Best Hoverboards for beginners

The best hoverboards for beginners are well-built with high-quality parts that work together to deliver a smooth, safe ride. The battery lasts between 1 and 3 hours. Additionally, the build should be good, its motor powerful, but it shouldn’t be too heavy. Plus, the best hoverboards for beginners don’t always cost out the wazoo.

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5 Best Hoverboards for beginners

Here’s a list of some of the best hoverboards for beginners sold at Amazon as of this post’s date.

1. Swagtron T6 Outlaw Off-road Beginners Hoverboard (Best for Off-road riding)

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-road Hoverboard
Great for beginners, even the heaviest beginners around. Strong enough for riders weighing as much as 420 lbs The T6 offers a range of between 7 and 12 miles and cruises at a maximum speed of 12 mph. It's one of the fastest hoverboards on the market. This self-balancing scooter meets the UL2272 hoverboard safety certifications, too. With 10-inch all-terrain tires, there's any kind of terrain the T6 won't conquer. Bluetooth enabled so you can rock to great music as you fly around. But it's pretty heavy and definitely not cheap.

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2. Hover H1 Self Balancing Scooter for Beginners

Hover-1 Self-balancing Scooter
2,214 Reviews
Hover-1 Self-balancing Scooter
A UL2272-certified hoverboard built to carry loads of up to 264 lbs. It features a beginner mode that has you moving at no more than 4.5 mph. Max range is 9 miles and speed maxes out at 9mph. Affordable, too. But with wheels that stand just 6.5 inches tall, the Hover-1 isn't great at traveling over the roughest surfaces. Portable, too, because it weighs about 22 .

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3. 6″ XtremepowerUS beginners Hoverboard

best hoverboards for begiinners

4. UL2272 Certified Q2 Tomoloo Beginners Hoverboard

best hoverboards for beginners

5. GoTrax Hovwerfly ECO Beginners Hoverboard

A good beginner hoverboard


Two More Good Electric Scooters for Beginners

The Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T3 are also pretty decent e-scooters for beginners. Like the Swagtron T6, the Swagtron T1 and T3 offer different riding modes.

Beginners are advised to learn hoverboarding with the training or learning mode before graduating to the other modes.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 would also be a good bet for beginners, but its battery life isn’t great.

Admittedly, though, pretty much all the hoverboard options reviewed here boast similar features with very small variations.

Describing battery life, the top speed reached, led lights, tires, and other features for the different choices feels like reviewing the same product.

But I’m not saying all these electric scooters have the exact same features.

1. Swagtron T6 Outlaw Off-road Beginner Hoverboard Review (Best for Heavy Riders)

Is the Swagtron T6 the best hoverboard with Bluetooth from Swagtron? I think so,. Swagtron makes some of the best self balancing electric scooters out there.

Compared to its siblings and even many other options from other hoverboard brands, the Swagtron T6 is bigger, heavier, faster, and better. It comes with safety features such as the UL 2272 certification and the Sentry Shield protection for the battery so you can ride in perfect peace.

While other hoverboards weigh around 20lbs, the Swagtron T6 weighs 30.55 lbs. Well, that’s a little heavy, but it’s still portable over short distances thanks to an ergonomically designed carry handle.

I stepped on this hoverboard, and the build was super solid. This sturdy construction aided by a superior self balancing technology keeps beginners riding upright the whole time.

It’s like Swagtron had gone all out and procured the finest materials they could get just to pour all of them into this all-terrain hoverboard.

Another aspect that sets the Swagtron 6T apart from the rest is its maximum weight limit of 420 lbs. That’s almost twice the 220 lbs weight capacity its competitors offer.

This Swagtron is a real monster as far as riding over rough terrain whether that be mud, sand, grass, or small rocks. Its 10 inch high-tread air-filled rubber tires are designed to tackle the roughest surfaces. If you’re looking for the best rugged hoverboard for off-road riding, the Swagtron doesn’t disappoint.

