I came here to win. If you come here for any other reason than that, in my eyes you’re wasting your time.

– Chad Hedrick

Chad Heldrick Skating


Best Roller Skates For Dancing

Probably you have watched those amazing roller skate dancers jamming to Cardi B’s Backin’ It Up and started wondering if you can do it too? With the best roller skates for dancing you can do it too...

Best skate helmets

Whether you are skateboarding, roller, ice skating, inline,or figure skating, you need a good helmet for safety. I just helped a friend get a skate helmet. You are in the right place...

Top 7 Skate Shoe Brands

You’re researching skate shoe brands because you’ve been bitten by the skating bug. I know. I was there a couple years back. Now, it’s time to grab the nicest pair of skate shoes in your range...

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