Skate Shoes with Arch Support

So, what are the best skate shoes with arch support? I keep coming across this question on skateboarding forums, social, and other places. People asking this question usually complain of having hurt their heels, ankles, and sometimes knees after skateboarding for hours. They ended up with sore feet, and they hate that their skate shoes offered little to no support.

But are there specific skate shoes that offer adequate arch support so you can hurt less while skateboarding more? This post attempts to answer that question and more.

Let’s get down to business.

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5 Best Skate Shoes with Arch Support


It’s not like everyone agrees the options I present here are the best of the best skate shoes in terms of arch support. That being said, my picks are the culmination of a careful research and thought process. And while these are my thoughts and opinions, they come from a really good place.

In the end, though, actually wearing a pair of shoes and skating it is the only way to determine what works and what doesn’t.

So, let’s go!


1. Emerica Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes Review




Emerica Reynolds G6 are some of the finest and most durable skate shoes you’ll ever wear. They’re also super comfortable — after you’ve broken them in. You may have skated many shoes, but you likely will want to stick with Emerica Reynolds G6 once you experience it.

The suede upper is stitched just right. And it couples with the double-sided thermal welded toe-cap to create a construction that lasts. The perforated lycra-spandex tongue comes properly padded, and it’s full of small holes to improve breathability.

The pour-in polyurethane midsole accounts of a lot of the support you get with this shoe. Admittedly, though, the insole is crappy. I’d advise you to insert better-quality insoles for added support. The collar seems well-padded, too, and that increases the shoe’s overall amount of comfort.

The outer sole features triangular tread that makes them acceptably grippy. You’d be hard-pressed to find cupsoles that grippy and stable. I can’t recommend these skate shoes more.

But do these shoes come with arch support? Well, not in the strictest sense of the word. But with the urethane midsoles and high-quality insoles (added), you won’t ask for more arch support. I can’t recommend these skate shoes enough.



  • Built to last
  • Well-padded and breathable tongue and collar
  • Thick urethane midsole for increased support
  • Super strong laces
  • No sizing issues in most cases


  • Pricey
  • A bit stiff
  • Not the grippiest


Break the shoes in, and you’ll get all the comfort these cupsoles have to offer. They’re pricey, though. But what do you expect with a piece of art that was designed by the Boss himself, Andrew Reynolds? It’s worth it, IMO, though. But isn’t sad that Reynolds is no longer with this brand?

These shoes are grippy, and they’re good for skating. But we all know vulcanized skate shoes are the best bet when it comes to grip and boardfeel.

2. Adidas Busenitz Men’s Originals Skate Shoes Review



When it comes to making skate shoes that last, Adidas outperforms most of its competitors. The Adidas Busenitz Men’s Originals feature solid construction complete with the iconic Adidas logo — 3 parallel stripes. These strips are an instantly noticeable component, and they let everyone know you don’t do crappy stuff.

The back of the heel is thickly padded for maximum heel and ankle support. The collar, too, packs massive padding. And that allows for lots of comfort and support. However, the tongue doesn’t seem sufficiently perforated. You really shouldn’t expect much breathability there.

But why did Adidas decide the tongue had to be insanely long when it doesn’t look particularly appealing? I don’t know, but that’s one aspect I’m not excited about.

The front part of shoe showcases decent stitching. While the stitching is slightly more than what I’ve seen in most skate shoes, it appears to boost the shoe’s sturdiness.

The shoe’s designer, Dennis Busenitz, got his inspiration from Adida’s intimidatingly durable Copa Mundial boots.

The outsoles’ tread was designed for max grip and support. But any decent vulcanized skate shoe would offer a bit more grip than this option does. Still, these shoes have thick enough soles that offer ample support for when you’re doing all sorts of jumps.



  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Solidly stitched leather/synthetic upper
  • Holes between the side strips for breathability
  • Nice retro styling


  • Elongated, “ugly” tongue flap
  • Not the grippiest shoe
  • Not ideal for wide-footed folks
  • They run small

My boyfriend used to own a pair of Busenitz, but he really hated the super elongated tongue. He hated it so much that he decided to trim it! But did that make the shoes any less effective? No. And while these shoes seem to last forever, most pro skaters may not like the boardfeel they get with these.

