Best Inline Skates for Women

At the rink. Public sessions. Inline skating lessons. Online forums. Inline-skating communities on social. Everywhere. In all these spaces, there’s always someone asking for recommendations of the best inline skates for women and girls.

Whether you’re a complete rollerblading beginner, an intermediate-level inline skater, or even a driven slalom inline skater, you want to use the best rollerblades for your play level.

But choosing the best inline skates for women or for anyone else isn’t always an easy or straightforward process.

The vast inline skate market represents tons of good and supposedly good women’s recreational and performance inline skates.

And as you might already know, too much choice does get a tad confusing. Which is where I step in.

In these inline skates for women reviews, I guide you toward options that’ll help you access every great benefit rollerblading has to offer.

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Here’s a quick list of….

7 Good Inline Skates for Women (Reviews&Buying Guide)

At this point, you’re asking lots of important questions. Questions such as: What inline skates for women are the best?

What are the fastest inline skates for women?

Do you size up or down when buying women’s rollerblades?

Here, you’ll find honest answers to all those questions and then some.

1. K2 Alexis 80 Pro Inline Skates Women [Editor’s Pick]

[amazon box=”B08BN916N6″ title=”K2 Alexis 80 Pro Inline Skates Women” description=”This inline skate for women offers great comf0rt and looks really cool. And its Stability Plus Skate Cuff builds tons of ankle support and stability into the shoe. Then there’s its F.B.F frame that stays close to the ground, keeping everything nice and stable. Finally, the skate uses ABEC 5 wheels (80mm/80A) which keep speed where it should be: moderately fast. Not dirt-cheap, but a pretty decent women’s rollerblade at that price point. ” button_text=”View Price at Amazon” price=” “/]

The K2 Alexis 80 Pro inline skates for women are a great choice for folks who value both comfort and speed.

If you’re a beginner rollerblader and can’t seem to decide what the best option for your skating level could be, consider the K2 Alexis 80 Pro.

This skate is pretty easy on the eye. And it features ABEC-5 80 mm 80A high-performance wheels that give you a smooth ride.

With these blades, it isn’t just smooth rolls; it’s butter-smooth rides all of the time.

The skate’s 80 mm wheels are large enough and roll over debris, small cracks, and uneven pavement without struggling.

What’s more, the wheels are duro 80A. That means these wheels are moderately soft, not too hard or too soft.

Super-hard wheels roll like a dream, but the ride can get pretty bumpy and uncomfortable.

Wheels that are too soft, on the other hand, suck at speed. However, the ride feels smoother and noticeably more comfortable.

80 mm wheels are the kind of wheels you need as a beginner or intermediate inline skater because they’re not too tall.

With such wheels, you’re pretty close to the ground. Which means you’re more stable (and safer).

This inline skate boasts a shock-dampening composite frame called the F.B.I. frame.

Well, this certainly isn’t a metal frame. But the frame feels super sturdy, flexes well, and lasts.

What’s more, it’s a low-profile frame that absorbs vibrations really well so you can enjoy your rides a whole ton more.

How Supportive is the K2 Alexis 80 Pro Women’s Rollerblade?

The K2 Alexis 80 is the unchallenged king as far as support at that price point.

The shoe’s Stability Plus Skate Cuff provides lots of support for the ankle.

But the cuff may hurt your feet a little, at first. Once you break in the skate, you’ll toss every other blade you have in the closet and use the K2 Alexis 80 Pro exclusively.

Few inline skates for girls and women provide the level of ankle support this blade offers.

How Comfortable Are These Skates?

When it comes to comfort, the K2 Alexis 80 Pro are matchless thanks to K2’s Vortech Ventilation system.

I examined the material used. And I could instantly tell it was designed with the needs of recreational skating in mind.

The material comes woven in a style that creates tiny holes or vents that boost circulation significantly.

No matter how fast or long you go, this ventilation system ensures your feet stay cool and dry.

But everyone sweats a little in the end, you know.

Braking System

This women’s rollerblade comes equipped with a braking system. And as expected, the brake is positioned on the rear of the right blade.

I strongly recommend that you master stopping on rollerblades before you start flying allover the place in these skates.

