Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior Review

At a glance, the Gyroshoes Hoverboard 8.5″ Warrior looks similar to the heavy-rider self-balancing scooter from Swagtron, the T6. But what kind of riding performance can one squeeze out of the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior? In my Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior review, I answer this question and others you likely don’t even know you should be asking.

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Specs and Features of the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior 8.5″

I’ll quickly list this scooter’s specs and features right away so you get to know from the get-go what your budget can bag.

  • Weight: Not provided, but roughly 30 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity: 256 lbs
  • Motor Capacity: 700W
  • Battery Type and Charge Time: about 2 hours
  • Hoverboard Safety Certifications: CE, ROHS, FCC, and UL 2272
  • Range/Mileage: 9.5 miles
  • Max speed: 9.95 mph
  • Water Resistance: IPX4 water resistant
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • LED Lights
  • Tires: 8.5″ high-traction tires with a rugged design
  • Smart App Controls

Product Design and Construction

What first impressions did I have seeing the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior with rugged 8.5″ wheels and Bluetooth speakers?

The product right out of the box looks cute and well-engineered. This self-balancing scooter is one of the most compact hoverboards I’ve reviewed. The fenders are integrated into the frame forming a solid casing as opposed to being detachable.

And yes, this hoverboard board has a rugged look. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at the Swagtron T6. It sure looks like this board can take its rider to places no other hoverboard has ever reached. But does it really do that? Well, read on…

The wheels have deep tread, and it feels like traction shouldn’t be an issue when riding over smooth surfaces, asphalt, dirt paths, and even gravel. But are the wheels good enough for off-road hoverboard riding? I’ll let you know the answer to that question a little further down the road.

Overall, the board’s construction is good quality craftsmanship. But as far as longevity, I’m not sure the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior is the most durable hoverboard at that price point.

To be fair, I’ve not tested this board’s durability. But that’s not prevented me from analyzing a ton of Gyroshoes hoverboard reviews online and forming a pretty solid opinion on whether the product holds up long enough.

How Heavy is the Gyroshoes Hoverboard?

I’ve not measured the weight of this product, and searching for that information on the company’s site proved to be an exercise in futility. But given its specs and the impression I got looking at the board, I think it weighs anywhere over 30 lbs. I mean, pretty much every board that pumps out 700 watts of riding power typically weighs 30 pounds or a little more.

Carrying this board by hand, my significant other thought a child would really struggle lugging the thing back home after battery failure or something like that.

Even though this hoverboard is as heavy and seemingly sturdy as most similar boards, stories of the board falling apart within days or weeks of receiving the package abound.

Weight Limits of the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior 8.5″

This hoverboard offers an upper weight capacity of 256 lbs. When you consider that the average person in North America weighs about 178 lbs, it means that this hoverboard should be a good enough bet for heavier riders. Jason is pretty heavy at 230 lbs. But stepping on a fellow rider’s board gave him the impression the thing’s built for larger riders.

But keep in mind that a few owners have raised concerns about the longevity of this product. This self-balancing scooter may seem super sturdy and durable, but don’t be surprised if it breaks within days of riding it!

A Motor Capacity of 700 Watts

As for motor capacity, I have zero complaints. At that price point, who would ask for a stronger hoverboard? The personal transportation niche provides a slew of hoverboards that offer engine power of about 600W and cost north of $300.

With two motors each spewing 350 watts of riding power, this scooter outputs as much as 700W of agile riding capacity. The vast majority of boards I’ve reviewed exist in the 700W power band, and 700W isn’t like toy power! Unless there’s other underlying motor quality issues, 700 watts should be enough for most riders whether they’re beginner kids and adults or even pro riders.

Look, this is the same amount of motor might provided by the increasingly popular Gyroor Warrior 8.5″ hoverboard. It’s also the same level of engine  power the more sporty, race car-like Gyroor G-F1 hoverboard pumps out.

