Cheap Figure Skating Dresses

Skating costume forms a vital part of your ice skating performance. Finding the best cheap figure skating dresses should be a prominent phase of the preparation process for your next ice skating competition.

When shopping for the best ice skating costume, there are a few aspects to consider including comfort, fit, fabric, lace, style, and of course, price.

But searching online for good ice skating dresses with free shipping can feel overwhelming. There are hundreds of sellers and products to consider. I have reviewed 5 cheap but decent ice skating dresses to help you pick up costume that looks stunning while flattering your athletic body.

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1.Sagester 137 Sleeveless Italian Handmade Figure Skating Dress Review



The Sagester #137 offers an awe-inspiring design that not only draws the attention of your fans, but also that of the judges. Additionally, this dress gives you enough confidence and comfort so you can invest 100% of yourself into your performance.

Although available in an affordable price range, the dress is handmade in Italy. Now, there’s a lot to be said about Italian fashion.

The item consists of 80% polyamide and 20% elastin, a combination that offers both strength and elasticity. The fabric is lightweight (1 lbs), pleasant to touch, and is available in six nice colors namely bay blue, red, bordo, black, fuschia purple, and white.

This dress fits well, and the right wearer would look stunning in it. It’s stretchy, too, and its sleeveless design allows even more flexibility and freedom, powering effortless maneuvers. Additionally, these ice skating dresses feature a V-shaped floral lace that accentuates the skater’s back.

The dress reflects lots of light back to the audience thanks to the shinning rhinestones on the lace, further amplifying your moves. And if you prefer skating dresses that don’t reveal too much skin, the Sagester #137 is a great choice.

With this option, constriction is minimal as its bottom flares out, allowing ultra-free multi-directional movement. Impressed? You can buy the dress now at Amazon or any other place, especially one that offers free shipping.


2.Chloe Noel DLV04 Figure Skating Dress Review



Second on the list of affordable dresses for ice skating in the United Kingdom or wherever you plan on competing is the Chloe Noel DLV04 Skating Dress. Available in black and red, these ice skating dresses give you an unforgettable look and great functionality. The best part? The option comes with free shipping, and it’s sold in 8 different sizes. 

Ice skating sometimes involves athletic performances, and flexibility is vital. Luckily, the dress’ velvet fabric comprising of 10% spandex and 90% polyester is stretchy enough. And the double-layered skirt dress ensures unrestricted movement while also making a style statement.

But it gets even better. Long velvet sleeves and crystal beads on the front sparkle as you execute your moves.

This is the skater dress you want for performing the most mesmerizing spins. You know, the kind of crazy spins that make your SO and fans think you’re the coolest girl in the whole world. Its comfortable and fit well, too.

The main material on these dresses is relatively thick, making them a suitable option for cold rinks. Finally, the product comes at a great price with free shipping to various locations.

But I doubt any seller at Amazon offers free shipping to skating destinations such as Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, the Netherlands Antilles, and many others.


3.Girl’s MiDee V-Neck Sequined High-Low Waist Dance Dress Review



Also offered with free shipping at an affordable price, the Girl’s MiDee V-Neck Sequined high-low lyrical dance dress offers more at the same price. Its asymmetrical design includes a half-pleated and half-sequined V-neck, a high-low waist and a slanting skirt section so you can show a bit of flesh to your modern audience, huh? It’s available in 4 color choices and multiple sizes. 

The main fabric is made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, a combination that results in a stretchy, comfortable material. There’s also a soft mesh comprising of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. This mesh further helps improve fit, making sure nothing impedes your moves.

Although the dress is pretty cheap, it performs almost as well as options with a higher price tag. Most reviewers say the dress feels nice and is light, which is good for a sport that involves endless moves like ice skating.

You can order these skating dresses and other skating products from Amazon whether you live in South Africa, Costa Rica,Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, French Guiana, or wherever, all with free shipping.


4.Long-Sleeved White Figure Skating Dress Review



Made from 100% spandex, the dress is considerably light and stretchy. You want to sport this dress for practicing and even skating competitions. The material is breathable (not that breathability matters a whole lot in ice skating), soft, comfortable, and fits with ease.

These ice skating dresses feature a mesh that covers the top chest area and arms. Regardless of age, you’ll find the price affordable across the 10 sizes available on Amazon.

The fabric feels good and gives you all the confidence boost you need to win the toughest competitions. Despite being affordable, you also get free shipping. I couldn’t believe it’s a hand-sewn product when I saw its irresistible price point at Amazon.

Overall, the dress is well-made and looks amazing. You’ll likely get many compliments from your fans with this costume. However, some skaters may find the neck a little too tight. The item is offered in 10 sizes, but you can only buy white.


5. BINGHUOZHIWU Yellow Sleeveless Figure Skating Dress Review



You want to look elegant while performing in an ice skating competition or just practice, and this dress makes it happen. The BINGHUOZHIWU yellow sleeveless ice skating dress lets you effortless express the freshness, energy, optimism, and joy inherent in your practiced skating moves. Yellow radiates happiness and positivity, and only a blind judge wouldn’t notice the loyalty feel that adorns your appearance and skill demonstration.

But you don’t need to pay out the wazoo to own this yellow option. It’s fashioned from high quality spandex and features long, fingertip sleeves, giving sufficient flexibility around your shoulders and arms.