The Swagtron T6 delivers between 7 and 12 range per charge and a maximum speed of 12 mph. It’s likely the fastest hoverboard ever made.

As for battery charges in about 3 hours and lasts you between 2.5 and 3 hours. I’ve not heard reviewers complaining of a crappy battery with this all-terrain self-balancing scooter.

But while Swagtron says this hoverboard climbs 30 degree hills better than most, I’m not very sure ….. I mean, the thing comes fitted with 300W dual motors, and there’s only so much torque to be had at that motor power.

The Swagtron App works with Bluetooth technology and lets you rock out as you ride. There are safety led lights,too, and anti slip pads that prevent the feet of beginners  from sliding all over the platform.

But what makes the Swagtron T6 great for beginners in hoverboarding? The e-scooter comes with three skill modes namely Learning mode, Standard mode, and Advanced mode. As your confidence on the board grows, you can easily switch over to faster modes. Just press and hold the power button for a couple seconds until you get the desired mode.


  • Exceptional high weight limit
  • Has a ruggedly cool look
  • LED lights for safety
  • Gives beginners a learning mode
  • Ergonomic carry handle for easy portability
  • App and Bluetooth tech for endless music
  • Super fast with a great range
  • Splash and dirt resistant
  • Very large rugged tubeless tires that devour all kinds of terrain


  • A relatively steep price tag
  • App seems to have issues
  • Learning and Standard mode don’t seem different

Quality costs money, you know.  But some users have complained about the app with some saying the app is nothing but trouble, and that they couldn’t activate the self-balancing feature. ]But it didn’t seem like  the problem affected everyone. Also noted that the learning mode and standard rode more or less the same.

2. UL 2272 Certified Q2 Tomoloo Hoverboard for Beginners and Kids Review

Good for both beginners and kids, the Tomoloo Q2 with Bluetooth boasts boatloads of positive customer reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Even though this hoverboard is made in China, the company (Tomoloo) produces products with verified UL 2272 certification for safety.

The 4.3 Ah lithium battery takes about 3 hours to 3.5 hours to fully charge, and it comes with the UL2271 certification for Small Electric Vehicles. Built to support a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs, it pushes its dual system motor to climb gentle slopes (15 degrees) with ease. On steeper inclines, this hoverboard slows down to a stop.

The outercasing seems well made. The material used is like what you see on the typical iPhone; it withstands relatively high temperatures and shouldn’t catch fire easily.

The tires are 6.5″ (165mm), and they’re made of rubber and not plastic. They’re tough and large enough different kinds of terrain. The vehicle offers a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour and range of 6 miles.

Pair this self balancing scooter to your phone’s Bluetooth technology and enjoy cool music as you tour the neighborhood. Not everyone likes having that funny, heavily accented Chinese woman voice that says “you’re connecting to BlueTooth” ,though. LED lights that change color with your music add a really cool touch to your experience. And at just 17.2 lbs, the hoverboard is easy to carry, much lighter than most.


  • A lightweight but sturdy hoverboard
  • Hoverboard and battery UL 2272 and UL 2271 certified respectively
  • Tall, rubber tires
  • Beautiful LED lights
  • BlueTooth enabled
  • Reasonable speed and range
  • Available in several colors (black, pink, gray, red, blue, and yellow)


  • Not enough torque for uphill adventures

Overall, it’s a great buy for the money. But while this hoverboard is kid-friendly, it’s recommended that kids younger than 12 should NOT use the product.

3. 6.0 Inch XtremepowerUS Beginner Hoverboard Review

With a price point hovering around $200 as of this writing, the XtremepowerUS is a good enough hoverboard for kids and beginners. But it’s not the most powerful or fastest hoverboard available. The name XtremepowerUS is somewhat misleading.

A friend recently let me ride this 350W dual hub motor hoverboard. While I can’t say many negative things about it, I won’t praise it too much either.

With 6.5 inch air-filled rubber tires, it tackles rough terrain with relative ease. But when I tried riding it over mud and loose dirt, it didn’t demonstrate impressive performance.

