Best Ski Boot Bags for Travel

What are the best ski boot bags for all travel? Whether you’re a pro or beginner skier, it helps to have a good ski boots travel bag. But the right ski boot bag should also carry your helmet, gloves, jacket, water bottle, ski pants, ski goggles and whatnot. I know skiers whose ski boot bag has stayed unused in the garage for years. That said, a good bag doubtless helps you organize your gear and other essentials so you can have a memorable ski vacation.

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List of 5 Best Ski Boot Bags for Travel


1. Athletico Skiing and Snowboarding Travel Luggage (Seriously Roomy, Best Overall)

best ski and snowboard bag for travel

2.Athalon Everything Ski Boot Backpack (Super Popular)

best travel bag for ski boots

3. Waterproofed OutdoorMaster Ski and Snowboard Boots Travel Bag

4. Thule RoundTrip Ski Boot Backpack (Premium Quality)

5.Transpack TVR Pro Boot Bag

Best Ski Boot Bags for Travel (Reviews & Buying Guide)


Look at each recommendation and see if you click with any of them.


1.Athletico Skiing and Snowboarding Travel Luggage Review


Planning a weekend skiing expedition? The Athletico skiing and snowboarding travel bag is big enough to carry everything you need for the adventure. The bag has a large-enough storage capacity and can carry ski gear including helmets, jackets, sports gear, water bottles, and boots.

Other small interior and exterior pockets accommodate small items such as your smartphone, iPad, toothbrush, gloves, and more. On the storage aspect, the ski boot bag compares favorably with the High Sierra Trapezoid boot bag.

This well-made, sturdy product can accommodate as much as 53 lbs of skiing necessities. Don’t pack past 50 lbs though if you want to travel without little surprises at airports that have you paying for extra weight. I use American Airline, and I don’t need more than one bag, which makes my travel easy and organized.

The boot bag has a central compartment and two large, well-ventilated side compartments, providing several storage options for your skiing equipment. I can pack two ski boots, one pair in the zippered side compartments and the other in the larger central compartment. This product also features reflective safety accents to keep you visible in foggy conditions, but I can’t say the piping stands out.

This well-made product has sturdy carry handles positioned with convenience in mind. It also offers detachable padded shoulder straps, and there’s additional padding around the lumbar region. All these amount to padded comfort so so you can easily carry your essentials from your car to the lodge. I like that the shoulder straps hide in a convenient compartment.

The water-resistant high-denier polyester material used to produce this product ensures water stays out. But waterproofness isn’t critical in my opinion. I mean, all the water around is frozen.



  • Detachable padded shoulder straps and lower back support
  • Many compartments that accommodate large and small essentials
  • Reflective piping for safety
  • Made by Athelitico, a trusted American company
  • Looks nice and has an attractive price
  • Made from water-resistant materials
  • Spacious with room to spare


  • Shoulder straps could be stronger
  • One reviewer complained of deformed zipper teeth

2.Athalon Everything Ski Boot Backpack Review

Overall, this is a great snowboard and ski boot bag that doesn’t look like a ski-specific bag. You can use it for other purposes. Buy this if you hate traveling with more than one bag. And at that price point, you’re getting the same (or even more) utility as significantly more expensive bags. Small wonder the bag is a bestseller on Amazon (as of this writing).

Since 1973,T Athalon travel-friendly bags have been spotted at airports, and there’s a reason for that: they look good (though not exceptional), are roomy, and they last years.

This super-popular ski and snowboard boot pack offers all of the room you’ll ever need to carry your must-have skiing equipment. The main storage compartment is spacious enough and should fit your skiing gear as well as jackets, helmet, skiing pants, snow gloves, and more.

Two adequately ventilated side boot compartments with a lockable dual zip system lets you pack even the largest boots (up to size 13). Other exterior pockets, including an MP3 pocket on the front of the bag, feature heavy-duty loadable zippers for added security. And the easy-to-access MP3 pocket contains a headphone port. Additionally, each pocket features clips for holding small items such as keys and gloves.

This boot bag is constructed from water-resistant polyester/tarpaulin material so your valuables won’t be damaged by excessive moisture. And if you pack one of your ski boots on the product’s sturdy PVC bottom, the water from melting ice gets drained away through super efficient grommets.

