Sweatsaver Helmet with Visor Review

So you’ve been planning on owning a skateboarding or biking helmet with a visor for quite some time now. But you’re not sure whether the Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver helmet with a scratch-resistant and anti-fog visor is the real deal. Luckily, you’re here. And you’re about to read a helpful (hopefully) Triple 8 Sweatsaver Helmet with visor review. Here are all Triple Eight helmets reviewed at one place.

You can also read the dual-certified Sweatsaver helmet review here, but this one lacks a visor.

Specs and Features of the Sweatsaver Helmet with Visor

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Triple Eight SweatSaver skate and bike helmet (with a visor) size L/XL
23 Reviews
Triple Eight SweatSaver skate and bike helmet (with a visor) size L/XL
Pretty low-profile, stylish, and with dual-certified protection. 4 sizes available, but limited as far as color options. Not super-pricey, but it's not incredibly cheap either.

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Take a look at the lid’s features and specs:

  • Dual-certified impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Certified to ASTM-F1492 skate safety standards
  • Certified to the U.S. CPSC bike safety standards (applicable for persons aged 5 and older)
  • ABS outer shell
  • CE-certified visor with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment + two venting channels
  • Slim comfort liner (Comes installed) + an extra set of Sweatsaver liners

But What Do These Specs and Features Mean? 

What do all these fancy specs and features of the Triple 8 dual-certified helmet with a polycarbonate visor translate into? Is this brain covering comfortable? Does it offer the rider enough high-quality protection, the kind of noggin protection that can save a life?

And is the visor clear enough so that you can see oncoming vehicles and other objects with undistorted clarity? is the visor designed in a way that prevents it from shattering and injuring the face that peeps behind it? In this review, I strive to answer all these pertinent questions and others you may have forgotten to ask.

Let’s now talk about this lid’s protective powers….

The Helmet Offers ASTM Skate and CPSC Bike Safety Certifications 

Some people wear uncertified helmets claiming such helmets offer as much protection as their heads need to remain functional even after a crash. But you know what kind of person says that? It’s someone who knows close to nothing about helmet technology and helmet crash tests research.

Why do you think the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission insists 0n certified bike riding helmets? You don’t imagine this insistence purely stems from this entity’s need to stay relevant, do you?

Qualified engineers and technicians work for this product safety-focused organization. And these helmet technology experts fully understand what a protective helmet looks like in terms of component quality as well as helmet assemblage.

But what does a skate brand like Triple 8 really mean when it says that this dual-certified brain bucket with a visor is dual-certified? It means this skateboarding helmet has successfully passed a set of tests demonstrating its competence regarding head protection during helmet use.

A Certified Skate Helmet Vs an Uncertified Helmet

A certified helmet such as the Sweatsaver helmet with a visor is designed to take multiple impacts as well as keep your head protected in a variety of high-impact situations.

In contrast, uncertified helmets and those not rated for use in potentially high-impact scenarios should be used for purely recreational purposes. If all you’re going to do is fall off a near-stationary skateboard, then you can use any helmet you like.

But who becomes a skater and spends all of their outdoor time standing still on their board? No one. That’s who.

Imagine yourself riding a really fast e-skateboard in an uncertified helmet and suddenly taking a really hard spill….what would happen? Hitting your head while riding blazing fast and wearing an uncertified helmet can get you badly hurt.

You could even end up incapacitated, or worse, dead. So, get a proper helmet no matter how risk-free you believe your bike riding or skating sessions will be.

Let’s now briefly look at each of the two safety certifications this dual-certified helmet claims to offer skateboarders and bicyclists.

ASTMF1492 Skate Safety Standard 

Did you know there’s not a single law in the United States requiring manufacturers to produce their skateboarding helmets to any particular safety standard? Yes, that’s the way things are regarding skateboarding helmets. Still, many skate helmet makers today opt to have their products tested to the massively popular ASTM1492 skate safety standard.

If you buy a CPSC-certified helmet that lacks the ASTMF1492 certification, know what you have isn’t meant for skateboarding. It’s your job as a rider who cares about personal safety to make sure that what you pick up is designed for that skating.

While in the market searching for a helmet that’s suitable for skateboarding, make sure that helmet is indeed ASTM1492-certified. Helmet manufacturing companies these days produce ASTM1492-certified helmets mainly because they’re not ready for tons of economically devastating lawsuits.

Insist on Having the ASTMF1492 Sticker 

You want your helmet to have the confidence-inspiring ASTM1492 sticker. Up until recently, some manufacturers just pasted a sticker reading ASTM rather than ASTM1492 on their helmets. But that doesn’t happen anymore. So, if a helmet comes with the ASTMF1492 safety badge, you can safely assume it’s designed to tolerate a considerable amount of skateboarding abuse.

And if you ride a bike as well, be sure your helmet also boasts the mandatory U.S. CPSC bike safety standards fulfillment certification. Such a helmet automatically a dual-certified helmet. Notice I said a dual-certified helmet rather than a dually certified helmet.

I’ve seen some helmets from some companies (mostly Protec) that are marketed as being dually certified. But what does dually certified mean, specifically?

Usually, dually certified helmets aren’t ASTM1492 certified. Instead, such helmets are certified to a European bike and skate helmet safety standard called CEN.

But the CEN safety standard for bike and skate helmets happens to be less stringent than the ASTM1492 standard. That’s why you must insist on a more protective helmet, an ASTM1492-certified one.

The U.S. CPSC Bike Safety Standard

It’s law in the United States that all helmets designed for riding a bike MUST have passed the U.S. CPSC bike safety standard. So, if any helmet offers only bicycle protection, you must understand that such a helmet is a single-impact helmet. And you really should throw out such a single-impact helmet after a crash.

