creativity on the Sloan Edition helmet.

Look, there’s no point reviewing each of these helmets as though they were different products. I mean, they’re pretty much the same deal named differently!

All these dual-certified helmets provide enough protection to cover the riding needs of BMX, skateboarding, roller skating, and scooting enthusiasts. They’re open-face skate and cycling helmets that offer decent protection, not unlike the option we discussed first.

Do You Like Investing in Worthy Causes?

I like that Triple Eight strives to make a difference in people’s lives. The company gives back unlike many who are all about the bottom line. Purchasing any of the Sweatsaver helmets helps humanity in some way.

4. Certified Sweatsaver Color Collection

Certified Sweatsaver Color Collection
8,668 Reviews
Certified Sweatsaver Color Collection
A low-profile visor-less helmet offered in nice color combos, two of them in exciting lighting holograms. It's dual-certified, the buckle works well, and two sets of removable pads help you customize the fit however you like. It doesn’t handle sweat very well — you'll even have a good winter sweat! But it can save your head from a traumatic brain injury.

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Triple 8 also offers the Certified Sweatsaver Color Collection. This helmet is every inch similar to the four options I’ve described above. But there’s a small difference that makes these lids stand out, but not too much — exciting colorways and holograms.

An exciting hologram effect supercharges the general appearance of at least two options of this helmet.  My hubby owns the black option with a rubber finish and a lightning hologram. It makes him look like a guy living 5 years in the future. Maybe you’d prefer the teal option with a lightning hologram, huh? Decide.

Don’t like holograms? No worries. You can always pick up the option with the eye-catching and visibility-boosting shaved-ice effect. Or maybe you can go with the option that has a sunset-like finish? Perhaps you’d choose the glossy black version with a rainbow sparkle?

This option retails at the same price as the celebrity-and-good-causes series in the previous section. Buy the Certified Sweatsaver Color Option if you’re into colorful things.

5. The Certified Sweatsaver Black Rubber Street Plant Edition

Certified Sweatsaver Black Rubber Streetplant Edition
A low-profile dual-certified helmet that looks nice while offering tons of melon protection to skateboarders and bikers of all riding abilities. Features a nice black rubber finish enhanced by cool graphics from California's Streetplant

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It’s time to look at the main Certified Sweatsaver Helmet series.

I don’t want you to think that the Certified Sweatsaver Black Rubber Streetplant Edition is a different kind of helmet. It’s just another dual-certified Sweatsaver helmet that looks a little different than the others thanks to the nice graphics from Streetplant.

With an EPS liner underneath a sturdy ABS outer shell plus a sweat-absorbing comfort liner, this option is as protective and comfy as any of the others in the Sweatsaver series.

The helmet resulted from a collaboration between Triple Eight and Michael Valley’s Streetplant, a skate brand based out of California.

What differentiates this helmet from other Triple 8 helmets? The difference is StreetPlant’s gray graphics on the sides and the beautifully printed LET’S GO! on the front.

Mike Valley’s company, just like Triple Eight, loves supporting causes that uplift communities in some way. Some of the proceeds from the sale of this helmet go to support The Skate Project, Tony Hawk’s youth-focused foundation.

If you ever take a hard spill with the Streetplant Edition protecting your noggin, you’ll certainly get bruises, scrapes, and road rash on various parts of your body. But your head? You’ll get back up and live to skate or bike another day.

The skating universe is full of riders that fell hard but didn’t end up with a cracked skull. Because they were helmeted up. But no helmet no matter how protective guarantees you won’t get a concussion, so ride safely.

One more thing. This helmet isn’t the best bet against sweat. At best, you get passive air circulation. At worst, you’ll likely sweat like a bull when riding through a warm day.

Sweat never killed anybody though. Better endure sweat than have to treat a badly cracked cranium after solidly planting your face onto concrete! Read the full Certified Sweatsaver Black Rubber Street Plant Edition review here.

6. The Certified Sweatsaver Black Rubber Helmet with Visor

The Certified Sweatsaver Black Rubber Helmet with a clear, CE-certified, anti-scratch, anti-fog visor
A mid-range option that lets you ride in style while enjoying great protection. It's earned both the ASTM192 and CPSC safety certifications. While it costs more than other options in the Sweatsaver series, you get more with this deal. You get extras such as a helmet bag and a microfiber cloth for cleaning your helmet on top of getting a distortion-free visor.

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Most half-shell helmets lack a visor, but this one has one. To create this design, Triple 8 leveraged its vast helmet technological know-how alongside insights from seasoned roller derby skating heads.

Some of the teams the company consulted in the design creation process include Team USA, Rose City, and Gotham Girls. I must mention that this skate brand has sponsored each of these roller derby teams at some point.

So, if it appears like these teams endorse this helmet, that could be because…scratch my back I scratch yours. However, this doesn’t make the lid any less protective.

Do you hate having flies, dust, and debris flying right into your eyes during happiness-packed bike rides or skate sessions? Do you also feel like full-face helmets are either overkill for your riding style or outside of the reach of your outdoor gear budget? If yes, try out this brain cover.