Like its competitor the Athletico above, this option features hidden padded shoulder straps. These shoulder straps instantly convert the bag from a backpack into a carry-on for quick processing at airports. Four padded areas on the back of the product add comfort and protect your back from excessive pressure especially when carrying heavy ski essentials. Ergonomic handles, one at the top and the other on the front, further increase convenience.

The product comes in at a great price. It compares favorably with some of the finest but pricier options out there. Think of the High Sierra Trapezoid boot bag or the ever-praised Dakine boot packs.

And did you know that the Athalon Everything ski boot and snowboard bag offers over 35 color choices?


  • Reflective piping for your safety
  • Over 35 color options
  • Clips for holding smaller items
  • A zippered MP3 pocket with a port for your headphones
  • Bag with pockets for boots and ski gear
  • Affordable while offering as many features as costlier options


  • Cheaper travel-friendly bags available
  • Some reviewers felt the shoulder straps could be sturdier


If you carry too much stuff in any bag, chances of straps snapping unexpectedly increase. But everyone can prevent instances of straps breaking by not cramming to much stuff into the bag.

3.Waterproof OutdoorMaster Ski and Snowboard Boots Travel Bag Review


OutdoorMaster relied heavily on its vast outdoor design experience when crafting this surprising roomy bag.This weatherproofed boot bag provides several storage pockets so you can safely carry every item you need. The sturdy bag is made from a durable, high-density nylon fabric.

When I saw the bag for the first time, I thought I’d have trouble fitting everything in there. It didn’t seem as roomy as most options I’ve seen. But I did put in my helmet, ski boots, gloves, ski pants, and everything else needed to make my trip successful.

Do you ice skate? Good news! You don’t need another bag for carrying your ice skates. My significant other wears size 9 ice skates, and this OutdoorMaster bag easily accommodated it. But I’m not sure the bag will fit very large ice skates. And I like that I can easily fit this bag in the overhead cabin in planes.

The product comes with two distinct storage compartments, and each has grommets for efficient drainage. I usually stow my boots in one of these rooms and my helmet in the other. But I think the material separating these two compartments could be a little thicker.

As for the other skiing essentials such as googles and gloves, I put them in the 3 smaller zippered pockets. The zips work well, and the best part is that they’re lockable. Additionally, the product has internal accessory pockets that hold smaller items. You also get two key clips.

Padded shoulder straps make this product an easy-to-carry backpack, and ergonomic handles make carrying ski equipment easier. But the handles could be sturdier, and the same goes for the straps as well as their attachment. If you like carrying lots of heavy outdoor gear on your ice trips, I’d encourage you to buy something else.


  • All external pockets are lockable
  • Significantly cheaper than comparable options
  • Fits overhead cabins on planes without trouble
  • Made from high-quality water-resistant nylon


  • Thin compartment separation wall
  • Straps and carry handles could be improved
  • Only available in two colors: black and khaki


If you don’t like black or khaki travel bags, this isn’t the option for you. But doesn’t black work for pretty much everyone? Overall, this Outdoor Master is seriously affordable. And while it may not seem as roomy as others at a glance, it should fit every must-have item you own.

4.Thule RoundTrip Ski Boot Backpack Review


Thule RoundTrip Ski Boot Bag is a premium-quality product that offers a little more than you get with most of its competitors. It’s a super sturdy and well-constructed boot bag, every design detail is laid out thoughtfully.

This ski boot backpack looks remarkably different than most options in the market. Unlike other bags that have a wide, boxy construction, this option has an upright slender style. It’s nothing like those weirdly wide options that have you awkwardly wiggling your way through standard sized door steps.

The bag tends to be top-heavy, though, and when I remove my boots, the top collapses. That’s not nice, but it certainly isn’t a dealbreaker.

The bag features two main compartments. The first main compartment serves as the boot garage while the other holds the rest of your winter gear. The front also provides roomy enough for your helmet. The boot compartment is easily accessible, and contains grommets that drain water from wet, used size 13 ski boots or smaller. And, you can put a couple warm clothes, mufflers, gloves, and more in the dry side storage that’s accessible from the top .

One feature that makes the Thule RoundTrip stand out is the domelike crushproof compartment on the top. I believe this extra feature accounts for the product’s premium price point. Now, this compartment is supposedly crushproof, but it’s not as sturdy as I’d hoped. If you have super delicate items, don’t put them in this storage. But I’ve carried my googles, sunglasses, and even my regular specs in this room without problems.

