Best Bike Helmet Under 100

Good helmets for biking are a must-have for all riders, whether they be professional racers or daily commuters. But price can be quite an issue when it comes to buying a decent biking helmet. I’ve put together a best bike helmet under 100 dollars to lend you a helping hand as you research the best option at the best possible price point. Have a lather large head? Here are 5 great helmets for riders with a big head.

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List of 5 Best Under $100 Biking Helmets


1. Giro MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet (Best Budget Helmet Overall)

2. Bell Formula LED MIPS Ghost Adult Bike Helmet (Small)


3. KaskRapido Road Cycling Helmet

4. Bern Summer Watts EPS Helmet

5. BERN – Union Helmet


Reviews of the Best Under $100 Bike Helmets


Even though designed to perform the same function, each of the cycle riding helmets in these reviews has slightly different characteristics. But in general, they’re more or less the same as far as performance and pricing,. Here are brief reviews of each of the 5 budget biking helmets I recommend.


1. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet Review


Giro’s experience in manufacturing cycle helmets for the U.S. and global market is almost unrivaled. Now, the company boasts a nice stable of cool bike helmet, and the Giro Fixture MIPS adult dirt cycling helmet stands out from the pack. The helmet results from meticulous engineering and has been rigorously tested and proven to be a high-quality product that performs to expectation. Additionally, the product’s production process meets pretty stringent safety standards.

The lid packs lots of useful features, and the best part is that the helmet is super affordable. It’s one of the few mountain bike helmets that provides the best protection during the occasional time trial biking.

Street bike helmets rarely fit perfectly, but the Fixture MIPS is a notable exception. It comes in six attractive colors and has an adjustable fit system that firmly holds the rider’s head in place.

This option is a vented, aero commuter bike helmet designed to break through the wind with ease. To help protect your eyes while riding, the helmet allows the slipping of eyewear into the vents to the rear. The lightweight biker lid is surprisingly breathable and works extremely well in hot weather conditions.



  • Lightweight helmet
  • Affords a solid fit
  • Breathable and comfortable


  • Visors somewhat small for some riders


But even the best bike helmets aren’t 100% perfect. And this one is no exception; it has at least one small flaw. Some riders said the visor is a little too short, and that adversely affects the overall fit for such riders. Aside from that, this is a good cheap helmet. I recommend it.


2. Bell Formula LED MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet Review


Equipped with a multi-directional impact protection system, the Bell Formula is one of the safest lids around. The helmet is manufactured by a company that’s put out to the market a wide array of good bike helmets. Through its proprietary Fusion in-Mold manufacturing process, the company bonds EPS foam to the lid’s polycarbonate shell for a strong, long-lasting build.

The product’s overall design enables riders to easily go into attack mode thanks to its aerodynamic capabilities in the form of 19 vents and an appropriate shape to boot. The wind tunnel vents amount to a highly effective head cooler, a ventilation system that greatly boosts comfort.

Most reviewers have said the Bell Formula fits well and is comfortable to the scalp regardless of the size of the head. Its adjustable fly even lets you to wear it on top of another helmet, but seriously, who wears two lids at the same time?

This commuter bike helmet is available in a variety of colors. And it has an LED safety light that charges via a handy micro USB cable. At 0.52 lbs, it isn’t the lightest helmet on the market. However, it’s not going to weigh down your head even as you increase cadence on a weekend cyclocross.


  • Numerous vents (19) for breathability
  • Fits well
  • Offers great protection


  • A little heavy


3. KaskRapido Road Cycling Helmet Review


Kask Sport is an Italian manufacturer of a variety of bike helmets, including the lightweight, aerodynamic KaskRapido. Given its aero abilities, the helmet is suited best for professional racing. Riders of varying abilities can use it during training as well as during the fiercest competitions. Team Sky has previously used many of the high-end Kask street bike helmets on which Rapido is modeled.

Its 24 vents are evenly spaced out to allow enhanced passage or air for greater aerodynamics and breathability. This budget bicycle helmet offers to not only protect your head, but also to keep your head cool. Additionally, the helmet features a hinged retention system at the back that’s easy to adjust, holding the lid firmly in place. When worn alone, the lid fits comfortably. However, that may change a little if you throw sports glasses into the equation.

The KaskRapido weighs 0.49 lbs, and that’s considerably lighter than some motorcycle helmets I’ve reviewed here. Some users , however, noted that the Rapido appears to be cheaply made with a thin plastic layer pressed against a coarse Styrofoam layer. Now, that would be a huge issue if there was an attempt to include it among the high-end models. But it’s a budget biking helmet, and as they say, people often get what they pay for.


