Best Rollerblades for Kids

Good rollerblades are a great birthday gift, and there’s no better way to demonstrate your boundless love for your child. But choosing the best rollerblades for kids has never been easy.

There’s quite a bunch of things to keep in mind: Inline skate wheels, durometer, wheel size, the frame, the boot, adjustability, and whatnot.

My job is to pinpoint every known pitfall and describe how you can easily sidestep them. In these best kids’ inline skate reviews, I’ll guide you away from trouble and steer you toward irresistible deals.

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Let’s get going.

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5 Best Rollerblades for Kids

1. XinoSports Adjustable Unisex Kids Inline Skates (Best Overall)

2.K2 Boys Raider Pro Inline Skates

3. Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skate (Small)

4. Bladerunner By Rollerblade Phoenix Boys Adjustable Fitness Blades

5. Adjustable Roller Derby Girls Tracer Inline Skates (best Budget Option)

Now, let’s jump into the reviews and see what we have here.

1. XinoSports Adjustable Unisex Kids Inline Skates Review (Best Overall)

Are you hunting around for a pair of unisex inline skates for your kids? Your search ends here with these adjustable unisex blades, the XinoSports kids inline skates. Like most kids’ rollerblades, these ones look great. And while they’re not a premium pick, they seem a sturdy construction built for longevity.

A Pair of Wickedly Awesome Boots

This is another affordable pair of 4-wheeled awesomeness that adds color and boundless joy to your child’s life. You: What’s better than rolling around in these super sick boots with the lights flashing on rhythmically? Your child: Nothing mommy! With these inline skates on, your baby will likely become the coolest little thing in your neighborhood. And what happens when a kid grows up feeling appreciated, loved, and really cool? They turn out to be confident adults who achieve greatness.

3 Dynamic Color Combinations

The blades come in 3 kid-centered color combos including Blue/Black, Black/Pink, and pink/gray. Boys can go with blue/black while girls can choose either black/pink or pink/gray.

Every Detail Received Ample Attention

While the boots are reasonably priced, they feature a super construction. Everything from the carefully done stitching and the stiff high cuffs to the breathable shell has received all the attention it deserves. Double-thick threading reinforces the seams, increasing the product’s longevity and enormously enhancing its appearance.

No more straps that get torn or clasps that break, reducing the boots’ overall utility. With clasps made from high-grade plastics, your child’s heels will always be securely locked in, and the ankle will always get adequate support.

Frame, Wheels, and Bearings

Reinforced with metal rivets, the frame is constructed from lightweight rust-resistant aluminum that lasts much longer than any plastic frame. It’s a strong frame that doesn’t break or bend easily.  The frame unites with a hard plastic shell that makes the blades super sturdy.

As for wheels, there are moderately hard at 82A, and their diameter is 70 mm. These wheels are great for indoor rollerblading and outdoor inline skating to some extent. Since they’re not that big, they may not go over large cracks and other obstacles very well.

The bearings are ABEC-7 rated. That means they’re high-performance wheels that spin insanely fast. Please don’t buy these for a complete beginner kid — they’d be too fast for them, and they might end up with a few broken bones!

LED Lights

One feature that makes these blades extremely attractive to kids is the illuminating wheels that light up blue, red, and green as the child speeds by. Don’t worry; these lights don’t use batteries. Instead, the lights are powered by magnetic force emanating from magnets in the wheels. As the wheels turn, an electric currents gets generated, and the lights come alive, making the ride much more exciting and fun.


Unlike some boots at that price point, these ones don’t have an all-plastic outer shell. Part of the upper  is made from high-quality, breathable polyester for comfort. The premium soft-foam liner offers a little more padding that what I’ve seen in most comparable deals. And the relatively thick tongue makes the skates even more comfy.


The brand offers two sizes namely Youth Large 5-8 and Youth Medium 1-4. I decided to review only adjustable options, and this is no exception. By simply pushing a button, you can create more room by up to 4 sizes. They’re ideal for boys and girls in the age bracket 5 to 20. Your child can skate in these from childhood to young adulthood without needing to be replaced. Look, there’s always a reason or a season to give. Whether that’s next Christmas or your child’s coming birthday, be sure to surprise them with something they’ll bond with for years.

Guarantee and Warranty

I also love that these rollerblades provide a 1-year warranty for parts and workmanship. But it gets even better. And your child has fully 60 days to love the product or you ship it back. I recommend this product.


