Most Comfortable Skate Shoes

You’re casting curious glances here and there searching for the most comfortable skate shoes. Because you’re tired of uncomfortable ones that cause blisters while discouraging you from getting outdoors.

I bet you’ve read a bunch of comfy skate shoe reviews and spent even more time listening to friends and strangers online. But you’re still wondering if there really are comfy options that still skate great. Below, meet 9 skateboard shoes that I and many others in the skate community find super comfy. Some are also super durable.

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Top 3 Comfy Skateboard Shoes

No time to immerse yourself in this meaty post? Hee’s a table that showcases my top 3 picks to save you time.

Comfy and Durable

Emerica Men's Reynolds 3 G6

  • Sizing: Fits narrow and is tight around the toe; order 1/2-1 size bigger
  • Material: Made from 100% suede: long-lasting
  • Comfort: Comes from the cushy G6 midsoles and EVA insoles
  • Support: Good heel support for skating DH and bowls
  • Style: Low-top vulcs with great ankle articulation
Top Pick

Etnies Men's Marana

  • Sizing: Order the next full size up if between sizes; otherwise, order your normal street shoe size. Feels stiff pre-break-in but gets somewhat looser over time. 
  • Material: Mostly suede
  • Comfort: Comes from thick, plushy PU insoles, and thick cupsoles for shock absorption
  • Support: Decent ankle support
  • Reinforced toe cap makes them durable
  • Style: Comfy cupsoles
Super Comfy

DC Men's Pure SE Skate

  • Sizing: They run small, size up. Roomy, works for wide feet
  • Material: Leather/suede
  • Ankle Support: Good 
  • Comfort: Thick padding around the tongue and collar & decent insoles; great for standing all day
  • Has a puffy tongue, but this thickness increases comfort
  • Style: Vulcs

9 Most Comfortable Skate Shoes

Here they are.

1. Etnies Men’s Marana Skate Shoe (Best Overall)

Comfortable Etnies Marana Skate Shoes

2. Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 Skate Shoe (Best for Narrow Feet)

2. Adidas Men’s Skateboard Shoes (The Busenitz Pro)

4. Nike Men’s Skateboarding Shoes: Long-lasting, Fits Tight

Comfy Nike Mens shoes

5. Adidas Originals Men’s Top Ten RB Sneaker (for High-arched feet)

6. DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoe (for Roomy comfort)

7. DC Men’s Pure TX SE Skate Shoe (A classy Pick)

8. Vans SK8-HI Unisex Skate (Also a Good High-top)

Vans Hi-top comfy shoes

9. Vans Men’s Old Skool Pro Skate Shoe (pricey but worth it)

Comforable Vans old school

I’ve bought skate shoes that were supposed to be comfortable and durable. But some have turned out to be overpriced picks that were neither comfy nor durable. I’m here to tell you about the shoes I like and what makes them a worthy pick.

1. Etnies Men’s Marana Skate Shoes (Top Pick)

Sizing: It fits tight initially but loosens up over time and becomes roomier. Order the next full size up if between sizes.

What idea pops into mind when someone mentions Michelin car tires? Strength. Durability. Superior quality.  This shoe lasts, and you won’t slip and fall off your board thanks to its high-traction, shock-absorbing Michelin-inspired gum rubber outsoles. The outsoles are manufactured from a strong type of rubber known as 400 NBS rubber.

What makes the Etnies Men’s Marana arguably the most comfortable skateboarding shoe? It’s the padding around the ankles, thick inserts, and perforations on the front that boost air circulation.

These shoes remain wearable for months even when you wear them pretty much every day. They’re made from suede, so longevity is a given. Plus, there’s added reinforcement from the option’s injected rubber toe cap.

The eyelets are inset, and the lace loops stay hidden, providing your shoelaces the protection they need to serve you longer.

They’re cute, and once I broke them in, they felt comfier than anything I’d ever skated before. It took about 4 days skating daily to soften them up. Afterward, my feet were literally in heaven. With these shoes, you get decent board feel without sacrificing comfort.

And did you know the young skateboarding sensation, Chris Joslin, actually skates the Etnies Marana? Yes, these are what he wore when he skated Barcelona’s MCABA gap! If Joslin likes them, they must be good. Period.

But there’s one thing I don’t like about Etnies Marana: they don’t offer much ankle support. If I could improve the design, I’d have the company increase the height around ankles by about half an inch.


  • Pretty snug and comfy
  • Roomy and holds up well
  • Michelin-grade rubber outsoles with multi-directional tread for hardcore skating
  • Welded PU rubber toe cap makes them last
  • Made by a skater-owned company
  • Inset eyelets that protect the laces


  • Looks a little bulky
  • Not super flexible right out of the box
  • Ankle support isn’t great

However, once you break them in, you get enough board feel and flexibility. Look, Joslin wears these shoes for a reason.

