Best Skate Helmet for a Big Head

So you have a big head. That likely means your head packs a ton of brains. And I bet the hair on that head grows lush, and you hate the idea of cutting it just so you can use a skate helmet. You also skateboard, which means you need a nice-looking and protective brain bucket designed to protect large heads. Unfortunately, the best skate helmet for a big head has remained elusive so far.

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In this post, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for: a really roomy skateboard helmet for massive melons. There’s even a helmet that will fit 25-inch heads! I’m not sure there are any skaters with heads larger than 25.5”.

I hang out in different skate-focused subreddits, and the biggest head reported measured 25″ without and 26″ with hair. Good news! Our top pick would work perfectly for this person.

Best Skateboard Helmet for Extremely Big Heads? Definitely the S1 Mega Lifer!

We at recently bought and tested (for size) the S1 Mega Lifer skateboard helmet. And Peter, the team member who reviewed the helmet, says it’s the roomiest skateboard helmet sold anywhere online as of this writing.

Like most options these days, the helmet comes dual certified to CSPC bicycle helmet standard and ASTM F1492 skate safety standard. It also meets the requirements of the EN 1078 and even Australian and New Zealand skateboard and bike helmet standards.

S1 claims that the Mega Lifer protects 5 times better than other helmets. We’re not sure about the truthfulness of this claim, but Peter noticed that the helmet’s gray EPS foam is thicker than than of a worthy competitor, the Triple 8 Gotham Dual Certified Helmet, also reviewed here.

We don’t know if the helmet protects better, but we all know that the EPS liner is the component that absorbs impacts and if it’s thicker, that could increase one’s peace of mind.

The S1 Mega Lifer comes in size XXXL/3XL and fits 25.5″ heads. If your head is this big, grab this brain bucket and let’s go shred! Here’s an in-depth review of the S1 Mega Lifer skateboard helmet.

What if your head is big but not too big and you’d like to own an S1 helmet? Get the smaller version of the S1 Mega Lifer, the S1 Lifer Skateboard Helmet whose largest size fits 23.5” heads.

And below is a detailed video review of it. If you don’t want to watch the entire video, jump to 2:24 and you’ll see that the thing is incredibly big.

Video Review of the S1 Mega Lifer Skateboard Helmet

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S1 Mega Lifer Helmet Pros

  • Dual certified
  • Has a super thick ESP liner
  • Thick, soft sweat pads
  • Is extremely roomy
  • Sold in at least 10 colors
  • Available cross geographies: US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand


  • Pricey
  • No fit dial on the back
  • Too big and won’t standard size and slightly bigger heads
  • No extra sweat pads included

My SO has a rather large noggin, 24 inches big. Before we found options he could put on without experiencing multiple pressure points, Jason had bought and returned quite a few supposedly large ones. But all he had was problems.

We started digging around, reading tons of helmet reviews, most of which weren’t helpful. Finally, we discovered a few helmets that skaters with voluminous melons can wear comfortably. Large-sized skate helmets that won’t kill your ample head.

So, if you have a big head and aren’t sure what helmet model to buy, stick with me. In these reviews, I present 5 more options that fit large domes snugly. And the best part? None of my picks cost an arm and a leg. Plus, none is too heavy or ugly that you’ll hate wearing it.

I’ll now reveal my top pick for relatively large noggins, a brain bucket I’m convinced you’ll love…

Best Skate Helmet for a Big Head (2nd Best Pick)

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Best Bet for Large Heads
Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet

Features a fit dial on the back

Breathes reasonably well

Fits up to 24″ heads

Dual-certified for bikes and skates

No time to read the reviews? No worries. Here’s a quick…

Big Skateboarding Helmet Comparison Table

Budget Pick
Pro-Tec Classic Safety-Certified Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Safety-Certified Skate Helmet
  • Fits 23.6″-24.4″ heads
  • High-density ABS shell
  • A solid, certified EPS foam liner
  • Soft, adjustable nylon strap that attaches using heavy-duty stainless steel rivets
  • A comfortable interior lining
Under$50 & Fit Dial
OutdoorMaster Skateboard & Cycling Helmet

