How to Carry Your Inline Skates

Whether you’re a pro-level skater, a recreational skater, or a commuter, you need a way to carry your inline skates around. You need a way to carry your rollerblades between any two skate points, and I’m sure that’s why you stopped here. In this short post, I’ll share with you a couple of ideas on how to carry your inline skates around.

I’ve gleaned these inline skate transportation ideas from different sources— from real inline skaters—mainly folks I skate with. And of course, some of these ideas came from yours truly.

6 Ideas for Carrying Your Rollerblades Around

  1. Carry your rollerblades in a skate-specific bag.
  2. Use a backpack to haul your inline skates around.
  3. Get creative and use the Velcro straps as a carrying handle.
  4. Carry your rollerblades by the straps on the back of the skate.
  5. Toss your inline skates in a reusable shopping bag.
  6. Use the laces of your inline skates as a shoulder strap.

I’ll now add a little meat to these suggestions to convert them into practical tips that you can use in your day-to-day skate life.

1. Use an Inline Skate Bag to haul your inline skates around.

Using an inline skate-specific bag is perhaps the most convenient way to carry inline skates from point A to point B. You need to select a rollerblade carrying bag that accommodates everything you need for your little adventure. Your roller skating knee pads, your helmet, elbow pads, water bottle, and whatnot.

If you’re going out for a really serious ride outdoors and have to carry your helmet, protective pads, helmets, snacks, and a water bottle, choose a heavy-duty option. Choose a bag with a reinforced bottom, a bag that can take the abuse you’ll throw at it when moving it around.

The bag I use has a triangular shape and a couple of inner pockets. I can put my helmet, rollerblades, pads, water bottle, and a myriad of smaller items in there and have some room to spare.

Is There A Good Inline Skate Bag That’s Not Too Expensive?

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Yes, there is. I recommend the Athletico Ice and Inline Skate Bag.. Why? Because it’s pretty roomy, looks nice, and is quite sturdy. I can fit my roller skating helmet in the middle zipper pocket as well as my roller skating pads.

And what’s the size of this inline skate bag? You can fit in a pair of rollerblades as big as size 13.

The bag comes with two side pockets with zippers that make carrying my skates easy and convenient. And the best part? This skate bag features an arm strap that makes for pretty comfortable usage.

I really like that this bag doesn’t get in the way when I’m biking between skating points. Choose this bag if you can’t find a backpack that’s big enough for all your stuff.

an inline skate bag

Pick up a heavy-duty skate carrying bag with strong outer material, one that’ll last even with constant use. Essentially, you need a bag that won’t tear when you slide it, throw it on the ground, toss it in the car trunk, or pull it out of lockers at the gym.

If you’ll travel a lot and like carrying your inline skates along, consider buying a bag with a water-resistant exterior. And if the bag has grommets for improving airflow, that’s even better. Mesh vents are another useful design feature to look out for as these vents boost breathability.

2. Use an Inline Skate Backpack

What if you’re attending college some of the time and need to carry your laptop, notebooks, and other learning-related supplies?

In that case, you’ll need something more convenient than an inline skate bag. And an inline skate backpack would be the best storage system for you in that situation.

This kind of backpack is pretty much like a regular backpack. However, it’s usually smaller than an inline skate bag.

The backpack usually offers features on the exterior where you can hang your skates. In some cases, such a backpack will have exterior room for holding a skate helmet, but that’s not typical.

Is There a Decent Inline Skate Backpack?

Yes, the Rollerblade Multisport Urban Commuter Backpack is a worthy option. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every dollar you’ll fork over for it.

rollerblade backpack

It looks nice and sturdy with everything inside. And the brand name Rollerblade on the side of the bag gives the impression that you’re a serious skater that abhors junk.

The carrying straps come well-padded, which makes for really comfortable carrying. Rollerblade also throws in wheel covers so that the interiors can stay nice and clean.

You can fit in your laptop inside, but not when your boots are inside, huh? I’m size 9, and my skates fit in well with room to spare. I’m pretty sure you can carry up to size 12, but they’ll fit in pretty snug. There are two side pockets where you can store your water, too.

NOTE: If you’re looking for something to carry size 12 beginner blades with a heel brake, buy something else. The boots won’t just fit in this backpack, and do you really want to remove the heel brake every time you travel? Also, if your boots are quite big, like size 11 or bigger, you’ll have to hang your helmet on the exterior of this inline skate backpack.

One downside I noticed is that this backpack is pretty bulky with everything packed inside. Plus, it’s not designed to accommodate long inline skates with heel brakes. Believe it or not, I’ve not come across one site that mentions this issue of boots with heel brakes not fitting in this backpack.

3. Use the Velcro Straps as a Carrying Handle.

Yes, you can use the Velcro straps on your boots to carry them. Just stick the parts with the velcro together, and just use the straps to hold the skates as you move around. Not a bad idea for quick, recreational skate trips.

4. Carry Your Rollerblades by Your Boots’ Straps.

Put two fingers on each of the straps at the back of each rollerblade and carry them. Of course, you’ll have to be OK with losing circulation after some time.

When that happens, I simply switch hands. Definitely not a good idea if the distance to your skating destination is too long. I often put this idea to work when I’m just rolling around and don’t want to commit to carrying a bag or backpack.

5. Toss Your Inline Skates in a Reusable Shopping Bag.

If you’re a gym rat, attend classes, and also rollerblade, chances are you won’t be able to fit in everything you need in your backpack. You have notebooks, your adorable Nike gym sneakers, inline skates, and padding.

In such a situation, a reusable shopping bag comes in handy. When I’m skating on my way to college, I put my sneakers in one of those thin reusable shopping bags. I then place my sneakers inside the backpack.

Once I’m done exercising at the gym and I’m on my way back home, I wear my sneakers.  Then, I stash my inline skates in the reusable bag and carry them separately. Works fine for me, and it’s definitely an idea you can try if your schedule looks anything like mine.

6. Use the Laces of Your Inline Skates as a Shoulder Strap.

To carry your skating boots by their laces, be sure the laces are strong enough. There are tons of high-quality rollerblade laces, and you can replace what you have if the laces are meh.

What I do is tie the laces together and then use them as a shoulder strap. This works really well for me. And there’s no reason it shouldn’t for you.

Tips for Carrying Inline Skates: Final Word

Carrying your inline skates between skate spots may not seem like a huge problem, and it’s not for the most part. That said, it’s a good idea to know how others are hauling their rollerblading gear around.

You can use a backpack and just toss your boots inside. Or you can hang your skating boots on your bag if that’s possible. You can also tie your boots together using their laces and strap them to your shoulder.

Alternately, you can use your fingers to hold the skates at the back by their straps. Another idea is to stick the velcro together so that you can now use your fingers to carry your rollerblades.

Is there any idea you expected to see and didn’t? Let me know about it in the comments so I can share it with my fans here.