Best Skate Shoes Ever

What are the best skate shoes ever made? Almost every skater has asked that question at some point. Good news: there’ tons of really good skate shoes on the market. Whether you’re into good old traditional skateboarding or electric skateboarding, you’re sure to find something great. But there’s also lots of bad advice out there, and crappy skate shoes, too. I’m here to help you pick only awesomeness.

With me, you have someone who says it as she sees it.  No BS. If a pair of skate shoes from the best skate shoe company is an expensive pile of crap, that’s what I’ll say.

This post is about helping you get the most out of your budget. I spent many hours researching and experimenting so you don’t have to. And I’ve found 7 skate shoes you really should try out.

Admittedly, no brand makes products that endure tough skateboarding demands forever. Luckily, there’s quite a few options that translate into real great value for every dollar spent on them. I’ll help you spot those shoes.


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7 Best Skate Shoes Ever


Here they are:


1. DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Review



DC Shoes stand confidently among the most popular skate shoe brands today. And the DC Men’s Court Graffik SE is no doubt the most well-liked shoe from this company. It’s a cupsole. That means it offers lots of cushioning to a skateboarder, and it lasts. In addition, the shoe is true to size. And it fits comfortably.

Made of leather and textile, the shoe lasts longer than most options I’ve worn. The product comes with a padded foam tongue plus collar so you can enjoy maximum comfort and support.

The sole, made of pure rubber, is super thick so you can jump all you want without much worry. The intricate Pill Pattern tread on the outsole provides all the grip and boardfeel you’ll ever need.

It also features 3 small ventilation holes on the side to boost breathability. And doesn’t more breathability mean more comfort and satisfaction? There’s also a lightweight mesh tongue also improves the shoe’s breathability.


  • Made of durable leather
  • Nice-looking, low-top cupsole design
  • Intricate tread design for increased grip
  • Foam-padded tongue for more comfort
  • Fits true to size


  • Not enough arch support

I recommend this shoe. While arch support isn’t where I’d want it, it’s still a great choice. Small wonder it’s received tons of positive reviews (4.5 as of this writing) on Amazon.


2. Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoes Review




When it comes to Adidas skateboarding products, one idea dominates the mind. One thinks of high-quality products that perform satisfactorily. It’s the same with the Adidas Men’s Skateboarding Seeley. The uppers are constructed from synthetic leather and suede.

The signature 3 unmistakable white strips (made of synthetic leather) on the shoe gives it an appealing look. And its vulcanized rubber outsole provides tons of grip. As for boardfeel, very few vulcanized shoes of any brand offer more.

The shoe is well-made and many people say it fits true to size. But that’s not my my boyfriend’s experience. Jason tells me this Adidas skate shoe is the narrowest he’s worn. He also thinks it’s too stiff for vulcanized shoes.  He wore it over the weekend and it felt stiffer than he’d expected.

However, they were lovely shoes. And he just had to be willing to break them in. That’s not that bad. I’d advise you to buy them a half size larger, though. Good thing is that Adidas offers quite a few half sizes. As for arch support, I’d say it hovers around moderate.

This Adidas Men’s Seeley skate shoe review sure is a brief one. But I guess it allows me to conclude that the product is a great buy. I recommend it.

And oh, I should mention that the shoe had a kind of a little worn look after about 2 or 3 months of everyday use. Nothing worrying, I suppose. And not a dealbreaker for Jason who now says he’d buy it again.



  • Looks cool
  • Comfortable and grippy
  • Durable than most skate shoes
  • Metallic eyelets for easy lacing up


  • Not the cheapest deal
  • Could offer more arch support
  • May not always fit true to width


3. Adidas Originals Unisex 3MC Skate Shoes Review (Winner)


I’ve not seen many shoes with a sturdier look and a better construction than the Adidas Originals Unisex 3MC sneaker. I’m a Vans fan, but I have to be honest and say that this Adidas shoe outlasted any other I’ve ever worn. And that’s not surprising. When it comes to material quality, Adidas leads the pack. You won’t find shoes that last longer.

This German-made skate shoe features ultra-tough but still sufficiently flexible uppers. You also get an absorbent textile lining. Suede may not be as durable as leather, but it no doubt lasts.

It’s a cupsole design, and it comes with black, textured/rugged soles. Now, cupsoles are more durable than vulcanized shoes. And it’s hardly surprising that this product outlasts many.

There’s quite a bit of stitching on this shoe, too. But one feels the stitching adds to the shoe’s durability more than it enhances its look. I’m not suggesting the shoe doesn’t look great — it sure does.

And unlike most low-top skate shoe styles, this one offers lots of arch support. The only issue is that it feels somewhat stiff. And it needs some breaking in before you can access all the comfort it can offer.



  • Made from long-lasting suede
  • Thick soles for maximum cushioning
  • Cupsole construction for increased longevity
  • A great, textured look
  • Sufficient arch support
  • Worn by both men and women


  • Somewhat stiff (when you first wear them)
  • Many eyelets


It’s stiff because cupsoles are naturally stiffer than vulcanized shoes. But you get more durability and cushioning. More eyelets (6) might mean a better fit, but you theoretically need a little more time to lace them up. But aren’t we talking seconds here? Plus, I’ve seen shoes with more than 8 eyelets.