The visor comes already mounted so you can instantly put on the helmet and ride the heck out of your weekend boredom. It’s a CE-certified visor that features a protective, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens.

I’ve ridden my bike in this helmet through different kinds of weather conditions, and fogging isn’t much of a problem. Some reviewers said the visor gives riders distortion-free optical clarity, but I noticed it distorted things a little.

But it gets even better. The visor works well even with glasses on.

Even though the visor has an anti-scratch finish, it doesn’t resist scratches very well. The visor on my helmet had a few unsightly scratches, but I guess that’s down to the packaging not being done carefully enough.

Downside? The face shield makes this lid to be pricier than any of the Sweatsaver helmets reviewed so far. But you’re getting a nice-looking, highly protective helmet with a visor to prevent injuries in case of forward falls. What’s more, you’ll get a microfiber cleaning cloth as well as a helmet bag for storing your bucket when not in use.

But are all these extras worth the higher price point? Yes, IMO.

*Note that this is the adult size L/XL. You can also choose either X-small/Small for your kid or Small/Medium for adults and teens. The fit is great. However, fans with a big head might feel like the fit is a little too snug. Read the full Sweatsaver Helmet with Visor Review here.

7. Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet (Good for Water Sports)

Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet
Certified to the European safety standard for white water sports, this super-affordable brain saver feels quite comfortable. Its removable Velcro Halo Sweatsaver liner wicks away excess moisture and keeps your head comfortable throughout.

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Are you into water sports and have been wondering if there’s an affordable helmet that serves this very purpose? Whether you’re into water skiing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, white water kayaking, or inner-tubing, this product got you covered. The Sweatsaver Halo Water is a specialized helmet designed exclusively for water sports.

But with this helmet, you shouldn’t be checking for the usual ASTM and CPSC safety certifications. In this case, you should make sure the helmet fully satisfies the CE EN 1385:2012 safety standards for white water sports.

Well, my man and I aren’t into water sports. But I know a few people that love kayaking. A friend who recently bought this helmet is yet to find out how protective its high-density outer shell and EVA foam liner could be.

I hope they never find out! Our bud had expected the thermoplastic polymer shell to be thicker, harder, sturdier, and less flexible, though.

But don’t try jumping down the tallest waterfall in your location because this helmet isn’t built for that level of abuse. It’s designed to protect your head when participating in less extreme white water sports such as kayaking, inner tubing, and wakeboarding.

It’s super comfortable, too, thanks to the comfy, 3-layered Halo water liner wrapped in a thick fabric. And the Velcro-operated Halo liner is removable and washable so you won’t have to endure a stinky helmet.

Fit: Available in 5 sizes to accommodate heads of all sizes. There’s X-small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Overall, it’s an affordable unisex helmet that children, youth, and adults can use for enjoying less risky white water sports. Here’s the full certified Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet Review.

8. Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet (Also Good)

Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet
A properly certified helmet for water sports such as kayaking, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Cheap without feeling cheap. Features a subtle brim like its dual-certified Gotham siblings. Choose an option that's one size roomier than what the model's size chart says.

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The Triple Eight Gotham Water helmet has two visible design differences from the certified Sweatsaver Halo Water. While the Sweatsaver Halo Water lacks a brim, the Gotham water features a subtle brim like the one you get with the dual-certified helmets in the Gotham line.

Another difference:  the Sweatsaver Halo Water features two holes positioned above a Triple Eight Logo, but you won’t see those holes on the Gotham Water.

The Gotham Water retains the look of its regular-use Gotham siblings, including the narrow horizontal opening just above the not-so-pronounced brim.

But the Gotham water lacks the adjustable fit dial of the other two Gothams. You get nylon chin straps that stay intact the whole time you’re waterskiing, park wakeboarding, or whatever. But I’ve come across a few chin strap quality complaints.

Protection comes from the dual-density closed-cell EVA foam headliner. This liner fully meets the CE EN 1385-2012 water sports safety standard, just like the Sweatsaver halo water. Oh, and the comfortable Velcro Sweatsaver halo liner is removable and easy to clean.

It looks good, too, especially the gun matte option. If you’re buying for a child, the neon tangerine matte would be a better color choice. By the way, the neon tangerine matte option looks more orange than pink in person.

Many reviewers say that this helmet fits a little too tight. So, ignore the size chart and size up. Triple 8’s size chart for the Gotham Water seems off.

Big head? This helmet will squeeze the sanity out of your melon, especially if you wear it for a long kayaking trip.

Overall, the Gotham Water is a good and affordable water sports brain protector, but the straps could be better quality. Here’s a  more detailed Triple 8 Gotham Water helmet review.

You’re now about to meet Triple 8’s snow helmets.

9. Triple Eight Audio Snowboarding and Skiing Helmet (With Built-in Speakers)

No products found.