  • A great unisex option
  • Sturdy, unbreakable aluminum frame
  • Pretty detailed construction
  • An affordable mid-range choice
  • Flashing lights any kid would love
  • Adjustable to 4 full sizes


  • Not the cheapest option

You won’t regret going with this pick. There’s a reason almost 500 parents have rated the product 4.7 star. They’re happy with it, and you most likely would love the blades, too.

2. K2 Boys Raider Pro Pack Inline Skates Review

These 4-wheeled, built-to-last K2 original rollerblades for kids have K2 Sport’s famous Softboot Technology to thank for their superior construction. K2 Sport, the U.S.-based consumer goods company behind this product, has been in this business for 4+ decades. And that means something, right?

The K2 Boys Raider Pro Pack Inline skates are a mid-range option, and they last. The skates look very well-constructed. Everything about the boots whispers the words premium, class, style.


You can buy these recreational kids rollerblades in black/orange or black/red color combinations. And there’s a bit of blue on the boots, too. With these color combinations, your cute little thing won’t have any trouble standing out.

Stiff, High Cuffs

One thing I like about these blades is their Stability Plus cuffs. These sturdy cuffs provide all the support your underdeveloped child’s ankles will ever need for confidence-packed skating. And as you’d expect, these are high-cuff boots, ideal for beginner kids.

ABEC-rated 72 mm, 80A Wheels

The blades sit on super durable, vibration-dampening composite frames (F.B.I frames). Underneath the frames are 72 mm durometer 80A wheels, but you can swap them out for larger ones if you wish. However, you can’t go larger than 76 mm. The wheels are ABEC-rated 3, just fast enough for any kid learning rollerblading.

The other feature that makes these boots a great pick is K2’s Speed Lacing System. This special lacing system lets you customize the fit easily. And that ensures your child won’t have to endure painful blisters every time they skate.

But how does the Speed Lacing work? There’s a lace-locking tab that you press to effortlessly pull the skates as tight as you want. Any extra lacing goes into a pouch (Velcro) on the tongue. And to loosen the skates, just press the tab.

Sizes and Adjustability

What about sizing for the K2 Boys raider Pro skates, you ask. Here’s good news: these boots are adjustable, offering your child 5 different sizes to grow into. If your kid has a younger sibling, you likely won’t need to buy buy them new blades.

Push a button around the toe area, and the toe extends forward to a size of your choice. Once you have the size you want, release the button, locking in that particular size. Sizes include 1.0-5.0, 4.0-8.0, and Y11.0 –2.0.


I also love that this deal includes protective padding. You get knee pads, wrist pads, and elbow pads so your child can get skating right out of the box. But you’ll just have to buy a helmet as they don’t include it. And I’d insist that you really shouldn’t let your child go out blading without head protection. I recommend the CPSC-certified LANOVAGEAR Toddler adjustable helmet for your boy.


  • Adjustable sizing
  • Rubber brakes for safety
  • Affordable mid-range option
  • Lacing up very easy
  • Excellent comfort and stability
  • Adjustable for 5 sizes
  • Color variety and several sizes
  • Protecting gear included except the helmet


  • Cheaper deals exist
  • Max wheel size is 76 mm

The biggest wheels you can use on these blades are 76 mm. But that’s not a serious limitation unless your kid is a pro skater who values speed above all else.

These rollerblades are ideal for children between ages 4 and 13, boys. They’re super comfortable and durable. And they’re not too expensive. I recommend them.

3. Mongoose Girls Rollerblades (Small)

Here comes another adjustable softboot that looks so cute your child will want to sleep in it! They’re a purple/black sensation that’d excite any little girl.

When it comes to comfort, these blades go an extra mile. The liner comprises of foam padding with an outer super soft pink-ish fabric for increased comfort and support. However, there’s one thing I don’t like, and it’s that the insole isn’t permanently attached. Small wonder the insole bunches up during skating. That’s not a major bummer, and it doesn’t detract from the greatness of the overall skate experience.

Like in most kids inline skates, the cuffs are pretty high, offering adequate ankle support. As for closure, there’s two straps that help you set up a comfortable, sturdy fit.


One great thing about these Mongoose Girl’s inline skates is that they offer adjustability as far as sizing. To switch to a smaller or larger size, hold the blades in both hands. Place one hand at the front (toe area) and the other one near the back, just below the cuff.

Then, press the button on the side of frame and slowly draw the front part out to the size you want. Then, press the button back  and voila! a new blade size. Some moms can even use these blades with when their daughters aren’t skating thanks to this amazing feature.

