How to Keep Your Feet Warm When Ice Skating

a kid in a solar ice rink

Ice rinks are naturally cold, or they’re kept cold, at near-freezing temperatures. You’re going to need to stay warm enough, or you won’t enjoy ice skating very much. Most ice skaters experience their first-ever ultra-cold feet during their first Learn-to-Skate lesson. You’re there on the rink learning or practicing forward swizzles, backward swizzles, one-foot glides, … Read more

Best Skate Helmet

So you’re a beginner to skateboarding, longboarding, rollerskating, rollerblading, or ice skating. Or you’ve earned some boarding experience and are now looking to get into tougher riding styles such as freeride or downhill skating. Whether you’re new to skating or have been skating for a while, covering your noggin with a worthy brain bucket is … Read more

Sharpening Ice Skates With a File

Sharpening ice skates with a file helps your steel stay sharp longer. Well, getting nicks, gouges, and burrs off of blades with a file isn’t too hard. It’s even possible to cut an actual hollow profile into the bottom of your ice skates with a needle file. But you need to have the requisite skills … Read more

How to Sharpen Ice Skates Using a Machine

how to sharpen ice skates using a machine

Technology on the ice skating scene keeps evolving. And it’s possible to sharpen your ice skates at home using a machine. Well, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to machine-sharpening of skates. But, if everyone in your family and circle of friends skates, it’s an idea worth exploring. In this resource, … Read more

How to Sharpen Ice Skates by Hand

how to sharpen ice skates by hand

In how to sharpen ice skates by hand at home or at the rink, I explain three simple and easy steps to give your ice skate blade smooth and sharp edges in no time. But can you actually sharpen ice skates at home without a machine? Yes, you can, but the handheld ice skate sharpening … Read more

How to Sharpen Ice Skates at Home

Your new ice skates just shipped in, and they arrived dull. Or, your beginner ice skates came factory-sharpened, but after skating for a while, they’re beginning to feel somewhat sluggish. Which is taking the fun out of your play. But tell me: why do you want to learn how to sharpen skates at home? Is … Read more

How to Ice Skate for Beginners

A pair of white skates

So you want to learn how to ice skate for the first time. Because you’re a complete beginner. Or maybe the last you wore ice skates was 20 years ago, and it feels like your skating chops have really gown down. Fortunately, you bumped into this post on how to ice skate for beginners. Here, … Read more

Best Ice Skates for Wide Feet

Purchasing things like good ice skates online has never been easy. But choosing hockey skates or figure skates that fit wide feet snugly usually turns out to be even trickier. All too often, figure skaters and hockey players, especially beginners, follow recommendations from random people online. And what happens? These players end up with a … Read more

Different Types of Ice Skate Blades

pictures of 4 different ice skate blades

Beginner boots are less stiff and generally more comfortable compared to intermediate and higher-level boots, which are stiffer and not as comfortable, generally. But what about ice skate blades? What makes one blade a beginner-level blade and another a higher-level blade? That’s the main question this brief guide on ice skate blades prioritizes. Also Read: … Read more

How to Clean Your Ice Skates Right

A person cleaning ice skates at home

You’re here to learn a thing or two about how to clean your ice skates right. And that’s what this post is all about. Good ice skates whether beginner ice skates or pro-level ice skates aren’t cheap. They’re for the most part expensive pieces of rink gear that need proper routine maintenance to keep them … Read more