Ice skating and Figure  Skating Outfit

People often confuse figure skating with ice skating likely because both activities are done on ice. What’s the difference between these two sports?  In this post, I explain the differences to clear up all the confusion.

Figure skating Vs Ice skating

In figure skating,  ice skaters focus more on jumps, spirals, lifts, and spins. It is commonly done in pairs, especially during music competitions. The sport first became popular in the 1930s, but it evolved into an  Olympics sport in 1976. Ice dancing, freestyle, and synchronized team skating are all types of figure skating.

Ice skating is a sport that involves sliding over a smooth ice surface on steel blade skates. It is a very competitive sport that is mostly done for recreation or exercise.

In figure skating,  wearing comfortable costumes is vital. The wrong outfit might slow you down or make you flounder while on the ice.

Over the years, figure skating outfits like everything else in the world have changed tremendously. These outfits have become more dramatic and decorated and dress a bit shorter.

Female Figure Skating  Outfits

Figure skaters are required to have artistically designed clothing that influences the audience while allowing free circulation in the areas they cover.

During the selection of the best figure skating outfit, one should consider several factors, mainly the purpose and fit

Ice skating dresses are the ideal thing in this sport. When choosing the best dress, consider the brand and fabric used. You need a material that will suit all your needs when on ice. Manufacturers make these dresses with the purpose in mind. You should be crystal clear about what you need to avoid making a purchase you’ll regret later.

One should consider their budget when selecting the outfit.

Material/Fabric and Fit

Having a fitting costume is crucial as it determines your movements when performing by either enhancing or obstructing them. You ought to choose the best fabric that suits your needs preferably velvet or Lyrica. It is recommended that the fabric should be elastic and have a four-way stretch.

Also, clothing should not be too tight or too baggy. The ice skating skirt should go around the waist and can also have slits depending on the skater. Some skaters wear skirts with leotards or leggings that allow them to move freely underneath the skirt. The tights can be worn either over the boot or inside depending on the skater’s preference.

One can also dress in a bodysuit that reaches to the feet if the skirt is too revealing for them.

In the past, the bodysuit was not acceptable in female figure skating. This costume gained acceptance in the sport around 2006 when it was also stated as law. You may decorate your bodysuit the same way you would your dress or skirt.

The Figure skating Costume should Fit the Music

Figure skating costumes are designed according to the skater’s specific music choice. If the music is cheerful, the outfit should be made of bright colors and decorations. However,  if the music is slow or soulful, a jumpsuit with fewer embellishments would be possibly suitable.

Skaters need their costumes to look the best they can when competing since they are also a contributor to how the performance is received. In this sport, dressing is the first thing noticed even before they perform. Baggy outfits would make a skillful skater sloppy and messy no matter how much they practiced.

A sweater or sweatshirt is okay to wear over your skating dress to keep you away from the cold. Gloves are also included if one feels the need for them. This is only allowed during practice and should never be done during the competition.

Ice skates for Female Figure skaters

Female ice skaters are required to have white or tan-colored skates.

The figure skater’s hair should stay pulled to the back of the head in a bun or ponytail. That helps to avoid interference on the face when skating  and decorations  add a nice touch to it

Ice Skates for Men Figure Skaters

Looking neat is also a requirement for men figure skaters as it is for women. Male figure skaters shouldn’t wear tights on the ice. However, they are allowed to wear tapered pants if they prefer a snug fit.

In the past, men used to wear sweaters when ice skating but things are a little different today. These days, though, male skaters have a wide array of creative options like the use of different colors of fabric. Throw in suitable accompaniments, and the costume becomes a lot more attractive.  The outfits are customized using rhinestones, sequins, and mesh and they look neat and more appealing.

The most common color theme for male figure skaters remains black.

The shirt could be either long-sleeved or short-sleeved depending on what the skater is comfortable in. And the material for the shirt should be pliant such as cotton or high-performing lyrica for easy movement.

The shirt should have a neckline and should never expose your chest to the viewers.  Sleeveless shirts are a big no when on ice.

If it’s cold, the figure skater is allowed to wear a sweater. Remember, only one pair of socks is recommended during figure skating as it promotes free circulation to your feet.

Men’s Figure Skating Ice Skates

Men’s skates have typically worn black, but over the years a few changes have been introduced and colors other than black are available.

Jeans Are a No-no

best outfit

Never wear jeans when figure skating. Jeans aren’t elastic and would inhibit you from performing at your best. Plus, if you slip and fall, they become wet and you’d have to excuse yourself to change into another pair.

Where to Purchase Skating Outfits

Figure skating outfits can be purchased at any dance store or skating rin. But some people design and sew their figure skating at home. As for ice skates, you can buy them online on Amazon or wherever else you might prefer.

I recommend that you take your time shopping. Don’t buy in a huff, and don’t order anything until you’ve found your desired outfit.

I hope this article helps.

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  1. My little nephew Jackie will join an ice skating competition next month, which is why I am looking for a ladies’ outfit that looks elegant on her. With that, I’ll follow your tip to know the material that will suit all her needs on the ice rink. However, I am hoping to find a shop that offers custom designs, since I think it is way better than buying a generic style.

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