Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition Helmet Review

Everyone plants their face onto a hard surface at some point while out riding their bike, skateboard, or whatever. That’s why you need to have your delicate noggin safely tucked into a comfortable helmet with great head protection credentials. And that brings us to a very important question. Is the Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition comfortable and protective enough? Those are the main questions this Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition review strives to answer.

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Triple 8 Dual-Certified Streetplant Edition Helmet
Great looks with a really nice black matte finish. Two sets of fit and sweat liners. A thick layer of EPS foam protective liner.

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Inspired By a Family-Owned Skate Brand and Triple Eight

You’re probably wondering why the Streetplant Edition bears that name. This product materialized through focused collaboration between Triple 8 and a California-based family-owned-and-run skateboarding business called Streetplant.

Mike Valley, a pro skateboarder, is the person behind this business. And did you know that Mike Valley also sings?  If you’re into supporting skater-owned businesses, you should probably invest in this helmet or whichever other product you may like.

One thing I like about Streetplant is that the brand supports communities, particularly young people, as does its better-known and larger partner, Triple Eight. Triple 8 supports various teams from the skating scene, and it’s not surprising that the company saw a worthy partner in Streetplant.

When two brands with tons of combined experience on skateboarding work together, great products happen. And skaters and cyclists end up with a helmet that’s purposely designed to address their pain points.

The Helmet’s Design and Appearance

The Certified Sweatsaver is a half-shell helmet with an appearance that’s similar to the other certified protective headgear from Triple Eight. The only distinguishing aspect is the helmet’s gray Streetplant graphics and LET’S GO! on the front of the helmet as well as on the sides. You’ll love the graphics, and that the helmet comes with a black rubber finish enhances the helmet’s looks even more.

The bucket feels and seems like a well-made product. It’s impressively sturdy, and there’s no doubt every part is a good-quality component. Whether you’re looking at the smooth and round outer shell engineered out of ABS plastic or the super-strong synthetic chinstraps, you’ll love what you see. You’ll mutter with satisfaction “this looks like a high-end helmet even though it’s pretty affordable.”

The Protective Abilities of the Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition

If a helmet has a cute, urban look but its protective abilities suck, it definitely can’t be a great helmet. So, is the Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition a highly protective helmet?

Yes, the Sweatsaver Streetplant is a dual-certified helmet. That means you can wear this helmet and hop on your bike without worry or step on your skateboard with confidence.

This helmet has been certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. That means the helmet is suitable for riding a bike for anyone aged 5 years or older. You’ll not only look cool as you pedal your way around your neighborhood, but your head will also stay largely protected. I say largely protected because you shouldn’t expect a magical level of protection when wearing an open-face helmet.

The Streetplant Edition boasts a pretty thick and certified EPS foam liner that takes the harshest blows to the head so you can get back up after a crash and move on. Unless the fall produces massively huge impacts to the head, you’ll likely get away…as if nothing happened.

Well, the Streetplant Edition isn’t a full-face helmet such as the TSG Pass or the Triple Eight Downhill Racer. For that reason, I’d not recommend doing any kind of risk-packed downhill riding in it. For any kind of aggressive downhill riding, your best insurance is a full-face helmet.

The other safety certification this helmet boasts is the ASTMF1492. This certification tells you that this helmet has been properly tested and fulfills every skateboard safety standard it’s supposed to meet. That makes it a versatile helmet, one you can put to some good use across disciplines.

You can ride your scooter in it, or your hoverboard, or your skateboard, or your bike, or whatever.

Just make sure to not press the gas pedal down to the floor when riding anything motorized in this helmet. Because if you ever fall face-first when on a super-fast electric skateboard, you’ll get way more than road rash, scrapes, and bruises. You’ll break your nose, or neck, or skull. Or even lose all your teeth!

The Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition’s Performance in the Comfort Department

It’s great to have a brain protector that looks rad and protects adequately. But what about comfort? In my experience, uncomfortable helmets dissuade you from wearing them. With an uncomfortable piece of head protection gear, you’ll find yourself riding or skating without a helmet, risking cracking your skull. You might also find that you ride or skate less or even stop enjoying outdoor fun altogether.