Learn how to stop on rollerblades here. And just in case you don’t know to blade, here’s how to ride rollerblades for beginners.

The brake works relatively well, at least for me.

But few reviewers said they experienced a bit of wobbling as they came to a stop.

That’s probably because the person’s stopping technique is meh rather than that the brake is faulty.

Closure System

The ratchet/powerstrap combo keeps your heels locked securely into place. There’s also speed lacing that lets you get a custom fit easily.

Simply pull the speed lacing up and tuck it into the tongue.  Once you do that, the laces further down on the boot tighten, snugly supporting your calves. Speed lacing is easier to use than plain old traditional lacing.

Sizing the K2 Alexis 80 Pro Women’s Rollerblades

When buying this skate, order your regular size in everyday shoes. I keep hearing people say size up or size down. But that’s not good advice when it comes to the K2 Alexis 80 Pro.

This skate fits true to size.

But since the K2 Alexis 80 Pro is a softboot, you can expect it to become a little loose on the ankle and elsewhere after a while.

And how much power transfer can you expect from a loose skate? Not much.

Plus, performing rollerblading moves such as crossovers, backward glides, and transitions can be extremely challenging. Just as can be stopping.


  • Very comfortable
  • A high-quality mid-range women’s rollerblade
  • Great for beginners and intermediate skaters
  • Fast, ABEC-5, 80-mm wheels
  • Vibration and shock-absorbing frame
  • Pretty breathable


  • Not cheap

Overall, the K2 Alexis 80 Pro are a great mid-range option for skaters who value comfort and support more than they do speed. These skates pick up speed well, but they’re not too fast. That means beginner and intermediate-level recreational skaters can use them safely.

While these skates are cheaper than quite a few K2 skates, they’re not the cheapest inline skate for women rollerbladers.

But the K2 Alexis 80 Pro wins hands down compared to every other skate in these reviews when it comes to comfort and support.

2. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Fitness Inline Skates (for Beginners&Intermediate Skaters)

[amazon box=”B07G29GFYT” title=”Rollerblade Zetrablade Fitness Inline Skate for Women” description=”Another beginner and intermediate level inline skate for women that great support and comfort. It looks nice and rolls really smoothly, and the price point won’t hurt your budget. Has pulled in tons of positive reviews from users online, and there’s a reason for that.” button_text=”View Price at Amazon” price=” “/]

The Rollerblade Zetrablade fitness skate looks amazing, offers good ankle support, and keeps your feet pampered.

But what makes the Rollerblade Zetrablade one of the comfiest beginner rollerblades for women? It’s the thick and soft padding inside the shoe, the so-called Training Performance liner.

That means if you’re blading on a hot sunny day, it won’t feel like your feet are melting. The liner is considerably breathable and absorbs moisture well. And when riding through cool weather, you can expect this liner to keep your feet warm and comfy.

The Cuff is High and Supportive

The cuff of the Rollerblade Zetrablade extends high enough, offering a wall of support to the ankle while increasing stability. A high-cuff inline skate such as this one is almost always a good choice for beginner rollerbladers as well as intermediate-level inline skaters.

But if you’re a pro skater, I suggest that you find a different skate. You just won’t get the kind of support advanced blading demands.

80mm Wheels of Duro 82A

These skates offer 80mm wheels from Rollerblade. I found that 80mm wheels work best for entry-level rollerbladers. And that makes this product a great choice if that’s the skating level you’re at.

At duro 82A, these wheels are harder than what I and most others reviewers believe is the best duro for starting folks.

But being 82A means these wheels roll a little faster than duro 80A wheels. Harder wheels always outroll their softer counterparts as long as wheel height is the same.

Inside these 80mm 82A wheels are SG5 bearings. These aren’t rated bearings, but roll pretty much like ABEC 5 wheels.

In other words, you won’t zap around lightning-fast, you won’t go that fast. But is that a bummer when comfort and support are your most immediate needs?

Low-profile Frame for Stability

The outer shell and the low-profile and long-lasting Monocoque frame of this skate form one supportive system. It’s a sturdy plastic frame that flexes well and makes for great power transfer.

A low-profile frame like this one has you staying close to the ground, lowering your center of gravity. And a lower center of gravity translates into more stability.

