Best Hoverboard for Heavy Adults

Best hoverboard for heavy adults

The best hoverboard for heavy adults features a heavy-duty foot platform that doesn’t snap when a person weighing 200 pounds or even heavier steps on it. The right smart-balancing board for large, heavy adults offers maximum weight limits that are higher than the rider’s weight. According to the CDC, heavier-than-average US men weigh over 197.80 … Read more

Best Hoverboards for beginners

Best hoverboards for beginners

The best hoverboards for beginners have a solid build, are easy to operate, self-balance without difficulty, and stay stable the whole time the novice stands on the footpad. Also, the right mobility device for inexperienced riders prioritizes safety. It uses a UL2272-certified battery pack and allows the learner to set a slower and safer maximum … Read more

How to Calibrate a Hoverboard

how to calibrate a hoverboard

Your self-balancing scooter has for some reason stopped staying upright, making it impossible for you to ride it. Or your hoverboard has formed the bad and annoying habit of pulling either to the right or to the left. The rest of the time, your self-leveling scooter vibrates uncontrollably. Most likely the gyroscope needs to be … Read more

How Do Hoverboards Work?

It seems like everyone from kids to teens and adults wants to look really cool these days when out there having a good time. Everywhere you look there’s always some happy soul rolling around on some motor-driven board that looks like a segway without handlebars. But how do hoverboards work? How do the various components … Read more

How to Ride a Hoverboard for Beginners

You ordered a UL2272-certified beginner hoverboard such as the Swagtron T6 powered by a certified and safe battery a couple of days ago. The self-balancing scooter you bought boasts a ton of rave reviews, and it’s just arrived looking all new and nice and futuristic. Now, you’re here. And all you want to do is … Read more

Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior Review

Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior Review

At a glance, the Gyroshoes Hoverboard 8.5″ Warrior looks similar to the heavy-rider self-balancing scooter from Swagtron, the T6. But what kind of riding performance can one squeeze out of the Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior? In my Gyroshoes Hoverboard Warrior review, I answer this question and others you likely don’t even know you should be asking. … Read more

EpikGo Sports Plus Hoverboard Review

EpikGo Sports Plus Hoverboard Review

I’ve been putting out heavy rider hoverboard reviews for a series of posts that focus on taking a closer look at each of these hovering e-rideables. Well, these hoverboards haven’t learned to hover, yet. And in this EPIKGO 8.5″ off-road hoverboard review, I reveal everything else this self-balancing scooter can’t do. Of course, I also … Read more

Gyroor G-F1 Off-road Hoverboard Review

Gyroor G-F1 Off-road Hoverboard Review

Have you always wanted to own a sleek street legal race car that didn’t cost a small fortune? In this Gyroor G-F1 off-road hoverboard review, you’ll learn what this race car-like self-balancing scooter from America’s Silicon Valley is and what’s not. You’ll also know know what this heavy rider self-balancing scooter for pursuing on-road and … Read more

Gyroor Warrior Off-Road Hoverboard Review

Gyroor Warrior Off-Road Hoverboard Review

Minimalism seems to be a growing trend in the United States. But the bigger is better mentality is still alive and well today. Many people still want bigger, better houses, cars, off-road hoverboards, and a lot more things. In my Gyroor Warrior Off-road hoverboard review, I’ll place everything I know about this 8.5-inch self-balancing scooter … Read more

TOMOLOO 6.5″ Q2C Hoverboard Review

tomoloo 6.5" Q2C Hoverboard review

Let me guess why you’ve searched and found this TOMOLOO 6.5″ Q2C hoverboard review. You’ve been pondering sinking a couple hundred dollars into some sleek personal transportation contraption that actually works. Or, maybe you lean a little on the heavy side of things and are hunting around for a heavy rider hoverboard? But there’s tons … Read more