Reasons to Ride a Bike When It’s Raining

When it starts raining, kids get excited and want to get out and play in the rain. But when the first drop hits the ground, most adults get inside and stay there when they could be out having fun. Here are 8 good reasons you really should hop on your bike and embrace that stormy downpour or wet, rainy weather.

8 Good Reasons to Bike in the Rain

Here’s a list of eight reasons you should not let downpours chip away at your desired annual saddle time.

1. You’ll become a Philosopher

Out of adversity and tribulations grows wisdom. When the going gets tough and you’re out there braving the rain, you’ll think.

You’ll start noticing trees and flowers you’ve never noticed before. You’ll start connecting with your inner self at a much deeper level because it’s all quiet outside. There’s no one to bore you with meaningless chatter. Just you and the vibrant outdoors.

You’ll start wondering why trees and flowers thrive instead of cowering in trepidation when seemingly bad weather happens. Also, you’re no less than the trees and flowers. You learn that you can handle pretty much anything life hurls at you.

You’ll become quieter — and wiser.

2. Your Riding Skills Will Improve

Handling modern bikes with all their fancy features and specs isn’t always easy. There’s lots of learning and practicing to do.

But when out there and it’s raining and thundering like it’s the end of the world, you’ll have to ride better than ever.

Seasoned mountain bikers know how exhilarating shreddin’ fresh hero dirt really is, but it can be dangerous and there are always risks involved.

The road and metal road features get slicker. As do skinnies and other technical trail features if you’re out riding in the woods.

It’s easy to make mistakes. Even careful riding doesn’t guarantee safety. It’s much easier to lose traction especially when tackling turns and crash.

But all these are good reasons to always get out and ride when it starts pouring.

Because you’ll develop the skills required to safely navigate wet descents. You’ll learn that suddenly braking hard is a surefire path to a crash. You’ll understand why good riders start feathering earlier and refuse to slam on the brakes instantly.

Slow, careful moves and not leaning far too much around corners is what works when riding a bike in wet weather.

If you can handle your rig when it’s that wet, foggy, and slippery, you can handle it much better in all other situations. If you’re out on the road, stay alert.

By the way, road traffic tends to slow a bit when it’s raining, and visibility worsens. I bet you have a safe cycling helmet on your melon.

3. You Get to Test the Efficacy of Your Cycling Gear

That water-resistant cycling rain jacket everyone says is the best protection against chilly, moisture-packed winds, will it really work for you at this time?

What about those mountain bike winter boots that have always been touted as the best way to keep the toes and feet warm in wet weather?

And, do you still want to continue using flat-platform pedals when it’s muddy and slippery outdoors? Or do you think riding clipless would have prevented those nasty pedal strikes you endured?

There’s no better laboratory for testing how suitable different kinds of cycling gear are than rainy, wet conditions.

4. You Get to Escape Adulting for a Bit

There’s a reason kids are almost always happy — they’re innocent and unadulterated by life’s concerns. They don’t think much about stuff such as strange, persistent, life-threatening viruses.

Nor do young children worry about falling home prices or the stock market doom and gloom spewing out of Wallstreet’s talking heads.

All those are grown-up stuff. But they’re not the thoughts on your mind when biking through wet, puddled trails and slingshotting rooster tails.

And who knows, you might discover that one thing that kept you vibrant and happy as a kid. You might finally get insights into why your adult life sucks and what you could do to turn things around.

5. You’ll Become Unstoppable

If you’re like most people, you don’t ride throughout the year. Storms happen some of the time, and they can cut your time on the saddle drastically. Unless you live in a desert-like region and can’t remember the last time you saw morning dew, that is.

But when you hop on your metal and roll out into rainy weather, that’s a clear declaration of your unstoppability.

You’re announcing to the universe that you’re tough as nails and will have consistent saddle time no matter what. And, there’s a good chance that your stick-to-itiveness will soon start spilling into every other area of your life.

6. Your Inner Confidence Will Soar

Confidence happens when we successfully accomplish difficult tasks repeatedly. When you ride on slippery, twisty trails and slick asphalt in wet weather without crashing, your confidence grows.

You gain this inner realization that you got what it takes to face challenges head on and win.

So, ride in the rain enough times and your bike handling ability will increase dramatically. Because nothing feeds your inner confidence better than consistent success amid challenges.

As you embrace weather conditions others run away from, you’ll start evolving into a whole new person.

7. You’ll Help Your Family, Friends, and Strangers Confront their Fears

When you mount your lovely bike and start pedaling like mad in the rain, it’s another opportunity for your family to mutter, he’s crazy. The first time you do that, you officially become the crazy and different one in the family, going where they hesitate to go. And doing stuff they’ve never been courageous enough to do.

They’ll start wondering where you draw the courage and determination to take the plunge when others wait. Perhaps that might help them explore their inner world and confront every little thing that’s been holding them back.

Learning happens everywhere and at the least likely of times. And even the weirdest things like shreddin’ in the rain can teach others life-changing lessons.

What about that gawking stranger you flew past when spitting out hero dirt like there’s no tomorrow? Well, they might think you’re dumb to want to catch a cold or crash and break something. But who knows, a light bulb might go on for them, illuminating strengths they didn’t know they had until that moment in time.

I get it. No one hits slippery trails or oily, wet roads just so strangers and family can get to reflect on their lives. But if that happens for them even when you’re not trying, why not?

8. You’ll Appreciate What You Have More

What happens when you’re drenched and your feet keep slipping off the platform of your flat pedals? You’ll understand why clipless pedals exist. You’ll understand why everyone who rides in wet weather should own a set of clipless pedals or even ride clipless every time.

And what happens when you finally reach home and your coffee machine is sitting there, ready to warm up your cold body? You’ll love it more, and you’ll be grateful you have a job. A job that buys you nice things, including your reliable bike that carried you all the way home.

Final Thoughts on Biking in the Rain

Do you bike in the rain? If you don’t, start. It’s one of the best ways to put your riding abilities to the test and improve any skills that suck.

It’s a great way to reignite your excitement for life and living, a great way to connect with your inner self and nature.

You never know what ideas and concepts might pop up in your mind when you’re pedaling hard in the rain. And who knows, your daring act might inspire others to confront their fears.

So, gear up and get going the moment the first raindrop hits your roof or road or trail.