Best Roller Skates for Dancing in 2020 [A Review]

VNLA Tuxed Skates in Different Colours

You’ve likely watched those amazing roller skate dancers jamming to Cardi B’s Backin’ It Up. And, you’ve always wondered if you, too, can be like one of those seemingly successful guys. Maybe you’ve been meaning to take your Rhythm and Blues skating to a whole new level. Probably even join a roller dance competition? With the best roller skates for dancing, nearly everyone who practices hard wins. 

You need a pair or good, strong, stable, and elegant roller skates. For most people especially beginners, we recommend you go for quad skates instead of inline skates due to the stability of the former. Quad skates have 4 wheels which are configured in a two-by-two style instead of a straight line like the inline skates.


Factors to Consider While Selecting Dancing Roller Skates


  1. Wheel hardness – Measured from 0-100A. Skate dancing is usually performed indoors on slippery floors and the best skates for this are the ones having soft wheels.
  2. Low Cut Skates – Jam skating requires speed skates and thus the low cut type is preferred.
  3. Wheel Diameter – For dancing, smaller diameter wheels are ideal for fast acceleration, stability, and maneuverability.
  4. Boot Texture – For disco, you need a soft boots or rather those having soft shells because they are more maneuverable, weigh less, and better ventilated.
  5. Cushions – Skates are more agile with softer cushions and thus better for performing.

After hours of physical testing and based on the above factors and many others, below are the best roller skates for dancing.


Our Top Picks


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If you are looking for the very best roller skating for your dancing sessions, we recommend the Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skates for Dancing. These skates are built very well using a unique vinyl material which is more durable than any other skate material we’ve seen. Its plate is made from PowerDyne Thrust nylon plates which are reinforced. The Sonar Striker wheels are soft and produce good grip on various types of surfaces. You can check  its current price here on AMAZON.

VNLA Tuxedo Jam Skate If you have some more cash to spare and want some good roller, our second choice is the VNLA Tuxedo Jam Skates. They are designed with some good cushion for comfort ensuring you can show off all your jam skills while staying safe and secure. The trucks are made from aluminum. The best thing is that it has low profile toe stops which won’t stop you from making tricks. It is made of leather and thus long lasting. You can check  its current price here on AMAZON.


Best Roller Skates for Dancing


Roller Skate ModelImageWheel HardnessBearingsPrice
Riedell R3Riedell R3 sRoller Skate93AABEC-5$$$
Check Price on Amazon
VNLA TuxedoVNLA Tuxedo Roller Skates For Dance95AABEC-9$$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Moxi Beach BunnyMoxi Beach Bunny Skates78AABEC-5$$$
Check Price on Amazon
VNLA Royalty95AABEC-9$$$
Check Price on Amazon


1. Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skates for Dancing (With Small Wheels For Acceleration)


The Riedel R3 Skates are made from a durable but comfortable vinyl material. The strap is very good and they hold ones feet in place. The plate is made from a lightweight material which makes it easier for one to dance. For dancing, unlike the rough Roller Derby, these skates will last years.




  • Riedell R3 Skates PairWheels: 4 x 59mm, width 38mm, 93A polyurethane
  • Boot: vinyl upper, Low profile, padded and comfortable
  • Closure: Normal laces with cuff strap
  • Bearings: ABEC-5 608 Kwik
  • Toe-stop: PowerDyne modifiable toe stop
  • Good For: Jam, Speed, Rhythm, Roller Derby
  • For Who: Men and Women



Riedell R3 Review (A Unisex Option)


The R3 is a superb unisex vinyl boot. Despite it being from another material apart from leather doesn’t make it a lesser boot. It preforms pretty well and comfortable for jam skating. Vinyl is a cheap material making the boot very affordable. It is also animal free, hey vegans!

The plate that comes with these skates is the 10 degree nylon double action type with metal trucks. Double action means that the kingpin has 2 cushions instead of one. The lower the degree translates to more stability whereas a higher degree means more turn-ability.

The plates are slightly hard and if you someone who prefers more comfort you can upgrade the cushions and Grip Super cushions were found to fit well. Note that nylon plates are not very strong like metal and if one is a heavy skater they can bend with time.


  • Fast and maneuverable
  • Sleek and Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Vinly is not as long lasting as leather and rarely mold with ones feet thus one has to be keen on sizing.
  • The R3 boot is generally a narrow boot and not ideal for people with wide feet as it could hurt


2. VNLA Tuxedo Jam Skate for Dancing


VNLA Tuxedo skates were designed and developed by the renown ‘Team Vanilla’ under the inspiration of Brandon Perea. This soft boot is made from a lax, scuff, and durable leather making it ideal for jam.



