Best Bike for 4 Year Old Boy

The best bike for a 4 year old boy is built on a sturdy structure, designed with a safety-first engineering mindset, and it’s the right size for your child. It should fit your child’s inseam, ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches. And the right wheel size stays within the 12 inch to 14 inch range for children that young.

The market swarms with fancy looking kids’ bikes, but some are so poorly designed that they fall apart in a day! In these best 4-year-old-boy bike reviews, I’ll help you steer clear of bad choices. More important, you’ll learn how to pick up real treasures.

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5. Best Bikes 4 Year Old Boys Really Love


Here’s a list of 5 great bikes children 4 years old or a little younger or older will enjoy riding:


1.Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike (Best Overall)

2. RoyalBaby Kids’ Freestyle Bicycle for Boys

3.Retrospec Cub Kids Pedalless Balance 4-Year-Old Boys

best bike for a 4 year old boy

4.Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Boys Bike

5. Schwinn Koen Kids Bike

best 4-year-old boys bike

Best Bikes for 4-Year-Olds Reviews


I’ve reviewed 5 kids bikes here, and while they may not be the best bikes for kids on the planet, they’re worthy it and a good value for your money. I’ve bought each one of the kid bikes reviewed here, so I can tell you a thing or two about them.

1.RoyalBaby Kids’ Freestyle Bicycle for Boys Review


The RoyalBaby Kids’ Freestyle bicycle is a product from the RoyalBaby Kid’s bike brand. The brand has been around since 2009, and that does inspire quite a bit of confidence in the company’s products.

But the real selling point is the bike itself. Safety clearly stands out in the product design. A full chain guard effectively keeps your child’s trousers from being entrapped. Besides, the chain guard saves you the headache of having to wash dirty, greasy trousers all the time.

But that’s not the only safety feature this option offers. The pedals come treated with an an anti-slip resin, too. Sooner or later, your little loved one will be biking right after passing through a puddle. Without the anti-slip treatment on the pedals, things could go wrong pretty fast.

The brake came correctly adjusted, and it sat on the center of the bike’s rim. And the ergonomically positioned brake lever needed little effort to pull.

And the best part? It’s the overall overall riding experience. RoyalBaby’s bike pedals have bearings that help them rotate so smoothly that your kid will feel like their bike rides itself! That’s what makes riding a bicycle more enjoyable than simply walking.

But will this kids bike last? Unlike some fancy bikes that break down in a few months of buying, this bike is designed to last. The 1.2 mm steel frame endures your 4-year-old’s roughhousing around the neighborhood. The product is sturdy and well made with solid welds.

I managed to assemble the bike in under 30 minutes, partly because I didn’t have to find a pedal wrench as it’s in the box. All I did was attach the handle bar, pedals, the adjustable height seat, and accessories. Evidently, this option will grow with your child. After assembly, the components lined up very well and my son had a long spin afterward. The wide tires are made for traction and stability, and they didn’t wobble one bit.

It’s available in 5 sizes and different colors. The sizes include 12″, 14″ 16″, 18″, and 20″, but only 18″ and 20″ have a saddle bar. If you prefer an option without training wheels, pick either size 18″ or 20″. For a 4 year old, you want to go with a size 14″ that offers easily detachable training wheels and no kickstands.


  • Sturdy, durable reinforced steel frame
  • Adjustable seat height
  • A unisex pick
  • Affordable and available in various sizes and colors


  • Name “RoyalBaby” plastered over many places


Some kids may not like that their bike has the word baby all over. I mean, the word is on the handlebars, on the tire tread, pedals, and other areas. Aside from that, it’s a great bike for a four year old little guy.


2.Retrospec Cub Kids Pedalless Balance 4-Year-Old Boys Bike Review


Suitable for children in the age range 2 to 5 years, the Retrospec Pedalless balance bike is probably a better option than training wheels on a bike with pedals. Intuitive balancing is vital in cycling. This pedalless bike lets beginners develop a sense of balance first before they start pedaling. That’s different from training wheels that take out the balancing aspect as your child rides.

Since the bike doesn’t have pedals, tiny riders use their feet to move forward (or backward). This gives your child a sense of safety and confidence. Balance bikes are a great option best suited to kids who want to enhance balance and coordination as they transition to pedaled biking.

One peculiar feature with this bike is the air-free tires. Listen, these tires never go flat. It’s a low-maintenance bike and it’ll be ages before you ever need to replace the wheels, if you ever need to.