Fortunately, the Sweatsaver with a visor helmet comes showing the CPSC badge as well. You can use this Triple Eight helmet with a visor for landing skateboarding tricks and for riding your two-wheeled, motorless contraption.

So, you won’t need to sink extra funds into a second helmet for biking as long as this helmet remains fully usable. In other words, choosing a dual-certified helmet saves you money.

But how does this visor-equipped skate helmet protect your head?

The EPS Foam Liner of this Helmet is Thick and Hard

The skateboarding market offers tons of brain buckets that are dual-certified but whose shock-absorbing liner isn’t hard and thick enough. You should always go with a helmet that could sufficiently protect your noggin in a disastrous fall.

The EPS liner that comes installed inside a helmet is there to take hard blows directed toward your head so your brain can remain intact after a crash. And wouldn’t you want such a protective liner to be amply thick?

The dual-certified Sweatsaver with a visor features one of the thickest EPS foam liners I’ve seen on a helmet. If you ever get unlucky enough to take a hard spill with your head hitting the pavement hard, you’d need enough hard foam to take the massive impacts. And that’s what you get with this helmet option.

I’m yet to fall biking or skating in this helmet, though. But I’m confident it’d protect me well in such an unfortunate eventuality. Plus, I’ve chanced upon tons of positive reviews online of the Sweatsaver with a visor helmet from Triple Eight.

Let’s talk helmet comfort and fit now.

Comfort and Fit: Two Sets of Sweatsaver Liners

Like most helmets from Triple 8, this one arrives with a pre-installed thin-ish comfort liner. But the package also offers an additional set of thicker comfort liners for aiding fitment and for sweat absorption.

If you thought you won’t sweat when riding through a warm, sunny day, think again..because you will. The helmet’s Triple 8 Logo ventilation holes aren’t known for keeping things super cool inside this helmet.

But when it comes to winter or cold-weather use, you won’t find a comfier helmet. It also helps that the visor offers additional ventilatio via its two small holes. But that doesn’t boost cooling in any significant way.

Unless you have a really weird head shape that won’t fit in most helmets, you shouldn’t experience much trouble accessing this lid’s comfort and protection.

The helmet feels comfortable and doesn’t sit awkwardly on the head. But you do have to measure your head first and read Triple Eight’s size chart for correct helmet sizing.

Here’s the helmet sizing chart Triple 8 provides for sizing the Sweatsaver helmet with a visor

Size Recommended Head Measurement
Extra-small/Small 20″–21.25″
Small/Medium 21″– 22.5″
Large/Extra-Large  22.5″– 23.5″
Extra-Large/Extra Extra-Large  23.5″– 24.5″

As you can see from the size chart, you can order this helmet in one of 4 sizes. There are children’s sizes as well as adult sizes. Plus, there are two large-size options for large heads. Size Large/Extra-Large fits big noggins measuring in the 22.50″-23.5″ circumference range. As for the largest helmet size  (23.5″-24.5″), this is for really big melons.

This size chart works. But if you wear this helmet on a really large head carpeted with tons of beautiful hair, it may not feel super comfy. But the helmet does fit comfortably and snugly for the most part. At least, it does for most skaters and bikers that size their helmet correctly.

To customize the fit, alternate the thinner liners with the thicker set of liners to see which option works better for your head shape. Also, make use of the helmet’s sturdy and easy-to-manage chinstraps.

The Visor

One feature that sets this Triple 8 bucket apart from its siblings is its polycarbonate visor. This CE-certified visor doesn’t impair vision thanks to its hi-definition optics that translate into distortion-free vision. You won’t miss any interesting sights or speeding oncoming vehicles.

Also, this visor blocks the sun’s rays while reducing wind resistance on your face. It should also protect you against dust to some extent. And insects will stay out of your eyes.

I’ve not hit my head in this helmet, yet. That means I don’t know for sure whether the visor is a good-quality one or not. But the visor doesn’t feel too brittle. And that means it shouldn’t shatter that easily.

Well, stories of people whose visor shattered into smithereens and made deep cuts on multiple spots on the face are few and far between. But such incidents happen.

That said, I’ve not come across any user who reported being injured by this visor. But that could be because there aren’t that many reviews of this helmet on Amazon and elsewhere.

A good visor flips off without difficulty in a fall, and it’s flexible enough that it doesn’t disintegrate right onto the rider’s face, lacerating it. So, how well does this visor detach? It detaches relatively well.

The visor doesn’t lift up with the same amount of ease as others I’ve tested, though. Perhaps the two screws that attach the visor to the helmet throw a wrench in the works. But this attachment makes it so that the visor doesn’t keep riding up and down whenever it wants.

Also, you can always remove this scratch-resistant visor if you like. Just attach a hook-and-loop system that lets the visor to detach with ease in a crash. Problem solved.

Fogging up? Every helmet fogs up, and this one isn’t much different. Yes, there’s an anti-fog coating on the visor. But the anti-fog coating only helps that much.

Extras: Helmet Bag and helmet Cleaning Cloth

Buyers of the Sweatsaver helmet with a visor also stand to get a soft, velvety helmet bag for storing their bucket between uses. There’s also a soft, microfiber cloth that makes cleaning this helmet a breeze.

I received these extras, but I’ve heard stories of people not receiving them. But that happens mostly to people who choose to obtain this helmet directly from Triple 8 instead of from Amazon.

Triple 8 Sweatsaver Helmet with Visor Review: Final Thought

This helmet looks cool, and its protective credentials aren’t in doubt. Plus, it’s comfortable and fits well to boot. Additionally, it comes with a visor that offers a bit of protection against face-first falls. And there’s not been cases of the visor shattering and cutting the helmet user in a crash.

Well, it costs a little more than its visor-less sibling, but making a visor does cost money, right? Grab it if you like and let’s hit the trails!