And although the shoe has a slim, streamlined silhouette, it stretches over time and fits even wide feet great. These are the comfiest and toughest skate shoes I know of.

2. Emerica Men’s Reynolds 3 G6 Vulcanized (Best for Narrow Feet)

Sizing: Order a half-size bigger. The toe is a tad too tight. People with a wide forefoot won’t find them very comfortable, especially initially.

Inspired by the creative genius of the skateboarding legendary Andrew Reynolds, the Emerica Men’s Reynolds 3 G6 is a light, super-flexible vulcanized skate shoe. They look similar to an earlier Reynolds called Reynolds 2.

This low-top vulcanized construction may not offer as much protection as a cupsole, but it compensates for that with its great board feel.

Its high-rebound G6 midsoles and molded EVA insoles supply tons of comfy cushioning that dampens impacts from hard jumps and landings. And the shoe’s unique Heel Anchor System supports your heels and keeps them securely locked in, which boosts confidence when skating bowls or downhill.

But comfort isn’t the only value you get out of these shoes. They’re also durable. It took quite a while before I saw holes on the soles and upper of these 100% suede skate shoes.


  • Great for tricks
  • A classic narrow silhouette typical of skate shoes
  • Not bulky
  • Long-lasting
  • Good heel support for skating bowls
  • Wears out gradually rather than fast


  • Tight around the toe
  • Stiff initially

Overall, it’s a wicked skateboard shoe that’s worth every penny. Some say this is the best shoe Emerica’s ever made.

3. Adidas Busenitz Pro Men’s Skateboarding Shoe

Sizing: Fits true to size. These have a narrow cut, similar to the Emerica Reynolds 3G6.

The Adidas Busenitz Pro is a low-profile shoe with a tough cupsole construction. Dennis Busenitz needed a shoe for his signature all-terrain skateboarding, and there wasn’t any that fit the bill.

So, he and Adidas built the shoe he needed. Drawing inspiration from Adida’s globally recognized Copa Mundial Soccer cleat,  Busenitz went to work, eventually crafting the all-terrain skateboard shoe, the Busenitz Pro.

A lightweight and super responsive choice, the Busenitz pro fits true to size. But if you have wide feet, this pick might feel a little too snug, and somewhat uncomfortable.

If you do any kind of high-impact skateboarding tricks, this is probably the best bet. When you’re ollieing, doing heelflips, or hurtling down stairs and gaps, this shoe will keep you fully protected. Skaters have the shoe’s GEOFIT collar and heel-stabilizing mold to thank for all the comfort and support they get.

I tested this skate shoe for two months doing all sorts of skateboard tricks, and it did hold up beautifully. But it took me about a week to break it in, mainly because the heel area felt a tad too stiff. Good news: it was blissful comfort after the break-in period.

I still skate it, and the shoe’s treads are still grippy. The laces stay right where they should be, over the panel that holds the shoe’s eyelets.


  • The treads offer lots of traction
  • Great for skateboarding tricks
  • Fit medium-wide and narrow feet great
  • Offers months of support for heavy skateboarding


  • The heel area is a little too stiff at first
  • Not ideal for wide-footed skaters

The Busenitz Pro achieves a rare feat — offering a decent level of comfort, support, and board feel, all at the same time. The Busenitz  Pro may seem, but this skate shoe is actually flat and might feel uncomfortable for skaters with high arches.

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4. Nike Men’s Skateboard Shoes (Fits Tight, Durable)

Sizing: Order your shoe size, but they run narrow and tight pre-break-in.

It’s difficult to be inconspicuous when rocking this pair of comfy shreds. Get out and get noticed, hopefully by the right people.

My husband ordered his usual street shoe size. He has wide feet, and these were too tight, especially around the heel. He skate them for an entire week trying to soften up the suede, but it was a tough task.

These shoes will hurt your feet pre-break-in, but once you’ve skated them for a while, they loosen up a tad and fit OMG so comfortably and tight in all the right places. I suggest that you wear thicker socks during the break-in days to make the process less uncomfortable.

Many reviewers say that these Nike skateboard shoes have a slim silhouette, and that’s true. But don’t order the next size up. Because you’ll end up with a pair of loose shoes and a floppy feeling when skating.

These are well-made and comfy skating shoes. And they get everyone wanting to know where they can get the same shoe for themselves. What’s more, they will last longer than any canvas shoes you’ll ever skate.