Additionally, it’s among the safest bikes for children. A kid is more likely to get hurt while riding a choice with training wheels or even a tricycle. The bike meets the standards of safety set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The standard spells out safety requirements regarding various parts includes reflectors, protrusions, brakes, structural, and assembly.

Finally, this choice evolves with your child’s development levels and riding skills. The handlebar is adjustable and so is the seat height.


  • Sold in over 10 kiddo colors
  • Sold in over 10 kiddo colors
  • Great for promoting balancing skills
  • Tons of good customer reviews on Amazon
  • Tons of good customer reviews on Amazon
  • Tons of good customer reviews on Amazon
  • Tons of good customer reviews on Amazon


  • No pedals
  • Plastic airless tires
  • Plastic airless tires


It’s a balance bike, and lacking pedals isn’t a dealbreaker at all. Well, the tires are are made of foam, but they wear well. Rest assured they’ll withstand constant riding on all kinds of surfaces. And while it’s not the lightest bike, it’s not the heaviest either. And, the Retrospec Cub Kids Pedalless balance bike is a best-selling kids bike on Amazon as of this writing. It’s among the best budget balance bikes sold at Amazon.

3.Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike Review


The Dynacraft Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike is a well-built bike for 4 year to 7 year old kids. This product has the looks and feel of a dirt bike with all the features you can expect on a street bike. Unlike the other choices I’ve reviewed here, the Dynacraft BMX street kids bike features front hand-operated brakes as well as a rear coaster brake. I’ve explained why a hand-operated brake is better than a coaster in the buying guide below.

I liked that you can rotate the handlebar toward or away from the young rider. A simple Allen wrench does the job. While adjusting the handlebar, you can also move the seat up or down. This customization makes sure your 4-year-old sits as comfortably as possible. Customizing the setup should effectively prevent neck strain and while promoting low back flexion.

One little nifty addition that makes this kids bike a real favorite is the rev grip. If you want your kid to get really excited about having a new bike, the rev grip will do that for you. This gadget, fixed on the handlebar, produces motorcycle-like sounds that make the ride feel a lot more enjoyable. There’s even a gauge that lights up, and that makes it feel like your little tyke owns a real motorcycle rather than a simple motorless bike.

It gets even better. There’s a Turbo exhaust system on this choice, making it likely the coolest bike your child has ever owned. Your child will want to grab every available opportunity to ride it!And at 25.6 lbs, it’s not super heavy. Additionally, the training wheels are easy to remove and attach, and the graphics look great.


  • Offers a hand-pulled brake and a coaster
  • Makes exciting motorcycle sounds
  • Features a small illuminating gauge
  • Affordable and light enough
  • Seat height adjustable
  • Detachable training wheels
  • Turbospoke exhaust system incorporated


  • Assembly can be quite a hassle
  • Not sold in different colors like other options


Assembling it wasn’t extremely easy. First off, setting up the training wheels proved a little challenging. The training wheels somehow ended up asymmetrical, and fixing the issue took a bit of time and endless adjustments.

Another thing: you’ll have to fetch your entire tool box to put it together correctly. Certainly not the type you slap together in 5 minutes and hand over to your kid.

Overall, the product looks well-crafted, and the components are reasonably high quality, but they’re certainly not like you’d get with a $2,000 option.

4.Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Boys Bike Review


If your child loves the Paw Patrol Rescue Team, he’ll likely be excited about the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol bike. The red boys’ bike has dazzling bright images of the enchanting Paw Patrol Rescue Team: There’s Ryder, the tech-savvy team leader, and Chase, the super spy police pup. Then there’s Skye, Marshall, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, and Everest.

There’s a rear coaster brake that provides a smooth stop rather than an abrupt jerking halt. Additionally, you won’t have fit issues with this pick. The adjustable seat has your kid’s back, and you don’t require any tool to adjust the seat up or down.

Your baby also gets a set of removable training wheels. As soon as your 4 year old masters balancing, you can easily take the training wheels off.

12 inch wheels work with super solid silver spokes to deliver lots of stability. The wheels and spokes don’t look cheap at all. And if you’re wondering the maximum height to which you can adjust it, it’s 34 inches. The option should be a good size for 3 and 5 year old children.

