Bike Rims Buying Guide

choosing MTB bike rims

Bikes look pretty simple, but when you start shopping for replacement bike parts or upgrades, things can get a bit complex and confusing. There’s a ton of stuff to learn before sinking your money into bike rims, bike tires, handlebars, pedals, suspension, saddle, shifters, and everything in between. Hopefully, you’ll learn everything you need to … Read more

Types of Bike Brakes

Types of Bike Brakes In this guide to different types of bike brakes, you’ll learn what each brake type looks like and how each kind works. There are many bike brake types including coaster, drum, rim, hydraulic, cantilever, caliper, V-brakes, and many others. But in this post, I’ll describe 4 of the most common types. … Read more

Cycling in the Rain Tips

cycling in the rain tips

Is it safe to ride a bike in the rain? Is cycling when it’s pouring hard good for your bike? What are you supposed to do as a cyclist when it starts raining? In this post, I answer all these questions and more. More specifically, I list down 13 actionable cycling in the rain tips … Read more

Reasons to Ride a Bike When It’s Raining

reasons to ride a bike in the rain

When it starts raining, kids get excited and want to get out and play in the rain. But when the first drop hits the ground, most adults get inside and stay there when they could be out having fun. Here are 8 good reasons you really should hop on your bike and embrace that stormy … Read more

How to Choose a Roller Skate Helmet

how to choose a roller skating helmet

Before I guide you on how to choose a roller skating helmet, I’ll tell you a short story.  Lynn is new to roller skating. She loves everything roller skating in the local park has to offer her fitness-craving self. So, she started watching YT videos on how to drop in, but the worst happened on … Read more

Why Do My Shins Hurt When I Rollerskate

why do my shins hurt roller skating

You are relatively new to roller skating, and but all you’re getting from your skating indoors or outdoors is shin pain. You love your brand new Rainbow Riders or whichever roller skates with metal base plates you own, but you’re losing your initial enthusiasm for roller skating. Because your shins are on fire and in … Read more

Best Rollerblades for Wide Feet

best rollerblades for wide feet

Shopping for good inline skates and other types of rollerblades has always been a little confusing. But when it comes to choosing the best rollerblades for wide feet, the process tends to get even more challenging. For some reason, skate companies don’t indicate the width of their boots. They leave it all to you to … Read more

MTB Tire Knob Shapes

MTB tire knob shapes

Mountain bike tires have all kinds of knob shapes in different sizes. Each knob shape and size gives you a certain kind of ride experience. Understanding how tire tread patterns work and the various types of knob shapes can help you match the right tread design to your riding style. In this short guide, I’ll … Read more

How to Choose Bike Tires

How to choose bike tires

Choosing a replacement bike tire is like choosing a cycling helmet — it can get pretty detailed and a tad confusing. The cycling market is a vast sea of choices, and each of these choices yearns for your attention and dollars.  The right bike tire for you depends on the type of bike you have, … Read more

Inline Skate Frame Buying Guide

inline skate frames Buying guide

Maybe you’re looking to buy your first-ever pair of beginner skates for rollerblading. Or you’re hunting around for the best components so you can build your skates from the ground up. Without good frames to mount your inline skate wheels onto, you won’t like your skates/skating very much. In this inline skate frame buying guide, … Read more