Best Rollerblades for Outdoors

One key difference between the best rollerblades for indoor skating and the best rollerblades for outdoor skating is wheel diameter. Another important distinction is durometer, or how hard or soft the skate’s wheels are. Generally, indoor skating requires smaller, harder wheels while outdoor rollerblading demands larger, softer wheels.

And depending on how rough the outdoor environment is, you’ll need either low-cut or high-cut skates. Low-cut options are best suited for speed and maneuvers while high-cut skates offer more ankle support and protection.

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Here’s a list of 5 great rollerblades for the outdoors.

Best Rollerblades for Outdoor Blading Reviews

Let’s see if you’ll find a recommendation you’ll love.

1. Bladerunner Women’s Advantage Pro XT Inline Skates Review

Best Rollerblades for Outdoors

The Bladerunner Women’s Inline Skates are just what you need if you’re a new skater. That’s particularly due to the user-friendly design. If you’re a new skater, you’re most likely cautious and trying to avoid unnecessary injuries. To ensure your comfort and safety, these skates provide generous padding all around your feet.

Padding is especially targeted at crucial areas:

  • cradling your feet to reduce fatigue and help you enjoy skating for longer periods
  • ample cushioning in the liner to protect your feet on every side
  • ample cushioning on the tongue for a comfortable forward flex

With such cushioning, you’ll hardly notice the bumps on the ground and vibrations of the rollerblade wheels. The level of comfort you get can be likened to living in an air-conditioned room in the middle of a harsh winter or hot summer.

The exterior is equally well designed. The rollerblade design gives a strong and supportive shell for extra foot support. It features a low-profile frame made from durable hard plastic.

Well, some reviewers said their calves hurt quite a bit. Solution? Buy a heel wedge from amazon. And while that’s more being spent, heel wedges are pretty inexpensive, and you can easily get them at Amazon.

The wheels are 80mm and 78A, large and soft enough for maximum comfort. They’re made from urethane unlike others. But while they’re ABEC 7, they’re not very fast.

This 4-wheeled inline skate for outdoor blading runs true to size and comes in standard width.  But if you are a half size, make sure to order the next full size. For example, order size 9 if your regular shoe size is 8.5. And if you have wider feet, consider buying the men’s version of this skate as it’s wider at the heel and comes with a wider toe box. However, you MUST go a size down.

And yes, you can easily remove the brakes if you outgrow them.


  • Runs true to size
  • Comfortable and looks really nice
  • Comfortable and looks really nice
  • Comfortable and looks really nice


  • Comfortable and looks really nice
  • Plastic frame

But this is a beginner-level recreational or fitness skate and not a speed skate or aggressive skate, right?

And while the frame is made of plastic rather than metal, it’s an extremely hard plastic that lasts. And no, don’t bake these skates as they’re not heat-moldable. Good thing is that the closure system consisting of a power strap, laces, and a buckle affords you a pretty snug fit.

2. Men’s Black and Green Advantage Pro XT Rollerblade Review

Best skates for outdoor skating

On the outside, the men’s black and green Advantage Pro XT looks super stylish, just like the Women’s Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT. But its real value lies in how its design achieves proper weight distribution and provides exemplary stability.

It’s intentionally designed for greater response and more control.  That is achieved through lateral support structures and a lower center of gravity. Additionally, the boot takes impacts pretty well, thanks to its shock-absorbing plastic frame.

There’s one other part that makes these boots a great choice for beginners and intermediate skaters: its closure system. A proper closure system ensures your feet don’t slip or slide. The men’s Advantage Pro XT Rollerblade has an easy to use and effective strap, lace and buckles closure system that makes achieving a tight fit so easy.

As for the skate’s 78A 80 mm wheels, they’re a high-quality urethane affair. And while they’re not lightning fast, they roll really nicely. But they’re ABEC 7, and that means they’re not the slowest either.

Like their female counterpart, these stylish black and green boots run true to size. Make sure to go a half-size up if you wear a half size. Like, order size 10 if are size 9. Various sizes are available (please confirm availability at Amazon), from size 7 all the way to 13.


  • Comfortable and fits true to size
  • Strong ankle support from the cuff
  • Made by a great U.S. company, Rollerblade
  • A stylish boot


  • No half sizes
  • Frame constructed from plastic
  • Some reviewers complained of discomfort around the calves
  • Not heat moldable but the closure system works perfectly

While it’s plastic, it’s an extremely hard material; it lasts. And is it surprising that these blades aren’t the fastest around? I mean, they’re designed for beginner outdoor skaters. While there are no half sizes, buying the next full size up works just fine.

3.Three-Wheeled Rollerblade Macroblade 100 Women’s Rollerblade Review (Best Overall)

Best Rollerblades for Outdoors

The harder you practice, the better you get at skating. If and when you’re ready to upgrade to a better (and pricier) performance outdoor rollerblade, consider the 3-wheeled Rollerblade Macroblade with comfy, softboot construction.

At first glance, you can tell this beautiful pair of skates is made for speed. Having three wheels instead of four reduces the surface area in contact with the ground. In turn, that reduces friction drag, so you can skate faster.

