Safest Bike Helmet

safety bike helmet

In 2020, The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab joined hands with the Insurance for Highway Safety and tested a bunch of road and MTB helmets. When this safest bike helmet testing project was completed, the cycling community got a list of 132 helmets and their corresponding safety ratings. In this post, I sort out the test … Read more

Best Skate Helmet for a Big Head

Best Skate Helmets For a Big Head

So you have a big head. That likely means your head packs a ton of brains. And I bet the hair on that head grows lush, and you hate the idea of cutting it just so you can use a skate helmet. You also skateboard, which means you need a nice-looking and protective brain bucket … Read more

How to Measure Your Head for a Helmet

how to measure your head for a helmet

So you’re planning on getting some protective headgear for electric skateboarding, biking, motorbiking, snowboarding, skiing, roller-skating, or whatever outdoor activity you’re passionate about. But you’ve learned that wearing a poorly fitting helmet can end in disaster. That’s why you want to learn how to measure your head for a helmet. In this helmet sizing guide, … Read more

Dual-certified Compass Helmet Review

Dual-certified Compass Helmet Review

I’ve reviewed quite a few Triple Eight helmets, most of which are certified to the ASTMF-1492 and CPSC1203 safety standards. But there’s one particular bike helmet I’d like you to meet. And that’s what I intend to assess in the dual-certified Compass helmet review. Without further ado, let’s see what the Compass helmet from New … Read more

Triple 8 Audio Snowboarding Helmet Review

triple 8 snowboarding and skiing helmet with audio

As you snowboard or schuss down snowy slopes, you need a properly certified snowboarding helmet or skiing helmet. You need the right protective headgear so you can have endless fun while reducing the risk of cracking your skull in case you ever have a major wipeout. But what if you could also listen to your … Read more

Triple Eight Helmet Reviews

Triple Eight helmet reviews

So you’ve been reading protective gear reviews on various places online. And you’ve heard a bunch of good things about Triple Eight helmets. But is Triple Eight a good brand and are Triple Eight skateboarding helmets any good? I’ve put together these Triple Eight helmet reviews to help you navigate the myriads of options this … Read more

Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet Review

sweatsaver Halo Water helmet review

What are your thoughts on water sports? I’m talking about water skiing, snowboarding, and wakeboarding as opposed to those other water sports that happen in bedrooms and bathrooms. I assume you’re into wakeboarding and such other water-based fun, and I’ll ask you one question. Do you ever worry about crashing and hitting your head? Do … Read more

Triple 8 Gotham Water Helmet Review

Triple 8 Water Helmet review

Credible statistics show that for every 100,000 wakeboarding participants, about 2.6 players get injured. ┬áThe most common wakeboarding injuries affect the head and face as well as the back, trunk, arms, and legs. Did you know that 11 percent of wakeboarding injuries are concussions? That’s why wearing the best wake helmet from Triple Eight or … Read more

Sweatsaver Helmet with Visor Review

Triple 8 Sweatsaver Helmet with visor

So you’ve been planning on owning a skateboarding or biking helmet with a visor for quite some time now. But you’re not sure whether the Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver helmet with a scratch-resistant and anti-fog visor is the real deal. Luckily, you’re here. And you’re about to read a helpful (hopefully) Triple 8 Sweatsaver Helmet … Read more

Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition Helmet Review

Sweatsaver Streetplant Edition Review

Everyone plants their face onto a hard surface at some point while out riding their bike, skateboard, or whatever. That’s why you need to have your delicate noggin safely tucked into a comfortable helmet with great head protection credentials. And that brings us to a very important question. Is the Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Streetplant … Read more