Swagtron Outlaw T6 Off-road Hoverboard Review

Using two 300W motors, the Swagtron T6 Outlaw provides enough power to give riders as heavy as 420 a decent range and a maximum speed of over 10 mph. But is the T6 a good buy? In this Swagtron Outlaw T6 Off-road hoverboard review, I list out every aspect that makes this self-balancing scooter great as well as what owners of this cool two-wheeled rad, modern vehicle don’t like about it.

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Swagtron T6 Off-Road hoverboard for riders 250 lbs and heavier.
1,219 Reviews
Swagtron T6 Off-Road hoverboard for riders 250 lbs and heavier.
A UL 2272 certified hoverboard made for the some of the burliest riders on the planet. It's pretty fast and gives a decent range, and it offers bluetooth connectivity. The Swagtron App makes controlling this hoverboard a breeze, but as far as reliability, the Swagtron T6 isn't like the Toyota of the hoverboarding world.

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I’ll start at the very beginning by giving a nice little list of the specs and features you stand to get if you decide to buy this machine.

Swagtron Outlaw T6 Hoverboard Specs and Features

  • Swagtron T6’s Weight: 30.55 lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 12 mph
  • Range: Up to 12 miles
  • Motor: Dual 300W motor (600W engine power)
  • Maximum load capacity: 420 lbs
  • Battery: A rechargeable and replaceable 36V battery
  • Time Taken to get a full charge: 2-3 hours
  • Tires: 10″ pneumatic tires for all-terrain exploration
  • Braking System Type: Electronic
  • Swagtron T6’s Warranty: A 1-year warranty
  • Bluetooth Enabled: YES
  • APP connectivity: YES
  • Color Options: several
  • Water resistance rating: IPX4

Wow, that’s quite an impressive list of features and specs. But how well do these specs and features function? Do they so what Swagtron says they do? Is the hoverboard’s overall performance in all kinds of terrain as good as everyone says it is? Read Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-road hoverboard reviews including mine to find out.

If this product is a complete waste of money, rest assured my review will reveal that. And if turns out to be an amazing product that delivers on the majority of its promises, I’ll also let you know in the final section of this post. I hope you’ll find this review adequately informative and useful.

About Swagtron, the Business Behind the T6

You’ve probably wondered what company makes the Swagtron T6 hoverboard.  You’ve also probably asked yourself: where are Swagtron Scooters made? Are these transportation-focused products made in the U.S.A?

Yes, Swagtron is a U.S. company based out in Indianapolis. If you ever want to visit the company’s offices, you’ll find them on 3431 William Richardson Dr., Suite F South Bend IN 46628. If you ever decide to pay these people a visit, you’ll likely have a nice conversation about their product offerings and all that, but you won’t be able to buy a hoverboard, an e-scooter, an e-skateboard, or an e-bike there. Nor can is the office building a collection center for their customers’ products.

Why is that so? Could it be that Swagtron have some sweatshop in China or some other country like that where they make their e-rideables? Maybe they’ve outsourced manufacturing processes to some factory there? That seems to be a reasonable explanation as to why this company doesn’t sell their products to customers directly at their headquarters.

But at least, they have a traceable office in the U.S., and having dealt with them more than once, I must say they’ve taken customer support to a whole new level. I mean, the customer experience is sweet, and they’ve not once ignored my emails. As for returns and stuff like that, the business makes it a breeze.

Honestly, though, some people that bough the product have complained about the company taking too long before responding to user concerns. But most people seem happy with how the company treats them.

Verdict: Swagtron is a U.S. owned firm whose products are manufactured else for obvious reasons. But which U.S. company isn’t outsource certain processes to overseas geos, including the mighty Apple?

Let’s now dive in and learn everything we can about the overall utility of the product under review — the Swagtron T6 self-balancing scooter for heavy riders.

How Heavy is the Swagtron T6?

Do you how much the average hoverboard weighs? 25 lbs is about the average weight of the typical hoverboard. Some of the lightest options I’ve seen weighted in at roughly 20 pounds, but the heaviest ones can be as much as 30 pounds.

No one likes heavy products when lighter ones that do the job as well are available. In fact, pretty much every product from laptops and phones to rollerblades and skateboard trucks these days keeps gets a slimmer silhouette. Slim and sleek seems to be the new mantra.