The backpack’s shoulder straps are wider than most and super sturdy, and they feel amazingly comfortable. While the pads won’t make your load lighter, the cushioning noticeably reduces the pressure your back gets from the bag’s contents.

Given the product’s compact size, you can easily stow it in your car trunk, and I’ve never had a problem plugging it into the overhead cabin during flights.

But there’s more.

A zippered flap serves as a mat that comes in handy while changing out of freshly used ski boots. You can also stand on it while drying out wet boots before repacking them. One more thing: this bag boasts built-in loops that lets you connect it to a rolling travel bag. I like that.

However, the bag looks a little like a kid’s backpack. And while it’s not ugly, I’ve seen lots of nicer-looking alternatives. Also, the dividing wall between the helmet and boots storage could be stronger.


  • Built-in loops for connecting to wheeled bags
  • Convenient flap for when changing out of wet ski boots
  • Sturdy handles and wide, adequately padded straps
  • Lockable zippers for enhanced security around your property
  • A slim design: you’ll never struggle when passing through doors at lodges
  • You can clip your skis on the bag’s sides for long hikes
  • Crushproof compartment for stowing delicate valuables


  • Limited color choices
  • Crushproof storage for stowing delicate valuables not sturdy enough


Let’s face it: this bag is overpriced. While I own it and love it, I know can get a much better deal at that prohibitive price point.


5. Transpack TVR Pro Boot Bag Review


If you currently own Trabspack’s XT1 model, you know fitting modern ski boots in there can be challenging. Fortunately, the Transpack TVR Pro is a worthy upgrade for skiers who prefer Transpack travel bags.

This bag makes air travel and other kinds of travel completely pain-free. The Transpack TVR Pro ski boot is a compact design that features side pockets with drainage grommets for your ski boots and a central compartment for other items like your helmet, gloves, clothes, and ski jacket. The product also offers additional storage (extra zippered side pockets) for stowing small necessities like gloves, mask, and goggles.

Made from high-quality 1680 ballistic nylon and polyester fabric, the product offers tons of durability and is easy to maintain. Also, the material is treated with a coat of water-resistant tarpaulin, and that makes it the perfect choice for when you’re hauling items that can’t withstand excessive moisture. The bag also boasts a firm, water-resistant tarpaulin bottom so you can carry heavy stuff without worry.

Recognizing how heavy your skiing helmet and other winter gear as well as your size 13 Dakine boots can be, the manufacturer designed this amazingly sturdy bag. The bag comes with detachable shoulder straps and waist straps for perfect support and weight distribution.

You can detach the straps, effectively modifying your bag into a carry-on so you can check it as luggage. And because this product flexes enough, it fits the overhead compartment in planes. That makes it the perfect travel bag for when doing that transatlantic winter trip to Japan.

One more thing: the self-healing double zippers for this winter traveling bag are incredibly large and feature grommeted pulltags so you can lock up your stuff when leaving the lodge to see the city. Well, you really don’t have to lock up your things. But it’s not unheard of for skiers to loose unprotected valuables.


  • Lockable self-repairing double zippers
  • Tarpaulin-coated water-resistant surface
  • Grommets for unhindered drainage
  • Adequate ventilation


  • No reviews on Amazon as of this date


No reviews doesn’t necessarily mean the product isn’t great. It just means not enough people have discovered it or bought it. The product works. You won’t be disappointed.

So, what’s the best ski boot bag in this list? I’ll tell you what the best pick is immediately after ski boot bags buying guide below.

Best Travel Ski Boot Bags (Buying Guide and Reviews)

Looking for the best ski boot bag for your next skiing excursion? With so many companies manufacturing ski boot bags, you might find it hard picking the right one for your needs.

I’m here to handhold you through the selection process so you’ll end up with an option that provides enough storage space. I’ll describe three types of snowboarding and skiing boot bags so you can easily make up your mind on which option among the 5 best ski boot bags reviewed in this post would be perfect for you.

The best ski boot bags for travel are sturdy, roomy, and made from durable and water-resistant materials, usually nylon or polyester. Also, the best ski boot bags are affordable though some come in at premium pricing. Finally, the best options feature carry handles and padded shoulder straps and can be checked as luggage at most airlines.

What to Look for When Shopping for Ski Boot Bags


Here are 8 aspects to keep an eye on as you shop around for the best ski boot bag for your next winter trip:


1.What Type of Ski Boot Bag is It?