It’s probably the best-padded Triple Eight helmet. And the ear flaps come generously padded, too. Also, there’s a comfortable neck curtain plus more padding on the chinstraps.

The helmet’s design features goggle clips so you can wear your fave goggles.

But the ear flaps could be of better quality. It’s like Triple Eight fitted some plastic inside the flaps and this plastic makes crinkly sounds whenever you turn your head.

It meets the safety requirements of the ASTM F2040 as well as CE EN 1077. That’s about as much certification as you’d need for safe skiing and snowboarding.

And as you cruise down snowy slopes, built-in music speakers ensure you stay entertained. The deal includes an audio cable connection so you can immerse in awesomeness throughout the snowboarding session. However, the connection isn’t great quality; the music does get a bit distorted.

The helmet offers more ventilation than the typical Triple 8 helmet, thanks to the 10 mesh-covered air vents on its ABS shell.

It’s available in black rubber, blue rubber, or gray rubber and 3 sizes. These include X-Small/Small, Small/Medium, and Large-X-Large sizes. And it doesn’t fit per the size chart, so go up a full size. If you’re large-headed, you’ll likely return this product.

Overall, this is an OK helmet for the price — nothing exceptional. If you can ignore the little annoyances I’ve pinpointed, it’s a good buy. Read the full Triple 8 Audio Snowboarding Helmet Review here.

10. Triple Eight Halo Snow Standard Helmet

Triple Eight Snowboarding & Skiing helmet (no music speakers
It's properly certified, affordable, amply padded, and offers allows for quick, fine-tuned fit adjustment.

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Seriously, I don’t know why Triple 8 presents the Triple Eight Halo Snow Standard as though it’s a distinct product with different features. This brain shield is in every way similar to the audio snowboarding and skiing option I reviewed in the previous section. Looks, design, features — everything.

The only difference between the two is that the Snow Sports Standard one doesn’t have in-built music speakers. Plus, you get a couple more color options with the Standard option. You can order a black rubber, carbon rubber, navy rubber, white, or sunset-colored option.

11. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet with a subtle brim
A cool urban-style skate helmet with the ASTM F1492 & the CPSC safety certifications. The fit adjustment dial on the rear alongside chin straps with a side-release buckle helps you dial in the perfect fit. Affordable but costs about the same as the MIPS Brainsaver.

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I’ll let you in on a little secret. The vast majority of my readers love the Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified and buy on Amazon. You’d expect that skaters and biking enthusiasts would prefer the MIPS version of this helmet because it’s supposed to be more protective, but that’s not what I see.

What I see is skateboarders and cyclists buying tons of the Triple 8 Gotham dual-certified helmet. These two communities buy this brain injury protection as if there’s a looming global shortage.

The outer shell is a sturdy round structure created out of fine, durable ABS plastic. When I held this product for the first time in my hand, it felt like the high-quality helmet that it is.

Triple 8 Gotham Dual Certified Vs. Other Triple 8 Helmets

What’s the difference between the Triple Eight Gotham dual-certified helmet and the other T8 helmets I’ve reviewed in the previous sections?

One key difference is that this helmet comes with a more protective EPS liner. This liner emerges from Triple 8’s patented Conehead EPS Liner Technology. This helmet technology consists of collapsing cones, and it distributes crash force sideways. Increased impact energy displacement means more safety for you.

Plus, it’s not heavy. The company’s one-of-a-kind technology, the patented Conehead EPS Liner technology, makes this helmet lightweight without sacrificing an ounce of its protective capabilities.

Another difference between the Triple 8 Gotham dual-certified helmet and many helmets from Triple 8 is its Adjustable Fit Dial System.

This fit customization system relies on a knob on the back. Turning this fit adjustment dial either clockwise or counterclockwise helps increase or decrease headroom.

Ventilation in Warm Weather Vs. Cool Weather

Like other T8 lids, this one comes with removable and washable Sweatsaver Fit Pads. These pads have a decent moisture-wicking capability and soak up some of the sweat.

However, compared to the typical cycling helmet, most Triple Eight helmets offer no more than passive ventilation. So, expect to sweat a bit when skating or biking in this helmet, especially in warmer weather. On cooler days, you’ll love the way it traps in warm air.

The Fit Dial

This helmet fits well, and it has the rear tension knob to thank for that. But this tension adjustment dial is a bit bulky. And my hubby says the knob sometimes turns and becomes loose during use when he turns his head to the left. This annoys him, and the company should fine-tune it a bit.

Also, this fit dial system doesn’t seem to work very well for riders with large heads. In fact, my SO ended up uprooting the whole system and fitting in the thick fit pads that came with the helmet. Once Jason did that, this helmet fit like a glove. Don’t worry, you can always add the adjustable fitting system back on if you like — it’s easy.

Overall, the Triple Eight Gotham dual-certified is a nice-looking and affordable helmet that protects skaters’ and bikers’ heads like a pro. While it doesn’t handle sweat excellently when riding through warm weather, it’s great for use in cool weather and for winter use. Read the full Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet Review here.