OutdoorMaster Skateboard & Cycling Helmet
  • Rigid ABS shell
  • A protective EPS foam interior
  • Removable and washable inner lining (+ an extra fit liner)
  • Helmet size: Up to 22.8″
  • Available in 11 colors. Nice!
  • Multiple air vents for perfect airflow (12 vents)
  • Lightweight design
  • Padded chinstrap
  • A knob-based fit adjustment system on the rear
  • For sized-on-the-cusp heads (Large but not too large heads)
Best for Large Noggins
Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet
  • A low-profile skate helmet for large noggins
  • Fits heads up to 24″
  • Moderately breathable
  • Thick, impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Conehead liner construction
  • Dual-certified to ASTM F-1492 Skate Safety and U.S. CPSC Bike Safety standards.
  • Comes with two sets of moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads. These fit pads are removable and also help you customize the fit
  • Available in at least 6 really nice colors, some of which are quite reflective
  • Adjustable chinstrap
  • Fit dial on the rear


For people with a bigger-than-average head, I recommend the Triple 8 Dual-Certified Gotham Skate Helmet. That’s mainly because this helmet looks cool, and it can accommodate heads measuring up to 24 inches in circumference.

My hubby wears X/XL for heads measuring 23.2″- 24″. What’s more, this lid is dual-certified to ASTM F1492 and CPSC bike helmet safety standard for persons aged 5 and older.

The helmet is constructed from a strong ABS outer shell coupled with safety-certified EPS foam, a comfort liner, and two comfortable Sweatsaver™ Fit Pads for better fit adjustment. It’s also well-streamlined. Here’s the full Triple 8 Dual-Certified Gotham Skate Helmet review. 

5 Best Skate Helmets for a Big Head

Here they are:

1. Triple Eight Gotham Dual-certified Helmet (Size L/XL With a Fit Dial)

The Triple Eight Gotham Dual-Certified  Skateboard Helmet is a low-profile option for skaters with a big head. Made in the U.S., this dual-certified big-head helmet comes in 6 cool colors. It also offers two sets of removable perspiration-wicking pads for comfort and fitting.

The Gotham skate helmet boasts a round urban-style design and features a subtle brim. It’s one of the most protective and coolest skateboard and cycling helmets on the market today.

Certified for both skating and biking, it’s an option you really should consider. This dual-certified Helmet combines protection, comfort, and fit into a minimalist look that turns heads. 


  • Strong ABS shell
  • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Moderately breathable
  • Thick, impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Conehead liner construction
  •  Dual-certified to ASTM F-1492 Skate Safety and U.S. CPSC Bike Safety standards.
  • Comes with two sets of moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads. These fit pads are removable and also help you customize the fit.
  • Available in at least 6 really nice colors, some of which are quite reflective
  • Adjustable chinstrap
  • Fit dial on the rear

The ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) outer shell is a strong plastic polymer that houses a thick dual-certified EPS liner with 8 vent holes for breathability. The EPS liner (expanded polystyrene foam) is an excellent shock absorber. This protective foam results from Triple Eight’s famous Conehead Liner Construction, a helmet technology designed to disperse crash energies sideways.

Additionally, the helmet is pretty comfortable. I bet it’s comfier than many you’ve worn in your skating life. I sometimes forget I’m wearing a helmet because of how light and comfortable it is. Don’t sleep in it, OK?

My review found that the Triple 8 Dual-certified Gotham helmet is designed in the US, but are Triple 8 helmets really made in the U.S.? I doubt it. Who makes stuff in countries with expensive labor such as the United States anymore? It’s sad, but it is what it is.

The product complies fully with the ASTM Standard F1492 for skating safety and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standard for bike use for people aged 5 and older.

3 Sizes Available: Choose L/XL

This lid comes in 3 sizes: X-Small/Small, Small/Medium, and Large/Extra-Large.

Since your noggin is pretty large, go with the largest helmet size available. In this case, select size L/XL. Remember: measure your head before purchasing. No idea how to measure your head for a helmet? That link should lead you down the right road.