The ski boot bags market offers three main types of ski boot bags, and you really should know what each type looks like before you buy. The differences between different kinds of air travel bags are based on the number and position of boot and helmet pockets each option has. Here are the 3 main types of boot bags:

  • Internal Divider Boot Bags
  • Split-Level Design Bags
  • Side Boot Pockets Bags

(i)Internal Divider Boot Pack


Designed like regular backpacks, this type of ski boot bag comes with internal dividers. Even though this type of boot pack is usually water-resistant, the internal dividers may not always keep the boots completely isolated from the rest of the ski gear.

The Transpack TVR Pro boot bag is a good example of an internal divider-type bag. With this kind of bag, collision between the boots and helmets isn’t uncommon.


(ii) Split-Level Design


Ski boot bags in this category feature a storage design that consists of two main compartments, one larger than the other. The first compartment holds the boots while the other accommodates the rest of your ski gear and small items. The large-size boot compartment typically sits under all-the-other-items storage.


(iii) Side Boot Pockets


Most of the ski boot bags reviewed above fall under this category. This kind of a bag features two boot compartments that sit on either side of the center compartment. These options offer really easy access to your ski boots. I like and recommend these types mainly because there’s almost zero possibility that water running from wet boots might damage items in the main compartment.

If you like carrying two boots for your skiing trips, I’d advise you to pick up this type. Why? It’s because you can usually put small-size and large-size boots in the side pockets while fitting the second pair in the center storage.


2.Material Quality


The best ski boot bag you’ll ever find is typically made from strong durable materials such as polyester and nylon. But toughness and durability aren’t the only critical quality indicators.

Apart from being durable, the material used to produce a high-quality trekker ski boot bag should also be water-resistant.To built water-resistance into the boot’s construction, manufacturers normally add an outer tarpaulin coating. The bottom of the bag should be sturdy, water-resistant and often features drainage grommets. Additionally, this bottom support layer should be non-slip.


3. Is the Bag Lockable?


It’s advisable to choose an option that keeps your boots, helmet, phone, gloves, and other supplies safe and secure throughout your backcountry expedition. The best products offer large, lockable zippers so you won’t keep replacing stolen items across the seasons.


4.Safety Features


How do you enhance visibility while skiing in foggy conditions? The right ski boot bag features reflective piping that lets other skiers spot you with ease. Fortunately, pretty much every bags designed for skiers, mountaineers, and snowboarders provide this safety feature.


5. Style and Size


The size of a ski bag determines how spacious the storage areas are. But you’re always hopping on planes and each ski trip has you traveling to a new destination. For that reason, the dimensions of a suitable bag shouldn’t be too large that they prevent you from fitting it into the overhead compartment of a plane.

Also, pay attention to style as you choose between different ski boot bags. Some bags are so ridiculously wide that the skiers carrying them are often seen waltzing awkwardly as they try to gain entry into a ski lodge. Luckily, the market swarms with lots of slim-style travel bags.

Also, the best bag for travel typically features shoulder straps and sometimes waist straps. In my experience, options with shoulder straps and a waist belt are somewhat more comfortable than straps-only choices.

The number and position of pockets matter, too. I recommend bags with side pockets, a large main compartment, and several inner pockets to handle smaller stuff.


6. Drainage Grommets and Ventilation


Both the boot compartment and other-essentials storage area should have drainage grommets that let snowmelt drain without obstruction. A good bag also provides a sufficient level of ventilation so your ski boots can air out during the return journey.

Good news: I’ve not seen any snowboard or ski boot bag worth a look that lacks these features (grommets and ventilation).


7. Pockets and Compartments


The best ski boot bag features two main compartments namely the central compartment for the boots and the storage area for other items. However, the best ski boot bag also offers extra pockets and storage space for carrying smaller fragile items like phones and goggles. Generally, the more the pockets the better. The vast majority of the best boot bags provide boot pockets that are large enough to hold ski boots up to size 13.


8. Shoulder Straps and Handles


The best ski and snowboarding boot bags are easy and convenient to carry. The finest option features shoulder straps and ergonomic handles so you can haul your skiing essentials in an organized hassle-free way.

Be sure that the shoulder straps are adequately padded and wide enough for maximum comfort while slogging up the slope on your way to the mountain. Additionally, make sure the straps have strong attachments, otherwise, they’ll snap when you least expect it.

Travel Ski Boots FAQs


At this point, I answer a couple of frequently asked questions (mostly by beginners) about picking up the best boot bag for the job.