12. Triple Eight Dual Certified Gotham MIPS Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified with MIPS helmet
613 Reviews
Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified with MIPS helmet
ASTM F1492 and U.S. CPSC safety certified, can save a skater's/cyclist's life during a bad crash. Cute, too. Knob-operated fit adjustment feature on the rear lends a helping hand to the chin straps to create a comfortable custom fit. Also includes a set of thick foam pads in case your face shape needs a different fit. Its MIPS technology offers an extra layer of protection, but it costs a little more than its MIPS-less sibling.

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The Triple Eight Dual Certified Gotham MIPS helmet is similar dimensions-wise and in every other respect to the non-MIPS version. There’s no difference between the two products as far as fit and comfort.

A growing number of tests strive to prove that MIPS reduces angled impacts on the head immensely. However, I’ve not found one definitive scientific research concluding that MIPS helmets offer better and more protection than their non-MIPS counterparts.

If you want to feel like you’re getting more protection, definitely go for the MIPS option. But if you’re like me and can’t figure out why helmet makers never say that non-MIPS helmets are less safe, go with the non-MIPS Gotham version.

I expected the MIPS option to be a little heavier because MIPS is a thing, you know.  But that wasn’t the case. At least, my hubby didn’t notice any difference during use.

Overall, the MIPS Gotham dual certified with MIPS technology is a pricier version of a helmet that offers adequate noggin protection for skating and biking use.

Both helmets are great at what they do — protection. And that’s what matters.

If you like, you can dive into this comprehensive dual-certified Gotham vs. Gotham MIPS helmet comparison.

Read the full Triple Eight Gotham MIPS Helmet Review here.

13. Triple Eight Gotham Darklight Helmet (for After-dark Rides)

Triple Eight Gotham Darklight for safe night-riding
122 Reviews
Triple Eight Gotham Darklight for safe night-riding
A dual-certified brain shield with a dial-operated mechanism that supports sturdy, high-quality, well-fitting chin straps in creating a snug custom fit. It's highly reflective, too, making it good night riding protection

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What’s the best Triple Eight helmet for safe night riding? It’s the Gotham Darklight. It’s a low-profile helmet, dual-certified just like most helmets from this skate brand.

And like the Gotham dual certified and Gotham MIPS, this bucket features a fine-drawn brim. It looks every inch like its Gotham siblings in terms of design.

Stealth Reflective Technology Coating

What sets the Gotham Darkligt apart from the others? It boasts the so-called Stealth Reflective Technology coating, a feature that dramatically boosts visibility, especially at night.  Drivers see when you’re riding at nighttime. You get to go home every night instead of to the Emergency Room.

When a beam from an oncoming car’s headlights strikes this helmet’s exterior, the surface looks like a bright silver color. But in other kinds of lighting, the helmet appears dark gray — not as reflective as you’d expect.

Most accidents take place when it’s dark perhaps because most drivers can’t see as clearly as during daytime travel/transportation. You need to make this helmet a part of your protective gear for nighttime skateboarding, biking, roller skating, and commuting.

But it wasn’t super reflective at night. At least, it’s not as reflective as my SO had hoped, or as it appears in the picture on Amazon.  I suggest that you wear a reflective LED vest to increase your vertical visibility. Also, the “day mode,” could be more reflective. As things stand, the daytime mode gives you the impression of “a bad paint job” according to one reviewer.

The Darklight is certified to the U.S. CPSC bicycle helmet safety standard and the ASTMF1492 skate safety standard. It’s adequately protective.

The fit-tuning dial on the rear enables you to customize the fit however you prefer. And the straps are well made. Using the chinstraps is easy thanks to the efficient release-type buckle on the left of the face. However, some reviewers have said that the fit dial doesn’t work very well. And that it keeps loosening up.

Also, the size chart seems off. Size up. And if you have a large noggin and don’t like cutting your hair just so you can wear a helmet, choose something else.

Verdict: it’s a good affordable helmet that offers dual protection.

14. T8 Downhill Racer Helmet (Most Protective Triple 8 Helmet)

T8 Downhill Racer Full-face downhill helmet for mountain biking and skateboarding
26 Reviews
T8 Downhill Racer Full-face downhill helmet for mountain biking and skateboarding
The only Triple Eight helmet with the ASTM-F1952 and CPSC 1203 safety certifications for downhill mountain bike riding.

Last update on 2024-06-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Do you ride an electric skateboard or a super-fast hoverboard or do downhill biking? You need enough protection designed for that kind of riding. It’s best to choose a good, dual-certified, full-face helmet.

You deserve a helmet that’s held up to repeated rigorous tests by some of the most active riders on the planet. And the Triple Eight Downhill Racer full-face helmet is the real deal. It rocks, and it offers A-grade head protection.

If there’s one community who’ve heaped praise on the T8 Racer, it’s the electric skateboarding community. These riders take hard spills a lot. And if they’re writing positive reviews on a particular helmet, it’s probably because it’s saved them from brain damage.

