Most Durable Skate Shoes

Lots of skateboarders keep looking around for the most durable skate shoes they can find.  You, too, are tired of buying new cupsoles and vulcs every other month. Fortunately for you, you landed here. And I’m going to reveal several considerably durable skate shoes so you can save money and even time.

We must agree on one little truth, though. No skate shoes last forever no matter who made them or what materials they used. But that doesn’t mean you should be ok with buying skate shoes that last no longer than a day!

I have quite a few things to say about finding the best and most long-lasting skate shoes. For now, though, I’ll dive with you into a couple products and see if they’re any good. After the reviews section, you’ll find all the information (hopefully) you need to make wise purchases.

So, let’s go!

5 Most Durable Skate Shoes You Can Buy Today

Let’s jump right in.

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1. Emerica Reynolds G6 (Most Long-lasting Skateboarding Kicks)

Emerica Reynolds G6 Men's Skateboarding Shoes
125 Reviews
Emerica Reynolds G6 Men's Skateboarding Shoes
Inspired by the legendary skater Andrew Reynolds, the Emerica Reynolds G6 aren't the cheapest deal around, but they're comfy and last many intense skating sessions.

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2. Durable Vans SK8-HI Skate Shoes (Unisex )

Vans SK8-HI Skate Shoes
5,927 Reviews
Vans SK8-HI Skate Shoes
A Classic Vans that's persisted as a staple for skateboarding since the 1970's. The Van's signature waffle tread rubber sole takes the shoe's grip to a really nice place. This high-top design offers lots of comfort, too. Additionally, these skateboarding kicks look extremely sick. You'll keep getting comments!

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3. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Ishod WAIR Men’s Skate Shoes (Roomy, Durable Skate Shoes)

Nike Mens Dunk Low Pro Iw Ishod WAIR 819674 410 - Size...
1 Reviews
Nike Mens Dunk Low Pro Iw Ishod WAIR 819674 410 - Size...
A mid-top styled cupsole that's as rugged as it gets. Offers circular tread so you can enjoy great multi-directional grip, but don't expect much grip.

Great for park skating. You'll love skating bowls and pools in these kicks, but you won't love them all that much when doing flips as they don't flex enough for this trick. Roomy, too, so that large-footed skateboarders will never have an excuse for not being outdoors skating. The best part? The upper is constructed from mostly environmentally friendly materials.

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4. Adidas Busenitz Pro Long-lasting Skateboard Shoes

No products found.

5. Long-lasting Adidas Samoa Skate Shoes (A Vintage-ish Pick)

adidas Originals Samoa Vintage Mens Trainers Sneakers
Durable cupsoles with a low-top design for unlimited foot agility. Made of long-lasting synthetic leather upper, this skateboarding shoe has a pleasantly vintage-ish look and endures months of serious skating .

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Note: Check what skate shoe sizes are available on Amazon to be sure your size is available.

Reviews of 5 Long-lasting Skateboarding Shoes

Let’s jump right in and see what we got from each skate shoe.

1. Emerica Reynolds G6 Review

Emerica is one of the top skate shoe brands for a reason. They make durable shoes that show great performance. Andrew Reynolds has inspired many shoe designs, but the Emerica Reynolds G6  skate shoes are the Boss at his finest.

Lasts and Lasts

Just when you think Adidas Busenitz Pro is the most long-lasting option on the market, you meet the Reynolds G6. When I first set my eyes on these suede cupsoles, I couldn’t stop thinking how remarkably sturdy and rugged they looked.

The Soles

The outsoles are made of superior quality rubber for longevity, and their deep triangular tread keeps you on the board. The G6 polyurethane midsoles add a level of comfort and support you won’t find with many shoes. Honestly, the insoles aren’t the best I’ve seen, but you could replace them with something better.

The inner textile lining adds breathability and comfort. And the hot melt toe cap makes the shoe last a long time.

Finally, there’s a super padded perforated lycra-spandex tongue for even more comfort and breathability.

Reynolds may have left Emerica for good, but his spirit certainly didn’t. Look, the Boss made this shoe, and he sure knows his thing. With this, no 25-year-old can skate ledges better than you.


  • Well-padded for maximum comfort and support
  • Reinforced toe cap for more longevity
  • Durable, rugged design and look
  • Inspired 100% by the Boss himself (Andrew Reynolds)


  • Not the cheapest shoe out there
  • Insoles could be better

You’ll love these shoes, and they’ll stick around for months even if you skate pretty much every weekend.