The manufacturer claims the ExtremepowerUS is good enough for 17-degree inclines. However, the vehicle struggled a little too much.

As for range, only weightless riders who travel over super smooth terrain could squeeze the advertised 15 miles out this hoverboard! For me, it was more like 9 miles, and I weigh 160-ish lbs. Regarding maximum speed, I got 7.5 mph and not 8.6 mph as the manufacturer claims. But I’d have rode faster if I were lighter, huh?

The 2Ah lithium ion battery and charger meets stringent SGS safety standards and takes 2-3 hours to charge completely. However, the battery doesn’t last very long. You get a max run time of around 30 minutes. That’s certainly a bummer for anyone looking to enjoy longer ride time. But a short battery life isn’t unexpected at such price points.

Build-wise, this budget hoverboard felt reasonably sturdy. It looked great overall, but not exceptional.

I hopped on the XtremepowerUS., and it supported my weight without feeling like it’d snap suddenly. The hoverboard is good for a maximum load limit of 160 lbs. The vehicle certainly wasn’t designed for large-framed riders. I also noticed areas where the paintwork had scratched off.


  • Good build at an equally great price
  • Bight LED lights for night riding
  • Better range than many at that price point
  • Insanely attractive price point
  • Inbuilt speaker $ Bluetooth enabled
  • Portable
  • Maximum speed good enough


  • Struggles during uphill rides
  • Range and speed a bit exaggerated
  • Not great for rough road riding
  • Not ideal for very heavy riders
  • Paintwork could be better
  • Battery lasts 30 minutes

At that price, the buyer gets enough value for their money. But a $200-ish hoverboard is as good as it gets at that price point.

4. 6.5″ GoTrax Hoverfly ECO Beginner Hoverboard Review

If you’re hunting around for a colorful beginner-friendly 6.5″ hoverboard that ensures your safety as your ride, the GoTrax Hoverfly is a good bet. The hoverboard comes with a learning mode so beginners and kids, standing on anti-slip foot pads, can ride without worrying about bailing. To toggle between modes, just press a button at the rear twice and it’s done.

The hoverboard comes in a wide array of exciting and somewhat unique colors including Mars red, Nebula black, Neptune blue, and Alien green among others. Have you ever seen an Alien green or Neptune blue hoverboard of any kind? Me neither.

When you’re zipping around at 7.5 mph on 6.5″ tires and the battery dies, just grab the 20 lbs hoverboard, put it in its carry bag, and walk the rest of the trip. But with its two 250W hub motors, don’t expect magic when going uphill.

I love that the battery charges extremely fast, reaching capacity in just 1 hour.  And with a single charge, you may get up to 12 miles of range as per GoTrax (or roughly 1.5 hours). But I didn’t see more than 10 miles when I tested the device.

This electric self balancing scooter stands solidly against weight limits of up to 220 lbs. Obviously, heavier beginner riders may have to pick something else.

LED lights warn you that the battery is about to die. And at night, hard-to-miss lights make it easy for drivers to spot you and take care. But there’s no listening to your favorite musician as you ride around since the small e-vehicle lacks Bluetooth technology and speakers. But who likes listening to that foreign sound saying, “you’re now connected to Bluetooth?”

I’d have been nice, though, if there’s an app to help with basic data processing such as showing the current speed and remaining batter life.


  • Great for both regular and off-road riding
  • Affordable and UL 2272 certified
  • LED lights that announce “battery low”
  • Safety lights for night travel
  • Maximum range of up to 1.5 hours
  • Light enough; portable
  • Battery charges very fast


  • Not the greatest bet for doing inclines
  • Small motor power
  • No Bluetooth

5. Hover H1 Self Balancing Scooter for Beginners Review

What makes the Hover 1 hoverboard a great choice for beginners? It’s affordable, easy to balance on, looks nice, and features super audible built-in Bluetooth speakers.What’s more, the beginner mode lets you travel at a low, safe speed of just 4.5 mph.