  • Great aerodynamics
  • Cools rider’d head effortlessly
  • Super light Cools rider’d head effortlessly


  • Somewhat loose strap adjusters

4. Bern Summer Watts EPS Helmet Review


Bern was among the first bike helmets (if not the first) manufacturers to use a sturdy visor as the main material for the outer shell. The shell comprises of a thin layer of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) polymer. Even though it’s somewhat thin, the shell is strong and structurally sound, offering riders full and consistent protect riders from all kinds of potential injuries. Under the ABS super structure lies a layer of EPS foam included to absorb shock in case of a fall or accident.

The additional padding on the inside makes this bike lid super comfortable to wear. Also, the helmet comes in different sizes that fit smaller, medium, and large heads. And the adjustable straps come in handy where a rider discovers a particular size isn’t fitting as they’d hoped.

This bicycle helmet has a more rounded urban shape, making it essentially a road bike helmet. With a limited number of vents, the lid isn’t as breathable as I’d like . Plus, the rounded shape of the helmet is a bit less streamlined and hardly aerodynamic. But when it comes to providing actual protection to cycling heads, that shouldn’t be a huge issue.

However, at 1.62 lbs, the helmet is significantly heavier than most cheap helmets I’ve seen. Maybe that means lots of extra components and engineering have gone into the overall design of this bicycle helmet.


  • Adjustable straps for better fitting
  • Available in different sizes
  • Well-ventilated
  • A modern urban design


  • Heavier than most


5. BERN – Union Helmet Review


When it comes to elegantly designed but cheap street bike helmets, the Bern Union is one of the best. It looks as good as it is capable of protecting your head against injuries. Compared to previous models by Bern (such as the Allston), the Union is lighter and comes in a more aerodynamic shape. Its casual looks make it the ultimate lid for urban commuters desiring a more affordable way to stay protected as they bike around cities and other places.

The Union features a zipmold that gives it a lower profile sitting on the head. That may not be true for most EPS helmets on the market, except the Bern Allston. Additionally, the brim of the helmet adequately covers the eyes,. shielding them against the glare of

Even though it has 21 vents, the Bern Union is considerably poor when it comes to breathability. Past users have blamed the thick padding saying that it negates any ventilation provided by the vents. It’s also less aerodynamic than most of the road bike helmets featured in these reviews. Given that it sits rather low, it may annoyingly push down the ears, creating some discomfort.


  • A cool, casual urban style
  • reasonably Light
  • An eye-shielding brim


  • Not very breathable

Best Bike Helmet under 100 Buying Guide


The market offers a whole constellation of helmets of different shapes and sizes. As a shopper, selecting the best helmet for riding the best road bike ever made can be a little challenging.

Here are four factors to keep in mind before settling on a particular budget commuter bike helmet. At the end of this section, you should easily select a cheap helmet that’s does the job and is worth every penny.


1.First Things First: Helmet Construction


For a bike lid to provide the expected amount of head protection, lots of attention should be poured into its overall construction and design. The material used for the outer shell should be strong enough to protect your head against injuries.

The most common material for helmets is plastic, but not all kinds of plastic are good. Check out for helmets made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a thermoplastic polymer specially formulated to provide all the protection your head will ever need. Even as a thin layer, ABS retains its sturdy structure.

The preferred construction may vary depending on the intended use for the helmet. For example, road bike helmets should be extremely strong and solid. The same goes for mountain bike helmets, and helmets made for this purpose should include some aluminum or mold polycarbonate in their construction.

However, street bike helmets can have a thin outer shell and still be adequately protective to the rider’s head. So, make sure you know what that helmet you’ve been eyeing is crated from.

There’s also the little issue of aesthetics. No matter how durable the materials used might be, they need to be planned into an aesthetically pleasing assembly. You likely have a really cool road bike. Now, get an equally cool helmet and keep dust, wind, grit, and debris out with style.

2. Style


Helmet style has to do with personal preference more than anything else. So, decide the color, patterns/graphics, and shield tint you like best and take your pick. I’d advise you to choose easy-to-spot colors so other motorists can see you easily. Go with brighter colors. Tinted visor? Yes, but you never want to wear a tinted visor unless it’s a sunny outside.


3.Fit and Comfort of Helmets Under 100 Dollars


The degree to which a helmet fits often determines how comfortable it feels when the rider wears it. A loose fitting lid might not be effective in protecting you against injuries. Luckily, most helmet manufacturers avail their products in four different sizes – S, M, L, and XL. Before buying a cycle helmet, use a soft tape to measure the circumference of your head and compare it to the number provided by the manufacturer.

