Why is Skating So Tiring? Find Out Now

Ice skating is a lower-impact exercise compared to biking and running, but it’s also a full-body workout that can be totes tiring. And the same goes for skateboarding, roller skating, and inline skating. Skating, like running, uses pretty much every muscle of the body. Naturally, these muscles get tired after some time working out. But … Read more

Why Do We Skate Counterclockwise?

There’s no scientific explanation for why we skate counterclockwise, only goofy speculation and weird theories. But here are plausible explanations for why skating rinks go counterclockwise: rinks are designed to prompt this behavior, rink management normally requires skaters to turn to the left, most humans are right-handed, and the heart is on the left side … Read more

Do Skate Rinks Serve Alcohol?

Most skating rinks don’t serve alcohol. Maybe that’s because they realize that drunks on skates are a bad idea. Related: Flirting While Ice Skating The vast majority of rinks have a strict policy on drinking alcohol while there. They won’t even let you hold private parties or birthday parties let alone indulge in alcohol. But … Read more

How to Choose a Roller Skate Helmet

how to choose a roller skating helmet

Before I guide you on how to choose a roller skating helmet, I’ll tell you a short story.  Lynn is new to roller skating. She loves everything roller skating in the local park has to offer her fitness-craving self. So, she started watching YT videos on how to drop in, but the worst happened on … Read more

Why Do My Shins Hurt When I Rollerskate

why do my shins hurt roller skating

You are relatively new to roller skating, and but all you’re getting from your skating indoors or outdoors is shin pain. You love your brand new Rainbow Riders or whichever roller skates with metal base plates you own, but you’re losing your initial enthusiasm for roller skating. Because your shins are on fire and in … Read more

Different Types of Roller Skates

Different types of roller skates

Many people tend to confuse roller skates with rollerblades, also known as inline skates. The most important and instantly noticeable difference between roller skates/quad skates/quads and rollerblades/inline skates is that quads have four wheels arranged in a 2 x 2 style — two wheels at the front and two at the back — while rollerblades … Read more

How to Do Crossovers on Roller Skates

Well, crossovers aren’t easy even though they’re a fancy thing to learn. But if you’re going to be roller skating for a lifetime, you’ve got to get down your crossovers. You must learn how to do crossovers on roller skates, even when you’re riding super fast. Why? Because navigating corners is one of the quickest … Read more

How to Stop On Rollerskates for Beginners

In an earlier post, I covered in some detail how to stop on rollerblades for beginners. And in how to stop on rollerskates for beginners, I’ll show you at least 5 beginner-friendly ways to slow down and finally stop on your rollerskates. Also Read: Best Quad Skates Stay with me awhile, and you’ll soon know … Read more

How to Rollerskate for Beginners

You’ve just received a fine pair of quad skates and are now wondering what to do with them. Luckily, you landed on this post. And this post will focus on how to rollerskate for beginners. Here’s how to ride rollerblades in case you’d like to learn. Also Read: Finest Rollerskates Lots of beginner quad skaters … Read more