A 4 Sizes-in-One Deal

You can adjust the blades 4 sizes from size 5 all the way to size 8. That’s really nice if you have a younger girl who might develop interest in inline skating down the road. Lots of parents love adjustable blades because they end up spending less time and money shopping for replacements.

Cast Urethane 64 mm Wheels

The wheels are made of cast urethane, and they’re small-ish at just 64 mm in diameter. Now, what does cast urethane mean? Urethane casting is a manufacturing process that delivers superior-quality, precise, and consistent products insanely fast. These are pretty slim wheels, and they should spin smoothly.

However, I’d say these wheels don’t roll nearly as smoothly as you’d imagine. Fortunately, loosening the nuts that attach the wheels to the frame can help speed them up. But do you really want ultra-fast wheels for a kid just learning to rollerblade?

The manufacturer says these boots are ideal for both indoor and outdoor inline skating. But in my opinion, they’d not be the best bet for rough surfaces full of cracks since they’re not that large diameter-wise.


  • An attractive mid-range buy
  • Adjustable for 4 different sizes
  • Soft, well-padded interiors
  • Long-lasting


  • Insole may bunch up during use
  • Affordable but not the cheapest

Your baby girl will most likely love these boots. Can you imagine of a more powerful way to say “I love you” to them? Me neither. Look, you won’t regret buying these rollerblades. They look amazing, are sporty, and long-lasting.

4. Bladerunner By Rollerblade Phoenix Boys Adjustable Fitness Blades

These red/black rollerblades are quite affordable, but they seem well-made. Looking at them feels really nice as they’re pretty easy on the eye. These budget-friendly rollerblades are ideal for any beginner kid looking to develop their skating skills to a whole new level. Whether that level is speed skating or vert tricks, these boots don’t disappoint.


Like option number #1 and 2 above, these blades feature an extendable lightweight shell that can be slid up to 4 full sizes. Adjustability is a tremendously important feature for anyone whose kid’s feet are growing as though he were on steroids. The liner padding is also expandable, and it increases the blades’ total comfort. So do the thick tongues.

Ultra-light Frame and Moderately Soft, ABEC-rated Wheels

A long-lasting, ultra-light, integrated urethane frame that keeps the child adds to the construction’s overall stability. Under these frames roll four 72 mm Bladerunner performance wheels that roll as good as any with ABEC 3 bearings. And as far as wheel softness vs hardness, these wheels are durometer 80A.

Integrated Closure System

Not surprisingly, the cuffs are high, just what a young child needs to stay stable throughout skating sessions. To customize the fit, the blades offer an integrated closure system comprising of traditional lacing, a 45° powerstrap, and a regular buckle. The buckle joins forces with the high cuffs to keep the ankles fully supported the entire time.


Small sises run 11-1 while medium sises range between 1 and 4. As for large sises, they’re from 5 to 8. I love that these boots are expandable, increasing how long your child can use these boots.


  • Variety of sizes
  • Durable and not expensive
  • ABEC rated bearings
  • Built to offer high levels of comfort
  • Made by an industry leader, Roller Derby
  • Offers adjustability in terms of size


  • Not the most durable blades on the market

These rollerblades are built to offer value rather than spectacular performance, though. And that’s ok since they’re designed for beginners rather than accomplished skaters.

While researching for this post, I found a few parents who felt the boots weren’t as long-lasting as they’d hoped. Reportedly, these boots may not last longer than 6 months. While the complainants still rated the product 3 star, that’s something to keep in mind.

5. Adjustable Roller Derby Girls Tracer Inline Skates (Budget Inline Skates)

These kids rollerblades are available in a multiplicity of exciting kiddo color combinations. There’s blue/white, purple, red/white, green/white, and white/pink. All those color combinations are different ways your baby can stand out wherever they might be playing.

That could be in your house where they might roll around for hours as you focus on other stuff to make their life even sweeter. Or it could be at the local roller rink. Or over smooth pavement or any other kind of surface that wouldn’t give the blades too much bashing.

Boot Type and Construction

The boots are pretty cheap. If you’ve seen a few exceptionally well-made boots, you’d see these for what they are –a no-frill option. The outer hard shell is constructed from mainly plastic. And the detachable liner can be seen from the outside. You can easily remove the liner and wash it whenever necessary to keep the blades clean and fresh.

The liner is thick and comfortable. It’s included to absorb impact as well as moisture during play. There’s also a padded tongue that boosts the overall comfort of the product. However, the tongue isn’t the thickest I’ve seen.

Like the majority of my picks, this option is also adjustable. A button somewhere between the sturdy polymer frame and the hard shell enables you to adjust to any of 4 full sizes. Your child won’t outgrow these, and you might save a few bucks in the end.

