Best Cycling Shoes

Best Cycling Shoes

If you’ve ever asked anyone what the best cycling shoes ever were and they quickly spewed out a list of bike shoes, they were most likely a salesperson. This time around, you get to get a little more detailed bike shoe buying advice from a real cyclist. Here, I’ll walk you through the entire cycling … Read more

Best Wheels for Outdoor Roller Skating

Best Wheels for Outdoor Roller Skating

Whether you’re an evolving beginner roller skater or a more experienced skater looking for better outdoor roller skating wheels, you’ll find this post useful. In this buying guide to the best wheels for outdoor roller skating, you’ll learn quite a few things that many other reviewers have either glossed over or even totally ignored. If … Read more

Best Skating Shoes for Beginners

Best Skating Shoes for Beginners

Choosing good beginner skateboarding shoes can be a bit of a hassle when there are tons of supposedly good options clamoring for your attention. In this best skating shoes for beginners buying guide, I’ll handhold you through the often-confusing selection process. Related: How to Ride a Skateboard If you want to know what starting-skateboarder shoes … Read more

How to Keep Ears Warm When Cycling

How to keep your ears warm when riding in winter

The winter season can get pretty nasty in some places around Tundra North America. ¬†There’s snow everywhere, but that’s not always a bad thing. Because snowboarders, skiers, and fat bike riders of all stripes can venture out and enjoy the cold outdoors. Related: Types of Cycling Sports¬† But while cruising on your fattie past breathtaking … Read more

How Fast Are Inline Skates

How fast are inline skates

Inline skates can roll really fast depending on a slew of factors. Some of the factors that could affect your skating speed include your skating ability and the size of the wheels. Wheel hardness/softness, wind resistance, pavement quality, and even bearing quality can also make a significant difference. But how fast can you go on … Read more

How to Stretch Cycling Shoes

how to stretch cycling shoes

Your sparkling cycling shoes have just arrived. You’ve tried your new biking shoes on, but they feel a wee bit too tight. Now, you’re wondering whether cycling shoes are supposed to feel that tight. Another question you might be asking yourself could be how do I make my cycling shoes more comfortable? And can you … Read more

How to Store Your Cycling Helmet

How to store your cycling helmet

Your cycling helmet is doubtless the most important piece of cycling gear you’ll ever own. Yes, good MTB pads, chamois, and cycling jerseys are great items to have. But none of these things trump a good cycling brain bucket in terms of importance. It’s essential to take good care of your bike lid, which is … Read more

Inline Skating Tricks for Beginners

Inline Skating Tricks for Beginners

Being able to glide forward and backwards on inline skates feels good. But being able to pull off a few inline skating tricks as a beginner feels even better. Related: Best Inline Skates for Beginners My assumption is that at this point, you can comfortably skate and turn without issues. In case you’re a complete … Read more

Do Inline Skates Have a Weight Limit

Do inline skates have a weight limit

Is there a weight limit for inline skates? I know why you’re asking whether inline skates have a weight limit. It’s because you’re a big boy or a large girl. And you’re wondering whether that pair of beginner inline skates you’ve been eying can support your higher-than-average weight. In this post, I’ll answer your question … Read more

How to Buy Inline Skate Bearings

How to Choose Inline Skate Bearings

Here’s a little fact: Without bearings, your inline skate wheels won’t turn round. Rollerblade ball bearings may be a small component, but they’re one aspect to which you must pay enough attention. Even though pretty much all bearings work irrespective of brand, some inline skating situations require bearings with certain qualities. In this post, I’ll … Read more