But don’t expect the Monocoque frame to outlast any aluminum frame.

Brake: Stop Quality

How good is the brake on this skate and how does stopping on them feel?

The brake seems to have been positioned perfectly. Stopping on these skates doesn’t feel awkward. Nor will you experience wobbling.

How to Size the Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Inline Skate

These skates fit true to size, and you’d better buy in the size you buy your sneaker or tennis shoes.

It’s a softboot, remember. It expands a bit with constant use, and eventually makes the boot roomier and overall less supportive.

To get the sizing correct, measure your boot properly with a ruler standing on a blank piece of white paper (in centimeters). Then, use the size chart here to determine what size you should order.

If your foot measurement sits between two sizes, consider sizing up. This inline skate isn’t available in half sizes.


  • Great price
  • Looks cute
  • Tons of +ve reviews online
  • Associated with a trusted brand (Rollerblade)
  • Low CoG = lots of stability
  • Great support & comfort
  • Good power transfer
  • Relatively fast wheels
  • Effective braking system for control and safety


  • Cheaper options can be had
  • Some reviewers got sore feet

Well, your feet will get a little soar after riding these skates for a while. But that’s how riding a rollerblade from any brand feels like before you break it in.

Overall, this is a solid choice for women rollerbladers who are just starting out and those who’ve practiced their way into the intermediate-level club.

3. Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT (Best for Complete Beginners)

[amazon box=”B01LZKVC87″ title=”Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Skate” description=”An affordable option for absolute beginners. Looks similar to the Zetrablade, but this option offers half-sizes while the Zetrablade doesn’t. Even though this choice boasts ABEC 7 bearings, it rolls slower than the Zetrablade above because it’s wheels are softer at 78A vs 82A for the Zetrablade.” button_text=”View Price at Amazon” price=” “/]

It’s easy to confuse the Rollerblade Zetrablade with the Zetrablade above. Did you know that the better-known Rollerblade owns Bladerunner?

Maybe that’s where the similarities between the two competing boots begin.

Comfort and Stability

In terms of comfort, the Zetrablade beats the Bladerunner Advantage XT Pro. Support-wise, these softboots (the Bladerunner) are a decent choice.

The liner inside holds your foot snugly and provides enough lateral support. The outer plastic shell also offers lots of support, enabling tons of power transfer from your feet to the flexible composite frame underneath.


Well, the Bladerunner Advantage XT Pro is very well ventilated. These definitely aren’t the kind of skates you need for hours and hours of skating.

Buy these for leisure skating or spending quality time with your kids. When was the last time you had a really deep talk with Ryan?

See, grab yourself a pair and buy him a present and…..go out and bond with that cute little thing. I bought mine mainly to walk my dog, and so far nothing to complain about.

These affordable skates allow you to experiment with rollerblading without spending a fortune.

A Low-Profile Composite Frame

A low-sitting composite frame fosters stability. Because the frame sits low above the ground, your center of gravity stays low as well.

If you fall, you won’t likely thud into that hard pavement from some high point and break a wrist or twist an ankle.

Wheels and Ball Bearings

Just like most beginner-friendly skates, this one comes with four 80mm wheels at duro 78A. The wheels have performance-grade ABEC 7 bearings driving them.

Well, there’s nothing really special about ball bearings being ABEC-7 rated. Still, some people like buying skates with ABEC-7 wheels. Learn more about the ABEC rating here.

ABEC 7 wheels are damn fast, maybe too fast for a beginning rollerblader, right? Right, but other factors such as wheel diameter and duro also come into play, determining how fast you go.

Even though these skates have ABEC 7 ball bearings, they don’t roll as fast as the Rollerblade Zetrablade above. I guess that’s down to the wheels being softer (at 78A) than those of the Zetrablade women’s fitness skates (82A).

But being a little slower can’t be a bad thing when you’re a starting inline skater.

Wheel Quality

One gripe I have is that the wheels of the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT skate don’t last long.

Depending on how frequently you skate, they likely won’t last a year.

I recommend replacing these stock wheels with superior wheels such as 80mm Hydrogen wheels.