In  terms of power, it’d be inaccurate and unreasonably critical to conclude you’re getting a raw deal with this deal. 700 watts is about the maximum engine capacity anyone should expect in this product’s price range.

Hill-Climbing and Off-roading Capacity

With 700 watts of motor power, climbing gentle hills and slopes shouldn’t really feel like the labor of Hercules to this board. But what do I mean by gentle slopes? I’m talking about 15 to 20-degree inclines.

You likely read somewhere that this hoverboard beats the crap out of even the steepest slopes. And I know the manufacturer states that this self-leveling scooter should scale 30-degree slopes with remarkable nimbleness.

But I’m going to ruin this hype-party and flat out say that no hooverboard (and that definitely includes the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior) has what it takes to conquer climbs that challenging.

What about traveling over grass, beach sand, and other such places? This board does better than a few others as far as its off-road capabilities.

Thanks to its rugged, high-traction 8.5″ non-inflatable, hard-rubber wheels, this hoverboard isn’t exactly lame when it comes to riding rugged terrains. I found that riding over grass isn’t hard as it is with certain boards that Jason and I have tested before.

Battery Performance

It takes about 2 hours to charge this hoverboard, and a single charge typically lasts about 2 hours of continuous use. But that’s when the battery works properly, which unfortunately isn’t most of the time.

I’ve actually bumped into reviews revealing that 20 minutes tops riding time isn’t uncommon with this board. If you’re primarily looking for a transportation beast that can propel you to your work in style while saving you money, pick something else.

If you’re lucky and get a good battery, you can expect at least an hour of solid riding on the Kids Mode.

And oh, be sure to select the self-balancing mode since it fosters stability and balance, two critical aspects when it comes to riding a self-balancing scooter as a complete beginner.

Range and Board Speed

So, how much range does each single charge of this self-balancing scooter deliver? Well, that depends. The amount of mileage one can get out of a single full charge depends on several factors. Some of these mileage-determining factors include how heavy the rider is, how fast they’re going, the quality of the riding surface, and of course how steep the incline is.

Someone like my SO that weighs over 200 lbs shouldn’t expect any range exceeding 5 miles riding challenging terrains such as 20-degree hills. But someone much lighter than that can expect to extract as much as 9 miles or even 10 miles riding smooth, flat pavement. That’d be about as much range (9.95 miles) as what the company behind the Gyroshoes Hoverboard claims to be the max range.

And, how much speed does this board offer riders that worship at the altar of thrilling velocity? If you’re light enough (under 200 lbs) and choose the fastest speed mode, the speedometer could read up to 10 mph.

In reality, riding at 10 mph on this board isn’t always comfortable or even safe. Some riders have experienced a bit of board vibration while others have reported speed wobbling.

But instability while riding a hoverboard happens a lot more often than you think. So, it’d be unfair to deny this product a chance on the basis of it rattling or shaking a little past 9 mph.

Whether you’ll end up choosing this product or not, make sure to gear up properly. It’s pretty common for riders to fly off their hoverboard at the worst possible moments!

So, be sure to put on the most protective helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wristguards/gloves in your protective arsenal. I believe any kind of protective gear that works for electric skateboarding should also work for hoverboarding.

Smart App Control: App Performance

As stated in a section ahead, running the Gyroshoes Hoverboard without the app isn’t as smooth as it is riding certain competing options. The app sure functions, but not without a whole range of pesky issues cropping up the whole time.

When the app works, you can set up the self-balancing mode and select the child riding mode for safety. You should also be able to control the LED lights on this scooter. However, my research found that controlling the LED lights may not always be possible.

You can also check battery charge level as well as adjust riding modes. What’s more, you can select a higher speed level or a lower one.

But that’s not everything you can do with the Gyroor app. You can set up the anti-theft alarm as well as choose whatever color you wish from a set of color options. Heck, you can even troubleshoot board problems with this app and resolve them, too.  But you can only do that when the app is working flawlessly, right?