Here’s a size chart for the Triple Eight Dual-certified Gotham 

Helmet SizeFor This Head Circumference)

Some skaters say this helmet squeezed their head a little. But those who said that are likely folks with an extremely big head, like 25″.

Head shape is another probable reason this helmet might have felt too tight on some big noggins. Note that this helmet works best for more round heads. So, I guess someone with a more oval head wouldn’t experience the fit similarly.

Does the Triple 8 Gotham Breathe Well?

Breathability is at best moderate with this choice. The bucket features 8 Triple Eight logo air vents that start from the EPS liner and end on the exterior.  Thanks to these ventilation holes, Jason doesn’t sweat much. Nor does this big boy leave his cute helmet smelling like burned rubber.

I can’t say the Gotham dual is the best-ventilated helmet for hot-weather riding, though. Tons of better-ventilated skate helmets can be found. But for cool-weather skateboarding, choose this brain bucket any day.

Fit Dial on the Rear

Like the substantially cheaper Flybar Multi-sport helmet reviewed below, the Triple 8 dual-certified Gotham features a fit customization mechanism on the rear. With this fit adjustment knob and the easy-to-use adjustable chinstrap, this helmet will stay on your melon to protect it if and when you fall. And you will.

You also get two fit pads of differing thicknesses. Use the thicker pad set to correct a loose fit. The helmet comes with the thinner set already installed.

This Triple Eight helmet comes in at least 6 colors. These color options include black rubber/black matte, blue matte, Baja rubber, white matte, gun matte, and cream matte. How my hubby loves his large-sized black matte Gotham!… because he got lots of hair to fit in there.

Cost? This item comes in at a sub-$100 price point. Not cheap, but given all the protective, fit, and comfort features you’re getting. that’s great value for money.

This Triple 8 protective gear is suitable for inline skating, biking, skateboarding, roller derby, scootering, and commuting.

2. Flybar Dual-certified Multi-sport Skate Helmet (with a Fit Knob)

The Flybar Dual-certified Multi-sport Helmet for Big Heads is a versatile budget option that keeps large-headed enthusiasts across a multiplicity of indoor and outdoor sports safe at all times. It fully meets the stringent CPSC and ASTMF1492 safety standards. Plus, it’s pretty roomy and works well for skaters with a big head.

After testing all 5 helmets, Jason positioned the Flybar Multi-sport helmet in the second spot on my list of best skate helmets for big heads. This helmet can accommodate heads measuring 22.8″ – 24″ in circumference, which makes it a good choice for huge melons.

Like the Triple Eight, the Flybar Dual helmet is dual-certified with both the ASTMF1492 and CPSC1203 safety standards. This makes it suitable not only for skating but also for biking, scooting, longboarding, roller skating, inline skating, and more. It’s called a multi-sport helmet for a reason.


  • ASTM & CPSC safety standards certified
  • Fits heads up to 24″ in circumference
  • Strong outer shell made from ABS plastic
  • Dual-certified EPS foam inner (considerably thick)
  • 8 colors options
  • Adjustable spin dial for creating the perfect fit

This helmet is sturdy, the kind you want to have on your dome in a bad fall. If you’re looking for an inexpensive dual-certified large-dome skate helmet that also looks nice, the Flybar Multi-sport helmet is a great bet.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a highly protective helmet that is this cheap. Compared to the Protec Classic helmet below that offers only the ASTMF1492 certification, this Flybar helmet seems like a dream.

But yes, it’s a properly certified helmet that costs roughly $30. Well, I’ve seen many cheap helmets including the Triple Eights Sweatsaver Liner, but they’re not always certified. Can you believe the Triple 8 option I’ve just mentioned costs similar to the Flybar yet it’s not certified?

Helmet Sizes: Flybar Helmet Sizing Chart 

Helmet SizeFor This Head Circumference)

The Flybar helmet size chart is nearly similar to Triple 8’s, but they don’t have the X-Small sizes. Definitely choose the largest helmet size, L/XL because you got an ample dome.