Also,the fabric used is soft and stretchy, and that makes for a super comfortable fit. In a skating environment that’s likely to get warm, this yellow dress is the ideal option as it offers lots of breathability. The item also adds flame to your performance with its unmissable color and design. But this isn’t the most long-lasting rink dress; there’s way more lace than fabric. Embellishment somewhat excessive, too.

The dress is hand-sewn, and hand washing is best for protecting the item’s intricate beadwork, sequins, rhinestones, and whatnot. For orders made online, you not only enjoy attractive prices, but you might also get free shipping. It’s available in 10 yellow sizes including small, X-Small, medium, Large, X-Large, and others.


But how do you choose the perfect dress for figure skating? I explain that and more in the brief sections that follow.

First things first, though…

What is a Skater Dress?


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Everyone on Instagram incessantly talks about skate dress styles. But what is a skater dress? A skater dress is basically an A-line dress, and even though this dress features the same silhouette as a figure skating option, but it doesn’t typically feature lace.

The silhouette of a skater dress starts off narrow at the top and progressively bottoms out as you near the hem. The A-line shape derives its name from its similarity to the letter A.

So, are skater dresses used for rink skating? Why not? I mean, there’s no universal consensus on what’s appropriate ice skating attire. But jeans? Very few skaters enter the rink in jeans.


How to Dress for a Figure Skating Competition


A good outfit not only impresses the judges and audience, but also bolsters the skater’s confidence levels throughout the session. Here’s what to consider when shopping for good ice skating dresses.

Fit: Size is a critical factor when choosing the right dress. It should fit you well, flattering your and making you look stunning. When you have a comfortable outfit, you know it and your audience and judge know it too.

Color: Color is also a key factor. You can go with your favorite color, but it needs to be a color that gives you a confidence boost.

Talk to your trainer: Your trainer or mentor knows a thing or two about these sorts of dresses, and they could help you pick a really cool one. There are guidelines regarding about how a figure skater should dress, and your coach should ensure you dress right. They’ll also let you know if you’re free to decide what to wear.

Music: The type of program music that’ll play is also an important factor. It should help you choose a style and colors that fit the music.

Style: Decide if a low neckline rather than a high one would flatter you better. A slanted skirt works best for a short skater, and layered skirts let you spice up things a bit. Thin hips? Choose a bell-shaped skirt.

Other Essentials Every Ice Skater Needs: Aside from having a great dress, you may also need a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm, sweat pants (no jeans, please), a bag for carrying your ice skates, blade guards for when you’re exiting the rink, soakers and towel for drying your blades, and think socks.


How to Size Figure Skating Dresses


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Never assume you know your size while ordering online. The surest way to get skating dress sizing right is to use the size chart provided by the manufacturer.


Follow these steps to measure yourself for sizing a figure skating dress:


Measure your bust: Take your chest’s measurement with a deep breath and your arms stretched out. Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest.

Take your waist measurement: When measuring your waist, place one end of the tape from your belly button. Then, wrap the tape all around, ending at the belly button, again.

• Take your torso measurement correctly. How do you take your torso measurement correctly? It’s easy. First, place your tape on the inner shoulder. Then, bring the tape down over the torso, passing it between your legs and finally up the back to where you started.

• Measuring the hips: When taking your hip measurement, take the reading for the fullest part of your hips and butts.


Pro tip: Please ask your friend to help out with the measurements.


How to Know Your Figure Skating Competition Dress Fits Well


A properly fitting figure skating dress fits snugly. However, the dress shouldn’t feel too tight. If you try on a dress and it constricts and pulls enough to restrict movement, that’s not a good fit. Similarly, if the dress forms wrinkles and ripples when you wear it, it’s like too big for you.

Here’s simple but actionable advice:

If the costume feels too tight or restrictive, go a size up. And if it feels a little too loose, go one size down.

Where to buy Good Cheap Figure Skating Dresses


There are plenty of places you can buy really nice skating dresses without spending all of your life’s savings. From your local offline skating shop to online skating shops, you have endless options. And of course there’s Amazon and Ebay, massively reputable online marketplaces if you deem customer reviews, shipping information, and price comparisons to be important.

You may or may not enjoy free shipping for your dresses. It all depends on where you’re located. Amazon, for example may deliver affordable skating dresses for free around the U.S., but a skater based out in the Falkland Islands or Burkina Faso may not enjoy free shipping.


How Much Are Figure Skating Dresses?


Honestly, the best figure skating dresses for women and girls aren’t typically the cheapest deal on the market. Actually, the best options are almost always expensive. That’s because tons of high-quality fabrics and embellishment such as sequins, beads, and rhinestones (and increasingly embroidery), are poured into the creation. And there’s the designer’s creativity and time, and believe me, their time and creativity can be insanely expensive!


Final Thoughts On Affordable Dresses for Skating


Generally, pricing of ice skating dresses varies on the basis of the quality of the fabric and other materials used, craftsmanship, and the manufacturer’s pricing policy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find well-made skating dresses offered at really attractive price points.

Read reviews like mine, or head over to Amazon to learn what other skaters are saying about various affordable dresses. All of the 5 options reviewed above are good enough for the price-conscious skater, and it shouldn’t be that hard to pick the one you like best.