Flat Pedals vs Clipless Pedals

Flat Pedals vs. Clipless Pedals

Flat pedals vs clipless pedals, what’s better? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions in the cycling world. In this post, I dive into the age-old debate of whether clipless pedals are better than flat-platform pedals. Here, you’ll learn the pros and cons of each pedal type. Most importantly, you’ll learn what kind of … Read more

How to Clip in and Out of SPD Pedals

how to clip in and out of spd pedals

Being able to clip into and out of clipless bike pedals such as SPD pedals and Look pedals is a learned skill. And it’s an important skill. Because there are riding situations where knowing how to clip in and out of SPD pedals fast and safely helps a bunch. A good example is when you … Read more

Longboard Bushing Types, Shapes, and Hardness

Longboard bushings stay hidden under the deck. Many skaters don’t know much about them, which is why they pay little attention to them. Their shape, size, and placement (boardside or roadside) determine the overall ride experience. I hope this longboard bushings guide makes things crystal clear so you can get the most out of your … Read more

Longboard Flex

Longboard flex refers to how flexible a deck is. The amount of flex you need in a longboard mainly depends on your riding style. Your weight is another consideration to keep in mind when picking a deck for your dancer, DH racer, freeride, freestyle, pumper, cruiser, or commuter board. Also Read: Best Longboards for All … Read more

How to Mount Longboard Trucks

How to Mount Longboard Trucks

You’ve just received a nice pair of longboard trucks from Amazon or wherever. Now, it’s time to mount those trucks on your longboard. But you’re not sure you can complete the longboard truck mounting process without screwing up. Also Read: Best Longboard for the Money And that’s why you’re here. Here, I’ll describe how to … Read more

How to Choose Longboard Wheels

How to Choose Longboard Wheels

The type of wheels on your longboard, their durometer, diameter, and shape affect your overall ride experience and ride quality. That’s why you should learn how to choose longboard wheels that match your riding style and skill level. Also Read: Best Street Skateboard Wheels In this post, I’ll explain the different wheel types the market … Read more

Sharpening Ice Skates With a File

Sharpening ice skates with a file helps your steel stay sharp longer. Well, getting nicks, gouges, and burrs off of blades with a file isn’t too hard. It’s even possible to cut an actual hollow profile into the bottom of your ice skates with a needle file. But you need to have the requisite skills … Read more

How to Sharpen Ice Skates Using a Machine

how to sharpen ice skates using a machine

Technology on the ice skating scene keeps evolving. And it’s possible to sharpen your ice skates at home using a machine. Well, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to machine-sharpening of skates. But, if everyone in your family and circle of friends skates, it’s an idea worth exploring. In this resource, … Read more

How to Sharpen Ice Skates by Hand

how to sharpen ice skates by hand

In how to sharpen ice skates by hand at home or at the rink, I explain three simple and easy steps to give your ice skate blade smooth and sharp edges in no time. But can you actually sharpen ice skates at home without a machine? Yes, you can, but the handheld ice skate sharpening … Read more

How to Sharpen Ice Skates at Home

Your new ice skates just shipped in, and they arrived dull. Or, your beginner ice skates came factory-sharpened, but after skating for a while, they’re beginning to feel somewhat sluggish. Which is taking the fun out of your play. But tell me: why do you want to learn how to sharpen skates at home? Is … Read more