Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet Review

What are your thoughts on water sports? I’m talking about water skiing, snowboarding, and wakeboarding as opposed to those other water sports that happen in bedrooms and bathrooms. I assume you’re into wakeboarding and such other water-based fun, and I’ll ask you one question.

Do you ever worry about crashing and hitting your head? Do you ever worry about your wakeboard smashing the back of your head?

Most importantly, do you wear a helmet when wakeboarding or enjoying whatever other water sport you love? Well, you should, if these wakeboarding injury statistics are anything to go by. But is there a good helmet for the job?

In this Triple Eight Sweatsaver Halo Water helmet review, I have one overarching goal. I’ll dissect this helmet deal to give you a crystal clear view of what it is as well as what it’s not. Stay with me, and you’ll learn a thing or two before you and your money part ways.

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I’ll start my assessment of this wakeboarding helmet from Triple Eight right here…

Design of Engineering of the Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet

The Sweatsaver Halo Water helmet resembles most helmets from Triple Eight. But it’s perhaps best to compare this water performance helmet with its closest sibling and rival, the Gotham Water certified helmet. Just in case you’d like to devour the Gotham Water helmet review, follow this link.

Now, there isn’t much difference between the Sweatsaver Halo Water and the certified Gotham Water helmet. But if these two helmets are sitting on some table in front of you, there’s one small difference that likely won’t escape your notice.

The distinction is that the Gotham Water features what pretty much everyone describes as a subtle brim while the Halo Water lacks that feature. Aside from that small difference, these two helmets are almost the exact same product.

The helmet comes in the traditional classic skate helmet design complete with the Triple 8 vent holes and synthetic straps with a side-release buckle. And of course, it’s a half-shell design pretty much like all Triple 8 helmets except the Downhill full-face racer.

Don’t have the time to dive into the Triple Eight Downhill Racer Full-face helmet review at the moment? You can always come back here and read that post. For now, let’s go to the next phase of this Sweatsaver Halo Water review.

As far as appearance, nothing tells you this water sports brain bucket is one bit any different than the others. It’s lightweight and seems well-made. Plus, the chinstraps seem quite sturdy and long-lasting. But for some reason, the helmet’s high-density ABS shell doesn’t feel as solid as the Gotham Water’s. More on this down the road.

The Protective Capabilities of the Halo Water Helmet

I don’t know whether you’re the type that never helmets up pre-wakeboarding. But accidents do occur, you know. Even though wakeboarders don’t encounter many nasty experiences while cruising over deep waters in the lake, things sometimes go wrong.

And as noted in a previous post published on this website, this water activity does attract its fair share of concussions. That unlucky person could be anyone, theoretically, it could be you. Or your lovely kid. Or your spouse. Or friend.

This helmet counts on its being CE EN 1385-2012 water sport standard-certified to protect your head. It’s not rare for a wakeboard to end up connecting with its rider’s head, typically on the back of the melon.

And if that happens to you, you sure want to be in a properly certified helmet such as the Sweatsaver Halo Water helmet.

If you hold this lid in your hand and look inside, you’ll see there’s a layer of impact-absorbing EVA foam sitting behind the comfort liner. It’s this thick foam that compresses during impacts to the head and minimizes collision energies on your head.

The Dual-density Outer ABS Shell

The outer shell of pretty much every certified helmet from Triple 8 is all ABS plastic. And that’s the same material used to formulate the exterior of the Sweatsaver Halo Water helmet.

In my experience, the best helmets in terms of protection come with a smooth, sturdy outer shell. But how does the exterior of this helmet rate as far as sturdiness?

Well, this isn’t the sturdiest shell ever made. I should even say the shell feels noticeably thinner and lighter than most. At least, that’s what a friend who’s into wakeboarding says.

Me? I ride a skateboard and quite a few other contraptions that roll on wheels. But I don’t water ski, or go wakeboarding, a sort of hybrid water skiing.

