Triple Eight Brainsaver MIPS Helmet Review

triple eight dual certified brainsaver helmet review

Almost every skateboarder agrees that Triple Eight helmets are some of the best skating and biking helmets on the market. But does the Triple 8 Brainsaver with MIPS technology cut it? Is it worth the $30 higher price point than its non-MIPS Brainsaver version? In this Triple Eight Brainsaver MIPS helmet review, I answer every … Read more

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet Review

Triple 8 sweatsaver liner skateboarding helmet

In this Triple Eight SweatSaver Liner skateboarding helmet review, I’ll help you view the deal up close so you can decide if it’s what you need. Designed in the classic skate style, the Triple Eight SweatSaver Liner skateboarding helmet provides enough protection for beginner-level and recreational stakeboarding, rollerblading, and longboarding heads. But don’t use this … Read more

Triple Eight Brainsaver Helmet Review

Triple 8 dual-certified brainsaver helmet review

My goal in this Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet review is to lay every salient feature of this skateboarding and biking helmet on the table for your scrutiny. If you’d like to take a look at other Triple Eight helmets, I’ve reviewed all Triple Eight helmets here. The Triple Eight dual-certified Classic style helmet offers two … Read more

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet Review

Triple Eight Gotham MIPS Helmet review featured image

In my Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified helmet review, my objectives are twofold. First, I’ll word-paint this dual-certified urban style skateboarding and cycling helmet, shining a light on every feature and spec to help you perform an objective evaluation of the deal. Second, I’ll focus my review on any feature, spec, or aspect I think … Read more

TSG Pass Helmet Review

TSG Pass Helmet Review

Before I dive into this TSG Pass helmet review, there’s one thing I need to tell you this early. The TSG Pass is among the most full-face helmets for riding downhill e-skateboarding, downhill mountain biking, and other chock-full-of-risks outdoor pursuits. This downhill e-skateboarding helmet looks really badass, so if you don’t want a brain bucket … Read more

Demon United Podium Helmet Review

Demon Podium Helmet Review

Finally, a Demon United Podium Helmet review that sugarcoats nothing and tells it as it is. If a mountain bike helmet or whatever protective gear I’m assessing sucks on all fronts, I always speak the truth. Are you looking for a bike riding full-face helmet that looks good without looking like every other melon protective … Read more

Triple Eight Gotham MIPS Helmet Review

MIPS Triple Eight Gotham helmet

There’s a reason Tony Hawk wears a Triple Eight noggin protector, and there’s a reason you should read this Triple Eight Gotham MIPS helmet review. I recently reviewed the Gotham Dual Certified skateboarding helmet, and while the MIPS version is pricier, many riders willing pay the price difference. This post is about why lots of … Read more

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Vs Gotham MIPS Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Dual certified vs Triple Eight Gotham MIPS comparison

Triple Eight makes some of the most affordable helmets out there. And most of the brain buckets from this helmet brand look really cool while providing adequate head protection to riders. I previously reviewed the Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified helmet as well as the Gotham MIPS options. Now, it’s time to present a Triple … Read more

Best Bike Helmet for Toddlers

Best kids and toddlers helmet

While searching for the best bike helmet for toddlers, you must prioritize safety and comfort. Pay attention to safety features such as MIPS technology or equivalent tech, helmet weight, and ventilation/air circulation. Other aspects to keep your eyes peeled for include fit, color, and graphics. Remember certifications, too, particularly CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). *Affiliate … Read more