Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet Review

In my Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified helmet review, my objectives are twofold. First, I’ll word-paint this dual-certified urban style skateboarding and cycling helmet, shining a light on every feature and spec to help you perform an objective evaluation of the deal.

Second, I’ll focus my review on any feature, spec, or aspect I think could be improved and express an honest opinion as to how I think each con affects utility. Overall, you’ll end up with a balanced Triple Eight Gotham helmet review, hopefully one that’ll inform your final decision.

In case you’d want to learn about the MIPS version of the Triple 8 Gotham dual certified brain bucket read this Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS helmet review. You may also want to devour this head-to-head comparison of the MIPS and non-MIPS dual-certified Gotham helmet: Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified vs. Gotham MIPS helmet comparison.

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Triple Eight Gotham dual-certified helmet
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Triple Eight Gotham dual-certified helmet
Good looks, produced to the U.S. CPSC bike and ASTM skate safety standards, adjustable fit pads, and a comprehensive fit system that supports customization make this lid you'll want to wear all the time. It's relatively cheap, too.

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There’s a MIPS version, too.

Features and Specs

1.Dual certified; complies with U.S CPSC and ASTM 1492 rider safety standards

2.Hard but lightweight ABS outer shell coupled with impact-absorbing Conehead EPS liner

3.SweatSaver pads that enhance comfort while helping fit

4.Grooved EPS liner that promotes airflow, cooling the rider’s head

5.Adjustable Fit Dial System plus straps for creating a custom fit

6.Product Dimensions:13″ x 9.15″ x 7.3″

7.Product weight: 1 lbs

8.MIPS Technology? No, but it complies with the U.S CPSC safety standard


Let’s now jump right in and see whether the dual-certified Triple Eight Gotham helmet is a deal worth looking at.

Helmet Design, Shape, and Style

This Triple 8 Gotham is a great helmet with a great build quality. It features a simple, clean, round design with a subtle brim. It’s a minimalist look that’s in tune with the modern less is more consciousness.

Some believe round helmets are a much safer bet than other helmet shapes. Those who believe a round shape is better than all other shapes as far as head protection contend that such helmets have no sharp edges that might catch on the ground.

Yea, it’s easy to see how a round helmet can slide off instead of catching a jutting root or a jagged tree stump while you’re riding the trails or mountain biking.

But has anyone provided any scientific evidence concluding that a round shape guarantees safety? Or that the user of a round-shaped lid won’t ever get head injuries such as a concussion? Not a shred of evidence supports this reasoning!

That said, I think round helmets look cooler and more stylish than other shapes. Whether you’re scouring the web for a commuting helmet or recreational cycling, this option’s got you covered.

Weight and Strength

Weighing in at just 1lbs, the Gotham dual-certified helmet is a lightweight deal. It’s not Snell-certified, which partly explains why it’s that light. Generally, Helmets produced to satisfy Snell safety standards tend to be a little heavier than others. Don’t worry about this certification; your lid really doesn’t need to have it to be safe.

Another reason this product is lightweight is that it’s not a modular helmet. Modular helmets typically feature parts/components that move, for example, a visor. And these adding such features automatically increases the product’s weight.

The Hard Outer Shell

Thanks to its thin yet super strong outer shell made of certified safety standards ABS, this dual-certified Gotham helmet from Triple 8 never looks like a mushroom on the rider’s head. It’s a minimalist construction designed to offer maximum strength and protection while not making you feel like the whole world is sitting on your noggin!

Now, is ABS the best (or worst) helmet material? It doesn’t matter whether the outer shell is made of polycarbonate or ABS or fiberglass. Provided the helmet has been certified by the Consumer Product Safety Corporation (CPSC), you really have nothing to lose sleep over. But polycarbonate happens to be a higher quality plastic than ABS, and that’s why most high-end bike and skating helmets are made from this material.

The EPS Liner

You might think the outer shell is the most critical part of a BMX helmet or any other helmet style, but that’s not true. The liner, usually made of EPS or EPU, is what protects your noggin from shocks and impacts during a crash. It’s the MOST important feature in a helmet, whether that be a classic style helmet or whatever type it might be.

In the top helmet models, the liner usually comes reinforced with metal/metal mesh, nylon, or polypropylene. But in most cases, you won’t even know your helmet features reinforcement as it typically stays concealed in the foam helmet liner.

This helmet features such reinforcement, the patented Conehead EPS liner technology, providing a boost in overall protection. The patented Conehead EPS liner and the hard outer shell come together into a lighter helmet with greater energy displacement upon impact.

This added impact reduction technology consists of collapsing cones that translate into a crumpled zone that distributes crash energy laterally throughout the liner.

Comfort and Fit Pads

While protection is the main reason anyone ever buys a helmet, comfort can’t be overlooked. Discomfort sucks, that’s why newborns cry their lungs out whenever they’re wet.

The helmet features two sets of Triple Eight’s renowned SweatSaver fit pads for added comfort, adjustable fit, and sweat-free indoor and outdoor riding experiences. I’ve worn a few bargain-basement helmets that stunk like hell after a single use, but Triple 8’s sweat saver liners make every ride feel like something you want to do forever.

These removable and washable pads help the user to easily create a custom fit. Additionally, the pads act as some kind of insulation that converts this lid into a cold-weather helmet.