Closure System

The closure of the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT is similar to that of the Zetrablade in terms of components and function.

Traditional laces, a 45-degree powerstrap, and a buckle collaborate to help you create a nice and snug fit while locking in the heel comfortably in place.

With the closure fastened properly, you’ll love how smooth and powerful your strides down the bike path in your neighborhood feel.

The Braking System

The brake is on the right skate, at the back. This braking mechanism helps you to slow down to a stable, smooth stop without shaking uncontrollably.

You can transfer the brake to the other skate if you like, just as you can remove it completely.

Once I learned the T-stop and plow stop, I stopped needing the brakes. But I didn’t remove them.

How to Size the Advantage Pro XT (Available in Half Sizes)

Foot Length in cm corresponding US Women’s Size
22 5
23 6
24 7
25 8
26 9
27 10

The inline skate in the product description above is size 10 medium width. Unlike the Zetrablade women’s fitness skate, the Advantage XT Pro is available in half sizes.

If between sizes, size down half a size. But why do I say to size down when everyone else says to size up if you’re between sizes?

It’s because all softboots stretch a bit with constant use. And more foot-room means you won’t get much lateral support from the liner.


  • Low center of gravity = stability and maneuverability
  • Smooth, fairly fast 80 mm ABEC-7 wheels
  • Fits true to size
  • Pleasing color combination
  • Brakes for speed control
  • Great price point
  • Made by a reputable skate brand


  • Low ventilation
  • Moderate speed
  • Wheels may not last long

Overall, the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT recreational skate for adult women is a decent pick for absolute beginners.

It fits true to size and provides enough ankle support.

The blade also looks cute and rolls moderately fast. And the price point makes this deal irresistible.

4. Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Button (Budget Adjustable Rollerblades)

[amazon box=”B01CUT690I” title=”Rollerderby V-Tech 500 Button Size-adjustable Women’s Inline Skate” description=”This women’s budget rollerblade offers size-adjustability from 7 to 10 women’s sizes. The shell is made of tough plastic for support. And its triple-buckle closure system keeps your heel locked in nice and tight, and that boosts power transfer and stability. You’ll want to buy high-quality insoles though for a little more comfort ” button_text=”View Price at Amazon” price=” “/]

If you’re looking for affordable women’s inline skates for recreational purposes, look no further than the Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Button. These blades are made by America’s well-known skate brand Roller Derby, which means you can expect them to be at least usable.

Light and Cute-ish

The overall design is super light, lighter than I’d imagined prior to putting them on. Putting these good-looking guys is easy, too, mostly because there’s no laces to tie up. Instead, you have a 3-buckle closure system that hols everything together tight and safe.

But the plastic shell looks like it could crack if I ran into something hard. At that price point, though, I didn’t expect better quality than that.

Size Adjustable Inline Skates for Women

These inline skates come with a button below the heel area that makes size adjustment a breeze. You can adjust size from 7 to 10. 

So, you won’t need to choose a specific size with this boot. Instead, you’re choosing a size range. And that solves a whole lot of sizing issues.

Sizing is an issue that causes a little hesitation when it comes to buying inline skates online. Everyone hates buying skates that’ll end up either killing their feet or too loose that they can’t skate on them at all.

But with this pair of skates, you never have to worry about that. As long as you’re within the stated size change, you can be sure the skate will fit your feet snugly.

Ankle Support

Expect nothing exceptional here. Just recreational-level kind of support. But it’s enough support for ankles that haven’t skated before.

Comfort Credentials

Well, the Roller Derby V-Tech Button isn’t the most comfortable women’s inline skate on the market. At least, it’s not the most comfy rollerblade right out of the box.

The tongue tends to cause a little discomfort. This skate’s tongue feels more like plastic and less like proper padding.

Another issue I didn’t like was that the insole comes as a separate piece for some reason. And they’re not great insoles.

These insoles kept slipping and bunching up during use. But a girl at work that I’m friends with advised me to get proper insoles, and I did, which solved the problem.

As for the tongue, wearing thick socks kind of improved things for me.

In the end, I had a functional skate. But I don’t like that one has to spend a little more money on the insoles on a cheap skate.

I mean, if you’re going to include insoles in a pair of inline skates, insert proper insoles. Even if that might mean bumping the price point a bit.

