What Skate Helmet Size Should I Get?

how to measure head for a skateboard helmet

Rollerblading is a fun, fitness-promoting exercise, but falls do happen, unfortunately. Having thrilling fun is the main thing, but if you take a hard tumble and bust your cranium open, you likely won’t skate ever again. Always wear a fitting helmet when skating, but what skate helmet size should I get? Well, measure you head … Read more

Best Skate Helmet for a Big Head

Best Skate Helmets For a Big Head

So you have a big head. That likely means your head packs a ton of brains. And I bet the hair on that head grows lush, and you hate the idea of cutting it just so you can use a skate helmet. You also skateboard, which means you need a nice-looking and protective brain bucket … Read more

S1 Mega Lifer Helmet Review

s1 mega lifer helmet review

Do you skate and have a massive melon? Or even a 25-inch head that’s made skate helmet shopping a time-consuming and ultimately painful experience? You’re in luck. Because this S1 Mega Lifer helmet review (XXXL) will very soon uncover this helmet so you can see if it’s the best suited for protecting your outsize noggin … Read more

Triple Eight Helmet Reviews

Triple Eight helmet reviews

So you’ve been reading protective gear reviews. And you’ve heard a bunch of good things about Triple Eight helmets. But are Triple Eight skateboard helmets good? I’ve put together these Triple Eight helmet reviews to help you navigate the many options this skate brand offers skaters and other outdoorsy folks. Also Read: Best Skateboard Helmets … Read more

How to Store Your Cycling Helmet

How to store your cycling helmet

Your cycling helmet is the most important piece of cycling gear you’ll ever own. Good MTB pads, chamois, and a cycling jersey are nice to have, but they aren’t as critical to your safety. Taking good care of your bike helmet helps maintain its overall structural integrity and could even prolong its lifespan. And this … Read more

Best Skate Helmet

So you’re a beginner to skateboarding, longboarding, rollerskating, rollerblading, or ice skating. Or you’ve earned some boarding experience and are now looking to get into tougher riding styles such as freeride or downhill skating. Whether you’re new to skating or have been skating for a while, covering your noggin with a worthy brain bucket is … Read more

Safest Bike Helmet

safety bike helmet

In 2020, The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab joined hands with the Insurance for Highway Safety and tested a bunch of road and MTB helmets. When this safest bike helmet testing project was completed, the cycling community got a list of 132 helmets and their corresponding safety ratings. In this post, I sort out the test … Read more

How to Choose a Bike Helmet

How to choose a bike helmet

Biking is one of the most enjoyable pastimes ever invented. But rolling around on anything with wheels exposes you to all kinds of risks. You need to gear up using the right protective cycling equipment. You can ignore every other piece of tired cycling advice, but you can’t ignore this: always wear a decent bike … Read more

How to Clean a Cycling Helmet

How to Clean a Cycling Helmet

Riders fall off speeding bikes all the time. And nothing much happens if they’d helmeted up properly. Every cyclist deserves a certified bike helmet. But if your helmet’s dripping with sweat and stinks like neglect, you won’t want to wear it that much. As a bike rider, you should learn how to clean a cycling … Read more

How to Measure Your Head for a Helmet

how to measure your head for a helmet

So you’re planning on getting some protective headgear for electric skateboarding, biking, motorbiking, snowboarding, skiing, roller-skating, or whatever outdoor activity you’re passionate about. But you’ve learned that wearing a poorly fitting helmet can end in disaster. That’s why you want to learn how to measure your head for a helmet. In this helmet sizing guide, … Read more