But the Swagtron T6 is much heavier than the lightest hoverboard you’ve ever rode. At 30.55 lbs, it’s among the beefiest I’ve tested, but could that be because the T6 is made of heavier, sturdier, more durable parts? I think so. The T6 doesn’t seem or feel like a cheaply made product, and I want to believe that Jason’s T6 will keep transporting his rather large-framed body around for years.

Also, remember that the Swagtron was designed with the riding needs of heavy outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Doesn’t it seem like heavier riders would be better supported by heavier, stronger materials?

And, I suspect 30.55 lbs isn’t like the heaviest load you’ve ever carried around town. This hoverboard is lighter than the heavies foldable scooter you’ll ever ride, but it’s slightly heavier than some of the heaviest electric skateboards you’ll every ride (or carry).

Swagtron T6 Build and Design

The Swagtron T6 boasts a sturdy build, and standing on it, heavy riders have the assurance the foot area will always be strong enough for them. The foot area is wider than most so larger riders’ feet can have enough room.

The Swagtron T6 hoverboard has that badass look around it. It was created to be a real beast for taking even the largest hoverboard riders over the most challenging terrains outdoor adventure will ever throw at them. It looks rugged and somewhat intimidating. When I feasted on its ruggedness for the first time ever, I couldn’t help thinking I was looking at a super tough mini ATV or tank!

The wheels of this 10-inch hoverboard are large at 10 mm, and they seem as rugged as any. They should roll over small obstacles and even a little larger ones with ease.  The aluminum frame feels firm and durable, but the area between the right and left side of the board

T6’s Maximum Range and Speed

Not every hoverboard is created equal, just like no two hoverboard riders have exactly the same transportation needs. The typical range hovers (no pun intended here. And no, the T6 doesn’t hover at all!) around 7 miles. The longest range I’ve seen of any hoverboard is 15 miles.

But how does the hoverboard stack up against the rest in the mileage and speed department? The make of this product claims that it’s got enough motor power and battery power to last up to 12 miles of range.

But that’s not what my hubby thinks. Jason has never got more than 10 miles ever since he started riding this board. And you know what? There’s quite a few people online that saw no more than 5 miles tops after several months using the board normally.

I feel there’s a bit of work to be done as far as range. If you’ve been considering buying this transportation device for traveling to work and there’s 10 miles between your home and work, you may want to research for something that offers better mileage consistently.

But if you want this to have some great after-work bonding time with your dog, then you have nothing to worry as far as range. I mean, no one walks their dog for 10 miles. See, I told you I’d let you know both the good, the bad, and even the ugly about the Swagtron T6.

As for speed, the Swagtron lives to its promise. Once you’ve mastered board control and can balance like a pro on this self-balancing scooter, you can fly around at over 10 mph. In fact, the hoverboard can reach as high as the producer-stated 12 mph. But I don’t want you riding at that speed unless you have tons of experience riding these kinds of vehicles. At least, don’t go that fast on uneven surfaces such as crusty asphalt and gravel roads.

Two 300W Motors

The Swagtron T6 is pretty much a heavy-duty hoverboard. It comes with two 300W motors that have been proven to be able to ascend hills and bumps as steep as 30 percent. I don’t know why Swagtron could use more powerful motors such as 400W or 500W ones considering this machine is built for heavy riders.

The motors work well, at least they for my hubby, but I’ve read a few user reviews that said that the motors tend to lose some of their juice over time. I can’t say whether that’s true or false since Jason’s T6 performs 6 months after buying nearly the same way it when he ever stepped on it the first time ever.

I feel like a rugged hoverboard like this deserves more engine power than it currently has. So, if you live in the hilliest part of the country and are heavier than average, I’m  not sure this is the product for you. With that motor power, you’ll want to ride mostly flat surfaces to slightly raised ones.

How Good Are the 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires of the Swagtron T6?

The tires for my man’s T6 were a 10-inch pneumatic affair that amount to a lots of ground clearance. When practicing balancing on this hoverboard on the smooth concrete in your garage, these wheels should roll super smoothly, and the ride should feel super comfortable.

And when you take your T6 out to that rather rough pathway leading to your house to practice riding uneven terrain safely, the tires should carry you effortlessly.

