How to Do Crossovers on Rollerblades

forward crossovers and backward crossovers

Crossovers are a great help for when you wanna go into and out of a turn at high speeds. If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to go so fast on rollerblades, wonder no more. It’s because those people know how to do forward and backward crossovers. Fortunately, this post discusses nothing else aside … Read more

How to Jump on Inline Skates for Beginners

a man jumping very high on inline skates

Jumps are super important when it comes to becoming a better skater. If you can jump properly and safely, that additional ability becomes an integral part of your evolving skill set. In this post, Peter, one of our team members, will handhold you through jumping on inline skates. You’ll learn the techniques required to master … Read more

How to Put on Inline Skates

how to put on inline skates

Today, one of us (Peter, a budding skater) will show you how to put on inline skates so you can do it correctly each time. Inline skates are a kind of special shoes, which is why absolutely new skaters may wonder if they’re wearing them correctly. Related: How to get up on rollerblades By the … Read more

How to Go Uphill On Inline Skates

how to inline skate uphill

Unless you live in the flattest location on the planet, Salar de Uyuni, you’ll always have to go up hills of all shapes and sizes. And while doing that isn’t the toughest thing in the world, riding up hills on rollerblades can be tricky if you don’t know exactly what to do. Related: How to … Read more

How to Do the Plow Stop on Inline Skates

how to do the plow stop

There are two crucial things to learn when it comes to inline skating, especially if you’re new to it. You need to learn how to get up after falling over. You also want to practice how to stop safely using the Plow Stop or other techniques. And that’s what this brief post is about. Also … Read more

How to Get Up on Inline Skates

how to get up on inline skates

Are you new to rollerblading and learning the basics? Getting up after lacing the skates is where it all begins. It’s not hard at all, but if you’re totally clueless as to what to do to stand up on your rollerblades and stay still, it can be a tad challenging. In this tutorial, Peter takes … Read more

How to Rotate Inline Skate Wheels

how to rotate rollerblade wheels

Inline skaters rotate the wheels on their wheels every once in a while depending on how often you skate and a bunch of other factors. It’s not hard, nor is this simple activity a time suck. If you can spare between 40-60 minutes now, you’ll rotate the wheels on your rollerblades like a pro. Also … Read more

Rollerblade Brake Replacement

rollerblade brake replacement

Can you put a brake on rollerblades?  Yes, you can replace a broken or worn-down inline skate brake. You can also add brakes to rollerblades that came without a brake. Inline skates that have a braking system come with only one, and this brake is normally found on the right skate. But if for whatever … Read more

Best Rollerblades for Beginners [Video on Choosing a Good Beginner Skate Included]

best rollerblades for beginners

Buying the best rollerblades for beginners is as challenging as shopping for anything else that costs more than cents. That’s mostly because the inline skates market inundates shoppers with endless options.  And all the noise from sometimes-not-so-honest marketers adds to the confusion. Related: Best Rollerblades for Different Styles and Budgets Here, I reveal everything a … Read more

How to Remove the Heel Brake from Inline Skates

If you’re a beginner to inline skating, a heel brake is a critical feature to have on your rollerblades. But if they installed the brake pad at some awkward angle and you’re falling frequently, that can be super frustrating. Related: How to Replace the Brake on Inline Skates Also, if learning crossovers, skating backward, and … Read more