Urethane Wheels and Gold-7 Race-rated Bearings

The skates’ polyurethane wheels are quite small (76 mm). That means you can have as much control and maneuverability as you need. With these wheels, taking turns is noticeably easier than it is with 80mm wheels or larger ones.

But 76mm wheels aren’t super terrific when it comes to rolling over obstacles. At least, they shouldn’t be expected to roll over pebbles and gravel as smoothly as 90mm or even 80mm wheels.

The manufacturer says the Gold-7 Race rated ball bearings (chrome) are built for speed. But these bearings drive 76 mm wheels.

Smaller wheels tend to be slower than larger wheels, and these 76mm wheels are no exception. This isn’t a high-performance women’s skate, but it rolls fast enough for the complete beginner level.

As a recreational inline skater, I bet speed isn’t the most critical thing for you.

Closure System

The skates feature 3 buckle-type closures that make putting them on and taking them off easy. The boot and its liner provide much-needed breathability. With these ones, your feet stay cool, dry, and comfortable when you’re going for ultra-long rides.

Braking System

And you can easily slow yourself down via the brake on the right skate. But I found that the brake does need a little getting used to. That’s not entirely unusual when it comes to brakes on blades, though.


  • Can be bought online without sizing worries
  • Made by a reputable American company with a long history (since 1936)
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Tons of control and maneuverability
  • Attractive price
  • A working braking system on the right skate


  • Small wheels
  • Liner not of the finest quality
  • Limited speed
  • They look somewhat cheap
  • The braking system may require some getting used to

These skates are ideal for recreational-level inline skaters who’re looking to have fun and stay fit without spending too much money.

But you won’t win any roller derby competition in these skates. Ride these ones on smooth sidewalks, pavements, floors, rinks, and other surfaces like that.

Well, the skates look somewhat cheap. At least that’s what I thought when I saw them.

The brake may need some getting used to, but I don’t think that’d be a deal-breaker for most people.

Overall, the Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Button inline skates for beginning women skaters are a great value for money.

5. Roller Derby AERIO Q-60 Women’s Inline Skates (Best Value Pick)

[amazon box=”B07SZ9RRN6″ title=”Roller Derby AERIO Q-60 Women’s Inline Skates Pro XT Women’s Inline Skate” description=”Looks good, features a 3-part closure system, is reasonably supportive and comfortable and features an aluminum frame.” button_text=”View Price at Amazon” price=” “/]

The AERIO Q-60 inline skates for women are yet another great budget buy.

They come in a stylish soft-boot design made for comfort and stability. As for performance, expect no more than moderate performance.

Ankle Support and Comfort

The amply padded inner polyester/nylon lining with memory padding. This memory padding will conform to the shape of your feet over time.

What about cuff support? It’s good enough for beginner-level blading. But I found it takes lots of ankle strength to skate on these boots.

If you’re over 35 and haven’t skated for ages, you’ll soon realize just how much effort you must use to enjoy the outdoors in these blades.


This shoe is moderately rather than excellently ventilated. Not that ventilation means much to anyone who really loves blading.

I recommend this product for someone looking to have fun-filled recreational rides that take no more than 2 or 3 hours.

Wheels and Bearings

The product features four 80mm polyurethane Elite Speed wheels that roll underneath a super durable, lightweight aluminum frame, the Tri-Coil Frame.

How soft are the wheels? I didn’t find the duro info anywhere on the package or in the manufacturer’s site. But it felt like 80A.

Now, aluminum lasts. But I didn’t particularly like the general feel when I skated over rougher terrain. I experienced a little vibration, but not too much that I wanted to return the shoe.

Power transfer was great, though, as usually is the case with metal frames.

The wheels join forces with the Bevo Gold 7 Race rated bearings to deliver a smooth recreational ride.

These are the same bearings the company uses in the wheels of this skate’s sibling, the Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Button reviewed above.

How to Size the Roller Derby AERIO Q-60 Women’s Inline Skates

Foot Length in cm corresponding US Women’s Size
22 5
23 6
24 7
25 8
26 9
27 10

Inline skates should fit snug as a bug. And this boot fits true to size. If you choose the next size up, you’ll end up with more room than you want.