There’s also a 16 inch version for older riders, but this one has a one-piece support for the wheels instead of spokes. And the rim supports are another great opportunity to show more of those nice graphics. Plus, there’s 4 colors to choose from.


  • Rear coaster brakes
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Not heavy; detachable wheels
  • Not heavy; detachable wheels
  • A terrific choice for Paw Patrol fans
  • Wide, 12 inch wheels offer enough grip and stability


  • Older kids may not like the graphics much
  • Not ideal for little riders who are not into Paw Patrol


The graphics scream “I’m a baby” to the world, and wiser-than-their-age riders probably wouldn’t like that. Besides, not every little one enjoys watching Nickelodeon.

Overall, it’s a well-designed choice. Your little guy will love it.

5.  Schwinn Koen Boys Bike Review


The Schwinn Koen Boys Bike is available in 6 sizes, that is, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inches. The 12 inch option offers a training wheels option and a balance bike designed for 3 to 4 year old kids. If your son is 36 to 40 inches tall, he should have no problem riding this one. The 20″ choice comes without training wheels and suits a little older accomplished bikers.

One aspect that stands out is the forward placement of the cranks and pedals. This ensures the bike profile remains low for stability. It also makes it easy for the little rider to stabilize himself with his feet, avoiding falls.

Every part of the bike has been made with the ultimate goal of producing a light overall weight. The bike features narrower pedal positions and a smaller seat. That’s complemented by a lighter frame. A lighter bike is easier to ride and control than a heavier.

The bike has both coaster and front caliper brakes. Soon, your little one will outgrow the coaster brakes, and having the front brakes makes for a seamless transition to a bike without training wheels. It rides smoothly on sidewalks, or you can take your kid to the playground to race with his friends.

The saddle and seat post offer adjustability, turning into a bike that grows as your child does.


  • Sold in 3 colors
  • Various sizes available
  • Allows seat height customization
  • A 12 inch balance bike offered, too
  • A larger 20″ size without training wheels for taller kids


  • Only coaster brake


There’s no hand brake, that’s not much of a bummer. Besides, one of the recommendations given here provides both a hand brake and a coaster.

Whether you’re looking to buy a 12 inch option with training wheels or a 20 inch for a child with quite a bit of riding experience, this recommendation got you covered.

Best Bike for a 4 Year Old Boy: Verdict?


If you ask your son, he’ll probably say that the best bike for 4-year old boys is the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol branded bike. Most likely, his main reason would be the Paw Patrol characters, but the bike is actually pretty well made.

If your child still needs to work on his balancing skills when riding a bike, consider gifting them the Retrospec Pedalless balance bike. It’s a great bike to help prepare them in the best way possible before they graduate to a pedaled version.

But what’s the best of the best bike for four year old boys? The Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike checked all the boxes for me and my son. It looks amazing and offers both a coaster and hand brake for extra-smooth control. Additionally, it features the Turbospoke exhaust system that gives the illusion of riding a real motorcycle. And the best part? It’s a budget-friendly pick.

How to Select the Best Bike for 4-Year-Old Boys


If you know what to look for when buying a bike for your son, you’ll not waste time or money on useless products he’ll never use. Here’s a list of critical features to check while shopping for the best of the best.



Nothing else matters if a bike for kids isn’t safe. It may come with a whole bunch of fancy additions, but you certainly don’t want to see your kid get injured. Because who wants to end up with hefty medical bills?

But, how do you determine that a Kid bike is safe?


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends having at least 1-2 inches between you and the bike’s top bar when standing over it. But that’s only for road bikes. In the case of mountain bikes, the distance should be 3-4 inches.


2.How to Correctly Size Your Boy’s Bike (Diameter vs Inseam Measurement)


How to make sure you don’t pick up a bicycle that’s too small or too big? Consider the wheel size or diameter and your child’s inseam number.

Right Wheel Size for a 4 Year Old Boy’s Bike


Unlike adult bicycles that are measured by the frame size, kid’s bike sizes typically reference the wheel diameter/size. It’s just like sizing skate shoes. Basically, bigger wheels suit older kids. Based on guidelines from the International Bicycle Fund, these are the wheel diameters that may suit your child:

An inseam is the distance between your child’s crotch and the end of their trouser legs. Why is this number useful? Although bikes often come with specific age recommendations, that information may not always be reliable. Some bikes recommended for 4-year-olds may fit your child at a younger or older age. Some kids grow taller than others of the same age. And measuring your child’s inseam will help you find a bicycle that fits properly.

