Different Types of Roller Skates

Different types of roller skates

Many people tend to confuse roller skates with rollerblades, also known as inline skates. The most important and instantly noticeable difference between roller skates/quad skates/quads and rollerblades/inline skates is that quads have four wheels arranged in a 2 x 2 style — two wheels at the front and two at the back — while rollerblades … Read more

How to Do Crossovers on Roller Skates

Well, crossovers aren’t easy even though they’re a fancy thing to learn. But if you’re going to be roller skating for a lifetime, you’ve got to get down your crossovers. You must learn how to do crossovers on roller skates, even when you’re riding super fast. Why? Because navigating corners is one of the quickest … Read more

How to Stop On Rollerskates for Beginners

In an earlier post, I covered in some detail how to stop on rollerblades for beginners. And in how to stop on rollerskates for beginners, I’ll show you at least 5 beginner-friendly ways to slow down and finally stop on your rollerskates. Also Read: Best Quad Skates Stay with me awhile, and you’ll soon know … Read more

How to Rollerskate for Beginners

You’ve just received a fine pair of quad skates and are now wondering what to do with them. Luckily, you landed on this post. And this post will focus on how to rollerskate for beginners. Here’s how to ride rollerblades in case you’d like to learn. Also Read: Finest Rollerskates Lots of beginner quad skaters … Read more

Do You Need a Helmet Rollerskating?

do you need a helmet rollerskating

Studies show that inline skating head injuries (also rollerblading, done using inline skates/rollerblades) and rollerskating (done using quad skates) happen less frequently than do ice skating head injuries. In one study, ice skating accounted for 13.3 percent of the head injuries observed compared to just 4.4 percent for rollerskating and 5 percent for inline skating. … Read more