The T8 Racer is the most protective helmet from this brand because it covers the entire face. It has the U.S. CPSC 1203 and ASTM F1952 safety certifications. And no helmet ever earns these safety badges unless it’s sufficiently met the requisite downhill mountain bike racing standards.

It looks badass, too, and it’s got a visor for protection against unexpected forward falls. Well, the visor fogs up a little when you’re panting like an elk in the winter after a hard ride. But that’s expected of pretty much all helmets.

It’s surprisingly light, not motorcycle-bulky as it looks in the picture. But the ventilation could be better, and the visor isn’t the best quality I’ve seen.

Read a more detail-packed T8 Racer review here. The TSG Pass is a close competitor, and here’s an everything-placed-on-the-table TSG Pass review.

15. Triple 8 Sweatsaver Black Rubber (Without Safety Certifications!)

Triple 8 Sweatsaver  Black Rubber
Choose the Sweatsaver if you prefer helmets that look nice without offering the faintest pretense of head protection! No CPSC or ASTM F1492 safety certifications. If you ever spill in this cheap brain bucket, you're on your own.

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If you like a dirt-cheap, nice-looking half-shell that’ll make you look like the coolest skater in your community, consider the Sweatsaver Liner helmet.

But before you hand over your hard-earned money, listen to me and listen well. The Triple 8 Sweatsaver helmet looks great but offers ZERO certified protection to your head!

This helmet comes without the U.S. CPSC bike safety certification and the ASTM F1492 skate safety standard. If you ever take a life-threatening spill in the Triple Eight Sweatsaver helmet, you’re on your own!

This isn’t a safe helmet. Just don’t buy it unless all you do is pretty light bike riding or slow-speed, trick-free recreational skateboarding.

I’d hate to hear you ended up in the ICU because you fell off while wearing this cheap thing. Just because some clueless reviewer said it’s good. The Triple 8 Sweatsaver Liner is a waste of money. Period.

But if you still want to read a full review of this uncertified Tripe 8 helmet, why not? Here’s a recent Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet Review.

Strangely, the helmet happens to be Amazon’s choice! I can’t believe it. Guess it is what it is.

16. Triple Eight Dual-certified Compass Bike Helmet

Triple 8 Compass Helmet
Unlike most Triple 8 helmets that have a round shape, this one comes in the typical bike helmet style. It's more oval than round. CPSC and ASTM F1942 certified and the best-ventilated Triple eight helmet. Looks nicer than most bike helmets, and it comes in at an attractive price point.

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Do you want something that looks like an MTB helmet without being too heavy? Maybe you’re also tired of wearing mountain bike riding helmets that look a little too goofy. I bet the Triple 8 Compass is the helmet you’re looking for

The majority of brain shields from Triple Eight are made for heads that are more round than oval or other head shapes. But the Compass has the classic oval cycling helmet shape.

If you hate dorky helmets that make you want to read a book or watch TV instead of mounting your bike and riding into the serenity of nature, grab this one.

The Triple 8 Compass amounts to an affordable brain protection system that comes with a visor so you can keep fast-flying flies and speedy debris and dust clumps from cluttering your eyes. The visor is adjustable, too. This bill moves up and down, and there’s a thumb bolt to make it all happen.

Sizing: The Triple Eight Compass is a one-size-fits-most bike helmet. Put it on and then use the tension knob on the back to tweak the fit until it becomes as snug as you like. You likely won’t encounter fit issues. Read the full Dual-certified Compass Helmet Review here.

17. Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual Certified Kids Helmet (Best-value Option for Kids)

Triple 8 Dual Certified Sweatsaver Kids Helmet
1,070 Reviews
Triple 8 Dual Certified Sweatsaver Kids Helmet
An affordable kids half-shell that comes in at least 4 colors kids love. The fit adjustment dial on the rear makes it a one-size-fits-most helmet. Ideal for kids in the 1-5 age range.

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You recently bought your 3-year-old their first scooter or bike. Now, you’re worrying they might fall hard and break their skull or something. Stop worrying and buy your little active tyke a nice-looking, highly protective bike helmet.

The LIL 8 dual-certified kids’ helmet looks cute. Your little one won’t need much motivation to hop on their scooter or bike and get riding.

For under $40, you get as many features and as much protection as you’d expect from a pricier option. The padding is thick and comfortable, and the chinstraps have ample padding. These chinstraps won’t pinch your child, which means they won’t want to take the helmet off. Don’t let them sleep in it, though, haha.

What age does the LIL 8 dual-certified Sweatsaver fit best? It’s a one-size kids’ helmet that grows with your child’s head, but that doesn’t mean it fits all youth head shapes and sizes. Measure your child’s head to know what helmet size to order.

It works best for children in the 1-5 age range. Note that helmets aren’t made to fit heads within a certain age range — it’s a head circumference thing, not an age thing.

I bought the helmet for my 5-year-old son. After some fiddling with the fit-adjustment dial on the back, it did fit them perfectly.