What about when you want to go off the beaten path and enjoy temporary escape from the insanity modern life has become?  Jason decided to test how well his Swagtron could roll over grassy patches and even muddy places. And what was the experience like? The tires demonstrated great performance when rolling over massively grassy non-beaten paths.

As for riding through mud, the vehicle did experience quite a bit of difficulty. But is that really surprising? Even cars and pick-truck trucks with way more powerful motors don’t handle muddy sections as well as they do hard-packed terrain.

And, it’s not a good idea to ride this hoverboard through mud. Even though the manufacturer markets this hoverboard as being a terrific off-road hoverboard, I’d like to tell you it’s like the most virile off-the-trodden-path e-ride that can be had.

Is the 36V Battery of the Swagtron T6: Any Good?

According to the company, a complete battery charging cycle takes about 2-3 hours. And that’s what it was for Jason when he started using this electric vehicle. The battery came with three bars of charge, but we decided to give it a full charge before hitting the road.

When not charging, the charger showed a blue light, but once we plugged the hoverboard in, the charge lit red. At that point, we checked the battery indicator, and the thing was sure drawing charge. 1 hour and 45 minutes later, the battery’s bars indicated that the charging process had completed.

Jason decided to test whether the battery pack was what the company said it was. He used to be 200lbs, but he’s grown a little bigger and now weights over 235 lbs. He stands 5 feet 8 inches, and that’s about the average American male weight for guys 20 years old and older.

Stated Vs Actual Range from the T6’s Battery

How much range did he get out of the T6? He rode the thing on a mostly flat area, and he got about 10 miles from that single charge. I wouldn’t expect more range than that if I was that heavy. If you’re lighter, say 165lbs, you may expect a little more range, say 12 or thereabout. But it all depends on how hilly and demanding the terrain you’re riding is.

When Jason tested the thing’s abilities (the next weekend) as far as conquering hills and rough, bumpy surfaces, 7 miles was all he could get. See, range varies with how heavy the rider is and how challenging the riding surface proves to be.

Swagtron T6 Battery Performance

But battery issues with this hovering board that doesn’t actually hover (as if any out there ever hovers) aren’t uncommon. Some reviewers have reported that the battery is no good, and that’s not what they thought it was. Heck, some T6 owners have even seen their battery go bad within 2 months of receiving their glittering package. In some cases, the battery charged rather slowly and lost charge really fast. And in the worst case scenarios, the battery just flat out refused to charge.

But that’s not all. While researching for this Swagtron T6 review, I came across at least one person that said the battery behaved in a way that could be dangerous during rides. One reviewer suddenly felt their hoverboard because the battery had shut down without warning.

I’m sure you can imagine what happened to that guy. The dude kept moving forward at more or less the same momentum he had while on the hoverboard, except there was nothing underneath! It was a pretty scary experience, and if the guy did start running like a bat from hell in the same direction, he’d have taken a face-destroying thud.

Well, the unlucky hoverboard rider didn’t eat the pavement face-first, but he still fell and ended up with road rash and a few bruises and cuts. Fortunately, he was wearing appropriate protective gear for riding electric devices such as e-skateboards and hoverboards.

The guy said he’d have seriously damaged his handsome face had he not been covering his outdoor-loving noggin with a super protective helmet for downhill riding, the Triple 8 Downhill Racer full-face helmet.

Removing the Battery Can be a Pain, Too

Technically, you can remove the 36V battery of this heavy adult self-balancing scooter and put in a replacement that promises better performance. But brace yourself — swapping out the battery isn’t something you can quickly mid-travel. That’s a task you’ll have to set aside enough time for since it requires you to disassemble the whole damn thing to access the faulty battery.

While removing the battery is challenging enough, it also voids Swagtron’s 12-month warranty! Keep that in mind.

Swagtron T6 Electrical Braking System

This self-balancing motorized scooter comes fitted with a braking system designed to help you stop anytime you wish or need to. And yes, the braking system works, but not as well as most riders had hoped.

When Jason tested the Swagtron T6, he learned one thing: mastering braking system does have a learning curve. But once you learn how to start the hoverboard, accelerate it, or maintain its motion at a specific speed limit, controlling this scooter does become easier.