Finally, they’re vulcs and grip beautifully. However, the soles aren’t too thin that you’ll feel every jump.


  • Well-made skateboard shoes
  • A gorgeous pair of skateboard shoes
  • Grippy vulcanized construction
  • Fits snugly in all the right places
  • A lasting suede upper


  • Fits a little too tight pre-break-in

Overall, these are dope skate shoes that are also durable thanks to the tough suede material they’re fashioned from.

5. Adidas Originals Men’s Top Ten Hi Sneaker: Best for High Arches

Size: Order the next size up for the best fit. If you have wide feet and really want to buy these, you’d have to buy them 2 sizes bigger.

The first version of the Adidas Originals Men’s Top Ten Hi Sneaker first came out in 1979. The current version combines the genius of a great skateboarding past with the robustness and innovation of modern times.

The shoes look clunky in the picture, but they’re far from that in person. In fact, these shoes are really nice, but older skaters might say they’re a tad too funky. For me, they’re cute sneaker-style skateboard shoes that provide an incredibly cozy environment for my feet when walking or skating.

If you have high arches, the Adidas Originals Men’s Top Ten Hi sneaker could be the most suitable option for you. It’s a comfortable sneaker-style shoe, but there’s no reason you can’t use them to cruise around on your skateboard.

What if your feet don’t have tall arches? No worries, simply detach the added arch support from the soles, and the problem is solved.

This shoe runs small. Most people have to order it 1-2 sizes bigger for a snug fit. I’m a size 8 (U.S. women’s), and I tried these on in-store. What fit best was size 9. Size 8 turned out to be a little too tight for me.

There’s a notch above the ankle that allows me to lace up my shoes however I like. I can leave the lower part looser while tightening the upper laces, and vice versa. You rarely get this kind of flexibility with skate shoes; that’s usually a preserve of ice skates and artistic roller skates.

You’re going to need to tightly lace the shoe all the way up to the top if you desire lots of upper foot and ankle support.

The toe box comes properly perforated, which boosts breathability so your feet can stay fresh longer. There’s quite a bit of stitching, but it’s not the kind of stitching that weakens skate shoes.

With herringbone pattern tread, the soles will help you stay up for as long as you wish. Plus, this shoe offers you ample arch support. And many skateboard shoes don’t offer arch support.

But don’t expect tons of board feel from these. If you’re always doing tricks and need the grippiest shoes you can find, these kicks aren’t that.


  • Cool, modern-looking skateboard shoes
  • A high-top design that provides lots of support
  • Comfortable shoes for skaters with high-arched feet
  • Allows for flexibility and creativity when lacing up


  • The shoe runs small
  • Arch may be too high for some skaters
  • Not ideal for tricks; board feel not great

Overall, these are funky sneaker-style skateboard shoes for men and women who’re not afraid of standing out.

6. DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoe (Super Comfy)

Sizing: They run small. Order a half-size to a full-size up; it also fits wider than most.

In terms of appearance and construction, these DC shoes are similar to Nike Air Force shoes. Except they’re nicer-looking and comfier. If you stand for hours at work, perform all kinds of strenuous tasks, or prefer cruising over doing tricks, the DC Pure SE Skate shoes are the real deal.

Few skateboard shoes are as well-constructed and breathable as the low-top DC Me’s Pure SE. These shoes have sticky, abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles. They’re made from leather and suede, which means you can expect them to last longer than any canvas skate shoes.

And with DC’s trademarked Pill Pattern that’s similar to Van’s Waffle tread, traction comes easy for these kicks. Increased traction means better board control. These are vulcanized shoes, after all.

Breathability and comfort aren’t bad at all thanks to the mesh lining and foam-padded collar and tongue. And with more than 7 color options, everyone can get the shoe in a color they find appealing.

While these shoes are low-tops, ankle support is decent. And they’re super comfy. Comfier than many skate shoes I’ve tested.

The insoles are OK but could be thicker and comfier. Definitely get better insoles if you’ll be landing hard on your feet most of the time.

Also, the tongue was puffier than I like. But I’m happy that it’s not too thick. And this extra thickness keeps the top of the feet nice and comfy.

The shoe looks somewhat bulky, but it’s not extremely heavy. Whether you need a skate shoe to wear to work every day, for skating, or for mountain unicycling, the DC Men’s Pure SE got you covered.


  • Upper constructed from long-lasting leather
  • Pill-pattern tread makes outsoles grippy
  • Vulcs that keep
  • Tongue and collar well-padded for maximum comfort
  • Fits well and has a nice touch of style
  • Roomy, all-day-use comfy skate shoes for normal-width and slightly wider feet


  • Shoes feel clunky
  • The tongue is a little too puffy

Overall, if you’re looking for comfortable shoes for standing all day long or for goofing around on your beginner skateboard, these shoes fit the bill.