Frame, Bearings, and Wheels

The frame seems sturdy, and it’s made from reinforced nylon. That explains why the frames seems durable. How large the wheels are in diameter depends on what blade size you pick. If you go with a Small size, the wheels are 64 mm and if you choose medium-sized blades, the wheels are larger at 70 mm. Such wheels are great for indoor blading rather than outdoor skating. But your child can sure use them for outdoor rollerblading. They roll smoothly, but as you’d expect, they’re not super speedy.

The bearings are crafted from Silver-5 speed rated GForce carbon. Now, GForce carbon bearings offer loads of tensile strength, and that’s desirable. They’re regular 608 bearings, pretty much like those used for skateboarding.

Well, I don’t know what Silver-5 means. And I can’t seem to find any information on it anywhere. But wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume silver-5 is a great rating since the manufacturer displays it as one of the pros in their description?


Good  news: there’s no lacing up to do with these Tracer inline skates. The boots use cam-lever buckles that make it super easy for kids to use. Traditional laces are ok, but these buckles make tightening extremely easy.

However, some reviewers complained that the buckle isn’t very good quality and that it tends to break after some time. That’s not my niece’s experience, though.

I recently bought her a pair of these beginner-level recreational rollerblades a couple months ago, and they seem to be working fine. No buckle issues so far. I’ll wait and see if the status remains the same over the next several months. If something falls apart or stops working, I’ll update this section of my best rollerblades for kids reviews.

Braking System

The right blade features an effective/responsive, removable non-marking brake system. You can move the brake to the other skate or remove it altogether after your child’s skating skills have improved considerably.


There’s 2 size ranges namely Small and Medium. The Small sizes range from 12J to 1 while Medium size start from 2 to 5. This product should fit true to regular U.S. children sizes according to the manufacturer. But there’s no harm in going a size up if the child has wide feet or wears a half size.


  • A budget-friendly pick
  • Offers size adjustability
  • At least 4 kid-specific color combinations
  • Comfortable washable liner
  • Removable brake system
  • Made by a popular American brand
  • Hard shell and high cuffs for max foot and ankle support


  • Buckle might develop issues after a couple uses

While my niece didn’t see the failed-buckle issue, other reviewers have noted that as a possibility. Aside from that, the product works as advertised. I recommend these rollerblades, and they’re arguably the best budget inline skates for kids on Amazon.

How to Pick the Right Pair of Inline Skates for a Kid

Buying inline skates for a young child can be a little confusing as earlier noted. Hopefully, this brief kid’s roller blades buying guide will illuminate some of the small issues to keep in mind.

1. Buy No More Than One Size Bigger

When shopping for a pair of rollerblades for a young child, size should be a critical consideration. My advice is buy a size bigger if buying for a child aged 4-8 years. All too often, parents buy 2 sizes larger so their skates can “grow” with the child. Unfortunately, two sizes up is almost always too big for the little skater.

One idea that can help you buy the right size is going with an adjustable option. Such skates allow the child to choose one of several sizes by pressing some button. Once they press the button, they can easily slide the boot inward or outward, increasing or reducing the skate size.  In most cases, such skates offer between 2 to 6 size options.

How to Size Your Kid’s Rollerblades at Home Before Buying

Get a clean piece of paper and place it on the floor, preferably with one edge touching the base of a wall. Next, have your child stand on the paper. Then, grab a pencil and trace the outline of each foot. After that, use a ruler or a tape to measure the length and width of the foot. Take the widest part’s reading at the ball area of the foot for the width. At this point, access a brand-specific kids rollerblades sizing chart and easily pick an accurate size .

Alternatively, walk down to your local kids skate store and have them formulate a custom fit your kid. They should be able to recommend a suitable fitting size and usually the right brand. You can buy from them, of course. I’m all for supporting local stores. And if you don’t like their price point, head over to Amazon and buy the product.

2. Don’t Let Your Child Use 2 Pairs of Socks While Skating

Parents who buy larger skates typically think they can pad the size difference with an extra pair of socks. Tell you what? Wearing 2 pairs of socks is a surefire way of getting really nasty blisters.

There’s always more room than the child needs, and their feet keep making back and forth movements. As they do that, friction builds up between their feet and the skates’ footbed, and they get hurt. So, make it one size up and no more.

3. Construction and Design

For kids, you should buy recreational blades rather than athletic or sporty ones. Go for those with a softboot construction and a sturdy cuff area. Such skates come adequately padded with a quality liner that wicks away moisture and strong cuffs for ankle support.