I’ve picked the Adidas Originals Unisex 3MC sneakers as the best skating shoes ever. That’s because They’re very well-made, last long, look great, and score high in terms of cushioning and grip. I encourage you to try them out and see if you’ll like them.


4. Vans Authentic Core Classic Skate Shoe Review (Best Mid-range Pick)



Anyone who loves Vans has tried this great skate shoe brand’s original and now iconic style, the Authentic. There’s one way to describe this vulcanized shoe: simple and well-constructed. It’s a low-top design with just the right amount of stitching, and it looks great.

You get just 4 metal eyelets and you probably won’t need the fourth one so you can start ollieing immediately. I mean, no one should spend the rest of their lives lacing up their skate shoes! Not that any time difference in seconds would make any difference.

Its thick, smooth rubber outsole supports sturdy canvas uppers. And with Van’s signature waffle tread for the outsole, you can’t ask for a grippier shoe. In addition, there’s a variety of colors. That means you can always find a shoe color that works perfectly with the contents of your clothes rack.

I got enough boardfeel with this shoe, too, but maybe not as much as I have with thinner soles. But isn’t that expected? It’s a vulcanized shoe, after all. The shoe’s insole offers almost peerless cushioning. And more cushioning typically costs you a bit of boardfeel.

I’ve come across quite a few people who felt they didn’t get an authentic Authentic. They received a pair of fakes, in their opinion, and that’s nasty if true. Nothing feels worse than buying knockoffs at the original product’s price.

A true Authentic should have a Vans label on the sole at the back and another one near the laces. The only people who complained about this shoe are those who reportedly received a counterfeit product. As for fit, this Vans shoe is true to size; at least, it is for most people.



  • Waffle outsole for more grip
  • Fits true to size
  • Color variety
  • Good enough boardfeel


  • Moderate arch support
  • Some users have received a fake Authentic


It’s a great shoe for everyday use and skateboarding. But  I’d love to see a bit more arch support. And if you’ll be standing for hours, you’ll want to slip some extra arch support into the Authentic.

5. VANS Unisex Old Skool Classic Review



It’s no secret. I love Vans. And it’s possible that that might cloud my judgment a bit. With that being said, it’s almost a truism that all Vans classics rock. They’re thoughtfully constructed vulcanized skate shoes from arguably the most popular skateboard shoe brand on the planet.

I’ve not skated this particular shoe, but my niece has. I bought a pair for her an year ago, and she really loved it. She’s an insanely active rider, but the shoe held up for about 3 months. Well, that certainly isn’t as long as forever. But I’ve seen shoes that burst at the seams (literally) in two weeks with that level of abuse.

The shoe is black and white, and it should have the Vans red-ish label on its all-rubber sole, at the back. The shoes look simple but cute. And there’s quite a bit of stitching in white all around the shoe.

By the way, there are fake Vans out there. And they very often carry excessive stitching. Plus, they’ll often arrive in a box that screams “I’m fake” right from the get-go. Also, fakes usually lack the signature Vans label I’ve described above. Or come with a label that looks so obviously fake, and those labels come off pretty quickly.

The inside of the shoe is all white. So are the laces, the sole, and the flowing V Van’s logo. Well, the logo is nothing unique or spectacular. I’ve seen logos that look close to that from companies with names starting with the letter V, just like Vans.

But yes, the white flag-like banner (the logo) on the side of the uppers does add to the shoe’s overall appeal.

In terms of fit, few people complain. Over 80 percent of skaters say the shoe is true to size.



  • Great overall design and stitching
  • Popular (because it’s great)
  • Incredibly grippy
  • Looks stunning


  • It’s possible to buy a fake


If you suspect you didn’t get authentic Vans, request a refund immediately.

Here’s the thing. Authentic Vans are great shoes that demonstrate great performance. And these are no exception.

6. Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate ShoeReview


Looking to buy one more stylish, high-performance skate shoe from a trusted and popular skate shoe brand? Look no further than the Stefan Janoski Nike Men’s skate shoe. The world-famous Stefan Janoski poured all his creative inspiration and consciousness into this shoe. And that gave the shoe a classic silhouette that raises minimalism to a whole new level.

You get two things from this shoe — enhanced boardfeel and comfort. The Honeycomb technology that spits out this simple and clean construction delivers these two qualities.

The uppers are designed from durable canvas. There’s limited stitching, but would the shoe have achieved that minimalistic feel if there was more of it? The shoe also features the known-everywhere symbol of quality and power, the Swoosh, on its upper.

The Swoosh is white, just like the strong rubber soles that offer loads of grip. The beautiful black color on the uppers pleasantly contrasts the white. You end up with skate shoes you can stylishly walk in or skate regardless of what clothes you’re wearing.