According to the International Bicycle Fund, these are the typical inseam lengths you may work with based on age:

  • 14″ to 17″ ideal for 2 to 3-year-olds (suggested diameter is 12 inches)
  • 16″ to 20″ ideal for 3 to 4-year-olds (suggested diameter is 14 inches)
  • 18″-22″ inseam measurement: 4-5 year olds ((suggested diameter is 16 inches)
  • 22″ to 25″: 5-8 year olds (suggested diameter is 20 inches)
  • 24″ to 28″: 7-11 year olds (suggested diameter is 24 inches)

Based on the above simple yet critical guidelines, you can correctly choose the right bike size for your kid.

3.Frame Material and Bike Weight


Buy your little tyke a lightweight bike. I’ll repeat this: buy your son the lightest kids bike on Amazon you can afford. I’ve seen options heavier than adult bikes being marketed as kids bikes, and that’s ridiculous. Listen, if the bike proves to be too heavy, your son won’t want to ride all that much.

So, if you want your child to keep begging for one more ride, buy them a lightweight bike. Not only will learning to ride their bike be easy, but they’ll also find it extremely difficult to stay away from their cute little bike!

So, what material are super light bikes made of? It’s aluminum or titanium, and as you might expect, these options aren’t exactly cheap. A bike with a steel frame can also be a great pick provided the other parts of the bike are light. One good thing about an option with a steel frame is steel is a bit more affordable and long-lasting.

4.What Type of Brakes Are Best for a 4 year Old Kids Bike?


Many good dads out there swear by coaster brakes. But tell you what? The coaster brake is kind of overrated. Why do I say that when the world and their mother say the coaster is the best invention since sliced bread?

It’s because this type of brake is hard to modulate as it’s designed to stay either on or off. And that can be a bad thing when biking downhill. Cases of people skidding when riding aren’t uncommon with this brake type. Another reason I think this brake system isn’t the best option is that it doesn’t support backpedaling. The first bike I bought for Ryan had a coaster brake, and he nearly broke a limb after he suddenly fell when backpedaling!

But 4 Year Kids Aren’t Coordinated Enough, You Say


People who favor this kind of ride control mechanism reason that young kids aren’t that well coordinated. But are they right?

Ryan learned to ride a bike without training wheels and using hand brakes when he was around 3 years old! Yea, you heard me right…3 years old. I believe pretty much any 4 year old boy or girl can use (and should use) hand brakes. But there’s always a bike for 4 year old kids with both types of brake. I’d advise you to go with a combo braking system if you MUST have coaster.

But Can a 4 Year Old Ride a Bike?


When should a child learn how to ride a bike? The simple answer is as early as they get interested in the activity.

But according to several studies that have answered this query comprehensively, it’s better for kids to learn riding a bike when they’re a little older. This research found that 6-7 year kids encountered significantly fewer accidents than 3 to 5-year-olds. But hey, no one says you shouldn’t buy your 4 year old son a shiny, brand spanking brand new bike.

What’s the Best Bike for a Child to Learn On?


What’s the best way to teach your child to ride a bike? I learned the hard way, I mean the traditional way. My dad got me on my first bike, held it firm as I tried to find my balance and started pushing, running alongside me on the bike path. Then he just let me go, and I rode off! It felt like a miracle. Well, I fell off my bike a couple times. Learning to ride a bike or anything else does cost something you know. But those were the good old days.

New Training Techniques


These days, parents have newer, better or more effective techniques (and equipment) to teach riding to their children. Very young children can learn pedaling by riding a tricycle before hopping on a two-wheeled bike.

You can also buy a bike with training wheels and raise them gradually in tandem with your kid’s improving riding and balancing skills. The main goal here is to help your baby learn how to properly balance during rides. And the end goal is to have them ride without training wheels.

Remove the Pedals


Another trick is to detach the pedals so the bike can convert into a balance bike. Speaking of a balance bike, there’s no better way to learn balancing than using a balance bike.

What’s a balance bike, by the way? A balance bike is a kids bike purposely designed to help a child learnt to sit and balance properly on a bike. Usually, such a bike lacks pedals and often hand brakes.

You now know how to buy the right bike for your 4 year old man. What now? Pick any of the 5 recommendations given in the reviews above. Or, rocket over to Amazon and find something else if none of them interest you.