7. DC Men’s Pure TX SE Skate Shoe

Size: Order a 1/2-1 size up since they run small.

The DC Men’s Pure TX SE skate shoe is another comfortable option. But these shoes aren’t long-lasting mainly because, unlike the DC shoes I reviewed in the previous section, these ones are made of 100% textiles.

And it’s cute, too. You’ll have strangers walking up to you to ask where you bought it. It’s available in at least 3 colorways namely ash-gray, black marl, and black/gray. Well, that’s options, but not many.

These are the skate shoes to choose when you want to pull off the perfect look for semi-casual occasions. Wear it with twill khakis, and you’re going to look every inch the chic chap. It’s a pretty versatile shoe that works well for work, skateboarding, longboarding, and walking.

The shoe lacks arch support, which isn’t surprising for skate shoes. I suggest that you get good-quality inserts for more comfort if you have flat feet.

Also, it’s roomy, a great option for people with wider feet. However, you’d better order a half-size size up as they run a tad small.

The soles are rubber and sticky enough which makes for good board feel. And the Pill Pattern makes sure your feet stay on the ground or on your deck the whole time.


  • Comfortable and easy on the eyes
  • Roomy and fits wider feet nicely
  • Cheaper than the DC Pure SE
  • Grippy rubber soles
  • Ideal for semi-casual occasions


  • Textile/canvas is not super long-lasting
  • Runs small

But while the textile/canvas on the upper looks awesome, these materials aren’t particularly durable.

8. Vans SK8-HI Unisex Skate (Comfy and Supportive)

Size: These Vans skate shoes run true to size. But they’re not ideal for skaters with wide feet because they come in a slim cut.

The Vans SK8-HI is a gorgeous, grippy, unisex choice with tons of comfortable board feel. It skates amazingly well and comfortably.

Like most Vans skate shoes, the Vans SK8 high-top style skate shoe is pretty stylish. Every time you wear these Vans, you’re sending a clear message to the world — that you like cool things. And that you’re tuned in to the skate spirit of the times.

The shoe’s all-white waffle tread rubber vulcanized outsole beautifully compliments the majesty of the black and white upper. But the upper is made from canvas, which means these guys may not last very long.

Some might say the shoes’ signature waving Vans logo is a little too disruptive, but that’d not be a dealbreaker for me. And I like that these are available in all kinds of beautiful colorways.

Aside from that, these comfy Vans hightops rock, and you won’t wreck them after one or two skating sessions. Plus, you’re going to love the whole new you — a super cool dude or girl in your neck of the woods.


  • Gets you loads of compliments
  • Made by a great American company
  • A hightop skate shoe that provides great ankle support
  • Nice and grippy: great board feel
  • A unisex choice
  • Popular
  • Available in a variety of nice colorways


  • Not ideal for wide feet
  • Price too high for canvas shoes
  • Ankle mobility isn’t great

With this comfy choice, you’ll skate for hours without getting discomfort or blisters. However, being a high-top style restricts ankle mobility to some extent. Skaters who worship at the altar of skateboard tricks of all kinds should probably pick something else, but you sure can land tricks with these kicks.

Overall: They cost $between $57 and $99, which seems steep for what they are: canvas skate shoes. But they’re pretty sick, fit nicely, grip your decks great, and provide amazing ankle support and a decent level of comfort.

9. Vans Old Skool Pro (Probably the Comfiest Vans)

Size: How do Vans Old School Pros fit? They fit true to size for most people. You may want to order a half-size or a full-size larger if you have wide feet.

The Vans Old Skool Pros hug my feet and are a tad roomier and more comfortable than regular Old Skools. They’re pricier than the SK8-HI, and the reason is that they’re a noticeably comfier upgrade.

They come with upgraded “Ultracrush” insoles, which makes for better cushioning vs. other Vans. They also have the so-called Duracap reinforcement around the toe and the ollie area.

Jason found that they last longer than most Vans, but being made from canvas holds them back in the longevity department. If you focus on kickflips and ollies, don’t expect them to last long.

They come with cushioned insoles that protect and support the feet. But while the shoes give me adequate heel cushioning, it feels like the cushioning around the ball of the foot could be better.

Building upon the time-tested Vans Classics, this improved model works great for everyday use, going to the gym, walking to the office, or skating on campus.

The outsole boasts Van’s world-famous waffle treads, a design that ensures you never slip off your board no matter how intense your sessions get.

