Do Inline Skates Have a Weight Limit

Do inline skates have a weight limit

Is there a weight limit for inline skates? I know why you’re asking whether inline skates have a weight limit. It’s because you’re a big boy or a large girl. And you’re wondering whether that pair of beginner inline skates you’ve been eying can support your higher-than-average weight. In this post, I’ll answer your question … Read more

How to Buy Inline Skate Bearings

How to Choose Inline Skate Bearings

Here’s a little fact: Without bearings, your inline skate wheels won’t turn round. Rollerblade ball bearings may be a small component, but they’re one aspect to which you must pay enough attention. Even though pretty much all bearings work irrespective of brand, some inline skating situations require bearings with certain qualities. In this post, I’ll … Read more

Why Do Inline Skates Hurt My Feet

why your inline skates hurt your feet

Most skaters can remember at least one instance when their brand-new inline skates hurt their feet real bad. I’ve encountered such boots myself. I’m talking about my beginner rollerblades that did all they could to crush my feet every time I hit the skate park. We all know that skates of all kinds aren’t supposed … Read more

What to Do if Your Inline Skates Are Too Big

what to do if your inline skates are too big

Before I say anything about what to do if your inline skates are too big, there’s one truth you should understand. It’s harder to reduce your skate’s volume than to increase room. Related: How to Make Inline Skates Faster In this post, I list out 6 simple suggestions that’ll help you address your my-inline-skates-are-too-roomy problem. … Read more

Can You Dance With Inline Skates

roller dancing on inline skates

So you’ve decided you want to be a roller dancer. You’re not sure whether you can use your inline skates for roller dancing, though. Can you dance with inline skates, really? Can you jam skate or moonwalk or spin or do everything else roller dancers do at parks and rinks? Related: Best Roller Skates for … Read more

How to Make Inline Skates Faster

how to make inline skates faster

Good technique and posture are a chunky part of rollerblading faster. But being able to push harder and more efficiently isn’t enough. In some cases, upgrading to better wheels and rollerblade bearings can also help you roll around remarkably faster. In this post, you’ll learn how to make inline skates faster and how to ride … Read more

How to Spin on Inline Skates

Rolling around on inline skates is tons of fun, but being able to spin on inline skates is a thrilling experience. Admittedly, learning to do spins on your inline skates won’t be super easy. That said, persistence and knowing exactly what to do makes a whole lot of a difference. In this post, you’ll learn … Read more

How to Heat Mold Inline Skates

How to bake inline skates

Your shinny pro-level or beginner inline skates just arrived. And they fit just fine. But breaking them in is proving harder than you thought it would be. The boots are crushing your humble feet, and all you have to show for all your efforts are painful blisters, cuts, and sores. That’s why you ended up … Read more

How to Break in Inline Skates

How to break in inline skates

So you’ve bought a nice pair of new beginner inline skates. You’re sure you did sizing correctly, but rollerblading for a couple of days has hurt your feet real bad. What now? How do you break in inline skates that are killing your feet? Do you just keep powering through hoping the pain and discomfort … Read more

How to Carry Your Inline Skates

how to carry inline skates

Whether you’re a pro-level skater, a recreational skater, or a commuter, you need a way to carry your inline skates around. You need a way to carry your rollerblades between any two skate points, and I’m sure that’s why you stopped here. In this short post, I’ll share with you a couple of ideas on … Read more