Here’s one more thing — if you’re wide-footed, you probably should buy something else as these shoes run somewhat narrow. Keep in mind that these shoes may run small and order a size up.

Bottom line: long-lasting shoes that offer lots of comfort and support.


3. Men’s Vans Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo Skate Shoes Review


Men's Vans Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo Skate Shoes





These cupsoles are roomy, durable, and seriously comfortable. The upper is constructed from suede upper, and suede lasts. These shoes are one of Vans’ performance-range options, and their double-stitched toe cap immensely increases longevity.

But what about arch support? These shoes feature Die-cut EVA midsoles that keep the wearer supported throughout the session.

Also, the shoes feature an embroidered Vans logo that sits on a breathable portion of the upper’s side. The Logo is an element of beauty, making the brand very easy to recognize while providing some pleasing contrast.

But the Vans Docket Suede Leather Logo skate shoes (Men’s) look a bit clunky. They may seem painfully heavy for skateboarding, actually. Plus, you shouldn’t expect that much boardfeel with these shoes. But the shoes are super comfy, and that’s desirable. In addition, the ortholite performance insoles in these shoes make for increased support and cushioning.

Vans skate shoes aren’t known for supremely padded tongues, but these skate shoes are an exception. Finally, these shoes have durable gum outsoles that last years.  But while the soles may be durable and cushy, but may not be as grippy as most skaters would like.


  • Well-padded tongue for more comfort
  • Fit issues not common
  • Upper made of durable suede
  • Ortholite midsoles provide much arch support


  • Expensive
  • Not the grippiest option

Well, you knew somebody had to pay for the comfort, style, and overall classic look these Vans skate shoes represent. If you’re a beginner and aren’t willing to spend a small fortune on skate shoes yet, pick something else.

On the other hand, if you seek for the grippiest skate shoes on the market, this option is not it. But yes, they’re worth every dollar shelled out for them.


4. DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoes Review


Some skateboarders say that the DC Men’s Court Graffik SE skate shoes are too big, and I think they are. But if you’re looking for puffy shoes that fit true to size, this is your best bet. They look really nice, too.

The attractive DC Logo on the shoe’s side and tongue add to the overall appearance. But I feel the logo seems too prominent if they’re in a color contrasting that of the upper.

These cupsoles feature a durable synthetic leather upper that promises longevity. In addition, there’s the DC’s classic trademarked Pill Pattern tread for improved grip.

Also, the shoes offer a breath-y, foam-padded tongue that allows for a matchless level of comfort and support. The padding on the tongue also helps the wearer create a snug fit. And isn’t perfect fit among the most critical ingredients of a memorable skate experience.

In addition, there are holes on the side that enhance the shoe’s breathability. Breathable shoes ensure your feet stay cool and dry during skating or walking.

The insole is comfortably thick — it feels like walking on air. With these shoes, you get tons of ankle and heel support. The thick insoles also get let you enjoy a bit of arch support so you can skate like a pro. The lining on the inside of the shoes consists of lightweight mesh lining for increased air circulation. The collar, too, features pretty generous padding so you can stay supported throughout your sessions.

One thing I like about these shoes is you won’t usually need to order a larger size. Just order your usual size and it’ll fit. That may not be the case for everyone, though.



  • Looks really cool
  • Upper crafted from durable synthetic leather
  • Matchless breathability and comfort
  • Thick insole for adequate arch support
  • Ideal for skaters with wide feet


  • Affordable but there are cheaper shoes
  • Logo may seem too prominent
  • Looks too clunky/puffy
  • Not the most ideal for skating


I don’t like that the logo seems overly noticeable if it’s in a contrasting color. But that’s hardly something to stop anyone from picking this option. Besides, the embroidered logo design is home to lots of tiny holes that greatly bumps up breathability.

And while the shoes are more affordable than many, they’re still a bit pricey. Why buy $50+ shoes when you can find comparable deals at lower prices, particularly during skate shoe clearance sales?


5. DC Men’s Stag Sneaker Skate Shoes Review


These shoes look sturdy perhaps due to the elaborate stitching that holds them together. Also, they’re durable, thanks to the long-lasting materials used to make the upper. These materials are a combination of nubuck leather, leather, and suede.