Now, few skateboard helmets are as roomy as the Flybar Multi-sport helmet. This thing offers lots of headroom. If you can’t comfortably wear this and you have a 24″ head, I’m not sure you’ll be lucky with any other skate helmet. If buying for a kid or an adult with a big head and they’re on the cusp of a size range, I suggest that you go with the smaller size.

Note that Flybar doesn’t include any fit adjustment foam pads with this deal. But at that price point, who’s surprised? So, make sure to order a properly fitting helmet. Measure your noggin’s circumference accurately before buying.

The Flybar Multisport Helmet Comes with a Fit Dial

Like the significantly pricier Triple 8 Gotham, the Flybar helmet provides a fit dial on the rear. Considering the cheap price point, Jason had expected disappointment from the dial. But this feature’s worked without issues so far. Using the dial along with the sturdy chinstrap, you should easily create a snug fit.

Ventilation Profile

Unlike the Gotham which features round air vents, this one has larger, rectangular vents. Jason sweat less in this helmet than he did with the costlier Triple 8. And that’s nice.

Get Nice Graphics

The option I’ve reviewed has the Flybar logo on the exterior. It offers nice helmet art, but the rest of the options of this model offer a lot more as far as graphics. Click on any of the displayed images on Amazon to choose the bucket with the nicest graphics.

Overall, this helmet is super affordable, is dual-certified offers great ventilation, and comes in multiple color options. Also, the option features a fit dial on the rear. What’s more, the helmet offers nice graphics on the exterior. Most importantly, it fits large melons comfortably. Honestly, there’s little to not like with the Flybar Multi-sport helmet.

3. OutdoorMaster Skateboard$Cycling Helmet (With a Fit Dial)

The OutdoorMaster Big-head Skateboard Helmet is a highly protective lightweight helmet with a dual-certified EPS foam liner that features multiple large vents for unobstructed air circulation.

You also get a removable comfort and fit liner plus an extra liner to make fitment easier. Plus, there’s a fit dial on the back so that getting the fit nice and snug becomes a breeze.

A low-profile large-head budget skateboard and cycling helmet, the OutdoorMaster helmet is designed tough and lightweight using reinforced ABS plastic. The interior features a dual-certified shock-absorbing EPS foam liner that absorbs impacts really well.

There’s also a removable sweat liner that supports helmet fitment while making cleaning and maintenance easy. OutdoorMaster also includes an extra comfort liner that works in conjunction with the padded chinstrap and the fit dial to tweak the fit to perfection.

I like that the chinstrap comes nicely padded. You won’t see many padded chinstraps with helmets this cheap. And the lid comes in 7 beautiful colors so no one can say they missed their fave color.


  • Rigid ABS shell
  • A protective EPS foam interior
  • Removable and washable inner lining (+ an extra liner)
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Multiple air vents for perfect airflow (12 vents)
  • Lightweight design
  • Padded chinstrap
  • A knob-based fit adjustment system on the rear

After a long day skating, you can just take off the inner lining and clean your helmet. Plus, you can always replace the liner in the future if you like.

How Well Does this Certified OutdoorMaster Helmet Breathe?

This helmet boasts 12 reasonably sized rectangular air vents. The holes resemble those on the Flybar reviewed above. Thanks to this brain saver’s great ventilation credentials, my significant other doesn’t sweat streams while skating in hot weather.

When it’s really hot outside, expect to sweat a little, though. Blame the ample padding inside this bucket for that. In cool weather, however, the ventilation mechanism seems to make things a bit chilly inside the helmet. The dual-certified Gotham would be a better choice for cool-weather cycling or skateboard riding.

When I saw the attractive price of the OutdoorMaster skate helmet, I was a little skeptical. I wondered if the product was any good. My hubby has been skating with this option for a while now, and he likes it. He’s taken a moderately bad spill with it on, too. And this head protector saved his brain.

But since Jason measures 24″ and this helmet is for heads in the 22.8″-23.6″ size range, it feels pretty tight. It’s not his fave skate helmet, obviously.

OutdoorMaster Skate&Cycling Helmet

Helmet SizeFor This Head Circumference)

Overall, the OutdoorMaster dual-certified skate and biking helmet is an affordable option with good ventilation, comfort, and fit. But this isn’t the best helmet for very big heads. Rather, it’s for moderately large heads, up to 23.6 inches.

4. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Black Matte Skateboard Helmet

The Pro-Tec Classic Certified Black Matte XL for voluminous heads: When it comes to protection across sports, Protec shines. With a firm and thick EPS liner and 11 air vents, you’ll never sweat excessively in this brain bucket. Actually, this is the largest helmet for large domes on this list, but I’m not saying it’s the roomiest lid ever made.


  • High-density ABS shell
  • A solid, certified EPS foam liner
  • 11 vent openings for cooling large heads
  • Soft adjustable nylon-webbed strap attached using heavy-duty stainless steel rivets
  • The helmet fits 23.6″ to 24.4″ heads
  • A comfortable interior lining

This is another good helmet for skating. Just like the other options presented here, this big-noggin helmet offers the ASTMF1492 safety certification. But can you use this Protec helmet for biking?

You can use this Protec helmet for cycling if you like. But always remember that this helmet doesn’t offer any kind of bike safety certification. So, use it for light cycling/recreational biking if you like. But if you fall and hit your head hard and get a concussion, you won’t win against Protec! So, get a dual-certified helmet if you’re into cycling as well.

Pro-Tec is a widely recognized skate brand that’s been in the market since 1973. The manufacturer has been experimenting with different helmet technologies over the years. And they sure know what materials work and which don’t. When it comes to providing protection, few brands rival Pro-Tec.

But I know lots of skaters who swear by Triple Eight’s skate helmets. I, too, am a Triple 8 fan and have been for the longest time. My hubby is a 888 fan, too.

I’m not saying Triple 8 helmets are better. I’m just saying I prefer them over Pro-tec. It’s down to personal preference. And I’m not about to start a Protec vs Triple 8 war. Here are Triple Eight helmet reviews if you’d like to take a look.

The Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skateboard Helmet is made from a high-density, injection-molded ABS shell. The exterior feels sturdy enough.

This bucket should come to your rescue in a bad crash. My man hasn’t tested it, yet, but he believes it’d save his brain if he crashed while out riding his bike or skateboard.

Pro-Tec Classic Black Matte Helmet Size Chart 

Helmet SizeFor This Head Circumference)

This helmet should fit big noggins perfectly, as big as 24.4″. In fact, few skateboard helmets are an inch roomier than 24 inches. So, this Pro-Tec helmet wins big in that respect. But while this Pro-tec brain bucket isn’t very heavy, it looks kind of bulbous on large heads.

But I’d rather look awkward than hit my melon bad and suffer a concussion. Or worse, end with permanent brain damage. Or even die, who knows?

Overall, the Protec Classic helmet is an affordable and certified brain bucket that accommodates massive domes. It’s best used for skateboarding, rollerskating, and inline skating. But it’s not a good choice for big biking heads.

5. Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Skate Helmet (Best for Kids)

The Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Helmet is a budget pick ideal for kids who love all things outdoors. Gift your lovely child this helmet and watch as both their creativity and physical wellness improve. Ideal for 5-year-olds and a little older.” button_text=”View Price on Amazon” price=” “/]


  • Dual-certified to the ASTMF1492 and U.S. CPSC1203 safety standards
  • Comes with 5 dry-erase markers
  • Offers a multi-shape stencil kit
  • Multiple ventilation holes

Does your kid have an above-average head size and loves skating or cycling or both? If yes, buy them this cheap dual-certified youth skateboard and bike helmet as a birthday gift.

This helmet comes with 5 non-toxic dry-erase markers as well as a stencil kit with 8 exciting shapes/designs. Your kid gets to draw fancy graphics on their helmet’s exterior. As your child pours themselves into the graphics, they’ll make this protective gear fully theirs.

The helmet will become a personal item your baby treasures. I bet your child will love wearing their helmet more…just don’t let them sleep in it! Perhaps they’ll end up cycling or skating more, a desirable outcome.

The helmet is cute and all that, but it still does its main job excellently — protecting your kid’s still-developing brain.  It’s built from an ABS hard shell treated in a way that allows kids to draw nice designs, erase them any time they want, and then draw something new altogether. It’s like you’re getting two products in one — a super durable helmet and a marker board.