Also, its battery charges reasonably quickly (2.5 hours). Plus, the built-in 4.3Ah lithium ion battery comes with overcharge and discharge protection.

More important, the Hover 1 offers beginners a training mode. And the beginner mode lets beginners ride at a low speed of about 4.5 mph.

The hoverboard is IPX4 is water resistant, too, but don’t ride it through puddles. Additionally, the hoverboard is sturdy enough for riders as heavy as 264 lbs compared to just 220 lbs many others are built for.

The build is pretty good. However, it’s not metallic. Don’t let the Amazon product picture deceive you. And at 22lbs, the e-scooter is easy to carry.

Download the Hover-1 Hoverboard companion App, pair it with your phone via Bluetooth, and you suddenly have tons of convenience in your hands. Via this app, you can track battery life, mileage, view current board speed and access customer support.

You can also access the product’s user manual, change skill levels (modes), and customize the product’s led lights. Well, users in the past have complained that the app came with a few glitches, but I noted the app was recently updated and boasts over 100,000 downbloads on Google Play.

Once your experience level increases and you want more speed, turn to the hoverboard’s Intermediate or Advanced mode. The hoverboard is supposed to offer a maximum speed of 9 mph, but anyone who’s experimented with the Advanced mode says the vehicle goes faster than it’s given credit for. And at 9 miles, the range is decent, too.

I chose the Advanced mode and started off down a pretty smooth, flat surface. When I looked at the app, I was moving at 10.5 mph!

But I don’t want absolute beginners hurtling down the road at 10+ mph even when they’re wearing sufficient protection.  Too much velocity is dangerous for beginners, you know.


  • A feature-packed budget hoverboard
  • App boosts convenience
  • A decent range
  • Maximum speed higher than given credit for
  • Battery lasts nearly 2 hours
  • Offers training mode
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • A high weight limit


  • Not the best for off-road riding


It may be a budget mode, but don’t underestimate its potency.  It’s more capable than most electric scooters in that price range.

Best Hoverboards for Beginners Buying Guide

Pay attention to the factors below, and you’ll end up with a self-balancing motorized scooter you won’t want to stop riding.

1. Maximum Speed and Range

Hoverboard models such as Swagway boast of their amazing 20+ mile range, but they’re the exception. With most hooverboard options, expect no more than 10 miles in range, but some stay strong up to 15 miles.

As a beginner, you’re more concerned about having fun rather than getting to your destination at breakneck speed. Some self balancing scooters can be painfully slow, even slower than a human walking normally at 4 miles per hour! But some can deliver as much as 10 mph. In fact, some models such as PhunkeeDuck and Swagtron claim to reach 12 mph!

But even 12 mph may seem like too slow for a machine that expensive. And recent research suggests that humans can run as fast as 40 mph. But what record has the fastest human sprinter broken? Usain Bolt managed just 28 mph in a 100m sprint, and that wasn’t even for the entire run.

Anything between 7 and 10 mph is a fast-enough hoverboard, in my opinion. In the end, though, it’s the weight of the ride, the terrain, and the gradient of the riding surface that determine both range and speed.

2. Weight of the Self Balancing Scooter

I’ve seen 17-pound hoverboards, but even the lightest ones don’t actually hoover! A mean buddy thinks anyone who calls these devices hoverboards is a complete retard! What do you think? Forgive me for now, I’ll keep calling them hoverboards so everyone stays on the same page.

My advice is choose a relatively light hoverboard. Most hoverboards weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. Generally, the lighter the better, unless they’re too light it begins to feel like quality has been compromised.

3. The Build Quality of the Hoverboard

Hoverboards for kids and beginners many not hover at all, but there’s tons of technology poured into the overall design of a self balancing scooter. Whether it is tires, the frame or chassis, gyroscopes, led lights, remote control, and fenders/braking system, they should be made from high-quality components.