There’s also a bit of meshy, padded textile material on the upper so your feet can stay dry and cool the entire time. And the holes on the lower area of the upper as well as on the front further make the shoes more breathable/comfortable.

Like all shoes that offer adequate support, the tongue and the collar pack a massive cushioning punch. The outsole is designed from thick, long-lasting rubber that can serve you for months or years. The thickness of the soles plus that of the innersoles add up to a pretty decent level of support for any type of foot arch.

Also, the shoes come with molded TPR eyestay so you can lace them up real quick to customize the perfect fit. On the side of the upper is an injected TPR logo that seems hard to copy. I suspect there aren’t fake Stag Sneakers around. These shoes are a cupsole construction complete with the famous DC’s Pill Pattern tread.


  • Extremely durable
  • Elaborate stitching that enhances appearance
  • Classic DC’s Pill Pattern provides much grip
  • Textile material + holes for added breathability
  • TPR eyestay for the snuggest fit


  • Not great for tricks
  • Not the cheapest skate shoes

Well, this wouldn’t be the best shoe to skate unless you mainly do longboarding and no skateboarding tricks. However, this would be a great choice for everyday use.

Importance of Foot Arch


The foot arch works pretty much like a spring. When your feet hit the ground, your arch absorbs the resultant shock while compressing. The tendons and ligaments in your arches temporarily store elastic energy that enables you to move forward once the arch recoils. Running would feel extremely challenging were it not for your arch’s compression and recoil motion.

Did you know that humans come into the world with flat feet? You were born without arches. As you developed, your feet gradually changed and became arched.

We evolved into creatures that could walk as well as grip and climb trees with ease. Your arch collaborates with your bones, ligaments, and tendons to create that springy propulsion that enables walking and running. Your arches also provide much-needed support when standing.


Every Human has a Different Arch


Your arch isn’t exactly like that of your skating buddy or any other person. Every individual has a different arch height, width, and shape. That’s why I won’t offer one-size-fits-all skate shoes recommendations here.

Be careful when receiving advice from friends and other people in general regarding arch support. A skate shoe that works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. Honestly, I don’t think any of the recommendations I make here is the solution everyone needs all of the time.

I’d encourage you to experiment with different skate shoes until you find that perfect option that fits your bill.


Do Skateboarders Need Arch Support?


Arch support seems to have become a critical consideration when shopping for skating shoes.  About 49 percent of people prefer buying shoes with cushion/support. That’s likely why salespeople in skate shoe shops today talk incessantly about arch support, pronation, supination, and more.

But, is arch support really necessary for skateboarders? Yes, you need enough cushioning and comfort during skateboarding. You require a sufficient level of support that’ll take care of all the impact you may experience while pulling off skateboarding tricks.

However, you don’t necessarily need skate shoes with tons of arch support. If you’ve been looking, you must have noticed few skate shoes are designed to offer much arch support.


Everyone Needs High-quality Insoles


In most cases, you need good arch support insoles rather than skate shoes with arch support. Good thing is great arch support insoles are affordable. Insoles make a huge, noticeable difference for most people.

If you’re flat-footed, good-quality insoles will give you the balance you need to land tricks successfully. And if you have high-arched feet, you may need to visit a store where they offer custom-fitted insoles. Such custom-fitted insoles may provide relief from pain associated with skateboarding. Folks with a history of metatarsalgia can count on good-quality insoles to reduce metatarsal pain, force impulse, and peak pressure.

So, the recommendations I make here aren’t specifically skate shoes with arch support but rather comfortable skate shoes with ample padding and cushioning. So, pick any decent pair of skate shoes and add arch support insoles where necessary. At that point, that’s enough arch support for skateboarding purposes.

Final Thoughts on Skate Shoes with Arch Support


The best skate shoes offer lots of grip while keeping your feet cool and comfortable. And while good skate shoes don’t focus on providing arch support, they strive to offer adequate support.

In my opinion, the Emerica Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes is the best skate shoe with arch support anywhere. These shoes represent superior workmanship, are breathable, and provide lots of much-needed support.

However, they’re expensive. But that’s hardly surprising considering they’re the creation of a world-famous skateboarder-turned skate shoe designer. They’re worth the money, though. You really should skate them to find out whether they’re as great as everyone says.