In addition, the helmet is dual-certified to ASTM F1492 Skate and U.S. CPSC bike safety standards. These standards make the product ideal for skateboarding, biking, scootering, rollerskating, and more.

The youth skate helmet you see in the pic is for head circumferences ranging from 19.29″ to 20.47″. There’s another option that fits bigger heads for children aged 8 years or older. The helmet comes in four nice colors including neon pink, black, neon zest, and teal blue.

Remember to measure your kid’s head with a flexible tape measure so you can order the correct size. A string and a ruler should also do the job in case you have no tape measure at home.

Give your child a chance to boost their creativity while staying protected while doing vigorous outdoor activities.  Consider buying them this kids’ skate helmet. It’s not expensive. And your child will start enjoying helmeting-up before stepping outside to have fun with their friends.

Best Skate Helmet for Big Heads (Buying Guide)

Spare a few minutes and read this brief large-helmet buying guide so you can pick the right size for your ample head.

Every Skater Needs a Helmet

Whether you are into skateboarding, roller skating, ice skating, inline skating, scootering, or biking, you need a well-fitting helmet for safety.

You may have noticed that pro skaters don’t always wear a helmet. But that’s mainly because these skaters have tons of experience. Plus, pros have learned how to fall safely. And who says pro skaters and cyclists don’t fall? They do, and they can crash really bad in some cases.

If you’re an absolute beginner in any skating discipline, ALWAYS wear a helmet. A high-quality and certified helmet can save you from hefty medical bills stemming from treating a concussion you could have avoided.

What’s the Average Head Size?

According to a study carried out at the University of Washington, the average size of a human head for American males hovers around 22.44 inches (57 cm). As for females, the average head size is a little smaller at 21.65 inches (55 cm).

If your head measures anything above that figure, you have a big head. But here’s good news. The skate and cycling helmets I’ve included in this post can fit pretty much anyone with a huge noggin.

How to Size a Skate Helmet at Home

Your head circumference is a critical factor that determines the right helmet size to choose. Most adults with a big head usually wear sizes L, XL, or XXL.

It is crucial to understand that helmet sizing varies across brands. For that reason, it’s advisable to measure your head correctly and compare the measurement you get with the manufacturer’s sizing chart. You can find helmet sizing charts on Amazon, websites that sell helmets, or the manufacturer’s website.

Measuring your head for helmet fitment is as easy as measuring its circumference. You can measure your head’s circumference without help, but it’s better if you can find someone to measure you.

Simply wrap a flexible tailor’s tape measure or a string around your head just above the ears and eyebrows as shown in this post: how to measure your head for a helmet.

Remember to keep the tape leveled from the forehead to the back of the head. Also, move the tape up and down slightly on the back of the head so that you can measure the widest portion of your head.

Once you have accurate measurements (measure at least twice to be sure), grab the sizing chart of the particular brand you’re interested in and select the recommended size.

Here’s another way some skaters determine the right skate helmet size. They simply use the size of their hat and find comparable skate helmet sizes in inches. However, this is not recommended since you’re dealing with different brands with somewhat different sizing scales.

I spent hours researching around and testing various helmets (with my so) before I wrote this post. Luckily, I found 5 high-quality helmets for people with a big head. I’ve included a size chart for each model, too.

Best Skate Helmet for a Big Head: Verdict

Whether you have an average-sized head or a big one, you can easily find a fitting skate helmet. And if you’re looking for the best helmet for skaters and cyclists with a big head, grab the Triple 8 Dual-certified Gotham skateboard brain bucket. There’s a MIPS version of this helmet by the way. And he’s a review of the Triple Eight dual-certified Gotham skate helmet. 

The helmet is sturdy, well-designed, and reasonably priced. Most importantly, the dual-certified helmet offers you lots of head protection as you bomb hills around your area. Well, there are many cheaper options, but they don’t look nearly as good, nor are they nearly as protective. You’re getting enough bang for your buck with this deal.

Now, grab your helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads. Let’s go skating!