2. Durable Vans SK8-HI Unisex Skate Shoes Review

It’s no secret — Vans is my favorite skate shoe brand. Maybe that might cloud my judgment a little. So, I’ll try my best to avoid cheesy statements like they’re the best skate shoes ever made or anything like that. But isn’t it true that this Vans classic has been a staple for skateboarders since forever (the 1970’s)?

Vans signature Waffle Tread

The white vulcanized outsoles, laces, and Vans logo (the waving side strip) pleasantly contrast the tough black suede upper. You can choose from a variety of colors; it’s just that I like black.

The shoe’s white swanky outsoles feature Vans’ signature waffle tread. As you might expect, the shoe offers a copious amount of boardfeel. And like all vulcs, these shoes are super flexible. That also means they’re crazy easy to break-in.

Stitching and Padding

This high-top style features 3 longevity-boosting stitches that run parallel to each other all the way around the ankle collar. The padding hides behind a highly breathable textile material that extends down to the white flying Vans stripe on the side.

The collar carries 4 layers of padding, giving you lots of comfort and ankle support. Then there’s nicely cut suede paneling at the toe, along the heel, and along the lace strips on both sides of the shoe.

Off the Wall Detailing

I also love the off-the-wall detailing around the heel. And the instantly recognizable red Vans logo does make a statement. The tongue and insole are pretty thin, though. Don’t expect much cushioning. Instead, you’ll get tons of boardfeel. Isn’t boardfeel something every skateboarder craves?

Well, I can’t say the Vans SK8 Unisex skate shoes are the most durable I’ve seen. But they sure won’t fall apart the first time you skate them. These are among my favorite skate shoes. And even though I don’t skate all that much, I can still say they last. Plus, they fit true to size in most cases.


  • A cool, comfortable high-top style
  • Lots of padding around the ankle
  • Extremely popular among skateboarders of all ages
  • Lots of half sizes all the way up to size 14.5
  • Affordable and unisex
  • Great reviews online from real skateboarders
  • Easy to break in


  • Long-lasting, but not the most durable shoes I’ve seen

If you value boardfeel, flexibility, and style above everything else, grab a pair.

3. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Ishod WAIR Men’s Skate Shoes Review

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Ishod is another incredibly durable skate shoe. It has that “built to last” feel to it, and you won’t stop eye-feasting on it.

The shoe’s leather upper accounts for most of the longevity you get from these kicks. And if you think the outsole will split easily because it’s a cupsole, think again. The outsoles do really hold up even though they’re not as grippy as most skaters would like.

Super comfortable and Durable But Grip Not Great

The padded tongue keeps your feet comfortable while the mid-high cut silhouette lets you experiment with lots of skating tricks. If you’re looking for an option that takes impact well, the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Ishold is the real deal. The Zoom Air Unit in the shoe’s sock liner gives you tons of responsive cushioning. Wear these shoes and jump around all you want without worry.

You want grip, right? This shoe comes with circular tread, and that translates into as much multi-directional grip as you’ll ever need. Honestly, though, the grip could be better. But is that surprising given these are cupsoles?

Made Using Environmentally Friendly Materials

You care for the environment, don’t you? These kicks are supposedly created using recycled materials. The upper is mostly leather, and while boosts longevity, the shoe can feel rather stiff especially during the first few uses. Breaking it in isn’t like very hard, but you got some work to do there, boy. I noticed that shoe doesn’t flex very well, and that does make it a tad more challenging to throw flips.

But while the outsoles aren’t super grippy, the insoles are great and help a lot when it comes to enhancing the shoes’ boardfeel. I’ve worn cupsoles that feel apart in two months, but the sturdy stitching that holds these shoes together prevents that from happening.

The shoes are roomy, too. You may want to read this article: best shoes for wide feet if you’re wide-footed.


  • Upper constructed from long-lasting leather
  • Made by a company known for superior quality products
  • Circular tread for adequate multi-directional grip
  • Good for wide-footed skaters


  • Not available in many colors

I highly recommend these skate shoes for anyone who loves well-fitting items that last. But remember: the kicks don’t flex that well, and you may not do certain skateboarding tricks that well.

4. Adidas Busenitz Pro Long-lasting Skateboard Shoes Review

The Adidas Busenitz Pro skate shoes are as rugged as it can get. One look at the shoe, and you know you’ll keep it for long. You probably won’t get much boardfeel with these shoes, though. But doesn’t every good thing come at a price?