But this braking system reportedly has other issues. I’ve had at least one person tell me that their hoverboard’s electrical braking system failed when they badly needed to stop.

The unhappy user contacted Swagtron and requested to speak to a technical head, but the company said to just send the item back for repair. You know what? You’re going to pay the shipping costs should ever need to return the item for repair of some sort. And from all the Swagtron Swagboard T6 hoverboard reviews I’ve analyzed, quite a few owners had to send the product back so the technical team could replace or tweak something.

Even though the Swagtron T6 we own hasn’t had any noticeable braking system issues, it does seem that this Indiana-based e-rideables company need to fine-tune this heavy duty hoverboard’s braking system.

The Swagtron App and Bluetooth Speakers

To ride the Swagtron T6, you have to press the power on/power off button located on the left side of the board just below the foot pad. The foot pad is pretty rugged, and it’s good anti-slip properties so that you when you plant your feet on the pads, they’ll stay there until you decide to move them to some other location.

When you press the power on button, that’s when you learn that the hoverboard is a real self-balancing electric scooter….because it rights itself up from whatever position it was in before you powered it up.

Once the device’s foot pads face upward, two indicators light up, a blue one and a green one. The blue light indicator shows up on the left side of the foot pad, and that’s the battery life indicator that displays 5 bars if the battery has been charged to its full capacity. As for the green indicator on the right side of the platform, that’s the self-balancing feature and is there to let you when there are issues relating to board balance.

To fully control the Swagtron T6, you’ll have to download the Swagtron app from Google App Store. The app is pretty easy to set up, but the Swagtron T3 and T580 usually show up before the T6 comes on the screen. To access the Swagtron T6 and calibrate the hoverboard to your liking, you’ll have to swipe left until the T6 becomes available on your smartphone’s screen.

How Well Does the Swagtron App Work?

You’ll always have to do a bit of swiping on the screen to choose the Swagtron hoverboard you’re trying to configure. And that sucks a bit. Plus it’s not like the settings you choose (such as the beginner mode or advanced mode) stick. You’ll have to set up the kind of ride specs you want every time the bug bites and you want to see the outdoors a bit.

So, the app could work better. It does function well enough, but some users have complained of glitches happening now and then. One of the most commons Swagtron issues I’ve heard is that it can suddenly decide to be unresponsive. Well, the app being unresponsive isn’t like a widespread issue, but that it happens some of the time is a valid concern.

In some cases, users have seen their board controls not working at all, sometimes to the extent where the hoverboard owner opts to return the product. App glitches aren’t rare for e-rideables, but I since this hoverboard lacks a handheld remote for board controls, the app is one area Swagtron should give laser-focused attention. That’s because an unreliable app gives riders an unreliable hoverboard.

Bluetooth Connectivity 

This hoverboard comes with two speakers that connect to the Hoverboard’s Bluetooth technology so you can stream some really cool music from your phone or tablet. This connect works well, and the speakers put out good quality sound. But they could be better quality than that.

Now, the music is loud enough for you and your hoverboard riding buddy to have a nice little party on wheels. But the Bluetooth speakers aren’t loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood for when you want to show them you can be really bad when you choose to be a horrible person!

Swagtron T6 Safe Riding Credentials

How safe is the Swagtron T6 hoverboard? I like that this self-balancing scooter boasts the UL2772 certification. But that’s not anything special as pretty much all self-balancing scooters these days come certified to the UL 2272 safety standard for hoverboards.

To meet the UL 2272 requirements, the product in question goes through a battery of safety tests and only gets the endorsement after it passes all of them. This certification mainly focuses on assessing an e-scooter’s electrical safety by testing battery safety (usually lithium ion batteries) in various riding and hoverboard storage situations.

The testing people perform a focused assessment that determines the hoverboard’s ability to withstand impact and how well the e-scooter handles water exposure (water resistance). The comprehensive safety testing also seeks to determine the hoverboard’s overall tolerance to extreme temperatures so that your device doesn’t blow up when you’re cruising to some destination on a really hot summer day.

But the UL 2272 rating has absolutely nothing to do with the approved hoverboard’s performance. So, let no one convince you to choose the T6, Swagtron T3, or T5 or any other hoverboard just because it’s UL 2272 certified. But at least, having the rating on this little self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle is no guarantee does inspire quite some peace-of-mind.