But speed isn’t the only thing, you know. Actually,  speed without control can be counterproductive. Fortunately, these skates have increased lateral support to ensure a bit of stability. Just don’t expect as much support and comfort as you’d get from a beginner skate.

At higher speeds, your safety becomes even more critical. The designers of the Macroblade took that into account by providing a higher cuff for an extra secure foothold. The high cuffs provide both lateral and flex support. You’ll feel the boot firmly around your feet whichever direction you turn.

Just like any other type of performance-minded athlete, you’ll want a pair of skates that features all the critical aspects and components. And the Macroblade offers that to pro skaters. The sturdy 3WD aluminum frame offers full support and flex, and it dampens shocks and absorbs impact quite well.

The final touch that demonstrates the manufacturer’s clear understating of the user’s needs is the intelligently engineered mesh upper designed for maximum breathability and comfort. The tongue, too, comes amply padded, as well as the ankle area. To perform at the highest level of your ability, you need such an athletic skate design.

The 100 mm 85A Supreme wheels from Rollerblade are as good as Hydrogens. They’re fast, and they roll like melted butter.  They’re relatively hard (though soft enough for outdoor skating), meaning they accelerate quickly, and they don’t wear that fast. The friction-defying SG9 bearings roll with super smooth precision, and I’ve heard only good things about them.

As for closure, it includes 3 components for a tight, secure fit: a powerstrap, a buckle, and speed laces. This is a closure system you can trust for all sorts of outdoor blading. And the brakes are detachable.


  • Detachable brake
  • Cute, comfy softboots
  • Offers several half sizes
  • Improved padding around the tongue and ankle
  • Lightweight, sturdy, long-lasting aluminum frame
  • Large, relatively hard, durable 3WD wheels
  • A high-performance skate for both intermediate-level skating and serious skating


  • May give skaters with wide feet blisters
  • Pricey but not overly so

If you have wider feet, buy the RB 110 3WD rollerblades as they’re a bit roomy. And it’s hardly surprising that these boots are a little more expensive than some. I mean, they’re serious skates built for the rigors of intense outdoor skating. Just don’t ride the Macroblade 100 over asphalt or dirt or construction zones. They’re built for paved surfaces.

4. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s In-line Skate Review (Best Budget Rollerblades)

Best Rollerblades for Outdoors

These blue/black entry-level Zetrablade Women’s outdoor skating rollerblades are another good skate for limitless outdoor fun. These skates prioritize your safety and stability by providing a 3-component closure system. Using a strap, buckle, and lace, you can firmly secure your feet so they stay firmly planted in the boots during skating sessions. Bruising and other forms of injuries can happen quite often for beginners, and a firm closure prevents that.

To further support your feet, the skates offer you high cuffs. When you put on the skate and close it up, your foot feels one with the skate. A durable plastic outer shell further boosts support. You won’t worry about anything coming off, even if you skate on rough terrain. You can do your thing on your driveway, skating park, or any other paved surface.

These performance rollerblades can probably handle a bit of off-road skating, but don’t take it too far. Despite giving you a snug fit, the skate’s interior is supremely comfortable. It features a thick detachable (replaceable) liner that ratchets up breathability and ultimately, comfort. Spend a couple of hours skating, and you’ll love how comfortable they feel.

The wheels are Duro 82A and they stand 80mm tall, the perfect pair for endless fun outdoors. Four relatively nimble wheels roll under a tough, low-profile plastic frame (so-called Monocoque frame) designed to keep your center of gravity low, keeping you stable the whole time. The bearings are SG5, and they’re not that fast. The good news is you can always upgrade to larger, faster wheels as your skating proficiency increases.

Regarding fit, the skate is sold in five U.S. sizes, that is, 6,7,8,9, and 10. There are no half sizes, but that’s no problem, just buy the next full size. And yes, these skates run true to size. They’re standard width, and if you have narrow feet, go a half size down. Brakes are standard, so if you prefer ABT brakes, buy something else.


  • A comfortable softboot
  • A secure 3-part closure system
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Made by a great company


  • Good cushioning, but not much support
  • You can’t upgrade to a better frame

When I wore these rollerblades sometimes mid last year, they felt quite comfortable the whole 6 hours I skated. But my feet slid around a little bit, and the outer shell didn’t offer as much support as I’d hoped.

But the boots are cheaper than most, plus they’re a softboot, so that kind of explains it. Overall, they’re a good pair of rollerblades, and they’re more affordable than most.

Also, the frame for this skate comes fully integrated with the outershell. That means you can’t change it down the road. Well, that’s a bummer, but it’s not unexpected with a skate this affordable. This softboot works best for absolute beginners and intermediate-level skaters. Pro skaters should get something else.

5. Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade Inline Skates Review

The rollerblade zetrablade men’s skates is an entry-level skate for beginners and intermediate-level rollerbladers. As far as specs and features, this skate is similar to its female counterpart reviewed above. That is, it features 80mm duro 82 wheels,and the frame is constructed from hard plastic.