1.What is a Ski or Snowboard Boot Bag?


A boot bag is one in which you can carry belongings such as ski boots, hat, helmet, buff, gloves, goggles, and socks. When you have one, you will avoid packing all of these things into your ski bag. Upon checking in, the airline will consider the boot bag an integral part of your ski bag.


2.Can a Ski Boot Bag be a Carry-on?


The answer is emphatically YES. A suitable air travel bag ski boot bag features shoulder straps you can effortlessly hide, and that lets you check your bag as a carry-on. Typically, such a bag also features a carry handle or handles that build lots of convenience into the product.

Most airlines will allow you to check a ski bag as regular luggage. However, different airlines may have different rules regarding how much weight you can get away with. In most cases, you can check the main carry-on as luggage as long as it’s under 50 lbs. Exceeding that threshold typically sets travelers between $25 and $50 back with most airlines.


3.How Do You Pack a Ski Boot Bag for a Flight?


Packing your ski gear wrong can turn your adventure into one big unhappy experience. And in the worst case scenario, disorganized packing can end up damaging your equipment. I’ve learned, mostly through trial and error, how best to organize my travel bag.

You may throw everything into a carry-on or use an extra bag (a duffel bag?) in case you have too much stuff. Even though most air lines allow skiers to check a ski bag and a boot bag as a single luggage without incurring extra charges, I chose to pack my boots and skis in one bag. That makes my travel easier and hassle-free.


Here’s how I pack my ski equipment and make them fit in one bag:


Step I: When traveling with one pair of skis, I place them side-by-side. To make them lie flat, I find a way to make the brakes face upward. I normally use strong rubber bands to tie the skis up. That allows me enough room to shove other gear. As for the poles, my bag features a generously padded sleeve that accommodates them.

*If carrying two pairs of skis, I lay them on their edges, placing each next to the other. I then put in clothes to fill up all of the space surrounding the skis so they can stay cushioned.

Step 2: I put in my boots. My socks and boot dryer go inside the boots. I lay the boots atop the skis’ tails. To prevent the boots from making scratches to my skis’ topsheet, I sandwich a jacket between them.

Step 3: I arrange the rest of the things in the most organized way possible. Usually, that involves laying my base layers, midlayers, jackets, and pants on top of my skis. These items double up as extra cushioning for the skis.

Step 4: I put my lenses and googles inside the helmet and pack it ( in its usual bag (the one it came in).

Step:5: I place the small, easy-to-misplace items such as gloves, glove liners, buffs, and others inside the zippered internal pockets.

Step 6: I pack my regular clothes and toiletries wherever I find available space, mostly in the dry side storage.

4.Does Ski Boot Bag Size Matter?


Not really. It’s critical to choose a travel-friendly bag size, but if you’ve been looking, pretty much no brand carries different sizes of bags. Usually, any bag from any travel ski boot brand should be spacious enough for all boot sizes. Most of the options I’ve seen are designed to accommodate a helmet, gloves, a jacket, ski pants, skis, poles, and boots.

Do I need a bag with more storage space if I wear a large boot size? Pretty much every bag offered out there accommodates ski boots as large as size 13. But a bag can have too much storage space. As you cram items into your everything boot pack or whichever brand you favor, be sure the backpack straps will hold up when it comes time to haul your skiing equipment.

5.What’s the Best Ski Boot Bag?


The best bag for transporting skis, poles, helmet, gloves, glove liners, and more checks all the boxes described in the buying guide above. The most suitable backpack for your ski trip features adequate waterproofing, provides adequate room, is sold at a reasonable price point, and seems sturdy and well-constructed. The best deal features several pockets and compartments that make planning and organizing your trip to the Alps remarkably easier.

Whether the Athalon everything boot pack with carry handles and backpack straps or whether a Dakine boot bag is the best option for you is a matter of personal preference.

Best Ski Boot Bags for Travel: Verdict?


Athletico makes some of the best boot bags out there. I recommend the Athletico skiing and snowboarding travel luggage because it’s amply spacious, waterproof, and super durable. Also, the bag features hideable straps, and that instantly converts the bag into a carry-on, allowing for fuss-free checking at local and international airlines.

Best of all, the price point for this water-repellent boot bag with a sturdy tarpaulin base is just right. And if you like the finer things life offers, go for the premium-priced Thule RoundTrip travel bag.