One wonders whether this brain-protecting bucket would be there for them in a big way in case the worst happened during use. But tell you what? The only person that expressed a little doubt as to the bucket’s protective capabilities is a guy I know from the skateboarding scene. And it’s not like he’s ever had his board hit his head hard and cracked it.

Considering my bud is someone who knows their protective gear, I almost always take what they say seriously. That’s why I’d rather gravitate toward some power-packed boat in the Gotham Water than this helmet (if I ever started wakeboarding or whatever).

But hey, I’m not in any way suggesting that the Halo Water isn’t a good bet for when you’re flying speedily over the water behind some high-powered boat.

Is the Sweatsaver Halo Water Comfy?

This helmet feels comfortable, and all credit goes to the removable and washable moisture-wicking and smell-hating Sweatsaver Halo Liner. This liner derives its ability to comfort the head from three layers of soft foam with a nice fabric covering them.

Most users have reported that neither helmet (the Gotham Water vs. Halo Water) feels comfier than the other. And that surprises no one because nobody expects more comfort from either helmet when each option uses the same kind of liner.

This liner is designed to prevent you from excessive sweating, too. And the liner does its job pretty well. But anyone that thinks they’ll never sweat while wakeboarding just because they have this helmet on will likely be disappointed.

Why? Because the Triple 8 logo vents on this bucket aren’t nearly perfect when it comes to keeping perspiration out of your head. Even though there’s a sweat-absorbing liner inside to reduce sweat, it’s just a liner. This means you’ll still have a bit of warm perspiration trickling down your face when wakeboarding on hot, sunny afternoons.

That being said, it’s a well-known fact that triple 8 helmets including the certified Sweatsaver Halo Water helmet are pretty comfortable.

Fitting the Certified Sweatsaver Halo Helmet

This helmet fits your noggin similar to how the Gotham Water does.  If you have the right helmet size and have a fairly regular head shape, this bucket shouldn’t feel awkward at all.

But you want to measure your head’s circumference by passing a tape over the widest part and choosing the size indicated by Triple’s helmet size chart. See the size chart for the Certified Sweatsaver Halo helmet below.

Helmet Size Matching Head Circumference
XS 20.1″-20.5″
Small 20.6″-21.3″
Medium 21.4″-22″
Large 22.1″-22.9″
Extra Large 23″-24″

Triple 8 sells the Halo Water helmet for wakeboarding and water skiing in 5 sizes. These sizes include XS, S, M, L, and XL. You should easily find a properly fitting size for your head or for your little wakeboarding tyke.

The helmet supposedly fits true to size, but those who’ve used this helmet found it hugged their noggin a little too tight. But aren’t helmets supposed to fit snugly enough so they won’t come off during the most critical use moment?

When it comes to sizing a helmet, it’s pretty much a matter of personal preference. But Triple 8 says to size up if your head circumference sits on the larger side of a size range.

Color Options

White glossy, black rubber and carbon rubber are the three available color options of the Sweatsaver Halo Water helmet.

The Chinstraps

The chinstraps aren’t anything unique — they’re made out of durable nylon, and that’s that. The straps stay in place, as expected.  However, some users found adjusting these chinstraps for different sizes somewhat challenging.

Price Point

How much does the Sweatsaver Halo Water helmet cost? It’s about $5 cheaper than its sibling the Gotham Water helmet (as of this writing). Check out the helmet on Amazon to confirm its current price point.

I’m not sure what justifies that small price difference, though. But I know lots of outdoor fanatics who’d choose a Gotham helmet over any other option from Triple Eight.

Certified Sweatsaver Halo Water Review: Verdict?

The certified Sweatsaver Halo Water helmet is comfortable and looks good. It’s affordable, too, but it’s not the cheapest certified wakeboarding helmet on the market. You can choose any one of five helmet sizes and one of three color options.

Overall, you’re getting a great-looking helmet that offers certified protection without costing the whole world.