The rollerblade’s 80 mm wheels are just what you need for controlled speed. And the moderately fast SG5 bearings don’t wear out quickly.  Now, 82A wheels give enough grip for outside skating activities. Whether you’re skating a bit slippery surface or rough terrain, these soft wheels got your back.

The closure includes laces, a buckle, and a powerstrap just like it is with most inline skates. And with these closure mechanisms, you’ll effortlessly create a tight enough fit.

Admittedly, these skates don’t offer a very tight fit, and sliding inside the boot isn’t uncommon. The upside is that these softboots are pretty comfy thanks to the cushioning from the thick performance liner.

There’s a reliable braking system, too. And although the brake is on the right skate, you can easily switch it to the left one. The box also contains a short bolt for when you want to remove the longer bolt along with the brakes. There’s also an Allen wrench that comes in handy during wheel replacement.

But an Allen wrench isn’t like an amazing bonus or something. Pretty much all in-line skates come with this small, useful tool.

The boot fits pretty much like normal shoes and comes in a wide range of sizes, from U.S. men’s 7 to size 13.


  • Comfortable softboots that offer enough ankle support
  • Available in several sizes
  • Not pricey


  • Plastic frame
  • Support could be better
  • Shell and frame integrated

Like the women’s version, this men’s skate is comfy, but it’s moderately fast and supportive. It’s a softboot, after all, and the SG5 bearings aren’t very fast. You can swap them out and put in faster bearings, though. Also, the shell and frame are one piece.

Consequently, you can’t swap the frame out for a better option. Not a dealbreaker given the attractive price point. And at that price point, the frame is plastic. But that’s shouldn’t worry you since the material is extremely strong and long-lasting.

Here’s a quick guide to selecting the best rollerblades for outdoor use.

How to Select the Best Rollerblades for Outdoor Skating

To evaluate different products and select the best rollerblade for outdoor use, there’s a set of factors to consider. While you can’t always end up with a perfect skate, you can substantially increase the chances of finding something you’ll love.

1. Is the In-skate Safe and Strong?

When roller skating, you can reach a speed of 8 to 16 miles per hour or even more. At such speeds, those rollerblades will experience quite a bit of friction. They’ll also need to absorb a bit of impact from bumps and whatnot.

Based on that understanding, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than strong and safe rollerblades. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs recommends that you select a sturdy pair with excellent ankle support.

Before you buy, find out:

  • What material was used to make the boot?
  • How well are the wheels attached?
  • Does the skate use straps or buckles or maybe a combination of these two? Most skates have a comprehensive closure system comprising of a buckle, a powerstrap, and laces.

2. Rollerblade Wheel Diameter and Durometer

Wheel diameter is a key feature that differentiates rollerblades/inline skates from quad skates. Inline wheels generally have wider diameters, ranging from 68 to 110 mm. Quad skates typically have a wheel diameter ranging from 58 to 65 mm.

Since you’re going to skate outside, the larger the wheels the better. The ideal diameter for outdoor skating hovers between 80mm and 100mm.

Also, inline skates sit on the lower end of the durometer scale (hardness or softness of wheels), between 76A and 86A. By comparison, indoor skates usually have wheels with a duro that’s well above 86A. The right duro is mostly personal preference, but I’ve found 80A to 85A to be the best duro range.

3. Get the Right Wheel for Your Specific Skating Needs

Just because an inline skate is designed for outdoor use doesn’t mean it will suit all outdoor skaters. Different types of skaters have varying needs.

For instance, recreational outdoor skaters may not require too much speed. They are keen on good control and impact absorption. Such skaters also value grip a lot. For then, medium-sized, softer wheels are a good choice.

For speed skaters, speed is more important than grip or control. For such rollerbladers, harder, smaller wheels are the ideal choice.

4.Components and General Construction

An outdoor inlike skate has several parts. These include wheels, the frame, cuffs, lacing system, bearings, braking system, liner, and the boot itself.

Some boots have a softboot construction while others have a hardboot construction. Softboots tend to be a little stretchy and more comfortable than hard-shell boots. But they may not offer enough ankle support for really intense outdoor blading.

Bearings maybe ABEC 7 or whatever, it really doesn’t matter as long they roll nicely. And wheels for outdoor use should be relatively large and soft. Urethane wheels are preferable to plastic ones, of course.

And high cuffs provide more protection and support, but they may reduce maneuverability. Should high cuffs hurt your calves, get heel wedges from Amazon or wherever.

Plastic frames are pretty common among lower-priced skates, but they rarely outlast aluminum frames. Some options let you swap out the frame and upgrade to a better choice while others don’t. I’d go with a skate that lets me make modifications down the road.

Typically, inline skates come with a 3-tier closure system. Nothing much to think here, really.

Best Rollerblades for Outdoors Skating: Verdict?

I’ve tested quite a few rollerblades over the years, and I believe that the Zetrablade men’s rollerblades are one of the finest budget choices for having fun outdoors. These inline skates stood out to me partly because they’re affordable and partly because they suit beginners as well as pro skaters.

But if you love the finer things in life, grab the Macroblade 100. It’s grander, performs much better, and looks great. But all the recommendations reviewed above are good enough for outdoor skating.