Additionally, having too much room drastically reduces your ability to transfer power to your wheels.

But what do you do if you’re somewhere between two sizes? Order the smaller size no matter what anyone else says.

For example, if your foot measures 22cm, definitely choose size 5 US women.

What if you measure 22.50 cm? That takes you to the next size up, in this case size 6. Note that this boot offers no half sizes.

Roller Derby AERIO Q-60 Fitness Skate for Women Size Chart

Rollerderby doesn’t have a size chart for this skate model on their site. But I used the size chart for the Bladerunner Advanced XT Pro above, and it was pretty accurate.

First, measure you feet in centimeters. Next, look at the size chart (U.S. women) above and select the size that corresponds with your foot measurement.

The Closure System

The closure system consists of regular laces, a hook-and-loop powerstrap, and a buckle. Together, these parts let you customize the fit however you want.


  • Made by a trusted American company (80-year track record)
  • An effective braking system (right foot) so you can ride safely
  • Memory padding
  • Comprehensive closure system for a snug fit


  • Not ideal for speed skating
  • Lots of ankle strength required
  • Ventilation could be a little better

These skates aren’t super fast, and that’s OK. If you’re an entry-level skater, a moderate speed shouldn’t really be a dealbreaker. For you, stability, balance, comfort, and safety are the priority.

Overall, the Rollerderby AERIO Q-60 is a good beginner-level skate with a great price point to boot.

6.Papaison Women’s Adjustable Inline Skates (With Illuminating Wheels)

[amazon box=”B07SFS9HW2″ title=”Papaison Women’s Inline Skates with Light-up Wheels” description=”The wheels light up as you fly around, and they’re size-adjustable. Best off all, they’re comfy and affordable. Plus, the frame is all metal (aluminum), which makes it easy to upgrade to a better chassis and wheels.” button_text=”View Price at Amazon” price=” “/]

The Papaison Women’s size-adjustable inline skate is yet another affordable option for women and girls who love seeing the outdoors.

Unlike the other options above, the Papaison blades roll on four light-up wheels that spice up your kid’s ride as they enjoy the outdoors.

But I don’t like that you can’t switch off the lights. And that makes this product something most adults and teens would shun.

The skate also offers size-adjustability so your child won’t outgrow their softboot in 3 months.

A Metal Chassis that Reduces Vibrations

This skate features a metal chassis. An aluminum frame is a feature you typically see on premium inline boots. So, that’s a huge plus for this pick.

But it gets even better. You can swap the aluminum chassis out and screw a better-quality frame onto your boot. Just as you can with the Roller Derby AERIO Q-60 Women’s inline skate reviewed above.

You can also easily upgrade to better wheels, better than the 82A polyurethane wheels that come with the boot.

As for bearings, they’re ABEC 7. And when you pair these super-fast bearings with 82A wheels, you won’t just enjoy super-smooth rolls — you’ll fly!

What’s more, the Papaison inline skate with adjustable sizing comes with a knitted boot that breathes really well. This softboot is produced according to Papaison’s 3rd Fly Knitting Vamp Design.

This is among the best ventilated inline skates for women I’ve seen. And when you consider how much it can be had for, you’ll smile.

Sizing the Papaison

This shoe comes in three main sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. You’re either in the medium or large size zone. Again, measure your feet (in inches this time) and compare your foot measurement with what the size chart has. Here’s the size chart to help you choose the right size of the Papaison women’s rollerblade.

Foot Length (Inches) For Who Skate Size
8.75″-9.5″ Medium (Women) 3.5-5
9.75″-10.5″ Large (U.S. Women) 6 to 9

Overall, the Papaison is a great-looking women’s inline skate for enjoying quiet evening rolls with your boy or girl.

Adults and teens can still roll around on these blades. But not everyone feels cool with the lights on all the time.