Whether you’re looking for adequate head protection to ride your beach cruiser bike or skateboard with, this product checks lots of boxes. Very few bicycle helmets in that price range offer as much comfort.

Airflow Vents

Admittedly, this isn’t the best-ventilated helmet ever made. In fact, I can’t feel the air streaming over my head when I’m riding at low speeds. But when I’m cruising around at some serious speed, there’s that unmistakable cool breeze that cools my noggin.

Unlike more expensive and lighter options, this lid offers just a couple of Triple 8 logo venting designed to boost breathability. The manufacturer claims the product uses a custom fit grooved EPS for excellent airflow, but I must warn you that this isn’t the best possible ventilation at that price.

Fit Adjustment System with Reflective Dial

This helmet comes with an easy-to-operate fit adjustment system. With the system, the user turns a dial to create a custom fit. Turning the dial either tightens or loosens fit.

One more aspect makes this fitting system even more attractive. Thanks to this fit enhancing technology, one size option fits heads that are smaller or larger than the indicated head size.

Some options I’ve reviewed offer flashy LED lights that let other road users spot a rider when darkness falls. Unfortunately, this option lacks led lights for night riding. Thankfully, the product’s fit adjustment dial is reflective, making it a useful safety feature when you’re on the road at nighttime.


Chin Straps

While you can achieve a good enough fit exclusively with the tension knob, using it along with the fit pads and nylon straps makes fitting even easier and better.

A nylon chin strap with a side release plastic buckle helps tweak the fit further. The Chin straps are riveted to the outer shell. That means this Triple 8 lid is a molded construction.

A molded construction is harder to complete than one where the manufacturer uses glue. Most high-end options are produced via molding.

The straps feel comfortable, don’t pinch, and don’t slide. I’ve never had a crash, but it feels like these straps would hold up.

A Versatile Helmet

Why buy an option designed for a single purpose when versatile options exist? You can use it for a slew of exciting outdoor activities including skateboarding, longboarding, rollerblading, quad skating, biking, and roller derby. If whatever you’re riding got wheels, this lid got you covered.

Color Options

You can buy the product in one of 6 colors namely white matter, cream matte, blue matte, black rubber, Baja rubber, and gun rubber. There’s sure to be a color choice you’ll like.

Can I draw on the lid? Mine came with a cream matte finish, and I printed something that makes everyone I meet while strolling in the streets or riding the bike path smile.

Reflective Branding

Speaking of colors, it’s best to go with a light-colored instead of a dark-colored helmet. Recent research completed in New Zealand returned interesting but not surprising findings. In this study, light-colored lids were associated with 18 percent lower crash risk.

Further, wearing a white helmet correlated with a 29 percent lower risk of crashing. Do you now see why I ordered an option with a cream matte finish instead of black matte even though I prefer darker colors?

Recommended Head Sizes

You can order the lid in one of three sizes. These include size XS/S for heads in the 18.9-21.3 circumference range. Size XS and S are kids’ sizes (under 8 years). I bought my little mister an XS size, and he got a perfect fit. Then there’s 21.7″ -22.8″, the S/M size. And for riders with large and extra-large melons, the l/XL option has their head (23.2 -24″).

Before purchasing, request someone to measure the circumference of your head from the forehead going round, over the widest section of your noggin. Then, use the model’s sizing chart to select the right size.


It boasts the U.S CPSC bike and the older but voluntary standard, the ASTM. It’s nice the lid has ASTM certification, but the most important thing is that it’s received the approval of DOT for use within the U.S. With this product, you can be sure to get adequate noggin in case you get involved in a crash.

Price Point

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”yes” wpc_style=”wppc-view3″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Title Here” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Get it now” disable_button=”yes” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”nofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Attractive price point plus good looks
  • Comfort adjustable fit dial + straps for customizing fit
  • Reinforced EPS liner for better energy dispersement
  • Moisture-wicking and fit adjustment foam pads
  • Tough ABS outer shell with patented EPS foam protection
  • High-quality construction
  • Great customer ratings
  • Different sizes for different head sizes, including XS/kid size
  • A CPSC and ASTM 1492 certified brainsaver
  • A multi-purpose option: Ideal for skateboarders, bikers, roller derby, rollerblading, and more


  • No visor
  • Lacks MIPS technology
  • Not the safest bet in harsh weather conditions
  • Logo vents not large enough for completely unobstructed air flow


MIPS is technically a friction layer designed to reduce injuries. It distributes rotational forces over a wider area rather than just the impact point. But, there’s no iota of proof the tech prevents concussions.

If you sweat profusely, find a more breathable option. Also, this helmet style typically doesn’t feature a visor. But that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for most recreational riders.

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet Review: Worthy it?

I like its cool urban style. It’s the kind of lid you need for your commute, running errands, or riding the hell out of your skateboard. Fit issues aren’t uncommon, but the SweatSaver pads, chin straps, and knob-based system enable you to customize fit easily.

Well, I’ve seen sub-$30 options, but are they typically great choices? This product doesn’t come in at a stratospheric price point, but it offers all the critical features recreational riders need.

However, it’s not without flaws. Ventilation could be better. Overall, it’s a decent deal for the money.

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