How to Choose a Bike Helmet

How to choose a bike helmet

Biking is one of the most enjoyable pastimes ever invented. But rolling around on anything with wheels exposes you to all kinds of risks. You need to gear up using the right protective cycling equipment. You can ignore every other piece of tired cycling advice, but you can’t ignore this: always wear a decent bike … Read more

Rollerblade Brake Replacement

Rollerblade brake replacement

Can you put a brake on rollerblades?  Yes, you can replace a broken inline skate brake. You can also add brakes to rollerblades that came without a brake. And no, inline skates that have a braking system come with only one, and this brake is normally found on the right skate. But if for whatever … Read more

Different Types of Roller Skates

Different types of roller skates

Many people tend to confuse roller skates with rollerblades, also known as inline skates. The most important and instantly noticeable difference between roller skates/quad skates/quads and rollerblades/inline skates is that quads have four wheels arranged in a 2 x 2 style — two wheels at the front and two at the back — while rollerblades … Read more

How to Do a Hockey Stop on Rollerblades

So you’re a pretty decent ice skater who loves shaving ice when the winter season rolls around. And you have learned the T-stop/parallel stop and can use it as easily as you do breathing. You recently started rollerblading and are now wondering whether your stopping skills on the ice fully translate to inline skating. You’re … Read more

Does Rollerblading Help Improve Ice Skating Skills

Inline skating vs. Ice skating

Do rollerblading skills carry over to ice skating? Yes, some rollerblading skills do carry over and help with ice skating, but thinking that ice skating and inline skating are exactly the same thing is inaccurate. Yes, you use many of the same muscles for both ice skating and rollerblading. But you’ll have to consciously switch … Read more

Types of Inline Skates

Types of Inline Skates

Too many starting skaters keep asking what the best inline skates are instead of asking more specific questions. Here’s a more focused question to ask: What is the best inline skate for beginners?  Or, What’s the best inline skate for slalom skating, or for aggressive inline skating, or for speed skating, or for inline figure … Read more

How to Keep Your Feet Warm When Ice Skating

How to Keep Your Feet Warm When Ice Skating

Ice rinks are naturally cold, or they’re kept cold, at near-freezing temperatures. You’re going to need to stay warm enough, or you won’t enjoy ice skating as much. Most ice skaters experience their first-ever ultra-cold feet during their first LTS lesson. You’re there on the rink learning or practicing forward swizzles, backward swizzles, one-foot glides, … Read more

Best Inline Skate Wheels for Asphalt

best inline skate wheels for asphalt

What happens when you have every piece of equipment you need for your next outdoor inline hockey game but your skates just won’t roll? Because you mounted useless wheels onto the chassis? Nothing! Until you take action and equip your skates with proper outdoor inline hockey wheels, nothing. And that’s where this guide on choosing … Read more

Inline Skate Wheel Size, Hardness, Profile, Hub Guide

How to choose inline skate wheels

You’re building a pair of rollerblades from the ground up. Or, you’ve been looking to upgrade your beginner rollerblades with a better set of inline skate wheels.  And, you’re wondering what are the best inline skate wheels to use on your rollerblades. In this inline skate wheel size, hardness, profile, hub guide, you’ll learn how … Read more

Best Mountain Bikes for Beginners

Best Beginner Mountain Bikes

Buying a bike can be confusing for pretty much everyone. But the bike selection process gets a tad challenging if you’re an absolute beginner in mountain biking. So, what are the best mountain bikes for beginners? If you’re an absolute beginner and haven’t learned to speak like a real mountain biker, read this post: Mountain … Read more