Best Swagtron T6 Hoverboard Alternative

I’m not going to waste your time giving you a list of all Swagtron T6 hoverboard alternatives. I know lists can be a little overwhelming at times. For that reason, and I’m going to cut to the chase and

So, what conclusion does this review and all the Swagtron T6 off-road self-balancing scooter customer reviews on Amazon and other places support?

As far as reliability of the Swagtron T6 hoverboard, it does seem like there’s a bit of work that needs to be done. The battery could work better and last longer, too. And, the motors could be a little more powerful for better navigation of hilly terrain. Additionally, the braking system probably needs a bit of improvement. And the app isn’t the best it could be.

So, is there a hoverboard that’s similar to the Swagtron in many ways and costs around the same price but performs remarkably better and provides noticeably better reliability? The answer is yes, there’s such as a hoverboard, and it’s none other than the Gyroor Warrior 8.5″ all-terrain off-road hoverboard.

Like the Swagtron T6, the Gyroor Warrior is a hoverboard that’s suitable for on-road and off-road use. Similarly, this alternative Swagtron T6 hoverboard offers Bluetooth Speakers and LED Lights so you can listen to some really nice music as you explore your neighborhood on those lazy Sunday afternoons.

What’s more, the Gyroor Warrior is also a UL2272 certified self balancing electric scooter. That means it comes with a safe, certified battery and isn’t likely to explode during use. But hey, it’s not rare for hoverboards to explode and cause everyone around the scene to experience terror firsthand. I’m just saying that UL 2272 rated hoverboards such as the Swagtron T6 and the Gyroor Warrior are for the most part safe hoverboards. 

Customer Reviews

This gal spent some time poring through tons of hoverboard customer reviews on Amazon and a couple other places online. I really wanted to know what real users of these two comparable off-road hoverboards felt about each product. And, while most of the readers of this outdoor recreation blog tend to choose the Swagtron T6 over the Gyroor Warrior, the Gyroor Warrior appeared to have much better (more positive) reviews than the Swagtron.

While the T6 managed to earn a 3.9 out of a possible 5 star rating, its beastly nemesis the Gyroor Warrior had a 4.6 star rating. These ratings looks even more interesting when you glance at the number of raters. The 3.9 rating for the T6 came from just 398 respondents compared to an amazing star rating of 4.6 emanating from 1,747 ratings!

And the best part? The Gyroor Warrior comes in at a lower and more affordable price point than  the T6. Can you believe the Warrior offers more motor power (700W) than the T6 (600W) even though it’s cheaper?

Clearly, a lot more riders who bought the Gyroor Warrior were happier with their purchase than their counterparts that chose to bet on the other horse, the T6. I (and Jason) believe that the Gyroor Warrior is a better deal than the Swagtron. Take a look at the Gyroor Warrior off-road hoverboard below.

Gyroor Warrior Off-Road hoverboard, 8.5
A UL 2272 rated hoverboard that offers Bluetooth connectivity and LED lights for safety when hoverboarding at night. Compared to the Swagtron T6, the Gyroor Warrior offers greater reliability.

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Swagtron T6 Review: Verdict

So, what conclusion does this review and all the Swagtron T6 off-road self-balancing scooter customer reviews on Amazon and other places support?

As far as reliability of the Swagtron T6 hoverboard, it does seem like there’s a bit of urgent work needed. The battery could work better and last longer. The motors could be a little more powerful for better navigation of hilly terrain, and the braking system probably needs a bit of improvement. And the app isn’t the best it could be.

But the product is a sturdy construction that looks nice and works great for lots of hoverboard riders out there. The vehicle’s hill climbing power is also good but could be better. What’s more, the product is UL 2272 rated and tolerates temperatures, muddy riding conditions, and the occasional splash pretty well.

Overall, the Swagtron T6 self-balancing electric scooter would be an awesome product if it didn’t have a bunch of reliability issues detracting from its utility. Surely, you and everyone else deserve better reliability at that price.

But you know? You can always return your Swagtron T6 if it disappoints you and you can’t find a way to make it work without issues. And Swagtron has always paid for return shipping. Maybe you could give the T6 a chance, huh? You never know…..

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