7. LIKU Women’s Performance Skate (Fastest Women’s Speed Skates)

[amazon box=”B07VP1R5XX” title=”LIKU Women’s Performance Skate (Speed Skate)” description=”This is the ultimate upgrade for people who mastered the beginner and intermediate skating levels and are now looking to conquer new frontier in their blading journey.This skate rolls insanely fast, and the price reflects the overall boot quality.” button_text=”View Price at Amazon” price=” “/]

One look at this speed skate from LIKU, and you’ll immediately know you’re looking at a high-quality boot built to achieve great things. But things aren’t always as good as they seem. More on this later.

Just as I expected, the shoe looks amazing right out of the box. The gold on the high-profile and super sturdy metal frame, the side of the toe box, the buckles, and other spots nicely compliment the black on the boot.

And that gives the boot a superior look compared to all the options in these reviews.

Support and Comfort

The exterior offers tons of ankle support so you can stay upright every time you’re enjoying bomber days outdoors.

This inline skate is incredibly more supportive than any of the other options I’ve described. That means breaking it in is a tad more challenging than a recreational option.

The performance liner inside consists of cotton to keep things cool even on a hot day. And the added stretch band helps the liner conform to your foot shape.

But the boot feels super stiff. It’s a high-performance boot built for speed outdoors rather than comfort, after all.

These Skates Like Flying!

I’m more of an intermediate-level skater, not a speed-obsessed thrill seeker. But a friend recently ordered these guys. And I got them on, and what happened?

I shot to the moon! Had I not learned how to fall safely, I’d have broken something, and I’m sure it’d not have been these boots.

At 125mm, these wheels are extremely tall. Balancing on these skates was really tough for me.

What’s more, the wheels ABEC-7 rated and super hard at duro 85A. And that makes these women’s speed skate even speedier.

The metal Frame

The metal frames are made out of aluminum. The frames are super sturdy, durable, and flex well. The frames are replaceable, too, just as are the wheels.

This metal frame sits pretty high above the ground, and the center of gravity is up there in the stratosphere.

It takes real skating skills to balance and skate on these guys. And that they’re always trying to roll makes things even trickier.


This boot does fit true to size. Measure your foot (in cm) and use the size chart below to choose the right size.

This speed skate comes in half sizes, too.

If between two sizes, size down, not up.

Foot Length (cm) Size (US Women)
21.5 6.5
22.5 7.5
23.5 9
24.5 10.5


The closure comprises two sturdy buckles and traditional laces. With these, you’ll easily lock your heel in so you can push and stride like you’ve never pushed before.

Quality Concerns with the LIKU Speed Skate

One complaint I’ve come across is that while this speed skate from LIKU looks amazing from far, it’s far from amazing.

The exterior seems like cheap plastic, they said, making the boot feel like a cheap Chinese product.

Well, the exterior being plastic isn’t an issue. But being made of cheap plastic at that price would certainly be a bummer.

That said, I’ve not heard of anyone whose boot fell apart in a month.


  • Sturdy and replaceable aluminum frames
  • Looks amazing
  • Super-fast speed skates
  • Great for experienced speed skaters


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Pricey

Overall, the LIKU 125 3WD inline speed skate for women is a decent boot built for performance outdoors.

When it comes to building up speed and conquering small rocks, twigs in the way, and everything in between, few skates are better.

For the price, it seems like a worthy deal. I mean, there are tons of expensive women’s speed skates with the similar build quality and features.

6 Awesome Benefits of Inline Skating

here’s a list of 6 reasons you should be blading more or learn rollerblading if you haven’t.

1. Inline skating is a fun-filled way to burn calories.

If you inline skate 10 miles an hour, you burn roughly 360 calories. What’s more, exercise converts body fat into hard muscle. Can you think of a better way to lose weight?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends inline skating as an intense anaerobic activity that burns fat pretty fast. It’s as effective as jogging, jumping rope, and competitive sports such as soccer or basketball. But you need to be riding fast enough if you want to access these benefits.

2.Rollerblading is a low-impact exercise that won’t wreak havoc on your joints.

3. Inline skating increases your total core strength over time. You’ve likely seen the kind of power I’m talking about here. That fluid kind of strength seen in pro skaters, the “it” that makes it seem like blading is a zero-effort activity.

4. Consistent inline skating results in a body that demonstrates better overall coordination, agility, and balance.

5. Inline delivers desirable muscle-strengthening benefits similar to those seen by people who spend hours doing anaerobic exercises. As you stride and glide, every muscle in your body gets seriously advantageous workouts.