The detailed stitching in the upper makes the shoes even sturdier.  The shoe’s overall cupsole construction, durable suede upper, and a Geofit collar add up to skate shoes that last ages.

Do you know why these shoes are called Busenitz Pro? It’s because the famous skateboarder Dennis Busenitz’s signature all-terrain skating inspired their design and construction. They’re made for abuse. They last.


  • A sturdy cupsole construction
  • Extremely tough outsoles for longevity
  • Well-padded Geo collar offers increased support
  • High-quality upper held together by detailed stitching
  • Roomy


  • Pricey
  • A little tough to break in

While it’s pricey, it lasts, and that justifies the higher price.

5. Long-lasting Adidas Samoa Skate Shoes Review (A Vintage Pick)

The Adidas Samoa came out in 2011 alongside 3 other classics namely the Campus, the Superstar, and the Gazelle. The company re-introduced these 4 iconic shoes because they work. As trainers originally released in 1977, the shoe shot to popularity in the 1980’s. The shoe may have existed 4+ decades, but tell you what? The Adidas Samoa is still among the sickest shoes on the skate shoe market today.

The Adidas Samoa is still among the sickest shoes on the skate shoe market today

Built to Last

Available in a wide array of colors, these shoes are light, super comfortable, and affordable. Do you know why the Adidas Samoa skate shoes last and last? It’s because they’re crafted from very high-quality, long-lasting synthetic leather. It’s also because the outsoles are made of super-tough rubber. In addition, the toe cap comes heavily reinforced, something I’ve noticed in most long-lasting skate shoes.

You’ll Get Compliments

Believe me, it’s hard to strut around in these shoes and not get compliments. If you’re an adoration-seeking Leo or Aries dude or girl, these shoes are what you need. Everyone will notice how cool you look even if the shoe looks a little dated. They’re cool and they last months if you skate them hard, years if you just put them to normal use. I also liked that they’re quite easy to break in.


  • Made of durable synthetic leather
  • Manufactured by a great skate shoe company
  • Pretty easy to break in
  • A cool vintage-ish skate shoe


  • There are many cheaper skate shoes that are nearly as good
  • The tongue could be thicker
  • Not the most ideal for skating

Nothing that could prevent anyone from buying this sturdy skateboarding shoe. I also feel this isnt the best skating shoe on the market. If you plan on practicing all kinds of skateboarding tricks, pick something else.

Before I tell you what’s the most durable skate shoe on the market today, here are a few things to know.

Durability Vs Performance of Skate Shoes

What matters more to you? Longevity or performance? You want shoes that’ll help you fully optimize your skating skills while lasting reasonably long. In most cases, a high-performance shoe lasts longer than normalperformance shoes.

In other words, you won’t have to forgo one aspect just because you value the other aspect more. You can have both performance and longevity if you choose the right product. And I guess that’s why you stopped by.


Even the Toughest Cupsoles from the best Brand Can Disappoint

In general, cupsole skate shoes outlast vulcanized shoes. You must have noticed I included vulcs in my durable skate shoes reviews. I’ve worn vulcanized skate shoes that lasted years, and I’ve sported cupsoles that fell apart within weeks of buying them.

Factors that Determine How Long Skate Shoes Last

Several factors determine how long skate shoes last. These include how often you’re out there skating, how hard you ride, the materials used to make the shoes, and the shoe’s overall design.

1. Material Used

You expect leather to outlast suede, and it does. Similarly, you expect suede to outlast canvas shoes. And when it comes to overall shoe design, cupsoles withstand abuse better than vulcs.

2. Soles

Naturally, thick rubber soles outlast thinner ones. Shoe companies these days are increasingly borrowing ideas from car tire makers.  If a shoe’s outsoles are made using similar technology as what Michelin or Firestone use for their tires, you know they’ll last.

Thinner outsoles may not last as long as thicker ones. Plus, they often aren’t as comfortable in my experience. However, thinner soles typically deliver better boardfeel.

Synthetic soles

Synthetic soles may last a long, long time, but they may be unpleasantly noisy. Polyurethane is also a common sole material. But I’d advise you to stick with high-quality rubber shoes. They offer better performance in general, and they’re more durable. The midsole and insoles also need to be thick enough for impact absorption.

