How to Rollerskate for Beginners

You’ve just received a fine pair of quad skates and are now wondering what to do with them. Luckily, you landed on this post. And this post will focus on how to rollerskate for beginners. Here’s how to ride rollerblades in case you’d like to learn. Lots of beginner quad skaters tend to rollerskate the … Read more

Differences Between Rollerskating and Rollerblading

differences between quadskates vs rollerblades

Rollerskates vs. Rollerblades, what’s the difference? Quite a few performance and design aspects distinguish rollerskates from rollerblades. In this post, I describe the differences between rollerskating and rollerblading as well as the differences between rollerskates (quads) and rollerblades (inline skates). Now, to understand the key differences between rollerskates and rollerblades, it’s crucial to grasp what … Read more

Best Roller Skates for Dancing for 2021 [Reviews]

VNLA Tuxed Skates in Different Colours

You’ve likely watched those amazing roller skate dancers jamming to Pardison Fontaine’s Backin’ It Up. And you’ve always wondered if you, too, can groove like one of those guys and gals. Maybe you’ve been meaning to take your rhythm and blues skating to a whole new level. Probably even join a roller dance competition? With … Read more