One downside of the LIL 8 Sweatsaver is that it’s a little bulky. And it doesn’t have any graphics on it. Aside from that, it’s a great kiddo bike helmet available in four kid-friendly color options.

There’s black rubber, blue glossy, and neon green glossy for boys and a neon pink rubber option for adventurous girls.

18. Triple Eight LIL 8 STAAB Dual Certified Helmet (for Kids, Nice Graphics)

Triple 8 LIL 8 STAAB dual-certified helmet
Pretty much like the LIL 8 Sweatsaver. It's ASTM F1492 and CPSC certified so your kiddo won't smash their noggin. Also, it has a fit customization mechanism that enables it to expand to accommodate young, fast-growing heads.

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The STAAB dual-certified kids cycling and skateboarding helmet comes properly certified, sufficiently satisfying the stringent safety standards to which ASTM-F1492 and CPSC demand strict adherence.

It’s similar to the LIL 8 Sweatsaver.

The STAAB helmet is designed for small heads measuring 18″-20″ (46-52 cm), as is the case with the LIL 8 Sweatsaver. And the easy-to-use fit dial on the back lets you increase or decrease headroom so your child can have the perfect fit.

The STAAB graphic on the side will have the kids in your neighborhood badgering Daddy or Mommy to get them one! And you’ll never have to explain to your child why they need to wear it. They’ll helmet up every time they want to have some fun without you coercing them.

Pick up the neon blue matte you see in the picture above for your boy or choose the neon pink matte option for your baby girl.

19. Triple Eight Dual Certified Sweatsaver Little Tricky Helmet (Size X-Small)

Triple 8 Little Tricky Kids Helmet
Suitable for kids aged 1-6 years, this Mitchie Brusco-inspired kids helmet offers decent protection for small heads measuring 19.5

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Inspired by the legendary skateboarder Mitchie “Little Tricky” Brusco who’s skated since age 3, the Triple 8 Little Tricky is a nice-looking, certified, hard-shell children’s helmet. It’s ideal for biking, scootering, rollerblading, rollerskating, and skateboarding. Kids love the cool design as well as the large-type “Little Tricky” print on the side.

But the most important aspect is the dual protection that small noggins get. Your child’s young, growing brain deserves nothing less.

It’s fitted for small heads in the 19.5″ to 20.5″ circumference. Order the right size for your child’s head after measuring them. In case the lid turns out to be a little loose, replace the existing padding with the provided thicker padding. But this head protector looks somewhat bulky, especially on a little girl’s head.

And if the fit is a little too tight, try fitting the thinner inserts into the helmet. This little trick works most of the time, but I insist that you measure that little head and use the provided size chart (it’s accurate) to pick up a fitting size.

Colors: Black rubber, green rubber, or white glossy for outdoorsy little boys, or the pink rubber option for girls.

20. Triple Eight the Heed XXL Brainsaver Helmet

The Heed XXL  Brainsaver Helmet
6,421 Reviews
The Heed XXL  Brainsaver Helmet
This beautiful helmet supposedly fits extra-large heads, but it likely won't fit your 24

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Everyone says the heed XXL Brainsaver is one of the best helmets for the largest noggins out there. But that’s just not true.

According to Triple 8’s size chart for this helmet, it is size XXL and should comfortably accommodate 24″ heads or slightly bigger. But you’ll return this lid if you have the biggest melon around.

My hubby’s skate buddy recently bought this believing he’d found something that’d fit his extra-large head. And guess what he got? Disappointment alongside the feeling that someone lied to him. He returned it.

Another quibble I have about the Heed Brainsaver is that its ability to save your brain in a crash is questionable.

Neither the manufacturer’s site nor the marketing info on Amazon says the XXL Heed Brainsaver offers any kind of certification. For this reason, I don’t recommend this helmet to anyone who wants to be able to think after a bad spill.

The padding inside is thick, and that’s nice, but the outer shell is thin and feels flimsy, which doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Don’t buy this helmet even though it’s Amazon’s choice. It baffles me how two uncertified helmets from Triple 8 became Amazon’s Choice.

Is Triple Eight a Good Brand?

Yes, most Triple 8 helmets are good-quality brain buckets because they’re dual-certified to CPSC and ASTMF1492 or another standard. But at least one helmet lacks proper safety certifications. That helmet (Sweatsaver Liner) can’t and won’t offer you enough protection against head injuries when riding any kind of contraption on wheels.

Many people in the BMX, skateboarding, longboarding, e-scootering, electric skateboarding, and downhill racing communities love Triple Eight protective gear. And no rider ever loves crappy protective gear just because the brand’s name sounds sexy.

But don’t take my word for it. Try out a Triple 8 helmet or a pair of protective knee pads/elbow pads/wristguards. Or order one of the company’s bum-protecting pads, and you’ll see how beautifully this firm’s protective gear works. The many positive Triple 8 helmet reviews online speak volumes about the quality of these products.