When it comes to comfort, the dual certified Sweatsaver Streetplant edition is comfier than most. This helmet features two sets of Sweatsaver liners with great sweat-absorption properties. When you sweat, and you will since the Streetplant isn’t exceptionally ventilated, the liners soak up some of the sweat. And that leaves your head feeling cool and comfortable.

But you never get to feel how comfortable these Sweatsaver liners are unless you’re riding or pedaling your bike in cool weather. These liners keep your head really warm and super comfy in cold weather.  However, if you sweat too much, you’ll still feel some of it streaming down your face. Still, I believe this is among the most comfortable cold-weather skate helmets on the market.

Some helmets offer great ventilation because they have many large air vents. But that’s not the case with this helmet. The Sweatsaver Streetplant helmet offers the usual round Triple 8 air vents, and these ventilation holes don’t do a superb job as far as cooling your head.

Fitting the Dual-certified Sweatsaver Streetplant

The Sweatsaver Streetplant comes with two sets of comfort liners as already mentioned. But these liners do more than offer comfort and absorb sweat. The liners also play another critical role — helping you customize the fit.

The first set includes two thick liners while the other set includes two thinner liners. Note that the helmet comes with the thinner set already installed.

If you shove this helmet on your head and it squeezes your head too much, get used to it. Helmets should fit snugly, after all. The next best thing is to order a bigger helmet.  And if the helmet sits too loose on your melon, it’s probably time to swap the thinner set for the thicker set of liners.

Alternatively, you can return the helmet and order something that fits a little more tightly. You never want your helmet to fly off your head during a bad fall, leaving your skull unprotected and extremely vulnerable to brain injuries.

Sizes and Color Options

If you’re wondering what sizes are available, this helmet comes in 4 sizes and I’m going to list them out below. I obtained the size chart below from Triple Eight’s website. If your head measures in between helmet sizes, it’s best to size up.

Size Suggested Head circumference
X-Small/Small  20″ – 21.25″
Small/Medium 21″– 22.5″
Large/X-Large. 22.5″– 23.5″
XL/XXL 23.5″– 24.5″

The Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition has small and extra-small helmet sizes for kids and small/medium-sized ones for regular-sized adult heads. There’s also Large/Extra-Large sizes as well as Extra-Large/XXL helmets for really big heads.

If your noggin is quite big, say 24″ big, consider going with the XL/XXL size. This is the largest size this helmet is available in, and it should fit heads as large as 24.50″ in circumference.

I’d say the helmet’s size chart works great. However, some skateboarders and bike riders with really large heads have said the helmet hurt them a bit. These riders had to sacrifice their hair to fit this helmet properly, and others had to return the helmet for something else.

But helmet size 24.50″ is about the largest helmet size I’ve seen in the skateboarding world. I doubt you’re going to have much luck finding a skate helmet larger than this one. I’d even say the Streetplant XXL helmet is among the largest skateboarding helmets for big heads out there.

The chinstraps are sturdy enough, but they could be sturdier. But yes, the chinstraps do keep this brain bucket safely secured on your head at all times. The straps work with a side-release buckle, just like most helmets from Triple 8. The chinstraps may chafe a little, though, but the issue isn’t too bothersome as to be a complete dealbreaker.

Color options? The only available color option is black with a really nice rubber finish. I wonder why there’s no kid-friendly colors as well as easier-to-spot color options such as white, blue, or green.

Dual-certified Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition Helmet Review: Final Word

In the end, the Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition helmet is a good product that comes in at an equally great price. The product has a nice contemporary look enhanced by the graphics from Streetplant, a family-owned skate brand based out of California.  Also, the helmet is super comfy and offers two sets of Sweatsaver liners for customizing the fit as desired.

What’s more, the helmet comes in kids’ sizes, youth sizes, and adult sizes. So, there’s something that fits a particular head size and shape . And for bike riders and skaters with really large noggins, the Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition (XXL) is a great option.

For the price, the helmet brings a lot to the table. But the most important advnatage of choosing this helmet is its dual-certified protection.