4. What About Shoe Weight?

Heavy skate shoes vs light skate shoes, which ones last longer? It seems that skate shoes are getting lighter and lighter these days (sleeker?), just like everything else. But in most cases, heavier shoes outlast lighter ones. Look, they make shoes lighter by using less material. However, too much bulkiness may reduce your overall performance. For that reason, they may not be the best option for certain tricks.

5. Stitching

Shoes carpeted with stitching tend to fall apart sooner than those with a more minimalistic construction. But detailed stitching done right tends to increase longevity. However, skate shoes with lots of stitching generally outlast those that come with the parts simply glued together.

6. Pricing

Of course, you must put your budget into consideration.  Nice, durable skateboarding shoes aren’t typically the cheapest deal on the market. Be willing to spend between $60 and $100 or even a little more where necessary. That said, be sure to grab a pair or two when there’s a clearance sale going on.

7. Brands

Finally, you can’t ignore the little issue of brands. Adidas, Nike, and Vans shoes tend to outlast many other brands. That’s why 3 of the skate shoes I presented above came from these brands.

But I’ve owned pairs from small, little-known brands that lasted surprisingly longer than some shoes from more mainstream brands. Being loyal to a brand (I’m a Vans chick — it’s no secret) is ok, but if that means shoes that last only a week, you gotta ditch the brand.

So, keep all these factors in mind.

But is it possible to make skate shoes last a little longer? Yes, fortunately.

How Do You Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer?

You actually can prolong the life of your skate shoes using simple approaches that cost very little. Here’s a list of 9 easy, practical tips for lengthening the life of skate shoes:

1. Buy high-quality shoes

They won’t always outlast cheaper ones, but they tend to.

2. Have more than one pair of shoes, obviously.

If you’re sporting the exact same pair of Vans skate shoes pretty much every time, it’ll wear out pretty fast. You love skating, fortunately, and setting aside a shoe budget every once in a while shouldn’t be that hard.

3. Shoe Goo them.

Shoe goo-ing your shoes helps protect your shoes from getting damaged by your board’s grip tape. I also shoe goo my outsoles, and that lengthens their life.

4. Keep your shoes stretched out using shoe trees 

Using shoe trees helps smooth out creases from the upper. In addition, it boosts breathability. Besides, shoe trees reduce moisture in shoes by absorbing it. But shoe trees aren’t the cheapest items on Earth. So…..

Use old newspapers or pieces of cloth. You likely read your news online, but you might have some old newspapers somewhere in the house. Use them as a shoe tree substitute. You can also cut up an old shirt you no longer wear and use the pieces to stuff your shoes.

5. Ensure dustless storage.

Dust breaks down things, you know. So, keep your shoes in a dust bag to avoid dust. Most pricey skate shoes usually come with a dust bag. Don’t have dust bags? No worries; turn one of your pillowcases into one.

 6. Invest in a decent shoehorn

shoe horn usa 19"
You can use this to put on your shoes with the least amount of force.

The US-made 19″ Shoe Horn is one helluva an option. If you thought a shoehorn is for large-bellied folks who have trouble bending, think again. A shoehorn can help you keep your shoes in great shape for longer. That little tool makes it super easy to put on your shoes, reducing friction between your foot and the inside of your shoe’s heel. See, little things make a difference, too.

7. Don’t Use the Dryer

Avoid using the dryer to dry out your skate shoes. It tends to cut their lifespan.

8. Keep your shoes dry

Moisture encourages mold growth in your shoes, and that can make them smell nasty. Plus, mold is a lung-irritant.

9. Use sneaker covers

When it’s raining or drizzling and you’re walking out there, you’ll likely step into puddles or mud. Now, too much moisture not only wets shoes making them uncomfortable, but it can also reduce their longevity. So, consider wearing them along with sneaker covers.

The best ones come with anti-slip outsoles for grip. They also feature drawstrings that prevent water from entering via the top. If you have a couple of top-quality shoes, wear them with sneaker covers.


What Are the Most Durable Skate Shoes?

In my opinion, the Boss’s shoe, Emerica Reynolds G6 wins. It’s a rugged cupsole that lasts years under normal use. And if you skate it, you’ll get months out of it. In an era where skate shoes last days or weeks, this shoe stands out.

The toe cap is strongly reinforced, and that partly explains why these are durable. The suede upper is tough and detail-stitched, and the outsoles are carved out of high-quality rubber. You may think the shoes aren’t affordable, but they are, though that’s not the best part. Check price on Amazon.

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