Other factors that determine a lid’s fit and comfort include straps, internal padding, and ventilation.


• Chin Straps


Chin straps are massively important safety features that ensure a helmet stays securely fastened around the chin. A chin strap prevents the lid from moving during bike riding. And if you ever fall (and you will), these straps make sure the lid doesn’t come off, leaving you exposed. Additionally, good, durable straps help you a comfortable fit for your head size, no matter whether it’s small or large.


• Internal Padding of the Under $100 Helmet


Protection isn’t just a function of the outer hard shell. It also depends on the material used to make the internal padding. The most common material used today is expanded polystyrene, EPS foam or eps liner, a material that’s rigid and comfortable all at the same time. On top of that, there is an additional layer of material designed to wick away sweat so your head can stay fresh and cool for longer.


• Ventilation


Excessive sweating is inevitable for someone involved in a grueling Hammerfest. That’s why you should pick up a well-ventilated helmet. Good ventilation in a lid helps the rider’s head cool down quickly and continuously as the race progresses.

Look out for helmets with lots of air flow vents. One helmet I bought online a couple years ago just didn’t have enough ventilation, and it smelled really awful every time I biked. I noticed the odor after a few miles of serious riding, and it’s not nice at all. Now, ventilation may not be the most important thing, but you sure shouldn’t ignore this aspect.

How to Fit a Helmet


How do you know your budget helmet fits right? A well-fitting helmet feels neither too tight nor too loose. When nearly worn, it may feel a little tight, but as time goes and it breaks in, it does get just a little loose. If you have a good fit, the helmet feels comfortable doesn’t freely move around the head.

A properly fitting helmet sits evenly on the head of the cyclist,. The upper edge of the eye port runs parallel to the eye brows, and it doesn’t obstruct peripheral vision at all. And if you put your index finger right between your head and the helmet, and it goes in easily, it’s a little too big for you. There should be a bit of resistance.

What if I’m buying My Budget Helmet Online?


Want to fit a helmet at home and do it accurately? Have a friend wrap a seamstress’ tape measure the circumference of your head where it’s widest. For most riders, the widest part of the head lies about 0.5″ above the eyebrows, slightly above the ears. *They should take the reading at the forehead.

Finally, compare the measurement with a sizing chart of the helmet’s specific model. You should easily get an accurate helmet sizing chart from the manufacturer’s site or Amazon.

4.Weight and Shape of the Helmet


The weight of a helmet is important, especially when it comes to preventing possible neck pain. The best helmet under $100 offers a consistently reliable protection system innovated to prevent injury while not weighing you down. Ensure the lid is as light as your head can support. Also, the shape of the helmet should ideally match that of your head for  maximum comfort.


5. Look at the Visor of the Budget Helmet,too


The visor is that part of a helmet that shields your eyes from bright sunlight as you ride. If the visor is the right size, the visor allows you a real good view of the road ahead. The visor also provides additional protection to your forehead. Make sure to choose a helmet whose visor is made from a strong,long-lasting material.

6.Buy a MIPS Bike Helmet, Preferably


Now, why does everyone say to buy a MIPS bike helmet? Regular helmets for riding a bike are tested for their ability to withstand direct impact. But you know what? Impact during a collision or fall is almost always rotational rather than direct. And that’s the Multi-directional Impact Protection System comes into play.

The MIPS head protection technology works pretty much like how the fluid that cushions a person’s head against external force does. Thanks to the Elastomeric Attachment System that allows a bit of movement between the liner in contact with the rider’s head and the outer mold polycarbonate hard shell, a MIPS helmet greatly reduces the chances you’ll end up with a concussion. The technology works by dispersing the energy from the impact, keeping the mountain biker protected against head injury. So, MIPS cycling helmets are always a great option, and I never wear anything not designed with MIPS.

Best Bike Helmet Under 100: Verdict?


What do the budget bikes helmets reviews above reveal? While every budget helmet recommended here would be a great option for you, the Giro MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet stands out to me. This under $100 option is comfortable, crafted from lightweight components, and comes with a solid fit system.

Additionally, the helmet features a streamlined shape that makes it extremely aerodynamic. Finally, it’s refreshingly more breathable than most choices the market offers in that price range. The Giro MIPS adult dirt cycling helmet didn’t impress you enough?

Pick up any of the other four helmets under 100 and let’s hit the trail. I mean, you bought the best road bike in your range, and it’s about time you grabbed a good affordable helmet to ride it with. Because who wants to end up with a massive medical bill because they fell off their road bike and badly hurt their head? No one!