6. It boosts self-confidence. As your body grows in strength and looks much better than it has in ages, your inner confidence will soar. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that attracts even more success.

How to Choose the Best Inline Skates for Women

The type of skates that are best for you depends mostly on your skill level, your budget, and your preference. All the options I reviewed above require either beginner or intermediate skill levels. All these skates are meant for recreational skating.

Does riding that treadmill in your basement is beginning to feel boring and tiresome? If yes, it’s time to buy a nice pair of comfy soft boot skates.

Beginner and Intermediate Level Inline Skates

These are soft-construction boots that feature relatively small wheels, ranging between 76 and 84 mm. The smaller the wheels, the slower and more stable the ride. And the larger, harder, and smoother the wheels, the smoother and faster the ride. That’s why you never see pro skaters riding small-wheeled options.

Here’s one more thing. Soft boot construction skates typically have an effective braking system. Most beginner and intermediate level skates come with brakes, usually found on the right skate. Pros don’t usually need brakes. They prefer brakeless skates because speed is very important for them.

Advanced level Skates

What if you’re an advanced level skater where speed and the smoothness of the ride matter more than comfort and stability? Choose skates designed for speed skating. Usually, such skates come with large wheels, 90+ in diameter. Generally, the larger and harder the wheels, the smoother, longer, and faster the ride.

Imagine speeding down the road with your beautiful hair blowing in the wind? There’s nothing as empowering like that. So, whenever you feel down, pick these kinds of skates and hit the road.

But these skates lack the comfort and stability of beginner-level/recreation boots. With these skates, the center of gravity tends to be much higher. The distance between the ground and the lower part of the boot is considerably high.

Closure Type

You rarely see skates that come with only one type of closure. The vast majority of them these days combine different types of closures, usually traditional lacing, Velcro power straps, and hook and loop-type closures.

Inner Comfort Lining

In some skates, the lining comes attached to the boot. In others, the lining is removable. The quality of the lining matters a lot. Quality lining offers lots of padding and great wicking capability. But high-quality lining alone won’t be adequate for the level of breathability most skaters need. For that reason, choose skates made of highly breathable materials.

Is that deal Worth the Money?

In my experience, the cheapest skates aren’t always the best. But I’m not saying $300 ones are always the best option for everyone. It’s just that when it comes to these products, you get exactly what you pay for (at least for the most part).

For me, sub-$50 boots aren’t a good idea, but so are $200+ ones. I like picking them from within the $60 to $100 range. But that’s just me. Find your own sweet spot.

How Do You Size Women’s Inline Skates?

Some skates offer adjustable sizing while with others, you have to pray they fit when they finally arrive. Buying skates with adjustable sizing is like ordering 3 different sizes and picking the one that fits you best. I’ve included one option that lets you choose between sizes 6, 7, 8, and 9. With such boots, you won’t have sizing issues.

Inline skates have about the same sizing as normal shoes. With most models, your regular size should fit just fine. But I’ve seen that most skaters go a half size up. My advice is: go a half size up. And if they’re a little roomier than you’d like, wear an extra pair of thick socks.

Keep the following in mind, too. Sizing varies across brands. Some brands offer true-to-size skates while others pump out skates that run either small or large.

In addition, variations aren’t uncommon between different models from the same brand. It’s BEST to consult each option’s specific sizing chart before buying.

But don’t worry. You can always return ill-fitting skates, sometimes for free.

Best Inline Skates for Women: Verdict

The K2 Alexis 80 Pro is one of the best women’s skates for inline skating on the market today.

The skate is super comfortable because it features a soft-boot design created using highly breathable materials.

The 80-mm 80 wheels are big and hard enough. These wheels provide just the level of performance a beginner or intermediate level skater needs.

The composite frame is designed for absorbing vibrations so you can skate streets and sidewalks without hating rollerblading.

It’s affordable, too, though not the cheapest skate out there.

Buy the right size (your regular shoe size), strap them on, and hit the trails.

Oh, and remember to wear proper inline skating gear before you slide into this boot. Or any other Rollerblade for that matter.

Let’s go skating!