I bought my boyfriend a pair of this shoe as a birthday gift, and he loves it. It fits well. And while it’s a low-top design, he feels he’s getting enough arch support. Admittedly, he’s not skated this shoe, and it’s survived more than 2 years of daily wear. The best part is that the shoes are a perfect match for business casual. Yes, they’re that good.



  • Can be worn with business casual
  • Made of tough canvas
  • Honeycomb technology = enhanced boardfeel + comfort
  • Made by a company with a pretty solid reputation


  • Not cheap
  • Canvas not the most long-lasting material
  • May feel too nice to skate!


You’ll likely order a different brand for skating. This shoe feels and looks too nice, like something you should  not skate but rather walk around in.


7. PUMA Select Men’s Suede Classic Plus Sneakers Review (Most popular)


What would happen if you had over 70 years to master a craft? Naturally, you’d pile up tons of research and experience. You’d get your thing down to a fine art.

In 1948, Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory owned by two brothers was divided into two individual factories. One of these factories became Puma and the other Adidas. Both companies had their headquarters in the same city, Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Now, you likely won’t believe the next statement. Consumers who supported either Puma and Adidas gathered into two warring groups that hated and fought each other for 60 years!

That’s a sad history indeed.

But who knows whether that animosity-charged environment birthed the spirit of excellence that drives these two companies today?

According to one November 2019 source, Adidas is the second largest footwear company. And while Puma isn’t anywhere near Adidas in terms of market capitalization, its products are some of the most popular.

Puma offers a somewhat urban look that the youth crave. They’re stylish and fashionable. Maybe Puma’s growing presence in the fashion world has something to do with their shoes’ evolving design. However, a recent survey revealed that Puma skate shoes aren’t the most popular out there. Vans, Adidas, and Nike and a few others are.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t find great Puma shoes. You can and you will. And the Puma Select Suede Classic Plus sneakers (Men’s) are an excellent example of awesome Puma skateboarding shoes.

In fact, the Puma Select Suede Classic Plus sneakers (Men’s) is the most popular skate shoe in this list.

The shoe is made of long-lasting suede, a tough rubber outsole, and a thick insole for extra cushioning. I haven’t worn it, though. But Jason has, and he really likes them. The sole looks ultra-rugged and tough, and a seam that runs all around the shoe enhances the overall look.

The uppers consist of high-quality suede and a thick strip of leather that increases the ruggedness of the shoe. The leather strip runs from the arch and flies, like the Puma in the brand’s logo, to a place between the sole and laces.

And the tongue comes well-padded for more comfort. The inside of the shoe has a thick, cushy lining for even more cushioning. Concerning arch support, very few customers complain. Jason doesn’t, too.



  • Insanely popular skate shoe
  • Sufficient arch support
  • Pleasing, velvety look
  • Very tough, thick sole
  • A well-padded tongue
  • Made of leather and suede for more durability


  • Eyelets not metallic
  • Many eyelets (7)


The cons don’t seem like a dealbreaker to me.

How to Choose the Best Skate Shoes


I’ve written an article that describes a few factors one should consider when choosing skate shoes. But I guess you don’t want to leave this page, yet. So I’ll briefly repeat them here.

Generally, choose vulcanized skate shoes as they offer more grip and boardfeel than cupsoles typically do. That’s a generalization, remember. And you’ll want to pick the thickest soles you can find if the shoe checks all the other boxes.

Thicker insoles work better. Also, shoes with a padded tongue feel somewhat more comfortable. Arch support is another important consideration. Anyone who spends tons of time standing should go for shoes with a little more arch support.

Leather outlasts suede, nubuck, and canvas. But it’s almost always best to go with suede. Suede looks great, is flexible, durable, and affordable. Also, suede used alongside a bit of leather works great.

Skate shoes don’t last an eternity regardless how much they cost or who made them. So, take your financial strength into account when choosing skate shoes. And don’t be deceived. Newer technology (which almost always means premium prices) doesn’t always mean a better skateboarding experience. If you want to spend reasonably while enjoying top-quality products that aren’t obsolete, buy 2 or 3-year-old models.

Finally, consider trying out different brands in-store for size before purchasing online. That ensures you buy fitting shoes and won’t need to worry about tedious returns. Lastly, take advantage of skate shoe clearance sales.

I think you should check out the link I showed above. The post lists at least 20 well-known skate shoe brands and reveals what real customers think about them. The article also introduces you to a few terms relating to buying and using these products. It even guides you on how to choose the best skate shoes ever. You’ll learn about stuff such as grip, boardfeel, cushioning, fit, and more.


Best Skate Shoe On the Market Today?


I think the Adidas Originals Unisex 3MC sneakers are the best skating shoes anyone can wear today. They’re excellently crafted and durable. Plus, they look great.

In addition, they score pretty high in terms of cushioning and grip. And while they’re not the cheapest skate shoes, they’re affordable.  I’d encourage you and anyone else who loves skating to try them out. Remember: when it comes to skateboarding shoes, it’s all about wearing the shoe. It’s all about experiencing its greatness, or lack of it. Happy skateboarding!

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