How to Rollerblade for Beginners

Welcome to, aspiring inline skater. In this post, you’ll learn EVERYTHING a beginner-level inline skater must know when learning to rollerblade. Specifically, you’ll learn how to wear your skate gear, how to put on your beginner inline skates, and how to get up and get in the right skating stance. Also read: 11 inline … Read more

Soul Slide on Inline Skates Tutorial

How to soul slide Bujie demonstrating the soul stop

The soul slide is a prerequisite to learning the magic slide. Here, we’ll focus on the soul slide and not on the more advanced technique, though. Also, the soul slide is one of the quickest ways to stop on inline skates without brakes. Some skaters on YT have demonstrated that the quickest speed control technique … Read more

Best Wrist Guards for Skating

5 best wrist guards for skating

We previously wrote a post on the best knee pads for roller skating, but we feel that wrist guards need a bit more attention than they get when you lump them together with everything else.  Also read: Best large-noggin skateboard helmets Broken wrists happen at a scarily high rate in inline skating, roller skating, skateboarding, longboarding, … Read more

What Skate Helmet Size Should I Get?

how to measure head for a skateboard helmet

Rollerblading is a fun, fitness-promoting exercise, but falls do happen, unfortunately. Having thrilling fun is the main thing, but if you take a hard tumble and bust your cranium open, you likely won’t skate ever again. Always wear a fitting helmet when skating, but what skate helmet size should I get? Well, measure you head … Read more

How to Clean Inline Skates Properly

womens rollerblades

In this rollerblade cleaning tutorial, Peter, one of us at, will walk you demonstrate how to clean your inline skates correctly. We’ve also got you covered with a comprehensive video tutorial. From gathering the necessary supplies needed to cleaning each component – wheels, bearings, boot, liner, frame, and laces – we’re here to help … Read more

How to Longboard for Beginners

how to longboard

If you’re wondering how to longboard for beginners, you’re in for a treat. In less than 20 minutes, you can grasp the basics of riding a longboard. You can learn how to balance on a longboard, how to move forward, how to steer the board, how to foot brake, and even how to bail if … Read more

How to Rollerblade on Rough Ground

how to rollerblade on rough roads

Rollerblading is complete freedom and boundless adventure. And all of us at are passionate about it. But what happens when you encounter uneven terrain, rough roads, bumpy paths, and rugged urban streets? We’ll show you how to rollerblade on rough ground like a champ. Also read: How to rollerblade for the first time In … Read more

Inline Skating Tricks for Beginners

Inline Skating Tricks for Beginners

Being able to glide forward and backwards on inline skates feels good. But being able to pull off a few cool inline skating tricks as a beginner or intermediate-level skater feels even better. And this post offers you a list of 11 inline skate tricks you can learn even if you’ve not been inline skating … Read more

How to Powerslide on Inline Skates Tutorial

how to powerslide on inline skates

If you’re looking for a super effective way to stop without using the brake on rollerblades, you’ve got to learn to powerslide. And this brief tutorial will teach you exactly that: how to powerslide on inline skates. Also read: How to fall safely on inline skates Also read: inline skate tricks to learn today. And … Read more

How to Fall on Rollerblades Safely

How to fall on rollerblades picture

How do you rollerblade without falling? I hate to break it to you, but there’s no way to inline skate without falling. Falls are inevitable when it comes to inline skating. Even pro level skaters like our very own Bujie falls once in a while. Also read: How to powerslide on rollerblades But here’s the … Read more