Do Skate Rinks Serve Alcohol?

Most skating rinks don’t serve alcohol. Maybe that’s because they realize that drunks on skates are a bad idea.

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The vast majority of rinks have a strict policy on drinking alcohol while there. They won’t even let you hold private parties or birthday parties let alone indulge in alcohol.

But why do many have a strictly no alcohol rule? I bet it’s because they’d have to deal with tons of lawsuits otherwise in insanely litigious America.

However, pretty much all skate rinks are BYOB. That is, you can bring your booze and skate while tipsy. Be sure to ask though.

But you just won’t be able to buy any at the rink after depleting what you brought in.

Drunk Skating is a Bad Idea

I’ve done a bit of drunk roller skating, but it’s not something I do anymore. I’d not drunk like plenty, but I did eat shit and hated it.

To be clear, it wasn’t at a roller skating rink. I just drove to some skate, sat in my car, and downed 4 truly black cans of really thick Guinness. Yea, I’m a beer fan.

I didn’t get that drunk, but I got tipsy enough to make three wrong moves, eating crap each time.

I recommend sober ice skating, skateboarding, ice skating, and inline skating. Especially if you’ll drive home after the skating sessions.

All too often drunk people think they’re sharp as a tack, but we all know that alcohol f*cks up one’s judgment.

If people fall and break bones skating sober, what do you think would happen if all rinks started serving beer? Disaster, that’s what.

I see guys sipping frothy stuff at skate parks all the time.

But I have zero data to prove imbibing was the main reason they went down when they did. But hey, everyone falls, so to each their own.

List of Rinks That Serve Alcohol

I already said that the vast majority of skating rinks don’t serve alcohol at all.

But since some in the community keep searching for a skating rink that serves alcohol near me, I thought it’d be helpful to begin putting together a list of places that do.

Sorry, I don’t have much info at this time, but I’ll sure keep updating the list as I find new places that serve beer to skaters.

  • Midsouth Ice House
  • Houston Just Rolling Skate Rink
  • Sharpstown Ice
  • Maine Street Mall Ice Rink. Feel like a beer, cocktail, or food? Joshua’s Tavern got you covered
  • Orland H. Bland Pond, Yarmouth. Cross the street and find Gather, a decent place, for a meal and some Moscow Mule if you’re down for it.
  • Lee Twombly Pond at Family Ice Center, Falmouth. Walk or drive to the nearby full bar, Rivalries and grab a beer there
  • Skate World, not far from Bay Area blvd (bar and BYOB 21 on Saturday nights)
  • Fun Time Skate, Webster
  • The Waterhouse Center, Kennebunk (Enjoy an after-skate beer at a bar next door, the Academe Brasserie and Tavern, a part of the Kennebunk Inn.
  • Thompson’s Point, Portland(enjoy craft beer here)
  • Mill Creek Pond, Hinkley Drive, Portland. Find Foulmouthed Brewing half a mile away
  • Riverside Golf Course, Portland. Get alcoholic drinks at nearby Riverside Grill Bar & Restaurant
  • Are you visiting Seattle or live there and are wondering if any roller skates there serve beer? Below is a list of Seattle rinks that allow after-session indulgence.

Skate Rinks in Seattle Where You Can Find Alcohol

  • Pattison’s West Rink, Seattle: Planning a roller skating party with your squad? Do it at Pattison’s West roller skate rink. And yes, they allow you to enjoy beer and other adult beverages.
  • Lynnwood Bowl & Skate: If you are into roller skating and bowling and like doing parties, this is the place.
  • Everett Skate Deck: For adults nights and roller dancing. Rent it out for a party if you like, too.
  • Skate World Tacoma in south Seattle: Get everything under the same roof here. New roller skates, private parties, skating lessons, public skating sessions, birthday parties, adult drinks, and even Roller Derby.
  • Southgate Roller Rink: Hinting for a family-friendly place that also lets you do a party or skate while enjoying your favorite beer? The Southgate Rink in Seattle it is.


Looks like I underpromised and over-delivered here! That’s 16 places where you can ice skate or roller skate while socializing over pub food, beer, or whisky.

Some of these places such as the ones in Seattle serve alcohol on-site and allow you to hold parties while others don’t serve alcohol but are conveniently located near places that do.