How to Keep Your Feet Warm When Ice Skating

How to Keep Your Feet Warm When Ice Skating

Ice rinks are naturally cold, or they’re kept cold, at near-freezing temperatures. You’re going to need to stay warm enough, or you won’t enjoy ice skating as much. Most ice skaters experience their first-ever ultra-cold feet during their first LTS lesson. You’re there on the rink learning or practicing forward swizzles, backward swizzles, one-foot glides, … Read more

Best Youth Hockey Skates

best youth hockey ice skates

What are the best youth hockey skates on the market, you ask. Should I buy the CCM Jetspeed FT340 or the CCM Jetspeed FT2? Maybe I should pick the Bauer Supreme S140 or the Bauer Vapor 2X, instead? Whether your child is just a recreational hockey player or wishes to become the world’s best hockey … Read more

Best Ice Skates for Wide Feet

Purchasing things like good ice skates online has never been easy. But choosing hockey skates or figure skates that fit wide feet snugly usually turns out to be even trickier. All too often, figure skaters and hockey players, especially beginners, follow recommendations from random people online. And what happens? These players end up with a … Read more

Best Ice Skates for Beginners

Best Ice Skate for Beginners

Ice skating often seems graceful and effortless, and it’s beautiful to watch ice skaters waltzing on the ice. It makes you want to skate, too. But you’re going to need to learn ice skating first.  And for every skating level, you’re going to need the right ice skating gear. At this point, you’re asking your … Read more

Types of Ice Skates

types of ice skates

The ice skating world provides different types of ice skates. And each type of ice skate works best for a certain kind of skater or ice skating style. So, what kind of a skater are you and what type of ice skate do you need? You can choose recreational skates, or figure skates, or hockey … Read more

CCM SK80 RBZ Senior Skate Review

CCM SK80 RBZ Senior Skate Review

You’ve searched high and low and in every nook and cranny for a good hockey skate that fits wide feet. But every supposedly wide hockey skate you’ve ordered online has ended up strangling circulation and hurting your feet like there’s a pain-inflicting medal the boot needs to win! Fortunately, you ended up on this CCM … Read more

Bauer Nexus 800 Hockey Skate Review

Bauer Nexus 800 skate review

Are you a big hockey skater with large, wide feet that have serious trouble fitting properly into any kind of skate? Are you tired of wearing ice skates that feel uncomfortably narrow, skates that consistently squeeze the hell out of your toes, forefoot, and heel? Maybe you should read my previous post Best Ice Skates … Read more

American Athlete Ice Force 2.0 Skates Review

American Athlete Ice Force 2.0 Skates Review

So you’re tired of being a barrier-hugging ice skating beginner. You’re now comfortable enough to venture further out on the ice. You likely have been using rented skates at the ice rink, and the support you’ve been getting out of these skates now feels inadequate. Plus, these rented skates have given you nasty blisters and … Read more

How to Sharpen Ice Skates Using a Machine

how to sharpen ice skates using a machine

Technology on the ice skating scene keeps evolving, and now it’s possible to sharpen your ice skates at home using an appropriate machine. Well, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to machine-sharpening of skate blades, but if everyone in your family and circle of friends skates, it’s an idea worth exploring. … Read more

How to Sharpen Ice Skates by Hand

how to sharpen ice skates by hand

In how to sharpen ice skates by hand at home or at the rink, I explain three simple and easy steps to complete this important task. But can you actually sharpen ice skates at home without a machine? Yes, you can, but the handheld ice skate sharpening tools available aren’t designed to eliminate professional skate … Read more