Skating Bag to Carry Ice Skates and Helmet

Everyone needs a decently-sized skating bag to carry ice skates, a helmet, and other gear. You’re here probably because the duffel bag you’ve been using isn’t roomy enough for all the rink-time stuff you need to bring. Or your rink paraphernalia fits in but zipping up the bag so you won’t lose any of the items is extremely hard or impossible.

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So, which bag do I and many other ice skaters use to carry everything they need for a successful skate? I won’t waste your time. I’ll right away reveal what I believe to be the best skating bag for carrying ice skates, helmet, pads, water bottles, skate guards, soakers, and everything else conveniently.

I’m not saying you must use what I use. But if many ice skating enthusiasts keep heaping praise on a particular bag, it must be because it works for them. Get the Transpack Ice Skating Bag.

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Roomiest Figure Skates Bag Ever?

You won’t find anything more spacious than the Transpack Ice Skating Bag. It costs $70ish, which isn’t the most pocket-friendly card transaction you can do, but the 33L bag does the job. You can fit in two standard-size figure skates, a helmet, pads, water bottles, snacks, gloves, soakers, guards, and more.

Here’s what I do: Put my helmet and pads in the bag’s water-resistant central compartment, where it fits beautifully with room to spare. Then I put my two Edea skates (size 9 US) in each of the super breathy side skate pockets, and they fit like they were made to live there. These side pockets have drainage grommets, a feature that all properly designed skate bags have.

These airy side pockets are also where my soakers and skate guards store. The guards are on the blades when traveling to the rink, and I fit the soakers onto the blades after I’m done skating. On my way back home, the guards are in these pockets but not on the skates.

Just get this bag and stop wasting time looking for alternatives. Because it works for me and many ice skaters I know as well as many faceless across online ice skate forums and communities.

One more thing: the Transpack comes equipped with thickly padded shoulder straps. This makes hauling your skate gear around a comfortable affair and you won’t experience any kind of pressure points.

Best Large-size Hockey Gear Bag?

If you play ice hockey and are the kind of skater that ends up bringing every piece of gear you own to the rink, get the Athletico XXL Hockey Duffle Bag. This is a really roomy bag, probably the roomiest I’ve seen. Hubby uses this one, and he can fit all of his hockey gear inside without trying too hard.

It doesn’t have vented side pockets for the skates, which could have been a problem had the bag not come with a removable skate bag.

This thing has tons of air vents, which is a good thing when it comes to carrying wet hockey equipment. Your skates and everything else needs to air out, and this bag makes that possible. But there’s such a thing as adding too much mesh to a duffel ice hockey bag.

They even vented the top of this bag, which doesn’t look like a con at first. But if it starts pouring or snowing on your way to or from the rink, your gear will get wet. And if you don’t take action once you get home, your blades could end up with stubborn rust on them.

If you receive this duffel bag without the skate candy (assuming you’ll buy it on Amazon), reach out to the seller about it and they’ll send it over to you. This happened to at least one skater, so it’s good to know.

Overall, this could work great as an adult ice hockey gear bag, even as a large adult goalie gear bag. But the straps could be longer. Plus, this giant-sized bag could look a tad awkward on a smaller person.

Durability: This is a cheap duffel bag for toting hockey gear, but is it durable? It is, judging from how it’s stood up to all the abuse hubby throws at it. he’s tossed it in and out of the trunk many times over the last 6 months, and there’s no sign of rips and tears on the thing. That’s how a durable ice hockey gear bag behaves.

Bag to Carry Ice Skate Gear: Conclusion

If you have tons of ice hockey to bring to the rink (and who doesn’t?), get the Athletico XXL Hockey Duffle Bag. It’s one of the few options available that fit adult-size ice hockey gear.

And if you’re wondering what the best figure skates bag on the market is, I and many others recommend the Transpack Ice Skating Bag. You can fit two adult-size ice skates in there, a helmet, pads, soakers, hard guards, a face mask, towels, and whatnot.