Very important: make sure the hoverboard’s battery is UL rated, and that the hoverboard itself has the trusted UL 2272 certification. Such a self balancing scooter has been thoroughly tested independently and should be safe to use. But it’s not like UL 2272 rated beginner hoverboards don’t experience sudden explosions. ALWAYS check and confirm that the device has an original UL logo before picking up a hoverboard.

I get it, it’s hard to tell well-built hoverboards from badly constructed ones when buying online. Good news! I’ve recommended 5 decent beginner hoverboards so you won’t end up with crap.

4. How Long the Battery Takes to Charge

Avoid hoverboards that take eons to charge. Typically, hoverboards take between 2 and 4 hours to draw a full charge. And please DON’T leave your device charging overnight. Actually, safety experts recommend keeping a fire extinguisher nearby just in case…

Battery life is another critical consideration. In fact, battery life is the number consideration for many hoverboarders. Because who wants an e-scooter with a 10-minute battery life? No one, that’s who!

5. Pricing and Knockoffs

More expensive hoverboards are engineered using high-quality components, generally. However, that’s not always true. But the market also offers bazillions of useless devices, mostly highly priced knockoffs — complete crap. In some cases, they’re the same product cranked out by a couple Chinese hoverboard manufacturers but marketed as unique and different than the rest.

With a very cheap hoverboard, the battery may be bad quality, the sort that overheats and ignites unexpectedly. Other times, the motor may be weak, or the gyroscope may not function smoothly. My point? Be willing to spend a little more if you value high-quality things.

6. Legal Issues

New York and Lewiston have banned hoverboards. In such locations, ride your thing indoors or on the driveway, else they’ll slap you with a hefty fine.

Some municipalities in the U.S. — and even entire countries such as the U.K. — view hoverboards as motorized vehicles and disallow riding them on the sidewalks and other public places. China, Australia, the Neatherlands, and Hongkong are other geographies that have banned hoverboards to varying degrees.

You’re not allowed to ride your hoverboard in most malls and quite a few campuses across the U.S. Good news! You can still hover between classes in many U.S. university campuses.

Before buying a self balancing scooter, make sure to check with your local police department whether hoverboards are legal in your area.

Why Do Cities, Airlines, Campuses, and Malls Ban Hoverboards?

It’s all about safety, mostly. Hoverboards have been known to combust unexpectedly, and that’s caused the authorities and police makers to outlaw these little weird vehicles. Also, some cities and municipalities consider hoverboards to be vehicles, meaning they must be registered. S And you can’t register a hoverboard, right?

Where to Buy a Good Hoverboard

I’ve bought 3 hoverboards at Amazon, and I had to return one. Amazon keenly scrutinizes its suppliers. In fact, Amazon recently banned quite a few unscrupulous suppliers, plus Amazon dangles peace-of-mind-inspiring return policies.

I’m confident you can differentiate between good and not-so-good beginner hoverboards. If yous till can’t, ask me anything you still need to know before buying. Remember to wear high-quality protective gear before hopping on your hoverboard. Get yourself a good MIPS helmet and durable pads for your knees, wrists, and elbows.

We’ve come to the end of my reviews for the 5 best hoverboards for beginners. And it’s time to decide which of the 5 options represents the best deal for the money.

Best Hoverboards for Beginners: Best Option Overall?

I’ve reviewed 5 of the best hoverboards for beginners available on Amazon as of this post’s publish date. But what’s the best of them all?

All of them are good self-leveling electric-scooters that give riders lots of fun. But when it comes to weight capacity and off-road riding, the Swagtron T6 wins every time. However, the Swagtron T6 isn’t like the cheapest board out there even though it’s still affordable.

In terms of features and ease of use, the Swagtron T6 hoverboard emerged as the best beginner hoverboard overall.

It offers large, high traction tires, a solid build, a decent range and speed, and Bluetooth music speakers so you can enjoy an ultra-modern ride anytime.

The Swagtron T6 is also sturdy enough, providing adequate support to riders as heavy as 420 pounds.

Whether you seek out a good kids hoverboards or a good beginner board, the Swagtron T6 is probably the best hoverboard for the money.