Common Mistakes When Buying an Electric Skateboard

11 mistakes to avoid when buying an electric skateboard

Roughly 85 percent of longboarders don’t give up commuting or recreational riding once they discover longboarding. And, electric skateboards are a kind of motorized longboard. Since longboarding promises to be more than a faddish idea, it’s reasonable to predict that electric skateboarding isn’t going anywhere, yet. But e-skateboards aren’t cheap. And that means e-skateboard buying … Read more

How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

Is an electric skateboard hard to ride? You’re looking to learn how to ride an electric skateboard, but you want to be sure it’s doable. Yes, riding an e-skateboard isn’t as hard as you imagine, but everyone needs a little guidance when new to something. If you’ve never owned an electric skateboard and have been … Read more

How to Stop on a Skateboard

Learning how to stop on a skateboard can save your limbs, or even your life. Sometimes you’re rolling too fast, and you suddenly spot an obstacle. Maybe it’s a pebble or a large crack. Or someone is in your way and you need to stop so you don’t hurt them or yourself. Or you have … Read more

How to Ride a Skateboard

Learning how to skateboard isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Forget the unbelievably crazy skateboarding tricks pro skaters like Tony Hawk and others effortlessly perform on Youtube and elsewhere online. Becoming a good skateboarder takes tons of laser-focused and consistent practice. But you got to start somewhere, and there’s no better time than now … Read more

How to Clean a Skateboard

How to Clean a Skateboard

Some things including skateboards and longboards aren’t meant to stay clean all the time. Naturally, if you’re gliding around town or bombing dusty hills even some of the time, your skateboard will get dirty. And, few skateboarders worry much about how their skateboard looks. But when dirt and grime start slowing your skateboard and whacking … Read more

Best Skateboards for Beginners

Powell-Peralta Vato Rats Complete Skateboard

What are the best skateboards for beginners on the market these days? You’re asking this question because you want to learn skateboarding and spice up your life a little. Or, you’re coming back to skateboarding after a decade and are feeling completely clueless. Whatever the case, I’ll guide you on how to choose the best … Read more

Best Bearings for Skateboards

Best bearings for skateboards

Whether you’re a hobby skateboard rider or a slalom skating pro, you need the best bearings for skateboards you can afford. Tiger Woods leverages the finest golf clubs to deliver his spectacular A-game. Similarly, skaters desiring a great outdoor experience should choose fast, and durable skateboard bearings. In this post, I’ll be your patient guide … Read more

The History of Skateboarding

history of skateboard

How did skateboarding start? When did it start, where did it begin, and who were the first skateboarders? What did the first skateboards look like and where did the inspiration come from? All of these questions are the reason I wrote this post. Here, we’ll dive into a brief history of skateboarding so you can … Read more

Types of Skateboard Wheels

skateboard wheels

The skateboard wheels market offers three main types of skateboard wheels. We have skatepark and street wheels, cruiser wheels, and longboard wheels. The main differences between skateboard wheels revolve around aspects such as diameter, hardness, smoothness, and purpose. In this post, I’ll introduce to you all 3 different kinds of wheels so you can easily … Read more