Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads Review

Protec street knee pads review

Are you a big-kneed skater with thick thighs and wondering if the Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads could be the answer? My Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads Review comprehensively covers your question and also addresses others you didn’t even know you needed to ask! And here’s my video review of the Protec Street knee pads if you’d … Read more

Triple Eight Kneesavers vs. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

Watch our Triple Eight kneesavers vs. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads comparison video or read the written review that follows. Debating the Triple Eight Saver Series Kneesavers vs. Protec Street? I’ve rollerbladed for at least 6 months with both and gathered valuable insights that I’ll share with you today. My personal experience should help you choose … Read more

Triple Eight Saver Series Pads Review

Triple Eight Saver Series Pads Review

Below is my honest-to-goodness video review of the Triple 8 Saver Series Pad Set. I’ve personally tested these knee, wrist, and elbow pads, and I’ll let my firsthand experience speak to you. I’ve uploaded original photos to show you what the kneesavers, elbowsavers, and wristsavers look like and how they fit me. You may also … Read more

How to Longboard for Beginners

how to longboard

If you’re wondering how to longboard for beginners, you’re in for a treat. In less than 20 minutes, you can grasp the basics of riding a longboard. You can learn how to balance on a longboard, how to move forward, how to steer the board, how to foot brake, and even how to bail if … Read more

Longboard Bushing Types, Shapes, and Hardness

Longboard bushings stay hidden under the deck. Many skaters don’t know much about them, which is why they pay little attention to them. Their shape, size, and placement (boardside or roadside) determine the overall ride experience. I hope this longboard bushings guide makes things crystal clear so you can get the most out of your … Read more

Longboard Flex

Longboard flex refers to how flexible a deck is. The amount of flex you need in a longboard mainly depends on your riding style. Your weight is another consideration to keep in mind when picking a deck for your dancer, DH racer, freeride, freestyle, pumper, cruiser, or commuter board. Also Read: Best Longboards for All … Read more

Best Skate Helmet

So you’re a beginner to skateboarding, longboarding, rollerskating, rollerblading, or ice skating. Or you’ve earned some boarding experience and are now looking to get into tougher riding styles such as freeride or downhill skating. Whether you’re new to skating or have been skating for a while, covering your noggin with a worthy brain bucket is … Read more

Best Beginner Longboard

You’ve decided that longboarding is the thing for you. What remains is for you to pick the right longboard. But, which is the best beginner longboard when you’re looking at gazillions of options each of which looks like it could do the job? Related: Best Longboards Overall Choosing a good new-rider longboard becomes significantly easier … Read more

How to Mount Longboard Trucks

How to Mount Longboard Trucks

You’ve just received a nice pair of longboard trucks from Amazon or wherever. Now, it’s time to mount those trucks on your longboard. But you’re not sure you can complete the longboard truck mounting process without screwing up. Also Read: Best Longboard for the Money And that’s why you’re here. Here, I’ll describe how to … Read more

Best Bearings for Longboards

When it comes to what the best bearings for longboards are, there are as many opinions as how many people you ask. Many people say ceramic bearings are the best longboard bearings overall for skateboards, cruisers, and longboards. Others believe that steel skate bearings perform as well as ceramic bearings. Some even believe that steel … Read more