In some instances, the lights stay on and refuse to respond to instructions. Other times, you can change the front flickering lights and not the ones on the back of the board. More on app performance below.

Bluetooth Speakers: How Well Do They Work?

The board’s Bluetooth speakers work. But there’s nothing exceptional about the performance of these music speakers. They’re just good enough Bluetooth speakers that have you rocking to beautiful sound as you ride.

Safety Certifications

The Gyroshoes 8.5″ Hoverboard provides 4 important safety-related certifications including the CE marking, FCC, UL2272, and ROHS. These certifications are solid evidence that this product has been stringently tested and given the requisite safety approvals.

But, if you ever notice the smell of burning rubber while riding the Gyroshoes self-balancing scooter, jump off and cut the motor. Who knows whether the thing is about to blow up and wreck havoc?

In case you’re unsure what these hoverboard safety certifications mean, invest a couple minutes reading this post: Gyroor G-F1 hoverboard review.

Water Resistance Rating of the Gyroshoes Hoverboard

The charging portal features a rubber cover designed to keep moisture and wetness out. Also, the Gyroshoes Hoverboard boasts the IPX4 rating.

What does being IPX4 rated mean when it comes to self-balancing scooters? It means that the Gyroshoes Hoverboard isn’t waterproof at all. Rather, this self-leveling scooter is water resistant. Yes. I know water resistant and waterproof confuse people, but the definitely aren’t the same rating.

An IPX4 water resistant hoverboard may still be safe and protected when exposed to the occasional splash (fr0m all directions) for a limited time. Note that you shouldn’t test this product’s water resistance profile by submerging it in water. You’re going to damage it.

Now, if it showers a bit mid-ride and the rubber cover on the battery charging port is doing its job, your board should be fine. But if it’s pouring hard and streams of rushing water are collecting in puddles, it’s best to not test the resilience of this hoverboard.

Chances are you’d end up with something in the scooter’s electrical system not functioning right. Or worse, the whole system could fail, and you’d be left holding an expensive piece of crap.

So, plan your hoverboard rides wisely. It’s best to enjoy your board when it’s all bright and sunny outside. If it ever rains heavily when riding, consider bagging your board and carrying it home.

Speaking of hoverboard carrying bags, my neighbor’s Gyroshoes Hoverboard didn’t come with a bag even though the company says it’s a “gift” for new buyers of the product. On contacting the company, they said they’d send it,  but they needed the person to write a 5-star review in exchange! So, they decided to buy the hoverboard bag separately, avoiding the ransom the company tried to arm-twist them to pay.

Issues With the Gyroshoes 8.5″ Hoverboard

I’ve said quite a few nice things about this product. But my review would be complete crap if I didn’t share what I believe are valid user concerns about the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior.

Too Much Information to Access the App

The neighbor I mentioned earlier recently gifted their 13-year-old son this scooter, and there were issues right from the start.

First off, the app asked for lots of permissions to access. I wonder why this Chinese company wants all that information. I mean, do they really need to access the new owner’s camera, phone files, microphone, GPS, and even contacts?

That seems a little suspicious. I’m not sure most people want to give away all that personal information to an overseas company. If you care too much about security, this hoverboard might feel like the ultimate security nightmare!

Board Doesm’t Work Very Well Without the App

Being able to access all the nice features that enhance ride quality is awesome. But don’t we all crave a self-leveling scooter that works just fine even without the app?

One grippe users have with this hoverboard is that it doesn’t work properly app-less. So, if you want an option you can operate without relying on the app buy something else.

It should be pretty easy to control all the available features, but the app does seem to misbehave all too often. That’s quite a bummer, right?

The company should do two things to make this product more useful. One, they should fine-tune the app, and two, they should tweak the scooter’s controls underneath the footpads a bit so that the rider can safely use the board without needing to rely too much on the app.