Kids’ knees are still developing and need all the support they can get. It’s best to buy skates with high cuffs. High-cuff rollerblades offer maximum ankle support to ankles that have not gained the level of stamina required for low-cuff or even cuff-less skates.

Don’t forget the liner. Select skates with a decent pair of liners, either permanently fixed or removable. I’d go with removable liners as they’re easier to clean.

4. Wheels and Bearings

Rollerblades feature between 2 and 5 wheels arranged linearly, hence the name inline.  Go with 80A wheels. These wheels are moderately soft/hard, and they deliver super smooth rides. If you’re into ABEC-rated rollerblade wheels, pick something with ABEC 3 and above. For kids, though, avoid extremely fast wheels.

If your child has no prior skate experience, stay within the ABEC 3 to ABEC 5 range. But you know what? You don’t have to buy an ABEC rated skate. I mean, skaters don’t bother about the ABEC rating all that much. Generally, the higher the ABEC rating, the higher the precision and the tighter the tolerance.

Also, higher ratings coincide with high RPMs (Revolution Per Minute). Tell you what? Pretty much 90 percent of rollerblading and other kinds of skating happen under 2000 RPM. See, you don’t need the highest rated skates for your kid or even for yourself. In fact, some of the best bearings for rollerblades aren’t even ABEC rated.

As for diameter, choose 70 mm to 79 mm wheels or thereabout.

5. Brakes

It’s hard to find inline skates for complete beginner kids that don’t feature some kind of braking system. Usually, only one of the skates has the braking system. I’d buy skates with removable brakes. Removable-brake skates allow your child to evolve into a speed-focused skill-level without needing a new pair of expensive skates.

6. Closure

There’s traditional lacing, Velcro closures, and buckles. And some kids’ rollerblades feature the so-called BOA closure that makes tightening skates as easy as pressing a button. Buy skates that won’t take your child a whole eternity to put on or off. Be sure to help your child customize the fit to a firm, snug one.

7. Price Points

So, what budget are we looking at here? You sure can easily find $30 roller blades for your child. Now, I want to be blatantly frank, dirt-cheap inline skates for kids don’t last years. In most cases, the most longevity you can squeeze out of such a pair of skates is 4 to 6 months depending on your child’s activity level. Usually, these are toy-type kid’s rollerblades.

Dirt-cheap inline skates for kids don’t last years

Then there’s the $60 to $90 kids rollerblades. That’s the mid-range price. In this price band, you can find pretty decent picks that’d last a year or two. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of parents prefer to purchase within this price range. They want to buy a product that delivers acceptable performance and lifespan while not spending too much money.

Finally, there’s the high-end roller blade for kids. These skates are almost always very well-made, stylish boots that demonstrate excellent performance. They may be recreational rollerblades for kids, or they may be the athletic type. To get any of these deals, you must be willing to shell out anywhere between $100 and $150 or more.

But Are $100+ Kids Rollerblades Really Worthy it?

The nice thing about reasonably pricey rollerblades is that they tend to last years. I still have a well-worn pair of K2s I used to roll around in years ago as a kid. And they look really good. I’m sure the blades can fetch a pretty decent price if I choose to resell them to someone on e-bay or wherever. Or I can gift them to some needy kid in my neighborhood. We’ll see.

8. Brand

I’m a staunch believer of go with whichever rollerblade brand makes you happy. But I’ve come across a few brands that keep pushing out crap. Obviously, you must stay from those ones. I’d advise you to go with tested and proven brands, companies that have been around since forever.

While the most popular brand may sometimes release a product that turns out to be full-blown crap, that’s rarely the norm. So, try to stick to well-known brands such as Rollerblade, and chances are you’ll love what you eventually buy.

Having said that, no one ever said you can’t buy that small, new-ish brand the whole rollerblading world is blabbering about. In the end, it’s your money, your child, your decision. And you’re smart enough.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy your child suitable skate shoes, protective gear, and a helmet.

Best Rollerblades for Kids: Verdict

After considering several different aspects pertaining to the buying decision, I chose the adjustable unisex XinoSports inline skates for both boys and girls. They’re beautifully crafted, and the frame is made of durable, rust-free aluminum. And the brake is removable.

Also, the closure works well and is made from durable, high-quality material. The blades are available in several sizes and they grow with your child’s feet. The price is great, too. Add the magnetic electric field-charged flashing wheels, and you have a pair of rollerblades no kid would resist. Happy parenting!