For my hub, there was virtually no break-in period, and I guess that’s due to the vulcanized construction. He just got them out of the box, laced up, hopped on his cruiser skateboard, and rode off.


  • A nostalgic, classic Vans look
  • Light and grippy
  • Thick inserts for better comfort
  • Tons of ankle mobility
  • Versatile, all-round shoes
  • Roomier than most Vans


  • Pricier than other Vans
  • Not a super durable pick
  • There could be more cushioning around the ball of the foot

The Vans Old Skool Pros offer more than the regular Vans Old Skool without changing the original basic style and feel. Well, you’ll pay more, but it’s worth it.

And while Vans generally don’t last very long, the Old Skool Vans Pros tolerate abuse for longer. Everyone loves these low-top Vans Old Skools, and I predict you too will.

Remember to Wear Protection

Wear proper skate gear before hopping on your skateboard, longboard, electric skateboard, or whatever. I recommend the Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Skateboard and Bike Helmet. As for knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, I recommend the Pro-Tec Full Cut Certified. 

And if you want to have your skateboarding shoes serving you faithfully for months, regularly show them some love. Clean them and store them properly.

Also, remember to shoe-goo them when they rip or develop holes in the soles and other places. I vouch for this shoo goo for skate shoe repair: Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for fixing worn shoes or boots

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How to Choose a Comfortable Skate Shoe

You have so much going on in your head all at the same time. Then there’s choosing the most comfortable skate shoe so you can enjoy skateboarding and…. probably lose some weight in the process.

But how do you go about picking the best bet for the money when there’s too much choice to sort through? Well, you read revealing professional reviews like this one by yours truly.

To find the finest and most comfy shoe for skating your dollar deserves, look for these features and aspects:

1. Pick a Skate Shoe with a Toe Cap

Skate shoes with a toe cap not only tend to be durable, but most are also comfortable. Small wonder toe-cap skate shoes are trending pretty much everywhere.

2. Choose Suede or Leather: Comfier and More Durable

Canvas skate shoes are ok, and this material looks nice. However, canvas typically isn’t super comfortable. Plus, it isn’t long-lasting.

Unless you like buying costly skating gear all the time, avoid canvas shoes. Well, canvas kicks may generally cost less than either leather or suede skate shoes. However, shoes made from canvas tend to fall apart ridiculously fast.

Be willing to shell out more for better-quality shoes. My recommendations are made from mostly suede or leather. The rest are a combination of leather/suede and textile/synthetic materials.

3. High-top Skate Shoes Are Generally Comfier

Skate shoes that cover the heel and the area above it in general provide more support and comfort than other skate shoe profiles. But here’s the downside of high-top skate shoes: they tend to get in the way when you’re practicing tricks.

It’s not like low-tops and mids don’t provide ankle support at all. Nor are low-top and mid-top designs uncomfortable. They’re just less so in general, but some of the comfiest shoes I know of are low and mid-tops.

4. Go with Skater-trusted Brands

Skate shoe brands aren’t created equal. Some crank out really comfortable skate shoes while others offer pricey ones that everyone hates after a while.

Hand over your hard-earned cash to companies that make tested-and-proven shoes. Many skaters prefer brands such as Nike, Etnies, Vans, Adidas, DC shoes, and Emerica among others.

That said, I’ve seen enough horrible skate shoes from big-name brands to not give any one of them blind loyalty. You can still choose to support Supra, New Balance, Puma, or any other brand. After all, every skate shoe maker has scores of adoring fans who just won’t wear any other brand.

5. Choose an Option that Lasts

Everyone loves rocking the wickedest, most comfortable skate shoe in their range. But who loves splurging on a pair of pricey skate shoes that falls apart after a ride or two? No one! That’s who. So, be sure to choose a choice that withstands a considerable amount of abuse.

Now, there seems to be a maxim among the skateboarding community that goes thus:

The uglier the skate shoe, the more comfortable it feels and the longer it lasts

But like all generalizations, this statement isn’t always true. Finding comfy shoes that are also long-lasting might be a little challenging, but it’s still possible.

I previously put together a post to help you find long-lasting skateboarding shoes. Read it and see if you might like one of my recommendations.

Comfiest Skateboard Shoes: Verdict

The Etnies Marana Men’s Skateboarding shoes are arguably the most comfortable skateboard shoes on the market. They’re the favorite shoes for the finest skateboarders in the world including Joslin. 

Well, they have a few little flaws, but that applies to most products. You’ll love wearing it as you skate bowls, vert, ollies, gaps, ramps, and whatnot.

They’re not the cheapest skateboarding shoes though. Still, they’re not as pricey as some other options on my list. So, take your pick and go skate.