How to Heat Mold Inline Skates

How to bake inline skates

Your shiny pro-level or beginner inline skates just arrived. And they fit just fine. But breaking them in is proving harder than you thought it would be. The boots are crushing your humble feet, and all you have to show for all your efforts are painful blisters, cuts, and sores. That’s why you ended up … Read more

How to Break in Inline Skates

How to break in inline skates

So you’ve bought a nice pair of new beginner inline skates. You’re sure you did sizing correctly, but rollerblading for a couple of days has hurt your feet real bad. What now? How do you break in inline skates that are killing your feet? Do you just keep powering through hoping the pain and discomfort … Read more

How to Clean Inline Skate Bearings

how to clean your Inline skate bearings

Whether you ride inline hockey skates, recreational inline skates, or rough-road rollerblades, you need bearings that spin smoothly. But if your rollerblade bearings don’t get a regular clean, they’ll soon start misbehaving. Your bearings might even decide to seize up on you when you’re rolling crazy-fast down a steep hill. And what happens in a … Read more

How to Assemble Inline Skates

How rto assemble inline skates

You’ve decided to build your own inline skate, one customized to your preferences and riding style. But that means buying every part separately and then assembling them into a fully functional skate. That’s why you’re here, to learn how to assemble inline skates. And that is what this post is all about. I bet you’ve … Read more

How to Stop on Rollerblades for Beginners

When it comes to learning how to rollerblade, taking off and stopping are two super important parts of the process. Beginner rollerblades typically come with a braking system, and the brake is always on the right skate. Now, having some stopping mechanism is one thing, but putting it to work smoothly and safely is quite … Read more

Best Rollerblades for Kids

Best Rollerblades for Kids

Good rollerblades are a great birthday gift, and there’s no better way to demonstrate your boundless love for your child. But choosing the best rollerblades for kids has never been easy. There’s quite a bunch of things to keep in mind: Inline skate wheels, durometer, wheel size, the frame, the boot, adjustability, and whatnot. My … Read more