  • Wheels: Vanilla Genuine 62mm, 95A
  • Boot: Leather and comfortable
  • Closure: Velcro Wrap
  • Bearings: ABEC-9
  • Toe-stop: Low Profile
  • Good For: Jam, Rhythm and Blues Skating
  • For Who: Men and Women


VNLA Tuxedo Skates Review




These skates are made from a rubber outsole that is fully stitched and strong skate shoe lining. The frame is made from Vanilla’s nylon plus aluminum trucks. It has a 5 degree action which means more stability especially with the cone shaped cushions that increase how fast they respond.

The wheels the original Vanilla Genuine 62mm having a hardness of 95A which is harder side as compared to R3’s 93A. This means they are more long lasting but lesser grip and thus they do better for skaters who have more confidence.

The VNLA Tuxedo skates also come with the unique Vanilla jam plugs which we tested and performed beyond our expectations. We thought it could be hard to stop but it was not. There is also the extra adjustable low profile Toe Stops making it easier to stop but does not stop one from doing tricks.


  • Vanilla Jam Plugs plus Low Profile Toe Stops
  • Soft Leather Boot
  • Low 5 Degree Action


  • Harder Wheels With lesser Grip
  • Cost Slightly More


3. Moxi Beach Bunny Skates (Elegant Dance Skates For Women)


They are drym-dyed soft boots that are attached to relatively small wheels which are not only ideal for rhythm skating to the beat but also for bouncing on the streets in a fashionable way. They come in sizes 1 to 10 with an easy to use Moxi sizing chart.


  • Wheels: 58mm, 78A
  • Boot: Vinyl and Soft
  • Closure: Shoe Laces
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Toe-stop: High Top Skates
  • Good For: Jam, Rhythm and Blues Skating
  • For Who: Women


Moxi Beach Bunny Skates Review


These are beautiful vegan roller skates which means they are made from vinyl. They are specifically designed for women of all ages. They come in 3 different colors /designs which include Blue Sky, Peach Blanket and Periwinkle Sunset.

 Moxi Beach Bunny Skates Different ColoursMoxi Beach Bunny skates have lovely toe guards and an extra pair to protect the skater from abrasions especially when skating in the park. The Moxi are built on a strong Marvel aluminum plate with strengthened metal trucks for good support.

 These women high top skates come with some of the softest wheels which are rated at 78A and 58mm in size. The wheels were found to produce some good grip even on slippery indoor surfaces. They also offer some good cushion and a smooth ride. They are classified as multipurpose roller skates and definitely qualified to be third in our listing of the best roller skates for dancing.


  • Elegant design
  • Small wheels for acceleration
  • Strong aluminum plate and metal trucks
  • Softer Wheels for Grip and Comfort
  • Soft Boot
  • Snug fit coupled ankle padding for good ankle support


  • The boots are slightly stiff


4. VNLA Royalty Jam Skate – Ideal For Kids



Vanilla (VNLA) Royalty Jam Skate are made from Vanilla Gorilla, aluminum trucks and a nylon plates. It comes with indoor wheels which are small and measure 62mm with a hardness of 95A. If you need to jam outdoor you will just need another pair of wheels.



  • Wheels: 62mm 95A
  • Boot: Suede exterior
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Bearings: ABEC-9
  • Toe-stop: Low profile
  • Good For: Jam, Rhythm and Blues Skating
  • For Who: Kids, Women, Men


VNLA Royalty Jam Skate Review


These skates will get you jamming like a pro because it comes with a Vanilla Jam Plug which won’t interfere with any tricks you desire to do. It is designed as a low cut skate with an elegant suede exterior built on a durable leather material.

The material used does not require any break-in time since its soft and comfortable as long as you choose the right size based on the sizing chart available on Amazon.

Based on our tests, the VNLA Royalty moves pretty fast with an astonishing acceleration thanks to the small wheels and the ABEC-9 bearings. The light aluminum trucks are light which helps in speed too and maneuverability.


  • Built for indoor jamming
  • Good bearings
  • Comfortable boot with a suede leather exterior
  • Apart adults, they are ideal for kids too


  • Slightly harder wheels which are not very ideal for very slippery surfaces

You can check the current price of VNLA Royalty on AMAZON.




What’s the Best Roller Skate for Dancing?


It is evident that there exist various good roller skates for dancing and some of the best include the R3, VNLA Tuxedo, Moxi and others. The Riedell R3 Quad dancing skate wins the race. With those wonderful roller skates, you are guaranteed to enjoy jamming to any beat.  Don’t forget to grab some safety gear such as a helmet and pads when skating. Enjoy your skate dance.

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