Best Ice Skates for Beginners

Ice skating is so graceful, effortless, and beautiful to watch. It makes you want to skate too. When you decide to take up ice skating, you will need a pair of ice skating boots. So which boots do you pick since they all seem to look alike? Not to worry, here are a few tips on the best Ice skates for beginners.

There are two main types of ice skates; figure skates and hockey skates. Each type of ice skate is built to facilitate a different kind of motion on the ice in line with the corresponding sport. Jumping, twirling, and dancing are to figure skates while speed is to hockey skates. Now that we’ve grasped the basics, let us focus on what you need to look for as a beginner who is shopping for ice skating boots.

Factors to consider in choosing ice skates for beginners

1. Size
Ice skates should have a snug fit. When the fit is either too tight or too loose,
it could cause you to injure your ankle while skating. Thankfully, most
brands have a size chart to help you find the pair of ice skating boots that
will fit you best. For growing children, there are adjustable boots to
accommodate growth, which saves you money.
2. Specialization/ sport type
So, you are interested in doing skating, yet you are very new to the activity.
The first question you may want to answer is; what type of skating do I

intend to take up? Well, for recreational ice skating, your options in terms of
type are open. If you want to specialize say in figure skating, then figure
skates would be a better pick for you.
3. Material
In this context, material refers to the element that constitutes the boot portion
of the ice skates. For a beginner, leather boots work best because vinyl boots
are cold and provide little stability. Also, unless you are skating outside,
avoid fleece boots. They tend to inhibit your control over your feet and turn
out to be a nuisance.
4. Blade
The right blade for any pair of ice skating boots should be low maintenance
in terms of the amount of sharpening required. Skating Blades that need
constant sharpening not only waste your time and money, they also nick
easily. For a worthwhile investment, always go for a stainless steel blade.
Let us now take your journey towards owning a pair of ice skating boots a
step further. We have highlighted a few ice skates that we think are
functional yet cool, to make your search for the best ice skates for beginner
adults and children that much easier.

Best Ice Skates For Beginners

American Athlete Ice Force 2.0
The structure of the American Athlete Ice Force 2.0 skates is for the beginner. For starters, unlike other skates, these are designed to fit like a regular shoe allowing you to strike the size chart hassle off your “how to shop for ice skates” list. Another cool structural feature of the American Athlete Ice Force 2.0 is that it comes with a customizable PVC injection padding that molds onto your feet for the perfect fit. This way, you can tick or check “breaking your skates” off your list too. Still, on fitting, the Air Force 2.0 boots also have ergonomic rivets for extra heel support.

Away from fitting and support, let’s look at comfort. The American Athlete Ice Force 2.0 skating boots are lined with a breathable, comfortable lining that is also absorbent hence no wet, sweaty feet. This is topped up by a nylon toe box for safety and comfort. A great fit, comfort, and extra support are what make American Athlete Ice Force 2.0 the best ice skates for beginner boys. They are reasonably priced and come in black, perfect for any carefree lad.

Brand American Athlete
Rating 4.4 out of 5
For who Boys

Jackson Ultima Softec Vista ST3201
The Jackson Ultima company are veterans in making skating gear. They
design their skates to not only allow newbies to learn how to skate but also
to have them thoroughly enjoy the sport.
Jackson Ultima Softec Vista ST3201 ice skates are padded with irregular
foam along the neck for comfort around the ankles. The padding also allows
for easier turns and movement for the amateur skater. Memory foam along
the tongue also increases comfort.
Another cool feature is the Ultima Aspire XP blade. The blade has a more
secure pick that helps one stay in position. It also accommodates primary
skills and footwork making it easier for skating beginners to try new moves
and gain confidence in their skating.
The final and most unique feature, which would also come in handy in regular shoes, is the skating boots’ anti-bacterial properties. Jackson Ultima

ST3201 icing skates have an anti-bacterial microfiber lining to protect the foot against infection. You are assured of comfort, balance, and a great design.
More importantly, they are hygienic. These ice skating boots will get you skating in no time.
Brand Jackson Ultima
Material Leather
For who Women
Rating 4.4 out of 5

Riedell 615 Soar

Riedell 615 Soar ice skates are practically designed for the recreational
pleasure of young amateur skaters. As a parent, some of the many things
you want for your children is for them to be comfortable, safe, and happy.
Riedell 615 Soar ice skates have plush foam-backed velvet lining coupled
with durable maintenance-free uppers for comfort and to cushion your little
Another comfort-oriented feature in these ice skates is the 3M Thinsulate
insulation. Thinsulate technology allows the fabric to be warm even when
wet. Back to our Riedell 615 ice skates, the Thinsulate insulation keeps your
little ones warm even when their feet sweat.

Lightweight PVC soles keep your child’s feet dry. The insoles are also low
maintenance hence perfect for kids. The ice skates have a stainless steel spiral blade, which is durable. The Riedell 615’s Soar Skates are light to support and keep junior katers on the ice. Their split tongue design also aids with
Finally, the skates have a Velcro closure, which is not only comfortable for
kids to close but also increase stability and remind the junior skaters that

they are not all grown up yet. Riedell 615 Soar ice skates are available in cool
colors and you can be sure that your kids will look forward to rocking.

Brand Riedell
For who Boys and Girls
Rating 4.3 out of 5


EDEA is a renowned ice skating brand and has produced skates worn by world skating champions. The same technology applied to make high- performance ice skates is manipulated to suit beginners in EDEA Brio ice skates.
The skates have a unique fiberglass & nylon insole for better power
transmission and stability. The thin insole creates some wriggle room for the
toes. EDEA Brio skates also have slim outer soles that function to lower the
skater’s center of gravity for stability and control. The skating boots’ heels
are also uniquely designed for weight distribution. Eyelets are fixed onto the
heels for easier lacing.
Let us switch gears from the technicalities of balance to comfort. EDEA Brio
ice skating boots are padded along the cuffs and on the tongue for a

comfortable feel. They are also made from thermo insulating material to keep your feet warm and snug. Skaters say that EDEA Brio skates are among the easiest to break in the market. Last but not least, these skating boots have an anti-bacterial lining for hygiene purposes. That is why we have crowned
them as the best ice skates for the entire family. Check them out on Amazon.

Brand EDEA
For who Men, Women, Teens
Rating 4.4 out of 5

Riedell 33 Diamond
Riedell 33 Diamond ice skates are perfect for beginners. They have double
reinforcement for support- Of course beginners need plenty of support. They
are also made of leather, which is great for movement compared to synthetic
material. Their design aesthetic is practical with a high neck to accommodate
a broader lacing pattern for a good fit.
The boots have a PVC maintenance-free insole with lex lining in the boots to
keep the dry even when they get sweaty. These skates take the cake on comfort. They have a hand-rolled
collar for comfy ankles and an excellent fit. The collar also provides lower
leg support. The boots also have a high toe box to allow your toes some
comfort and safety too.
Riedell 33 Diamond skates have a Capri argon welded stainless steel blade.
The blade, coupled with a flex notch allows the skating boots to flex forward
while maintaining lateral support. They come in a unique black color for that
man willing to dare to ice skate.

Brand Riedell

For who Men
Material Leather
Ratings 5 out of 5

The bottom line is that comfort and stability are crucial in a good pair of ice
skates. Whether you need skates for recreation or to jumpstart a passion, you
need those that will last. A pair of ice skates that checks all the boxes may
cost you a pretty sum, but it, of course, is a worthwhile investment.

Before you go skating, remember to grab a good skate helmet like any of these for your safety. Enjoy!