How to Choose Bike Tires

How to choose bike tires

Choosing a replacement bike tire is like choosing a cycling helmet — it can get pretty detailed and a tad confusing. The cycling market is a vast sea of choices, and each of these choices yearns for your attention and dollars.  The right bike tire for you depends on the type of bike you have, … Read more

How to Choose a Bike Helmet

How to choose a bike helmet

Biking is one of the most enjoyable pastimes ever invented. But rolling around on anything with wheels exposes you to all kinds of risks. You need to gear up using the right protective cycling equipment. You can ignore every other piece of tired cycling advice, but you can’t ignore this: always wear a decent bike … Read more

Best Mountain Bikes for Beginners

Best Beginner Mountain Bikes

Buying a bike can be confusing for pretty much everyone. But the bike selection process gets a tad challenging if you’re an absolute beginner in mountain biking. So, what are the best mountain bikes for beginners? If you’re an absolute beginner and haven’t learned to speak like a real mountain biker, read this post: Mountain … Read more

Best Cycling Shoes

Best Cycling Shoes

If you’ve ever asked anyone what the best cycling shoes ever were and they quickly spewed out a list of bike shoes, they were most likely a salesperson. This time around, you get to get a little more detailed bike shoe buying advice from a real cyclist. Here, I’ll walk you through the entire cycling … Read more

How to Stretch Cycling Shoes

how to stretch cycling shoes

Your sparkling cycling shoes have just arrived. You’ve tried your new biking shoes on, but they feel a wee bit too tight. Now, you’re wondering whether cycling shoes are supposed to feel that tight. Another question you might be asking yourself could be how do I make my cycling shoes more comfortable? And can you … Read more

How to Install and Remove Peloton Pedals

how to install and remove peloton bike pedals

We all know that installing and removing bike pedals is a pretty straightforward process for most bikes. Simply use a pedal wrench to attach the pedals or remove them. And the same goes for installing or removing the pedals on a Peloton or Echelon bike. But you want to learn how to install and remove … Read more

How to Remove Stuck Bike Pedals

how to remove stuck bike pedals

Real cyclists are always learning how to keep their bikes functioning efficiently. I bet you know how to install and remove the pedals on a bike. You can even easily remove and install the pedals on your Peloton bike. But what do you do when the pedals on your lovely rig just won’t come off? … Read more

How to Install and Remove Bike Pedals

How to Install and remove bike pedals

When a real cyclist isn’t saving money to buy a new shiny bike, they’re looking for ways to upgrade their existing bike. And because pedals contribute a lot to the overall riding experience, they’re one of the parts bike owners replace most often. Whether you’re replacing broken bike pedals, servicing the ball bearings, or doing … Read more

Clipless Bike Pedals

Clipless bike pedals

If one area of cycling draws confusion like a magnet, it is clipless bike pedals. First off, clipless bike pedals aren’t exactly clipless. These pedals have a kind of clip called a cleat. Then there are all kinds of pedal-and-cleat systems. In this post, I explain four of the most common pedal/cleat systems used in … Read more

How to Choose Mountain Bike Pedals

How to Choose Mountain Bike Pedals

Your bike’s pedals connect you to the timeless spirit of mountain biking. But with bazillions of MTB pedal companies releasing new flat and clipless pedals that promise to revolutionize your cadence, it’s easy to get confused. The sheer number of good and not-so-good mountain bike pedals can be overwhelming. I put together How to Choose … Read more