Spinning Incidents Happen, Too

One major issue I’ve learned about the Gyroshoes Hoverboard is that it has a tendency to do crazy spins even when the rider is on it. What could be more dangerous than that?

My neighbor’s son rode this board the first time it shipped in, and the experience was scary to say the least. The parents chose the Kids Mode and also selected the self-balancing mode because they wanted the young dude to travel slowly and safely.

The self-balancing supplied all the fun the kid had imagined prior to receiving the gift and then some. The enjoyment of the board continued until it suddenly went insane and threw the kid off.

Luckily, the child was wearing great protection. Otherwise, they’d have ended up with a broken skull and injuries to other body parts such as wrists, knees, and elbows. The boy still sustained a bruised shin.

Even after the kid fell off, the damn board kept spinning around in a frighteningly uncontrollable way. I was there, and it was like watching a destructive tornado approaching fast and furious and not knowing what to do to save your life!

The boy’s dad also rides a hoverboard and knows a thing or two about these devices. So, he quickly grabbed the spinning thing and brought it stop by pressing the power button. But he almost had his wrists broken! It was really nasty.

Beeping Sound

Finally, some users have noticed an annoying beeping sound that won’t go unless you turn off the board several times and then turn it on back. What’s worse, some hoverboards just refused to stop beeping no matter what interventions the owner tried to help stop this waywardness.

Given the many quality issues users have experienced with the Gyroshoes Hoverboard, I’m not sure I want to recommend this product. I’ve bought a couple self-balancing scooters over the years, and I’ve been planning on investing in this one.

But after all the negative reviews I’ve read and the crazy incident I saw at my neighbor’s place, I definitely won’t be picking up this device.

The Best Gyroshoes Hoverboard Alternatives

Now that I’m not recommending this hoverboard to you, what other options do I think you should look at instead? Since the Gyroshoes Hoverboard puts out 700 watts of motor capacity, I’ve decided to give you two options in that performance range.

The Gyroor Warrior 8.5″ hoverboard is one of the best comparable self-balancing scooters I can think of. This board mostly works, and while it gives riders its fair share of problems, there’s not a whole boatload of board quality issues to grapple with.

As far as specs and features go, the Gyroor Warrior is pretty similar to the Gyroshoes Hoverboard. But I suspect that’s because these two self-leveling hoverboards come from the same hoverboard brand, the Silicon Valley-based Gyroor.

Well, maybe Gyroshoes isn’t based in the U.S. as is the parent company, Gyroor. I tried asking a few product-related questions via email, and the responses I got revealed I was dealing with someone who couldn’t communicate intelligibly in English.

I thought the guy on the other end was some Chinese dude with a rudimentary knowledge of English. Maybe Gyroshoes operates from China, producing stuff and shipping them over to the main company in the U.S. Maybe that’s why Gyroshoes kept saying to me “we’ll send the product in U.S., dear friend!

Another Gyroshoes Hoverboard’s alternative I recommend is the Gyroor G-F1 8.5” with app control and Bluetooth speakers. This one looks like a race car, and it produces exciting sounds that lend a certain badass quality to the ride. Features and specs-wise, the Gyroor racing hoverboard offers about the same level of performance as the Gyroor Warrior.

Here’s Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard review I wrote previously, and here is a review of the Gyroor G-F1 hoverboard, all decent alternatives of the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior.

Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior Review: Verdict

Overall, the Gyroshoes Hoverboard 8.5″ Warrior is an OK-ish hoverboard that works for some but fails other riders spectacularly. The board has trouble operating app-less, and while the smartphone app works, it can be quite temperamental. Also, there have been a few cases of this hoverboard spinning uncontrollably and furiously. Battery issues aren’t rare, too.

The good news is that the hoverboard market provides a slew of worthy Gyroshoes Hoverboard alternatives that give riders decent performance. I recommend the Gyroor Warrior and its race version the Gyroor G-F1 because, well, they work. Plus, these alternatives don’t decimate bank balances.