How to Store Your Cycling Helmet

Your cycling helmet is doubtless the most important piece of cycling gear you’ll ever own. Yes, good MTB pads, chamois, and cycling jerseys are great items to have. But none of these things trump a good cycling brain bucket in terms of importance. It’s essential to take good care of your bike lid, which is why it helps to learn how to store your cycling helmet as well as the rest of your biking gear.

In this post, I’ll list down a couple of ideas you can explore to store your mountain biking or road cycling helmet in perfect condition.

Real Cyclists Own Multiple Cycling Helmets

What self-respecting cyclist owns just one bike helmet? Real cyclists own more gear than they can wear in a riding session. Heck, their bikes and biking equipment cost way more than their car!

If you’re one of those real cyclists, I bet you have three or more expensive helmets. You have a slew of decent cycling helmets that you’d like to keep for years.

But you have lovely and playful kids around the house and maybe a puppy or two. And the last thing you want is for these loved ones to knock your lids over.

So, what’s the best way to keep all of these lids in great condition? Below is a list of 8 ways to store your cycling helmets.

8 Ways to Store Your Cycling Helmet

1. Store your helmets under the bed

2.Store your helmets in shelves

3.Hang your helmets on a coat rack

4.Keep it in your pannier

5. Lock the helmet onto your bike

6.Hang the helmet on your bike or bike stand

7. DIY your own helmet storage

8.Wear your helmet when walking into stores or restaurants

Let’s now take a closer look at each storage option.

1. Store Your Helmet Under the Bed

The area under your bed can be a great place to store all kinds of stuff. That’s  not where I store my helmets and my husband’s, but I know a couple who live in small homes and are space-starved.

If you’re facing space constraints or don’t have any empty shelves or other storage solutions, keep your helmets under your bed. Simply put your riding goggles and gloves in the helmet and put it under the bed.

I imagine your bedroom stays locked when you’re away. If that’s the case, your kids and pets won’t crawl and access your head-protection gear.

I’d recommend putting your helmets inside helmet bags before placing them under the bed. Some helmets come with a helmet bag, so use it.

What if your helmet didn’t come with a storage bag? If that’s the case, consider putting it inside some basket and place it on the floor under the bed.

2. Store Your Helmets in Shelves

Pretty much everyone has shelves in their kitchen, bedroom, study, garage, or in all these spaces. If there’s room in some of these shelves, why not store your bike helmets in there?

A dude my hubby is friends with has some plastic basket that he places on a shelf in his garage. He tosses two of his helmets and some other cycling gear such as gloves and pads in there.

We keep some of our helmets in shelves located in our bedroom and some in the bookshelves. Look around and see if you can stick a helmet or two in your existing shelves.

The beauty of storing biking helmets in shelves is that shelves are typically high and it’s hard to knock things over.

 3. Hang Your Helmets on a Coat Rack

I bet you have some coat rack you’re underutilizing. Why not store a helmet or two there? But a wooden coat rack with multiple coat hooks would be the best solution here.

I believe a wooden stand would work best because the hooks would have a harder time pricking the padding inside the helmet. You can even buy a coat rack for this very purpose — storing your cycling gear.

hang your helmet on a coat rack

Simply hang the helmets by their chinstraps. And if the hooks can fit in the holes on the helmet, hang your helmets via those air vents.

I have only issue with this cycling helmet storage idea. The problem is that it might not work very well if you have kids with little exploratory hands around.

4. Keep the Helmet in Your Pannier

What if you’re on some tour and need to walk into a café for a coffee and a snack?  No worries — you can always put your helmet in your pannier.

You can leave the pannier and its contents attached to your bike if the area is secure. Alternatively, grab the pannier and get inside with it.

5. Lock the Helmet Onto Your Bike

I have a shelf at my work where I keep one of my helmets. One problem: the shelf isn’t positioned high enough. Fortunately, there are no mischievous kids around.

But what if you don’t have such storage at your work? If you can’t bring your lid in for some reason, why not lock it onto your bike.

Someone I know runs the lock through one of the large vents on their helmet and locks it onto their road bike. And you can do the same.

6. Hang the helmet on Your Bike or Bike Stand

You can also hang your biking lid on your bike stand. It’d be best to hang it from its straps.

store your bike helmets on a bike stand

Some cyclists also hang their helmets on their bike’s handlebars. This idea becomes even more attractive if the ends of the bars are facing up. It’d be pretty hard for the straps to ride up the bent ends causing the helmet to drop to the floor.

7. DIY Your Own Helmet Storage

If you’re the handy type, there’s many ways to use your creativity and build something that solves your storage problem completely.

A cyclist I work with used metal pipes to build some kind of DIY helmet rack. You could also have some board atop your clothes rack and just place your helmets there.

While researching for this post, I came across someone who’d built something you could build. The structure below doesn’t seem too complicated, does it?

DIY your helmet storage
Think of creating something like this rack with a helmet storage on the top.

8. Wear Your Helmet (Yes, Seriously)

So you don’t want to carry your helmet inside restaurants. I get it. Maybe it’s an old and ugly helmet and who wants to carry around stuff like that? No one, that’s who.

If that’s what the situation is like for you, why not just wear your helmet and just walk in for the bagel you crave? That works best if you have a nice looking helmet.

But even if the lid isn’t easy on the eye, everyone will think you’re a law-abiding citizen. And that you’re not one of those strange, helmet-less outdoor-loving souls who seem like they have a death wish.

Where to Store Your Bike Helmet: Final Thoughts

As promised, I listed down 7 practical ways to store your helmet at home, at work, or when riding outdoors.

It’s up to you to put these ideas to work and prolong the lifespan of your cycling helmets. Some of the suggestions won’t work well if you have playful pets or kids around, though.

And if you’re good with your hands, you can create your own helmet storage using easily available materials.

I hope you found the post helpful.