Triple Eight Helmet Prices

The vast majority of Triple 8 helmets are available at pretty attractive prices. Of 20 Triple 8 helmets as of writing, at least 3 (15%) cost under $50. But most protective gear is in the $50-$70 range. A few cost $100ish while 2 or 3 come in at over $100. It’s accurate to say that Triple Eight sells affordable helmets.

Are Triple Eight Helmets Certified?

Yes, pretty much all Triple 8 markets are properly certified, and many are dual-certified. Some of the standards they meet include the CPSC, ASTM1492, ASTMF1952, ASTM F2040, and others. They will keep you safe and protected in different kinds of riding situations. However, there’s one option that doesn’t offer certified protection against brain injury or permanent brain damage.

I’m certain you don’t want to lose your ability to think, remember things, recognize family and friends, or even read and comprehend helmet reviews. It’s in your best interest to read honest Triple 8 reviews before spending a dollar.

What’s the Best Helmet for skateboarding?

The best helmet for skateboarding is one that’s been properly certified and well-constructed. It’s one that fits snugly, a sturdy brain protector that won’t come off the head during a bad fall or crash. The best choice for you may not always come from the most popular brands such as Triple 8 or Protec.

For downhill skateboarding, e-skating, longboarding, or mountain biking, I recommend the T8 racer. For skating and biking, get any dual-certified Triple 8 helmet or other brands.

I’ve reviewed quite a few of the helmets I’ve personally used as well as those my hubby has tested. Follow the links above and read the reviews.

Why Do Pro Skaters Not Wear a Helmet?

Expert skaters do all kinds of gnarly skating moves and tricks, but they don’t always wear head protection. The main reason pro skaters sometimes don’t wear a helmet is that they’re extremely good skaters. They’ve mastered their skating discipline. 

Pro skaters are less likely to launch defective moves or maneuvers. They exercise tons of control over each skate session and are less likely to fall. And if they fall, pro skaters are less likely to end up with broken limbs because they’ve perfected the art of falling.

But smart skaters realize that overconfidence can lead to sudden mishaps. They know that skating accidents can happen in seconds no matter how skilled one might be, causing serious injury, pain, and financial difficulty.

Skating Accidents

The year 2015 saw over 125,000 skateboarding-related injuries. Evidence, skating accidents are common. Boys and girls, as well as adult men and women skaters, get injured. But boys and men face a higher likelihood of involvement in a skating accident compared to girls and women.

Younger skaters are more likely to end up injured than adults regardless of gender. In fact, 60 percent of the skateboarding accidents reported in 2015 happened to kids under the age of 15.

That’s why every responsible parent never lets their little loved one step on their skateboard or strap roller skate onto their feet without a helmet.

But skating accidents don’t only happen to inexperienced skaters. Only about 30 percent of all skating (skateboarding) injuries where the affected rider ended up in the Emergency Department occurred among first-time skateboarders while 70 percent affected people that had some skating experience. Even the most experienced skaters like Tony Hawk take hard falls and sustain bad injuries.

I bet wearing high-quality headgear from a reputable brand is beginning to sound like a good idea, right?

Do Helmets Really Help Skaters?

According to the CPSC, wearing a helmet while enjoying recreational activities such as skateboarding and cycling can make it less likely you’ll suffer a severe head injury. The CPSC further says that helmeting up can even save your life. But according to the CDC, even the most protective helmet ever designed can’t prevent concussions.

However, the CPSC admits that the majority of modern helmets are designed in a way that enables them to absorb impact energy from various sources. They come equipped with the ability to reduce impacts that can cause serious head injuries and even skull fractures. Just not impacts that culminate in concussions.

Triple 8 Helmet FAQs

1. What Certifications Should a Skateboarding Helmet Have?

A good skateboarding helmet boasts the ASTM1492 safety standard or Snell-94 standard according to CPSC. If a skate helmet lacks either of these two certifications, it’s best not to use it for skating.

As for longboarding and downhill mountain bike racing, always get a helmet that’s ASTMF1952 and CPSC certified. For more information about what helmet certification(s) the CPSC recommends for risk-laden outdoor activities, read this

2. Do Triple 8 Helmets Last?

Yes, Triple Eight brain savers are well-made helmets that last. But helmet longevity depends on how well you take care of it and how often you throw impact at it. Properly certified Triple 8 helmets should survive multiple mild crashes and still remain useful for future riding.

But helmets from Triple 8 — indeed all kinds of helmets — are single-use protective gear when it comes to protecting heads against major crashes. So, if you take a high-impact spill a day after purchasing your Triple 8 helmet, discard it. That’s how long your helmet lasted!

3. How Much Do Triple 8 Helmets Cost?

Most Triple 8 helmets stay within the economic reach of most riders. The cheapest Triple 8 helmet on the market can be had at a sub-$50 price point. But most are available for sale at $50-$70. The most expensive Triple 8 helmet is the T8 Racer, a product that’ll set you back almost $300.

4. When Should I Replace My Helmet?

The CPSC and most manufacturers say that helmets should be replaced every 5-10 years.

