How to Flirt While Ice Skating

You’re lucky it’s not the Victorian era anymore. Can you believe that female and male ice skaters at some point in history couldn’t enjoy the pastime on the same section of the rink?

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Learn about the Ladies Pond here to learn more about this weird ice rink gender interaction restriction of the 19th century.

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In this post, you’ll learn at least 7 strategies on how to flirt while ice skating. You’ll learn what to do with that girl or guy whose presence makes your heart skip a beat each time you eyeball them.

How to Get Closer to That Cute Guy or Girl At the Ice Rink

We all have been there. And this includes married women like yours truly. You see a hot guy or girl gliding on the rink and you’re like, how the heck do I get enough courage to chat him/her up?

1. Help Her Skate Better

2. Ask Her for Advice

3. Let Her Catch You Checking Her Out

4. Learn the Art of Small IceTalk

5. Ask If You Can Test Out Her Skates

6. Be There When They Are, Somehow

7. Whatever You Do, Don’t Be Creepy

Let’s see how you might use each piece of advice to get closer to the girl or guy you’re eyeing and perhaps forge a lasting relationship.

1. Help Her Ice Skate Better

This trick works if you’re a much better ice skater than her.

The beauty of ice skating is that you’re allowed to be supportive and helpful without anyone suspecting you’re not just an altruistic do-gooder.

She goes down because her ice skating stance or skills still need a bit of work. And you’re there for her, the kind savior who holds her hand or even body so she won’t she won’t end up on the ice, bottom first.

Be sure you’re strong and experienced enough before attempting this. I mean, it takes a serious level of skill and strength to stop a grown-ass adult from falling.

As you become her Knight in shining skates, striking up a conversation with her will get easier, and who knows you might end up melting her heart as time passes.

2. Ask for Help With Skating Gear and More

I see this one working best if you’re a girl with meh skating skills. A guy needing a girl to hold him so he won’t fall? Not so sexy if you ask me.

So you’re this nice-looking girl on beginner ice skates. The skates are decent, but you haven’t figured out how to use them correctly.

The cute guy you can’t seem to take your wandering eyes off of glides like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Approach him and ask if he can give tidbits on how to assume a proper ice skating stance. Or ask him to help you lace up your ice skates because they don’t fit quite right. Ask the dude for advice on how to get your ice skates sharpened. Or for boot fitter recommendations.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. It’s all about keeping the prey close enough, within pouncing distance.

When you’re so close that you can see each other’s misty breath, the person gets an opportunity to decide if they like you.

Of course, he does. Why else did he seem to have trouble disengaging his eyes from your already nice and about-to-be-toned ass?

3. Ask Them to be Your Skating Partner

If there’s one opportunity you mustn’t squander it’s this one. Get the person you’re interested in to join you for a pairs skating session.

This is the one moment when you’re allowed to touch them in ways you otherwise wouldn’t lol. Just don’t kiss them the very first time you ice dance with them. Unless you’ve decided they’re not someone you’d want to pursue anything serious with.

If the girl gives you a peck on the cheek, preferably near the month, that’s a clear sign that it’ll happen again soon. And that the gods of romance are on your side.

There’s one more thing to do. After the session, go somewhere and enjoy a good meal, together. Or grab a frothy drink together, or two. By the way, do rinks really serve alcohol?

Don’t sit next to them unless they insist. Whether you’ll make out or even take things further afterward is completely up to you.

But you sure don’t want to come across as too available. If there’s a chance your date will evolve into something meaningful, it’s best to let the romance unfold naturally. Better not rush things.

4. Check Her Out And Get Caught!

Just don’t be an effing creep. You want to be subtle. You want to seem like a decent guy who’s interested. Not a weird dude who checks out every ass and ogles shamelessly the entire session. You want to ooze confidence, not seem like the sort of guy everyone should avoid.

And if she comes to the rink with a bunch of BFFs, scan the group and decide who leads the pack. Let her catch you stealing glances at your target, but again, don’t be too extra about this.

Girls talk, you know. If the top girl likes you enough, she’ll likely mention that she caught you checking her friend out. And that she thought the guy is cute. Who knows how things play out afterward? Only time will tell.

If she’s the brave type, she might approach you after a couple of days or weeks and say she’s noticed you checking her out several times, and what’s with that?

Is she smiling as she asks the question? Lucky dude! You just got the girl.

If the script doesn’t play out like this (chances are it won’t), approach her and say an appropriate ice skating pick-up line.

Say something like: “I’ve been watching you glide around the rink, and I’d give anything to watch you do that forever. You’re good on blades, and you’re beautiful to boot.”

If you think my suggested pickup lines sound a little too cheesy, think up something better. Most importantly, be courageous enough to let her know you like her.

5. Become a Master of Small Talk

Is it crazy to believe that some lasting relationships that later morphed into marriage or something long-term started out as small talk during a break on a rink? I bet this happens some of the time.

Nothing breaks the ice better and quicker than small talk. It’s pretty chilly today, isn’t it? Or, “This rink’s rental ice skates are crap. I need to pony up for a pair of decent beginner ice skates. Which beginner-friendly ice skates do you think I should get?”

Admittedly, not everyone likes chatting up complete strangers. And not every person on the rink likes it. But if you and the person of interest have become rink regulars, starting a conversation about the most mundane of things shouldn’t be too hard.

Ask about what they do and whether they enjoy it. Ask if they have a significant other. Have them tell you why they decided to learn ice skating and whether they have any specific skating career goals.

But I’m not saying to behave like a journalist and turn what should be an easy and casual conversation into a boring interview!

Some relationship advisors say to focus on the other person because it’s more about the girl or guy you’re crushing on and less about you. Me? I say focus on the person you’re ice skating with, asking questions and answering questions.

Obviously, you don’t want to go all in when it’s clear the person isn’t interested in you and doesn’t want to become anything more than someone you share a skating space with.

6. Ask to Test Out Her/His Ice Skates

Let’s assume your crush is an intermediate ice skater while you’re a determined beginner who soon needs to get a decent pair of higher-play-level ice rink boots.

You could ask her or him to let you strap on their skates so you can decide if that’s what you need to get.

The idea here’s to create as many opportunities for interactions as possible.

And as you put the skates on, ask the guy or gal to help with tightening and adjusting things for a comfortable fit.

Soon enough, you could start sharing more than just intermediate-level ice skates.

7. Create Meeting Opportunities

There are really two kinds of people on the planet. Type #1 comprises those who favor waiting around for events and situations to happen to them.

These folks believe in mostly luck. And if nothing terrific ever happens in their lives, they rationalize that it’s because it wasn’t meant to happen. Sorry guys, that’s not how you get a girl who ice skates or indeed any other type of girl.

The second category consists of take-charge souls. These are bold folks, people with a can-do attitude that wins more often than it loses.

Whether it’s nailing down a Triple Axel, doing spins, or wooing a girl they like, these go-getters get things done.

When nothing happens, they realize it’s because they haven’t taken action and acted accordingly from that point. So, decide to see her/him more often. Even better, make her see you more often.

Make a mental note of when she shows up at the ice rink and reorganize your schedule so that you’re miraculously there when they are. It won’t be too long before the target starts noticing you and probably even chatting you up.

Make them believe the good ol’ universe really wants to be together. How else do you explain the two of you being at the ice skating arena at more or less the same time?

It’s destiny that’s bringing the both of you together more often so you can take the next logical step: building a great romantic relationship.

Closing Remarks

In the end, no one can tell you what to do and how to behave to win over the girl or guy. Just grab any ideas here you considered to be nuggets of ice rink dating wisdom and get going.