Two factors determine whether you should replace your helmet after a crash or fall. One of these factors is the helmet’s structural design. The second factor is the severity of the fall.

Some helmets are created to offer protection against a single big fall. A good example is cycling helmets, and Triple Eight offers quite a few bicycling options. Even if the helmet still looks good, and there’s no visible damage to it, you shouldn’t use it afterward. Replace the helmet instead.

But certain helmets are still usable even after multiple impacts. Ice hockey helmets are a good example of such helmets. However, if a multiple-impact helmet gets visible marks of damage, consider replacing it.

Some I know recently took a bad spill. And their multi-impact helmet got two small cracks on the outer shell. Their ice hockey coach said to replace it.

5. How Long Should I Keep My Triple 8 Helmet?

Even if you never experience a bad fall, it’s a good idea to replace your helmet every 5-10 years. Manufacturers often indicate each helmet’s lifespan somewhere. When in doubt about any helmet’s expected lifespan, it’s best to follow CPSC’s 5-10 year helmet replacement advice.

How Do You Clean a Triple Eight Helmet?

Helmets get sweaty and stinky. You’re always out there pushing yourself hard and expending energy, which translates to sweat. Then there’s always that day when it’s really warm outdoors, and you sweat up a storm.

In all these scenarios, you end up with a sweat-soaked liner. And no one likes wearing a smelly helmet. That’s why you need to clean your Triple 8 helmet regularly.

Triple 8 suggests that we clean its protective gear using plain water and any type of soap that’s not harsh.

You need clean water (warm water preferable), mild soap (shampoo should work just fine), and a piece of soft cloth, sponge, or microfiber. Wipe down the helmet and air-dry it. Use a toothbrush to reach hard-to-access spots and for cleaning the straps.

To remove helmet odor, you don’t need any kind of expensive or extremely strong solution. Vinegar is an adequate agent for neutralizing bad helmet smells. Also, airing out helps. And to remove stains from your T8 helmet, use some rubbing alcohol.

10 Steps to a Squeaky Clean Helmet

Step #1: Grab two sizeable basins and pour in some warm water. You need a small amount of water in the basin, enough to soak a sponge or cloth. It’s not like you need to submerge the helmet, but you can without ruining it.

Step #2: Add some shampoo to the water and stir the solution. Exercise your judgment as to how much shampoo would be enough for the cleaning process.

Step #3: Take a piece of cloth/sponge and dip it in the now soapy shampoo/warm-water solution.

Step #4: Wring the cloth gently (or squeeze the sponge) so that either remains damp enough for the task ahead.

Step #5: Hold the scrubber (a piece of cloth/sponge) and use it to clean any filth, dirt, or any other undesirable thing off the liner.

Step #6: Once you’re done sponging the liner, dip the soapy sponge/cloth into the second basin to rinse off the soap.

Then, use the now soap-less sponge to rub the liner even further, leaving it spotless. If you have odors to tackle, soak the sponge in some rubbing alcohol. Next, give the liner one or two extra scrubs. That should be enough to deodorize your head safety gear.

Step #7: Repeat steps 1 through 6 for other areas that may need attention such as the outer shell and chin straps.

Step #8: If the outer shell or chin straps have any visible grass strains from the last spill you took, use the dipped-in-alcohol sponge to swab off the stains.

Step #9: Towel the helmet dry, both on the inside and outside. Next, leave the helmet to air out for some time. Remember to put a dry towel inside the head area so it’ll soak up any remaining moisture from the helmet-cleaning process.

Step #10: Your Triple 8 helmet is now squeaky clean and it’s completely dry. Now, what’s next? Fit your head in the lid and get skating! Or, store your helmet safely until the next use.

And that’s where your well-padded helmet bag comes in. Grab it and put your helmet inside, ready for storage until the next skating session.

Don’t Do This to Your Triple 8 Helmet

Now that your Triple 8 helmet is clean and smelling nice, you need to keep it in great condition so it can last years. There are a couple of things you shouldn’t do if you want to maintain your helmets in great shape.

  • The company warns against using any kind of cleaning fluids on the helmet. Also, it’s not advisable to apply paint or use any kind of hydrocarbons on the surface of the helmet.
  • Triple 8 also thinks that plastering adhesive stickers on a helmet isn’t a good idea as it tends to degrade the materials used to produce the product.
  • No stickers. Stickers have an adhesive, and this chemical compound damage the helmet in some way.
  • The company doesn’t recommend painting any of their helmets. That’s probably because some of the constituents of paint are derivatives of petroleum. Think paint thinners and compounds like that.
  • Avoid dropping your helmet the whole time. White dropping your helmet probably won’t seriously damage it, I’m sure you hate seeing scratches on your outdoor gear, don’t ya?
  • Keep your helmets away from direct sunlight and heat.

Now that you’ve interacted with all Triple 8 helmets, it’s time to decide which option you like best. Gear up, hop that skateboard, and go skate.